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The global chairman of Deloitte was there. So was the UK’s
Editor: Minister for Trade, Investment and Business. Also attending
Stuart Crainer
were the CEOs of British Airways, General Electric, Diageo,
Alcatel-Lucent, the London Stock Exchange and RBS
Contributing editors:
Group. And, of course, there were many leading-edge
Patrick Barwise
Julian Birkinshaw
thinkers from the faculty of London Business School, the
Rob Goffee sponsor of the sixth annual Global Leadership Summit, held
Michael Jarrett last June. In all, 750 guests and alumni spent an idea-
Donald Sull packed day considering cogent topics about how best to
London Business School: manage in this economy. Here you’ll read expanded
Mary Akimoto treatments on questions and subjects widely discussed at
( the summit: “Is the global market economy broken?”,
Regent’s Park “Fixing the financial system”, “Seizing the upside of the
London NW1 4SA downturn”, and “Leadership in challenging times”.
United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0)20 7000 7000
But we’ve also asked authors to delve deeper into areas that
garnered keen interest. Nirmalya Kumar (page 42) explains
Design and art direction: the new role of Indian businesses as collaborators, Michael
Jebens Design Jacobides (page 70) reveals how to break through the shock
of an economic downturn, Andrew Scott (page 4) clarifies
Photographs and illustrations how business executives and macroeconomists must now
© Jebens Design and
deal with market uncertainty, and Lynda Gratton (page 54)
London Business School
unless otherwise specified
tells how to identify a business that glows with enthusiasm,
innovation and productivity.
Global Leadership Summit
photographs by Lloyd Sturdy Given the setbacks many have suffered in the global
recession, the concept of “winning” proved to be a
Editors: Rita Herron Brown
and Tom Brown
provocative one. John Connolly (page 30) defines what that
term means at Deloitte while Don Sull (page 64) argues that
Subscriptions: a business downturn can be a great time for a business to
customerservices@ jump ahead. Julian Birkinshaw and Stuart Crainer (page 76)
explore how Clugston Group CEO Stephen Martin raised his
company profile and won new work. This parallels nicely an
overview of General Electric’s winning ways (“From Edison
to Immelt: The GE Way) by Stuart Crainer (page 18). To
round out a compelling set of articles, we also present
Back issues available at:
Daniel Goldstein (page 24), whose research on customer
default choices is extremely valuable for any organization
hoping to win business on the Internet.
Other enquiries:
We hope you were able to make the June summit; but, if
Journal compilation © 2009
you were not able to attend, we feel this issue will give you
London Business School
a good sense of what you missed. Consider it your first
invitation to join us next year!

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