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Past perfect: exercise 1


Exercise 1

Join the sentences with expressions in brackets.

Thcy graduatcd. Thcy got marricd. (as soon as)
They got married as soon as they had gradualed.

They entered tlie restaurant. They were served. (after)^...Wff.V...f.'(].l?.^*^.^....Tt.l^e.La^
I didn't use my credit card. I lost it. (because)


They didn't tell me. Easyjet cancelled the flight. (that)


T couldn't go out. T broke my leg. (because)


He took up a Job. He left school. (as soon as)


Susan fell in love with Jack. She told her parents. (after)

T was in París for a week. T met Ann there. (when)


Jim called Jane from his office. He carne back home. (before)

Mana finished ihe meal. And I arrived. (by the lime)

Mí^.* ... Vl«-.(^.... .Q^.'.r'.h.?.^.... .^^

Mcssi scorcd thc goal. Thc tans wcnt wild. (as soon as)

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Past simple and continuous: exercise 1 - affírmative

Exercise 1

Choose the corred tense.

As the slranger carne | i<^asco^^'>lü the station, a car ^topped)>was stoppíng behind him.

My grandmaneve|r^^heá)i was never watchingTV. Bul sher€Mj was reading books.

I ^tarted^ was starting work al 6 o'clock.

He-got^p^ was getting up and <Swítchedoí| | was switching off Üie Hght.

When I ñníshedi^as fínishing my homework, ícóókeí^ was cooking dinner.

While we listened [ weiré listéií^gjo the news, the telephong1F55g^| was ringing. Kat6^So^ío^ | was
standing up and ^añswer^Twas answering ii.

As I drove l'W^jSn^jg lo work lasl Friday, a car^efasRejp was crashing in front of me.
J^tjeppti^ was stepping on the brakes.

Yesterday Carrorwroje'| was writing emails from IO to 11 and then from 5 to 7 again.

We arrived in Cannes at 2.30. The sun shone |•íjaishimp'g, people sunbathed'fwéresraihaiiiilgon

the beach and big yachts sailed l^ere sáiliBgriear the harbour. We parked our car an^jwCñjil werc
going lo the beach.

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Past simple and continuous: exercise 3 - questíons

Exercise 3

Read these sentences and make questíons.

When I met him, he was talMng on the lelephone.

Who ,..(^..^..'>.....W..k\.\^.H^....^ lo? (he I lalk)

The company wanted lo finish diis house lasl week.

And when ii? (they 1 slart)

I saw yoiir wife last night. She was driving a car.

What car .....i^..^....5>l.?;..A-.T.Í.V.'\yí.^. ? (she | drive)

I tried to get in louch with you last weekend.

Why .....k"v.^..^.&.V....UiftiO.\....."\.Sí lo get in louch widi me? (you | want)

My sister was not listening when T wanted lo tell her.

What ? (your sister | do)

When I carne to his bedroom, he was snoring.

How \^..^.i.^.9....\yi.\^.f. ? On his back? (he | lie)

At 10 o'clock I was watching a documentary film.

Which channel ...kx>.^^.9. S^.Ci.o...Ui.«'.Vc^í.í\p. ? (you | watch)

I had an accidcni on Monday.

What ...\3..a|'í'.?.C.?..^.....ks?...y.^..^ ? (happen | you)

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