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Grammar Test- Performance Shows only limited Uses some simple - User relatively User relatively accurately- -Uses flexibly and -Uses flexibly and accurately -Uses flexibly and accurately -Uses flexibly and accurately Uses flexibly and accurately
- Range taker is does not control of a few simple structures correctly, accurately frequently- frequently used simple structures. accurately simple simple structures and shows simple structures and a range simple structures a wide simple structures a wide range
not satisfy Band 2 grammatical structures but still systematically used simple structures. Some errors occur but he/she can structures and shows a good control of some of complex structures. range of grammatical of grammatical forms and
- Accuracy
present descriptors and sentence patterns makes basic mistakes, Some errors occur but make himself/herself easily some control of some complex structures. -Non-systematic errors occur strutures hardly makes mistakes
in a learnt repertoire. however, he/she can he/she can make understood. complex structures -Non-systematic errors occur with instances of self- -Occasional non-systematic
manage to make himself/herself easily Shows some attempts to use -Non-systematic errors but sometimes do not lead to correction errors may occur.
himself/herself understood complex sentences but make occur but do not lead to raisunderstanding
understood many errors. raisunderstanding
Vocabulary Test- Performance Only uses a basic Uses appropriate -Uses sufficient -Uses a range of vocabulary of -Uses a range of -Uses a wide of vocabulary -Uses a wide of vocabulary -Has good command of Has good command of broad
- Range taker is does not vocabulary repertoire vocabulary and can vocabulary of familiar familiar topics and occasionally vocabulary of most of most topics and shows of most topics and shows broad vocabulary including vocabulary including less
not satisfy Band 2 of isolated words and control a narrow topics and at times uses them repetitively. topics but occasionally some efforts of avoiding great efforts of avoiding less common words, common words, idiomatic
- Control
present descriptors phrases related to repertoire dealing with uses them repetitively -Has some difficulty with shows efforts to avoid lexical repetition for lexical repetition for idiomatic expressions and expressions and colloquialisms
particular concrete familiar situation. -Has some difficulty unfamiliar topics and makes lexical repetition for unfamiliar topics. unfamiliar colloquialisms Possibly searches for other
topics with unfamiliar topics some lexical errors unfamiliar topics. -Has generally high lexical topics. -Possibly searches for other expressions and/or avoidance
and makes many -Has relatively high accuracy despite some -Attempts to use a few less expressions and/or avoidance strategies with few insignificant
lexical errors lexical accuracy confusion and incorrect word common words and idiomatic strategies. pauses
(incorrect word forms choices expressions -Occasionally makes minor Makes almost no minor slips nd
are found. slips, but there are no there are no significant lexical
Has high lexical accuracy
despite occasional confusion significant lexical errors errors
and incorrect word choices.
Pronunciations Test- Performance -Is often unintelligible -Is mostly intelligible. -Is mostly intelligible -Is mostly intelligible and has -Is intelligible and has -Is intelligible and has -Is intelligible and has -Is intelligible with -Is intelligible with individual
- Individual taker is does not -Can articulate a very -Can articulate simple and has acquired a acquired a quite clear acquired a clear natural acquired a quite clear natural acquired a very clear natural individual sounds clearly sounds clearly articulated,
sounds not satisfy Band 2 limited repertoire of words and phrases but quite clear pronunciation. pronunciation. pronunciation. pronunciation. articulated, sentence and sentence and word stress
present descriptors learnt words and conversational pronunciation. -Make occasional errors with -Gernerally clearly -Gernerally clearly -Clearly articulates word stress accurately accurately placed.
- Stress
phrases with limited partners will need to -Make some errors individual sounds articulates individual articulates individual sounds individual sounds. placed. Has appropriate intonation.
- Intonation
accuracy ask for repetition for with individual sounds -Shows efforts in word stress -Generally places word -Generally places word -Generally places word and -Has appropriate intonation -Varies intonation and places
time to time -Shows some efforts in despite frequent stress, but does not show stress, and show efforts with sentence stress. -Places sentences stress sentence stress correctly to
word stress despite mispronunciations efforts with sentence sentence stress despite rather -Show good efforts with flexibly and correctly to express different meanings and
frequent stress low accuracy intonation express different meanings intended functions
mispronunciations -Shows few efforts with -Shows some efforts with
intonation. intonation.
Fluency Test- Performance Can only manage very Can construct short -Keeps speaking -Keeps speaking comprehensibly -Deals with familiar and -Deals with familiar and -Deals with familiar and -Frequently produces -Frequently produces extended
- Hesitation taker is does not short, isolated words words and phrases comprehensibly on on familiar and unfamiliar topics, unfamiliar topics with unfamiliar topics with unfamiliar topics with extended stretches of stretches of language with little
not satisfy Band 2 and phrases, mainly with noticable familiar topics and despite evident hesitations for relative ease, hesitation ease,and a fairly even tempo; ease,and a fairly even tempo; language with little hesitation; maintains and easy,
- Extended
present descriptors learnt utterances, with hesitation, frequent shows some attempts, grammatical and lexical planning. may occur for hesitation may occur for hesitation may occur for hesitation; maintains and fluent and natural flow with
much pausing false starts, and despite evident -Produces extended responses but grammatical and lexical grammatical and lexical grammatical and lexical easy, fluent and natural flow little repetition or error
repettion. hesitations for shows clear evidence of error planning but not too planning but not too planning but rarely with occasional repetition or correction.
grammatical and correction. noticeable -noticeable noticeable error correction Uses the pauses (if any) to
lexical planning. -Produces extended -Produces extended stretches -Produces extended stretches -Uses the pauses (if any) to search for appropriate ideas for
-Produces extended stretches of language but of language with occasional of language with rare search for appropriate ideas difficult concepts.
responses using simple shows some evidence of repetition and self-correction repetition and self-correction for difficult topics
structures error correction.
Discourse Test- Performance -Hardly expresses or -Expresses his/her -Relevantly responds -Relevantly responds to questions -Relevantly develops -Relevantly develops ideas -Relevantly develops ideas -Generally coherently -Coherently and easily develops
Management taker is does not develop his/her ideas ideas with limited to questions and can and can develop ideas in a simple ideas with relative ease, with relative ease, with relative ease, develops ideas with ideas with elaborated details
not satisfy Band 2 -Only links words with relevance to questions develop ideas in a list of points, even though some elaborating on ideas with elaborating on ideas with elaborating on ideas with elaborated details and and examples and can round off
- Thematic
present descriptors groups of words with and cannot develop simple list of points, attempts of idea elaboration some appropriate details many appropriate details and appropriate details and examples and can round off with an appropriate conclusion.
very basic connectors ideas without relying show some attempts of (deatails and examples) are and examples examples. examples. with an appropriate -Produces clear, smoothly
- Coherence heavily on repettion of idea elaboration. evident, they are either vaguely or conclusion
like ‘and’ or ‘then’ -Uses more complex -Uses a variety of linking -Uses a variety of linking flowing, well-structured speech,
and cohesion the prompts. repetitively expressed.
-Links ideas with connectors to link his/her words to mark clearly the words efficiently to mark -Produces clear, smoothly showing efficient and
-Links groups of some simple -Flexible links ideas with simple utterances but fails to relationships between ideas clearly the relationships flowing, well-structured controlled use of organizational
words with simple connectors, but connectors. mark clearly the between ideals speech, showing rather patterns connectors and
connectors like ‘and’, repetition is still relationships between efficient and controlled use cohesive devices.
‘but’ and ‘beacause’ common ideas of organizational patterns
connectors and cohesive