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▪ Sanelite Solar Pvt. Ltd.

– an initiative of Sanelite Group, is a pivotal company in the area of renewable

energy providing end-to-end solar PV solutions from manufacturing solar PV modules to solar EPC
installations. The inception of Sanelite Solar brings the synergies of two business conglomerates – Sun Solar
group and Sanelite group. Sanelite Group, operating in the areas of IT, Real Estate, Construction, Energy,
Education and many others, is reckoned for its reputation of for value and quality of workmanship.

▪ By integrating research and development, manufacturing, and commercial expertise across the entire solar
value chain, Sanelite Solar Pvt Ltd provides industry-leading solar energy solutions that not only include
components manufacturing, but also package services throughout the entire life cycle of solar power plants,
from project design, financing, engineering, procurement, and construction management through operations
and maintenance services.
▪ Sanelite Solar is a Sanelite Group company specializing in the area of solar energy. The company
manufactures solar panels as well as provides rooftop installation services. It carries with it more than 8
years of experience of rooftop installation in Australia.

▪ Sanelite Group has forayed into multiple verticals over the years with a sole purpose of creating value for
the society, its customers and partners. Sanelite Group companies are independent entities that together form
a dynamic whole by combining their unique competencies. The Group has been working hard to diversify
into other businesses that complement its core expertise over the past few years. We are a young and a
highly diversified business conglomerate, operating in the areas of Information Technology, Real Estate,
Construction, Energy, Education, Consulting and many more to come up.
▪ Solar PV Modules Manufacturing
Sanelite Solar is a preferred manufacturer of high-quality PV modules of capacity 40Wp to 325Wp. The 25MW state-of-
the art production line is carefully designed ultra-modern line with high efficiency automatic laminator and auto-tabber &
stringer machines. The PV modules are engineers with highest grade raw material to get optimum performance and high
efficiency. Even the cut cells are stringed automatically. They are quality-tested at every stage of production with a
thorough QC process. The end product is an aesthetically superior absorber of sunlight – the Sanelite Solar PV Modules.

▪ Solar EPC and Rooftop

Sanelite Solar is a full solar EPC solution provider, with everything you need to power your home with clean solar energy.
We will oversee your entire solar panel installation project and provide a single point of contact and accountability
throughout the life of your system. Our experience of engineering and installing high quality solar power systems and our
uncompromising service have made us an industry leader. As a professional solar photovoltaic system supplier, we offer
grid connected solar PV systems, off-grid solar PV systems, rooftop solar PV systems as well as building integrated PV
▪ SPACE Series
The perfect choice for megawatt scale power plants, the giant SPACE series modules provide robust reliable
solutions. While the uniform color of cells provide superior aesthetics, the high-efficiency A grade solar cells give
them power of performance. Distilled through our multi-layer QC procedures, they meet the highest levels of
industry standards to yield maximum power.
➢ Poly-crystalline Modules
➢ 72 cells
➢ 300-320 Wp

▪ SKY Series
Made from highest grade poly-crystalline silicon cells, the 60-cell SKY modules are one of its kind in the industry
giving high-efficiency even in most difficult weather conditions. The modules go through various tests with
multi-layer stringent QC procedures and meet the highest levels of industry standards to yield maximum power.
➢ Poly-crystalline Modules
➢ 60 cells
➢ 250-265 Wp
▪ SOIL Series
The SOIL series modules are built exactly for where they are needed – with an edge though. These customized
modules are live example of innovation and excellence, with each cell cut to size with a perfection. Given that
even the cut cells are stringed together automatically, these high-efficiency modules provide superior aesthetics.
➢ Poly-crystalline Modules
➢ 36 cells
➢ 40-160 Wp

▪ Superior Aesthetics
Uniform cell colour and high quality anodized aluminum frame give attractive look to the module
▪ Anti-reflective glass
Use of anti-reflective coated and textured glass absorbs the sun light to the fullest helping make high-efficiency
▪ Positive power tolerance
Positive power output tolerance of up to +3 Wp makes robust and long-lasting product
▪ A grade cells
Use of only A grade high-efficiency cells that give ever lasting performance over the years
▪ Manufacturing Excellence
Top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment facility with stringing for cut-cells also and backed by in-house reliable
testing capabilities
▪ Quality Commitment
Rigorous in-house testing to meet the highest quality standards in industry
▪ Sanelite Solar Pvt Ltd is a channel partner with Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and
Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) for the implementation of Solar PV projects.

▪ The total installations of the company reach more than 2 MW totalling from all segments of industrial,
commercial and residential sectors. The company has partnered at different levels ranging from
providing modules to doing installations for more than 5MW projects.

1.Supply of Materials
➢ Modules
➢ Inverters and other equipment's
➢ Solar Grade Cables
➢ Module mounting structure
➢ Optimum design and engineering
➢ Installation and erection
➢ Project management
➢ Commissioning
➢ Government Liaisoning

3.O & M
➢ Remote Monitoring
➢ Training
➢ Providing AMC
▪ Performance assessment work of 10 MWp solar PV plant At Mervadar, Taluka-Upleta, Dist.-Rajkot.
The plant has been divided into 8 modular plots, with each plot comprising of 1.25 MWp of solar PV
and two 630 kW inverters.
▪ Design and implementation of 2 MW solar PV power plant in Barmer, Rajasthan
▪ Installation and commissioning of On-grid Solar PV plant of 50KWp capacity at R P Vasani
International school, Nava Naroda, Ahmedabad.
▪ IEC 61215 : SPV modules Design Qualification –6 Live certifications

▪ IEC 61730-1&2 : SPV modules safety Qualification -4 live certifications

▪ IEC 61701 : Salt mist corrosion certificate-Modules tested at harsh environments like sea areas (from salt water
protection-corrosion free) -2 live certifications

▪ ISO 9001:2015:Quality management systems – Requirements has achieved these objectives, and the purpose of this
additional guidance is to explain the intent of the new standard with specific regard to documented information

▪ MNRE and GEDA empanelment

▪ SMERA Credit Rating:is a full service credit rating agency exclusively set up for micro, small and medium enterprises
(MSME) in India and has grown to rate SME, mid & large corporate .It provides ratings which enable MSME, SMEs,
Corporate to raise bank loans at competitive rates of interest.

▪ SMERA Grading for MNRE

▪ System life
The systems that are being considered are all grid-parallel systems with a life of 25 years.

▪ System maintenance costs

Solar PV systems are low-maintenance energy assets with periodic cleaning of solar panels and electrical maintenance required
from time to time.

▪ Green Benefits
1kw Solar System saves Environment with 750gm Carbon Dioxide per day .

▪ Annual generation
In Gujarat, a 1kW will generate 4 to 5 kWh/day average throughout the year. For every kW peak Solar PV system installed on a
South facing roof, the system will generate 4 to 5 units per day.
Sanelite Solar Pvt Ltd
209,Shanti Mall ,Satadhar cross Road ,Ahmedabad-380061.