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Openbravo University Online BFT - Sept 6th 2010 Week3_Project & Service Management


Quiz 1
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Question 1
Project and Service Management's module objective is: (multiple answers possible)
Choose at least one answer.
a. To act as a cost
center and provide Functionality such as invoicing delivered serviced, buying
financial tracking materials needed and reporting time and resource expenses for a
project enables a project manager to keep a close eye on
financial aspects of an internal or external project.

b. To manage human
c. To track employee
d. To provide time
planning capabilities Duration in days can be added to phases and tasks to create a

Question 2
What is a Project Type?
Choose one answer.
a. It indicates if a project is
Open, Closed or Cost type.
b. It is an actual project for a
business partner.
c. It is a template that lists
which phases and tasks are A project type is a template for real projects. When
normally involved for a opening a new actual project, usually for a client, one can
particular type of project. (but does not need to) base it on a Project Type, meaning
the new project will inherit the phases and tasks defined
by that specific Project Type.

d. It indicates if a a project is
internal or external.
Question 3
When is a Multiphase Project used?
Choose one answer.
a. When bidding from vendors
is required.
b. When no financial
information needs to be
c. For governmental projects.
d. For projects that have steps
and milestones clearly defined. Phases and tasks of a Multiphase project enable a clear
structure of steps required for a project along with
invoicing information for each step.

Question 4
A Multiphase Project can be invoiced phase by phase or more granularly for each task
Choose one answer.
a. False
b. True Keep in mind to use one OR the other option. If a phase has a product
associated then this product will be invoiced and all other products associated
with underlying tasks are ignored.
Question 5
When does one use a Service Project?
Choose one answer.
a. When no financial information needs to be tracked.
b. When a project does not follow phases nor tasks but only generates purchase and sales

c. For the hotel industry.

d. For projects that have steps and milestones clearly defined.


Quiz 2
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Question 1
When employees are reporting expenses that need to be reimbursed to them, the following
document will be generated:
Choose one answer.
a. A Purchase
b. A Purchase After running the 'Create AP Expense Invoices', a Purchase Invoice is
automatically created which also includes a Payment (Accounts
Payable) indicating that we owe money to our employee.

c. A Sales
d. A Goods
Question 2
The following items can be reported on an Expense Sheet (multiple selection)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Products purchased for a project

b. Accidents
c. Expenses

d. Time

Several lines of Time and/or Expenses or products bought can be reported as part of an
Expense Sheet. As a result, accounts payable(s) and/or sales order(s) are generated.
Question 3
One Expense Sheet can be linked to only one project?
Choose one answer.
a. False Each LINE of an expense sheet can be linked to ONE project. Therefore,
different lines within the same Expense Sheet can be linked to various

b. True
Question 4
As a result of reporting expenses for a project the following document is generated for a
Choose one answer.
a. Purchase
b. Purchase
c. Sales
d. Sales
Order After running the 'Create Sales Order from Expenses', one or more Sales
orders will be generated for Business Partners specified in each line and
their contractual terms.
Question 5
To see a financial overview of a multiphase project, the following report is used:
Choose one answer.
a. Expense Report

b. Service Project Report

c. A Project Profitability
report This report shows planned vs real costs for each project's
services and expenses.

d. Multiphase Project Report