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MODULO: # 06


-Hello, George, welcome to my house. How are you?

- Well, this is my beautiful family:

 She is my mother, her name is Guadalupe , she is 48 years old and she is a housewife.
 He is my father, his name is Peter, he is 52 years old and he works as a manager in a
 She is my wife, her name is Daymar, she is 25 years old, and she is a teacher.
 She is my daughter, her name is Frida, she is 6 years old and she studies at primary school.
 She is my sister her name is Damaris, she is 33 years old, nowadays she does not work
because she is pregnant, and her baby will be a girl.
 He is my brother his name is Abraham, she is 27 years old, he works as a supervisor in a
 This is my pet, its name is Tayson, he is an old dog, but he is part of my family.

-This is my house George:

In the first floor, there is a living room. In the living room there is a TV on the table. The DVD is
under the TV, and if you want listen to music, next to the DVD there is Mexican CD with nice
popular Mexican songs. Also in my house, in the first floor there is a kitchen. In the kitchen there
are a stove, a fridge, a microwave and a coffee pot. In the kitchen there is the most important
food, if any moment you need prepared some snacks, or drink water you can use anything that
you need, it is very important that you feel at home. Then, in the first floor, there is a bathroom
if you need take a shower, you can use a clean towel, and in the closet you can take one. In the
bathroom there is a sink, on the closet there are new toothbrush you can take one. In the
second floor, there are four bedrooms you are going to be in the yellow bedroom which is near
to the stairs, inside the yellow bedroom there are a TV, a DVD, a bed, everything that you need.

- George is going to the store, after Movie Theater and finally, he is going to the Mexican
- Ok my friend, first take the main street and turn to the left, and in the first block you are
going to see on the corner the bank, next to the police station and then the store which is on
the other corner. After, if you want to the movie theater only walk a few steps, because in
front the store is the Movie Theater. Finally, if you are going to eat some Mexican food, also
you should walk a few steps because on the second street is the Mexican restaurant, and this
is next to the Movie theater.