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Hurricane Maria
Disaster Response 2018
Grant Report 

Submitted to: Western Mass United for Puerto Rico 

May 17, 2018 



Convoy of Hope​ arrived in Puerto Rico on September 25, 2017 in response to Hurricane Maria.
Purchasing goods locally as well as receiving donations from corporate donors have allowed us
to distribute relief supplies including food, water filters, solar powered lanterns, hygiene kits, and
tarps to many churches and organizations in different areas of Puerto Rico.

Additionally, maintaining partnerships with various churches and organizations across the island
created a web of distribution allowing us to reach more people. The organizations that we
supplied with resources then distributed them to families and individuals. We have been able to
maintain our relief efforts since our arrival because of the wonderful local organizations and
volunteers that have served alongside us. Listed below are statistics for the Convoy of Hope
Puerto Rico response thus far.

Families Served: 138,221

Individuals Served: 552,884
Meals: 7,686,493
Water Filters: 2,046
LuminAids: 2,171
Hygiene Kits: 14,640

As Convoy of Hope begins the process of long term recovery after hurricane Maria, we are
focusing on safe and secure housing in the community of Villa de Esperanza in Toa Alta, Puerto
Rico. This community lost over 200 homes and through partnerships with the community,
Convoy of Hope is sending 25 Disaster Community Care Field Teams in 2018 and projects to
send 25 more teams in 2019. In 2018, there will be over 300 volunteers serving the people of
Puerto Rico and our goal is to repair/rebuild at least 15 homes this year. These projects consist
of simple repairs on homes, to helping complete new homes. Each of the families we work with
are vetted so they will not lose any insurance or federal assistance in completing their projects.
Along with the construction projects, the volunteers will have the opportunity to encourage of the
homeowners and share food and supplies as needed.To date, we have sent 4 teams to the area
and have already been able to help several families get back into their homes.