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Inflections Economic Signs Atty. TONY (APA) ACYATAN

on Inflation (Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co.,

CPAs-DFK International – is past chair
of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA
that jeopardize food security and fu-
ture generations. FAO said the growth
of Philippine agriculture, forestry and
national government.
LGUs are given until the end of
each month to submit their local food
As oil companies are poised to raise their past president and Hall-of-Famer, fishery sectors continues to be ham- security plans which will be discussed
and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement pered by declining productivity due to in four clusters – Northern Luzon,
prices next week, it may well be good to see
Awardee). limited implementation of applicable Southern Luzon, Visayas and Min-
how our government’s economic managers BAD SIGNS: The stock market went technology and, degradation of natural danao. Info required in in each plan
are changing their tone, i.e. inflection, when on a tailspin last week - no thanks to resources, with high vulnerability to cli- include total basic food consumption,
inflation is mentioned. the monster inflation which caught even mate change. commodities and the level of self-suf-
government economic managers by FAO pledged to continue promot- ficiency for every commodity
In June this year, Budget Secretary surprise. The big story was inflation!. ing the sustainable management and CTD RATES: Term deposit rates
For a market that has had a stellar, if competitive utilization of environment soared to an all-time high in anticipa-
Benjamin Diokno said the country’s not hyper-extended, run, a not-so-light and natural resources through inclu- tion of another interest rate hike by
inflation rate will decrease by the middle of hiccup such as this may leave every- sive value chains. The UN Agency and BSP this month as August inflation
the year. “Pagdating ng Agosto, pababa na one gasping for air, researchers say. the Phl have launched the new FAO continued to spiral out of control. The
yan,” he said. The PSE Index (PSEi), a barometer Country Programming Framework seven-day term deposits climbed by
of investor confidence, nosedived to (CPF) 2018-2024, a six-year plan that 3.4 basis points to an all-time high of
7,752.27 not too long after the index re- will contribute to achieving greater food 4.3218% from 4.2878% last week,
Yet last month, the country’s annual
turned to the 7,800 level. security and improved nutrition, and while yield of the 14-day tenor rose
inflation rate rose to 6.4 percent from 5.7 The benchmark gauge plunged by further develop the country’s agricul- 2.31 basis points to a new record
percent in the previous month, way above 129.55 points, or 1.64% last week after tural sector. high of 4.4123% from the previous
market estimates of 5.9 percent. It was the PSA reported that inflation skyrocketed FOOD SECURITY: Following the rate of 4.3892%.
highest rate since August 2012. to 6.4.6% in August, the highest in al- rice crisis in Mindanao, the Agriculture The 28-day term deposits com-
most a decade and breaching further Dept. plans to require local government manded a record yield of 4.4515%
the 5.7% inflation in July 2018. In the units to craft their own food security 4.1 basis points higher than last
For her part, former President and now BAP FX trading, the peso shed further plans to ensure sufficient supply of ba- week’s 4.4105%. The P100 billion
House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to close at its weakest level in 12 years sic commodities. DA Sec. Emmanuel auction was slightly undersubscribed
is more optimistic. She said that her at P53.55. The local currency hit an Piñol said the DA and the DILG would while the P40 billion offering of the
administration was able to check inflation intraday low of P53.56 to $1 after the work together for a localized food secu- seven-day term deposits was un-
rate. She believes that the government’s PSA announced the new high level of rity planning program which would look dersubscribed. Both 14- and 28-day
inflation, exceeding the BSP’s two to into the needs and the capacity of ev- tenors were over-subscribed. Banks
tax reform program, i.e. the TRAIN law, is four percent target. The new expected ery province to produce food require- continued to recalibrate their bids in
just a part of the major causes. There are FX rate is P55.00. ments of the area. anticipation of more rate hikes as in-
other drivers she said, like the exchange RURAL DEVELOPMENT: UN Agri- Every town and province of the flation raced above six percent for the
rate, the price of rice, fish, meat and oil. culture Agency declared that govern- country will be asked to prepare their first time in more than nine years.
ment investments must be focused on own local food security plans indicating PROVERB: Children’s children
agriculture and rural development - to how they could feed their constituents are th crown of old men; and the glory
Yet, today, she is calling the government’s insulate against threats and disasters and what support they need from the of children are their father’s.
economic managers to rein in the rising
rate which she fears can result to a runaway
inflation, which means more hardship for
the people. Of Terrorist Bombs FROM
Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez, and Poverty KRYPTON
however, said the inflation rate is under
control. Bomb scare in Sri Lanka: In Sri Poor doctor's advice. people in 14 different countries I
Lanka, my project was based in the East -------------------------------- learned that the issue of poverty
“Unfortunately, the inflationary episode Coast that was heavily devastated by A good Army General once told his has been blown out of proportion by
the tsunami. The area was also under soldiers: Do not die for your country; let most "experts". To the poor poverty
has been politicized. Tax reform was
the influence of the LTTE, the rebel your SOB enemies die for their country. is simply the absence of income to
blamed for causing inflation,” he argued. groups fighting for a separate Tamil -------------------------------- acquire basic needs, and loss of
state. One day I withdrew money from Joke time: Survey says, women hate hope on the government to address
“What should otherwise be understood an ATM machine downtown. When I two kinds of men: 100-meter sprinters, their needs
as an economic phenomenon normally went back to my hotel I noticed that I left and chess players. The first kind is fast --------------------------------
accompanying high growth has been my cellular phone inside a leather bag to finish while the second are slow to The beauty in democracy is there
on top of the machine. I immediately move! is freedom in almost everything. The
skewed to pin blame on our reformist returned to the place only to find out -------------------------------- problem is that freedom is anchored
policies,” Dominguez added. that the area was full of heavily armed Survey says; men hate lady Lawn on the theory of natural selection: the
policemen. I learned that they were Tennis and Ping-Pong players, they strong eats the weak, the rich exploits
So what is inflation? An elderly street retrieving my bag thinking that it was play balls with rackets; but men like lady the poor; it is survival of the fittest.
smart housewife defines it this way: a bomb. I left immediately and forgot basketball and volleyball players, they Man tries to correct this through the
about my phone! play balls with bare hands. It doesn't social contract, but the contract is
“Inflation is when you have to bring a -------------------------------- matter how they smash or shoot the still onerous against the weak and
What is the difference between a ball. against the poor.
basket of peso to buy on tingi a piece of politician and a statesman? A statesman -------------------------------- --------------------------------
laundry soap.” venerates the dead for redemption. A Project designing: What is the Do you know that there are only
Politician uses the dead to win election. best project design that can be done two kinds of snakes? The male and
-------------------------------- in a flood-hit cemetery? Cemetery the female!
Apple for the poo: I seldom eat apple, organizing! And there are only two kinds of
I thought the fruit is only for the rich, until -------------------------------- insects, still the male and the female!
I was forced to eat it - because of my After 23 years of working with village O Ha!

Dakul na Pasasalamat PELL

sa Diyos Jokee BOTOR-REYES

There are really many good reasons fore things get to normalize for those ing another and there is no time for
to be happy over. We were spared who were victims of Typhoon Ompong. unnecessary blah-blahs and sound-
from Typhoon Ompong. We have been Houses, and crops were destroyed, ing the political aspirations of some
praying the Oratio Imperata and to Ina. some even lost loved ones. Children will we call trapo or traditional politicians
There is nothing more powerful than be impaired from going back to school or their ilk called bimpo or batang
prayer and we were not praying alone. with their rooms destroyed. It will again isunulong ng magulang sa politica.
There were many others who joined be a big setback to their studies. Roads With the nights getting longer and
us in our prayers. Then we were pray- and bridges not well built well just gave colder days getting shorter and hot-
ing for a good weather for the Peñaf- way. And who shoulders the blame? In ter, Chrismas season is here. It also
rancia festivities. And God granted us times of natural; calamities, we see the looks like the political air is getting
our prayers. It will take time again be- best among many people…one help- (Turn to page 4)


25th PR Congress reaffirms commitment to uphold truth
PRSP celebrates silver anniversary of PR Congress with a timely theme,
“Truth or Trolls: PR in the Age of Disinformation”
MANILA, PHILIP- Congress reaffirms the role of on the West Philippine Sea; broadcast journalist, on how
PINES – The 25th National PR and communication pro- • Bernadette Romulo-Puy- to manage online negativity;
PR Congress, the country’s fessionals in establishing har- at, Secretary of the Depart- • Weldon Fung, SEA man-
biggest gathering of PR and monious relationships based ment of Tourism on the quest aging director of Meltwater,
communication profession- on truth and authenticity. for strong National Branding on digital crisis management
als, turns the spotlight on This supports PRSP’s of the Philippines and how to create a safety net
building consensus, to to- overarching principle for this • Dr. Alfredo Pascual, with online PR tools;
gether explore solutions to- year’s National PR Month of CEO and fellow of the Insti- • Lady Ochel Espinosa, Is-
ward ensuring truth in the “One for Truth,” which seeks tute of Corporate Directors entia Manila head of Insights
practice of communication. to unite communicators and (ICD), on ethic s and good and research, on key mea-
The annual PR congress, their publics to be vigilant governance and its impact on surements that define PR ef-
set September 27 and 28 at in consistently practicing corporate reputation fectivity; and,
Shangri-La at the Fort, Tagu- responsible and truth-based • Ellen Tordesillas, VERA • Eduardo Mapa, Jr, digi-
ig City, engages all PR and communication. Files trustee and writer, on tal entrepreneur of Castle By
communication practitioners Held annually, the Na- how to spot fake news The River, on trends in media
and aspirants alike to uphold tional PR Congress, the lon- • Manny Mogato, Pulitzer and influencer marketing;
truth in the age of disinforma- gest-standing professional Prize journalist, on the up- Other topics include tech-
tion with its theme of “Truth advancement platform in coming mid-term elections; nology and social media in
or Trolls: PR in the Age of the industry, brings together • Carlo Ople, PLDT Vice PR, on how PR professionals
Disinformation.” top PR and communication President, on the continuing can make the most of social
“By attending the Silver professionals from different rise of millennials and Gen- media’s role and influence;
PR Congress, we aim not sectors to promote ethical eration Z as a megatrend in and neurolinguistics applica-
only for delegates of diverse practice and high standards 2019 and beyond; tions in PR.
generations and industries of public service. This year, • Ida Tiongson, president As a Congress finale, head
to reaffirm the role of PR in the two-day event welcomes and executive committee of Smart Communications’
building strong, trust-based leaders and professionals member of Opal Portfolio public affairs group Ramon
relationships but also to turn from various fields and sec- Investments, and Victor Jose Isberto, APR will head the
this time into an opportunity tors—from marketing to hu- ity building (Public Relations • José Manuel Velasco, Africa, managing director of process that will lead to the
for us to be agents of positive man resources, government 2.0), industry health check chair of the Alliance of Public Eurekloud Corporation, will formulation and declaration
change in service of society,” institutions to NGOs, and and trends, and brand citizen- Relations and Communica- look into the future of artifi- of the Manila Mandate, a
said PRSP President Ritzi entrepreneurs. They will ex- ship. tion Management, will dis- cial intelligence and predic- code on the ethical standards,
Villarico Ronquillo, APR. perience a comprehensive The initial lineup of speak- cuss addressing challenges to tive analytics in PR; principles and practices that
25 years of trailblazing learning experience of five ers comprises industry ex- brands and companies from • Atty. Estrella Elamparo, will be observed by the com-
history, one strong commit- plenary sessions, each tack- perts and strategic leaders the viewpoints of global PR senior partner at Divina Law munication profession. This
ment to uphold truth ling in-depth views on poli- who will share their insights practitioners in both the aca- Offices, on how to protect is envisioned to be jointly
With the theme, “Truth or tics, elections and communi- on key issues affecting the deme and business; oneself against libel in cyber- adopted by the country’s
Trolls: PR in the Age of Dis- cation, effects of fake news industry and the nation as a • Antonio Carpio, Supreme space; largest communication as-
information,” the 2018 PR on brands and media, capabil- whole: Court senior associate justice • Lourd de Veyra, print and (Turn to page 9)

PUTIKON! May suspetsa ako na an Goyo: Ang sayan, iyo an kagsurat kan surat na na-

mortal na may kakulangan an kara-

Batang Heneral ni Jerrold Tarog saro kua sa gadan na Goyong sa Tirad Pass. kter, magin sarong garo ido ki Agui-
VIVA! talagang kontemporaryong padangog
asin satirikong kritisismo sa administra-
Si saiyang surat naghatag nin hapot
bako lang ki Goyo kundi sa mga parad-
Sabi ni Mabini, na pinapelan ni
Dearest Lord, I praise and thank you for the gift of a syon ni Presidente Duterte, magin kan alan kun ano an kahulugan kan pagigin Eppy Quizon na an acting sabi ngani
new day. Bless us always with your graces and blessings lodi niya, an depuntong diktador na si bayani. Pagigin lodi lang daw ini, na sa sarong advertisement “convinc-
specially the one reading this. PLS shield our country Marcos. Sa sarong eksena kan kaho- yaon sa langit na dai inaabot kan mga ing,” dawa underacting sa kabilugan,
from TY Ompong. This we ask in the mighty name of benan nin Goyo, an gaha ni Gregorio del mortal o yaon nakatungtong sa daga? si Aguinaldo dai tinataan atensyon
Pilar na pinapelan digdi ni Paulo Avelino, Hapot ini na naenot naman na hinapot an katuyuhan kan rebolusyon o an
JESUS thru Our Lady of Peñafrancia. AMEN
pinahiling sa sarong bilada an saiyang ni Nick Joaquin sa saiyang A Question mga nagtatabang asin nagtutubod
pagsambit kan tula kan saiyang tiyo na of Heroes. sa kawsa kan rebolusyon. An ma-
Anyone can find dirt in anyone. Be the one to find gold
si Marcelo del Pilar – an Aba Ginoong Katakod pa kaini iyo an hapot kun halaga saiya si lealtad kan saiyang
in anyone. VIVA LA VIRGEN! Barya. Ini an satirikong pangadyi na ano an pagigin soldados, asin ini an mga tauhan saiya.
****** ikina-badtrip kan mga prayle huli ta na- minaaninningal sa satong panahon sa An pagtukdo sa satong kasay-
Remember the good times, be strong during the glataw an saindang tunay na pagkatawo tahaw kan nagluluwas na persekusyon sayan iyo na bayani kan Tirad Pass
difficult times, love Always, smile often and thank God – Satanas talaga sa laog kan sutana. ki Senador Trillanes. Sa sarong ekse- si Del Pilar, an pinakahoben na Hen-
for every moment! Digdi, an kasaysayan nagin kontem- na nin torture ki Maj. Manuel Bernal eral ni Aguinaldo. Sa pelikulang ini,
****** poraryo, magin linuto sa pagnamit kan (na tauhan kan pinagadan ni Aguinaldo hinahapot ta liwat an enot nang hapot
May this morning bring us good news, grant us a mga millenial, halimbawa, sa pagtaong na si Hen. Antonio Luna), sinabi kan ni Nick Joaquin. Totoo daw ini? Asin
healthy outlook, open for us doors of opportunities & romantikong anggulo sa buhay ni Goy- huri na si Goyo bakong soldados. “Isa sa aniningal kaini sa satong kontem-
close the gates of failures & worries. ong. Ini sa paagi kan pagtaong parte kang aso,Goyo. Tahol, tahol Goyo!” poraryong bida politika, bako daw na
May you have a pleasant, stress free & productive ki Remedios Nable Jose (na pinapelan An eksenang ini an nagpahiling kan garo man lang Aguinaldo talaga si
day giving all the glory to God. in Gwen Zamora), na magigiromdoman katuyuhan kan pelikula: bakong ipa- Duterte? O na-Goyo lang si 16 milyo-
****** orog na kan mga nagtutukdo nin kasay- hiling si Goyo na bayani kundi sarong nes na nagboto saiya?
Viva la virgen. Hapi fiesta. Maogmang bkolandia.
Sa pagbuyagyag niya pprd na may nagtatao
saiyang foreign country nin intelligence dapit sa suboot CARD Bank opens 89th branch,
celebrates 21st Anniversary
conspiracy sa pag ultanan kan communists magdalo
pig iba pa an liberal,lalo siyang nagkuang gapo na
ipupukpok sa payo niya.that is betrayal and treachery.
Ribong na talaga naturingang abogado dai sabot an CARD Bank, Inc. is now CARD Bank has been rec- on the right track,” emphasized gies will enable MFIs to serve
ramifications kan ley. ready to serve its growing mi- ognized by the Bangko Sentral Austria. its market better. “As new tech-
Pakatapos pagbuhay niya kan kaso ni trillanes dapit crofinance clients in San Pablo ng Pilipinas (BSP) as one of Moreover, CARD Bank also nologies can bring transaction
sa amnesty pati an kaso ni afp chief galvez and sen. as it opened its 89th branch in the outstanding financial inclu- took pride to be the first in the costs down, service delivery
Honasan asin ibang amnestied soldiers piglaag niya sa Barleta St., San Pablo City, sion champions in the country. Philippine microfinance indus- costs will become lower as well.
alanganin an bilog na afp. Laguna on September 3, Recently, CARD Bank received try to utilize the Core Banking Since the cost of service for the
Maluya talaga an chief presidential legal counsel. 2018. This is the third branch such award during the 2018 Services (CBS). From the tra- clients will decrease, MFIs can
opened by the bank in the city, Awards Ceremony and Appre- ditional banking system, CARD either offer lower interest rates
kababayan na pa naman.dakul masusulo.sobra kaya
which also coincides to its 21st ciation Lunch for BSP Stake- Bank now engages its clients or increase their community
an pagtubod ki calida na may maitom ba agenda. anniversary celebration. holders. in mobile banking through its development services,” added
may pigtutubod na among o amang.p- boy pabon, unc “Since 1997, CARD Bank “This is the fruit of all our konek2CARD mobile applica- Alip.
alumnus n ret gov brodkaster has never fallen short in realiz- labor. I always thank the un- tion. CARD Bank hopes to open
****** ing its commitment of reaching wavering support of the CARD “We at CARD Bank always more branches to reach more
Happy Fiesta Madam Jo and Cong more unbanked Filipinos na- MRI Group and our advisers ensure that we go with the trend. unbanked communities in the
Sal ..- bert dlos m tionwide. We are happy because and the commitment of the man- That is why we keep on innovat- Philippines. “We can see that
****** the bank is now providing finan- agement, staff, and our clients ing and investing in IT infra- the future of our clients is bright
Good morning and Have a wonderful Thursday! VIVA cial services and development- because all these achievements structure because going digital with our services powered by
LA VIRGEN! oriented programs to more than would not be possible without is the new direction of the bank- technology,” assured Austria.
2.5 million clients nationwide them,” added Austria. ing institutions,” said Austria. To date, the bank has a to-
Be thankful for everybody in your life, good and bad, and we are very grateful for the Excellence is one of the core According to CARD Bank’s tal asset of P13.96 billion and
past and present. They all made you the person that you 21 fruitful years,” said President values of CARD MRI. “These chairperson, Dr. Jaime Aristotle 99.37% repayment rate among
are today. and CEO Marivic M. Austria. core values are our guide in B. Alip, investing in technolo- its operation nationwide.
****** Commitment to excellence making sure that we are always
To my colleagues in Tabang Bikol
The Challenges of an
Bishop Gainza Trade
I got this text this morning from Fr Bong Quido
incoming parish priest who works with the IP ministry:
Administrative Officer
Good morning po Maam Evita, on September 22,
Project Development Officer ll
DepEd Schools Division Office, Iriga city
8:00am, will be my installation as parish priest here in
Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Canaman, cam sur.. In these days and age, when one seeks a position it is de-
pwede ko po kayo maging Ninang? manded that she (I am using the personal pronoun she for com-
I just accepted now. My first as Ninang to a priest. fort) has specific skills and tools to qualify her for the position.
Arbp Tirona will install and officiate Mass. Pls join me if Basically, one must have both written and communicative skills
you are free. Thank you again mama mary for shielding as this is necessary in all line of professional work. But the more
important thing that one must consider is an awareness of the
us from possible damages had Ompong pass by bicol. challenges of the particular position and be ready to meet these
I believe you Mama Mary dat u will not allow anything challenges head on. It goes without saying that she is very well-
that will harm us. Again Mama Mary Dios mabalos po sa prepared.
saimong milagro! VIVA LA VIRGEN! The job of an administrative officer is demanding as most
****** other jobs are. It involves among many things managing office
Over-all Champion ROTC Unit : MPCF Canaman supplies and placing orders, preparing regular financial and ad-
ministrative reports and administration of company data base.
Most Disciplined ROTC Unit The administrative officer has a strong social skills since
MPCF Canaman and 4th most Disciplined MPCF At least 26 Micro, Small industrial fair in Bicol, the she is the contact point of employees and therefore expected
Legazpi ! and Medium Enterprises trade fair was introduced by to provide them with administrative support and managing their
Best Marching Band! Big congrats! (MSMEs), 10 local govern- Bishop Francisco Gainza queries.
ment units, four govern- in 1875. It was revived and She is given a multiple opportunities to cultivate working rela-
ment agencies including the named by the archdiocese after tionship with other employees.
SUNDAY READINGS Department of Agrarian him in September 2010 during The job demands managing office stocks, preparing regular
Reform (DAR) Camarines the Tercentenary celebration of reports such as expenses and office budget, organizing records.
Isaiah 50.5-9; James 2.14-18; Mark 8.27-35 Sur II, 2 schools and one Ina, Our Lady of Peñafrancia. She must have a working knowledge of office equipment and
Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” corporation participated in Processed food, handicrafts, management tools.
Peter answered him, “You are the Messiah.” – Mark 8.29 this year’s Bishop Francisco fashion accessories, souvenir The job of an administrative officer is a great career and gives
Jesus finally calls the question in chapter 8, the midpoint of Gainza Trade Fair of the items, religious items, furni- her wide exposure in the daily operation of the unit.
Mark’s gospel. In a miracle just before Jesus asks this question, he Expected to organize filing system for important and confi-
Archdiocese of Caceres at ture, home furnishings, organic
has to try twice to open the eyes of a blind man. At first the man can dential documents is one that she must be wary of. She updates
see only blurry shapes that look like trees. This two-stage miracle
Robinson’s Place, Naga City, and natural products, agricul-
September 6-14. tural and marine products were office policies as needed and maintains company calendar and
anticipates the disciples response when he asks, “Who do you schedules appointments such as booking meetings
say that I am?” Peter answers forthrightly, “You are the Messiah.” Regarded as the first agro- displayed and sold at the fair.
Saddled with responsibilities, the administrative officer is
Back to back with Peter’s declaration of faith in Jesus, Jesus
someone who has a personality that jibes well with the people
teaches for the first time that the Son of Man will suffer, be put to
death, and rise after three days. To this, Peter objects and takes
PELL MELL . . . he works with and for. She is a great manager of time. Although
Jesus aside to rebuke him. Instead Jesus rebukes Peter for setting stronger and highly felt. But what would Christmas be like she might find herself on her toes, she reports high job satisfac-
his mind on human things. Peter’s vision is blurry at this point. Only for the typhoon victims? With Christmas be happy time? tion and can be considered a leader.
Jesus’ death destroys Peter’s received ideas of a warrior messiah. The reports that she prepares are ably presented with statis-
Will there be no more queue for affordable NFA rice? Will
Only Jesus’ resurrection transforms his disciples’ understanding. tical data as assigned. Minor tasks include arranging travel and
prices of prime commodities lower down and be affordable accommodation plus scheduling in-house and external events.
Mark’s gospel explores how faith in Jesus develops in his disciples
for the common tao? Well, we can only look forward to Like any other position, the administrative officer position is
and calls us to the same threshold of faith at the empty tomb.
What popular ideas of Jesus have you outgrown? Christmas as the season of love and forgiving never mind one of trust and responsibility and that makes the position a vital
in which political side you are in. part in any operation.
DA-Bicol joins CSC 118th Anniversary
LEGAZPI CITY — Civil Service Commission the month-long celebration raise funds for the PLB, source Management Section tritional deficiencies of
More than a thousand (CSC) 118th Anniversary of the CSC anniversary with a one-time financial as- Ma. Pureza San Buenaven- school children and at the
civil servants from 105 dubbed as “Groovin’ for the theme “Lingkod Bay- sistance given to immedi- tura who led the delegation, same time help families
government offices all Pamanang Lingkod-Bay- ani: MakaDiyos, Makatao, ate families of government said that DA-Bicol always to earn additional income
over the Bicol Region to- ani (PLB) Year 4”. This Makabayan” to inculcate employees who died in the participate in activities through planting vegetables
gether with the Depart- kick-off activity was held the qualities of the a real performance of their du- called by the CSC. DA-Bi- in school. The harvest will
ment of Agriculture-Bicol on September 7, 2018 at Lingkod Bayani. ties. Each family of the col sent 17 representatives also be used for supplemen-
(DA) participated in the the Legazpi City Conven- According to CSC-Bicol deceased employee will re- to the activity. tal feeding.
Zumba Fitness Fundrais- tion Center here. Regional Director Cecilia ceive Php100,000.00 cash. In Daet, Camarines Some 80 selected el-
er in celebration of the This activity kicked-off R. Nieto, this activity will Four beneficiaries already Norte the DA launched here ementary schools received
sets of garden materials that

Sperry opens new store

received the assistance. the Gulayan sa Paaralan
Aside from the funds Program it similarly imple- included 14 meters PE-UV
that will be generated by the mented in Camariners Sur tunnelling Film; fine net;

in SM City Legazpi
said activity, the CSC is ad- and Sorsogon, seeding trays; hoe; rake;
vocating work-life balance The program intends to sprinkler; shovel; organic
and healthy lifestyle. augment the fund needed fertilizer and assorted veg-
DA-Bicol Human Re- in order to address the nu- etable seeds.
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This just in: original all regular-priced footwear on head over to the newest store Republic of the Philippines
American shoe brand September 14! Get ready for a in Bicol and check out fresh CITY OF IRIGA
Sperry now has a new store wide array of classic boat shoe drops from Sperry. Visit the
and sneaker designs to choose new Sperry store at the sec-
Office of the City Mayor
in SM City Legazpi!
Drop by and get a first- from! ond floor of SM City Legaz-
hand feel of the Sperry life- You won’t want to miss pi today! PUBLICATION OF VACANT POSITION
style. Known for effortless, this! Now is the perfect time to ABOUT SPERRY
heritage products Sperry® was Position – Assistant City Treasurer
inspired by founder founded in 1935 by Plantilla Item No. – 2-01-05-002
Paul Sperry’s un- avid sailor, inventor Salary Grade – 23
inhibited spirit, the and intrepid explorer Annual Salary – P669,156.00
store’s design is born Paul Sperry. From Education – Bachelor’s Degree
from the sea—bring- the invention of the (Commerce, Public Administration)
ing Sperry’s storied world’s first boat Training – 16 hours of relevant training
heritage to life. The shoe to a full collec- Experience – 5 years of relevant experience
sea shack-inspired tion of sea-tested life- Eligibility – Career Service Professional
look features weath- style products, Sperry Place of Assignment – City Treasurer
ered wooded flooring, offers the tools for
hints of orange life life’s adventures. For
vest materials, and a more information,
backdrop of the cool visit www.facebook. MADELAINE YOROBE ALFELOR
blue ocean. com/SperryTopsid- City Mayor
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Mabuhay an patrona kan Bikolandia, An pagsungko ni ‘INA’ sa mga barangay

nagpapahiling kan saiyang pagkamoot sa mga aki,
Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia! asin lugod padanayon an satuyang pagdebosyon.



Calabanga, Camarines Sur
DPWH Construction Division
Engr. JERRY LUZ Regional Field Office V, Legazpi City

Sa pagdebosyon niyato sa
Mahal na ‘INA’
lugod mapasatuya an
pagkamoot na daing
hinahagad na karibay.

Maogmang pintakasi sa gabos.

Haide & Raymund Emmanuel R. Baylon

Naga City
sociations and announced and media consumption and The Public Relations So-
Bicol workers to get P20-P30 pay hike
at the Congress. Among the negotiate the challenges of a ciety of the Philippines is By CONNIE CALIPAY paper of general circulation wage rate in Bicol to help work-
participating associations are post-truth society while up- the country’s premier orga- in the Bicol which will be on ers cope with the rising cost of
the International Association holding truth, integrity and nization for public relations LEGAZPI CITY -- The September 21, and the second living without impairing the vi-
of Business Communicators- authenticity.” professionals with dedicated Department of Labor and tranch increase of PHP5 for ability of business.
Philippine Chapter led by its Register online now with programs in professional Employment (DOLE) to- those employing 10 work- “The adjustment of the min-
president Joe Zaldarriaga, the early-bird rate at http://bit. development and continued gether with the Regional ers and above and PHP15 for imum wage rate is one of the
AVP of Meralco and PRSP ly/prcongress2018, extended learning, PR excellence, stu- Tripartite Wages and Pro- those employing 1 to 9 work- measures of the government to
through president Ronquillo. up to September 14, 2018. dent PR education, social ductivity Board (RTWPB) ers on May 1, 2019," Villamor provide workers with immedi-
According to National PR PRSP members may secure outreach and partnerships announced on Friday the ap- said. ate relief from high prices of
Congress Chair Cherie Mijar- their exclusive members-only with institutions. Annually, proved new minimum wage This would bring the mini- basic goods and services," Vil-
es, APR, “Years of experience link from prcongress@prsp. it confers the Anvil Awards, rate for private sector work- mum wage rate from PHP290 lamor said.
in the industry have taught us ph. the Oscar of PR in the coun- ers in the Bicol region. to PHP310 for establishments He added that the increase in
one lesson: To consider one- For more information try and holds the National PR In a press briefing at Casa employing 10 workers and the minimum wage was the re-
self as an effective commu- and updates, visit the official Congress in September, the Blanca Hotel here, RTWPB above and from PHP280 to sult of a series of consultations
nicator, one must be able to PRSP Facebook page www. National PR Month. chairman and DOLE Regional PHP310 for establishments and public hearing conducted
gracefully adapt in an agile MEDIA CONTACTS: Director Alvin Villamor said employing one to nine work- by the board and consensus be-
environment without compro- or e-mail inquiries at prcon- Eileen Chua
the minimum wage earners in ers. tween and among the labor and
mising values and quality of
09178813440 Bicol will receive an increase Villamor explained that in management representatives.
work. For the Silver PR Con- ABOUT THE PUBLIC Cherie Mijares ranging from PHP20 TO determining the amount of the Under the new wage order,
gress, it is time to face rapid RELATIONS SOCIETY PHP30 in their daily salary. wage increase, the board con- the wage rate per day shall
advancements in technology OF THE PHILIPPINES 0918 9198958
"The increase will be given sidered the interest of the work- apply to all minimum wage
in two tranches: PHP15 for all ers, the general capacity of the earners in the private sector


establishments regardless of business establishments to pay, regardless of their position,
the number of workers upon and the prevailing socio-eco- designation or status of em-
effectivity 15 days after Sep- nomic conditions of the region. ployment and irrespective of


tember 6 (September 21), fol- The board, he added, also the method by which they are
lowing publication in a news- agreed to adjust the minimum paid.
The order, however, will
not take effect on "kasamba-
hays" or domestic workers
covered by the Batas Kasam-
NOEL D. SOLIMAN bahay, persons in the personal
service of another and workers
Proprietor of duly registered Barangay
Micro-Business Enterprises
(054) 881-7686 / (0917) 580-2719 Villamor encouraged es- tablishments in the wholesale
5-A Concepcion Grande, Naga City and retail trade and construc-
tion industry to come up with
DEALER OF: Brand New Tires (Multi-brand), Recapped Tires, Second the productivity-based pay
Hand Tires, Industrial/Agricultural Tires, Off-Road Tires, Car WAGE INCREASE schemes that will allow high-
Batteries, Tubes and Flaps, Magwheels & Rims Members of the Bicol Regional Tripartite Wages and
er performance/productivity
ALSO ACCEPTING: Recapping Jobs and Trade-ins. Productivity Board (RTWPB) discuss the minimum wage
increase in the region, in a press briefing on Friday, Sept. 7, of the enterprise and income
2018. (Photo By Connie Calipay) among workers. (PNA)
SEPTEMBER 16 - 22, 2018

UNESCO NAMES MAYOR ROSAL AS PH’S MOST OUTSTANDING . . . Street Lights and 92 CCTV, country however, based on
the newly constructed DepEd the record from the city tour-
last Saturday, said it’s an hon- the city in the map in terms of E. Rosal said in his Ulat sa Control project being super- Legazpi City division Office, ism office, in 2017, around
or for him to be chosen as the development and progress. Bayan last August 31 attended vise by the Department of the on-going widening of 1,275,710 recorded tourist
Most Outstanding Mayor for He added that the award by thousands of people in the Public Works and Highways roads at different villages, the arrivals in this city or has an
good local governance. would be converted into an jam-packed Ibalong Centrum (DPWH) in cooperation by the expansion of sanitary land- increased of 13,97 percent
He said the prestigious investment opportunity that for Recreation. City engineering Office. fill, the rehabilitation of water compared to 1,119,291 tourist
award was the result of the will surely help improve the Based on the State of the Rosal said this kind proj- system at the southern portion arrivals in 2016.
synergy of the members of economic rating of the city City Address, in 2017, the ect is considered as another of the city and other school Those who attended and
the city council as well as the and result in more jobs for his city administration has earned mega tourism infrastructure buildings at different villages. listened to Rosal’s State of
department heads, all the work constituents. an income in the amount project with a total road length In the field of tourism in- the City Address included city
force of the city administra- In a related story, the Le- of Php 977,495,516.40 or of 2.70 kilometers which cov- dustry, Legazpi City was government employees, vil-
tion, including the coopera- gazpi city government has an increased of fourteen ered the coastal villages of named by the Department lage officials, professionals,
tion of all the stakeholders and earned an almost Php 1 billion percent compared to Php Sabang, Pigcale, Baybay and
income last year, Mayor Noel of Tourism (DOT) as the top civic organizations, business
people of Legazpi, which put 855,791,543.76 in 2016. The San Roque all in front of the five Meetings, Incentives, sector, media practitioners,
increased of income of the city Albay gulf. Conventions, and Exhibitions students and school teachers
AFFIDAVIT OF LOSS administration was the result The project is not only a (MICE) destination across the among others.
of the improvement in the col- boulevard but also a seawall
Notice is hereby given that Maria Carmen E. Prila, of legal lection of Real Property Taxes designed to protect the lives
age and a resident of San Vicente, Pili, Camarines Sur, is (RPT) including business tax- and properties of the villagers
a Stockholder of Petron Corporation, owning One thousand es, penalties, fees and charges from the impact of storm surge
eight hundred seventy six shares (1,876) of the Common and economic enterprises, Ro- especially during typhoons
Stock of the said Corporation, represented by the following sal pointed out. and other forms of natural ca-
He said that the adoption lamities, he pointed out. This
Certificates of Stock: of enhanced Tax Revenue As-
Certificate No. No. of Shares Date Issued mega project would serve as
sessment and Collection Sys- an alternate route on the part
1511682 313 7/1/97 tem (ETRACS) and the Geo-
1295003 313 6/27/96 of the motorists going to the
graphic Information System first district of Albay and other
716602 250 7/17/95
(GIS) granted by the Austra- parts of Camarines Sur, this
224728 1000 9/5/94
lian Government was the main road project would also serve
factor in the improvement in as a primary solution to decon-
That sometime in 2003, said certificates were damaged,
the city’s real property taxes. gest the traffic situation at the
soaked beyond recovery after a typhoon hit Bicol Region.
That the certificates have not been found despite diligent
This system is designed to main road in front of regional
search; That this affidavit have been executed for the pur- modernize and speed-up the government center in baran-
pose of securing from Petron Corporation new certificates revenue assessment and col- gay Rawis, he pointed out.
in replacement of the Certificates mentioned; as acknowl- lection system of Legazpi. Rosal however said these
edged before Notary Public Atty. Maico T. Julia Jr., Doc. In business taxes, Rosal
coastal villages in northern
178, Page No.36, Book No.494, Series of 2017. noted that the entry of different
portion of this city would be
giant business organizations
BIKOL REPORTER who are now operating their
the next haven for investment NEW OFFICE
Published: September 9, 16 & 23, 2018 that will boost the economic DepEd regional director Gilbert Sadsad led the groundbreaking
business establishments in this
activities of the villagers that ceremony for the PhP40 million 3-storey division office in
city was considered also as a
will bring more employment Cam. Sur.
big helped in the taxes collect-
opportunities and surely it
Republic of the Philippines ed by the city administration.
LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE Rosal on his report said that will strengthen the livelihood 24K PAWNSHOP & JEWELRY STORE
Province: Camarines Sur the Internal Revenue Allot- activities of the people in that
GF Blk 7, Stalls 2 & 4, NCPM Gen. Luna St/, Naga City
City/Municipality: Libmanan ment (IRA) received from the areas.
National Government has also Rosal pointed out, this
NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC increased thirteen percent from project will also be useful for AUCTION SALE on September 21,
Php 504,428,044.00 in 2016 jogging, running, walking and 2018 of all unredeemed articles pledged from
CFN- compared to 568,164,708.00 other forms of physical exer- JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH 2018 at 9:00 a.m.
CCE-CCE-0096-2018 RA10172 in 2017. cises as part of promoting the
In the field of infrastructure healthy lifestyle of the people BIKOL REPORTER
In compliance with the publication requirement and development, Rosal pointed in the community as, he said Published: September 16, 2018
pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1, out that his administration has this concrete road would also
Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative undertaken different infra- serve as another venue for lei-
Order No. 1, series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172). Notice is structure projects that includes sure as well as for recreation R. GUINHAWA PAWNSHOP
hereby served to the public that MARY ANN CAPALARAN the on-going construction of and entertainment for all the GF Blk. 11, Stall 2, NCPM, Gen. Luna St., Naga City
PAJO has filed with this office, a petition for CORRECTION visitors and local residents.
an 18 kilometers four lane
OF THE CHILD’S SEX from “MALE” to “FEMALE” in the Other infrastructure proj-
certificate of live birth of MARY ANN CAPALARAN PAJO at
mega concrete road project
ects are the newly constructed
AUCTION SALE on September 21,
that would link several vil- 2018 of all unredeemed articles pledged from
Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are GREGO- city hospital as well as the
lages at the southern portion of JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH 2018 at 9:00 a.m.
Any person adversely affected by said petition may
Legazpi in preparation for the
operation of the International slaughter house, Public Mar- BIKOL REPORTER
file his written opposition with this office not later than
Airport. ket, City Health Office, eco- Published: September 16, 2018
September 22, 2018.
Another priority project is park, the newly installed LED
(Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO an on-going construction of
Municipal Civil Registrar the phase one Seawall cum
BIKOL REPORTER boulevard in the northern por-
Published: September 9 and 16, 2018 tion of this city as part of the
Php2.1 billion Master flood


Polangui, Oas and Ligao in
Department of Public Work
and Highways reported that
in Brgy. Concepcion Pequena
in Naga City which DPWH VIVA LA VIRGEN!
The Department of Social all national roads in the re- personnel promptly cleared.
Welfare and Development gion are passable. It reported, In Sorsogon, the Coast
also announced it had allo- however, minor landslides in Guard also allowed sea travel
cated P3.2 million in standby Catanduanes and Sorsogon; from Pilar Port as of 6 a.m. on
funds and prepared 10,466 while a fallen tree and elec- Sunday.
emergency family packs. tric post briefly halted traffic PAGASA however, still
By Sunday (Sept. 16), the along the Maharlika Highway issued gale warnings for sea-
boards in Catanduanes, the
Eastern coast of Albay, Sor-
BILL TAGS CATANDUANES . . . sogon, Masbate and Burias; as
Meanwhile, Sarmiento said only second in global produc- well as the Southwestern coast
Department of Agriculture tion and with a total produce of of Camarines Sur, Albay, Sor-
(DA) statistics showed that 8,555 metric tons. Our abaca sogon which is expected have
from 2009 to 2013, the Bicol exports are worth $114.79 mil- rough to very rough seas with
Region was the top producer lion, and our abaca is bought waves from 26 to 45 meters.
of abaca fiber with 22,987 by countries such as the United (with reports from PIA, PAGASA,
metric tons, which comprised States, United Kingdom and
39 percent of the total national Germany,” said Sarmiento. The approved bill substi-
production. Sarmiento said abaca grows tuted HB 7369 authored by
Sarmiento said Catan- innately in Philippine soil. Sarmiento. Other authors of the
duanes produces about 92.3 Known worldwide as “Manila substitute bill are Panganiban,
percent of the total abaca pro- Hemp,” he said abaca is supe- Reps. Deogracias Ramos, Ga-
duction of the Bicol Region rior over all fibers because of briel Bordado, Fernando Gon-
and about 34.9 percent of the its great strength and resistance zalez, Jose Antonio Sy-Alvara-
country’s total abaca produc- to water. “Thus, it is known to do, John Marvin Nieto, Maria
tion. be the world’s strongest natural ida Bravo, and Francisco Datol.
Catanduanes has over fiber,” he said. / Rowena B. Bundang
35,500 hectares of abaca land
and about 15,454 Catanduan-
gon farmers are engaged in
abaca for livelihood, according
to Sarmiento. “Thus, Catan-
duanes earned the title “abaca
country” for being the biggest
VIVA EL DIVINO ROSTRO! Greetings from:

Cong. Gabriel H. Bordado, Jr.

abaca-producing province in
the Philippines,” he said.
Moreover, he said Catan- Fiesta Greetings from:

and Family
duanes is also considered as
the top abaca producer in the

world, providing 87.17 percent
of the global output. By itself,
he said Catanduanes produces
23,540 metric tons of abaca.
“Our small island province MANAGEMENT & STAFF 3rd District, Camarines Sur
even beat Ecuador, which is
NAGA CITY --- Despite rumors of its possible suspension due to intermittent rains brought
by typhoon Ompong, the yearly Penafrancia fluvial procession was safely held here with the
image of the Ina safely returned and ensconced on her throne at the Basilica where Manila
Bishop Broderick S. Pabilo, D.D. led the concelebrated mass marking the end of the biggest
Marian festival in the country.
Ompong’s entry into the Risk and Reduction Manage- Pili, Camaligan, Bombon, Calabanga,Cabusao, Lib-
country’s territory on Thurs- ment Council for the rivers Magarao, Canaman, Naga, manan, Sipocot and Lupi in
day (Sept. 13), prompted local in the Bicol river basin area Gainza, Milaor, Minalabac, Camarines Sur, and in Libon,
government officials in the re- in Rinconada district and in Pamplona, San Fernando, (Turn to page 11)
gion to suspend classes.
PAGE 12 SEPTEMBER 16 - 22, 2018 The Philippine News
Agency reported suspension

UNESCO names Mayor Rosal of class in the elementary

and high school levels in both

as PH’s Most Outstanding

public and private schools in
Albay on the same day as the
typhoon moved closer to the
As of the same day, the
Coast Guard reported at least
1091 persons, 2 vessels, 22
buses, 131 trucks and 64 cars
stranded in Matnog Port, and
60 people and 4 vessels in
Port Pilar, both in Sorsogon.
The Department of Educa-
tion of the same province also
reported the evacuation of 40
people to the San Vicente Ele-
mentary School in Bulan, and
By EMMANUEL SOLIS education, science, culture, in Quirapi Elementary School
communication and informa- in Castilla.

Flood warning was also is- As it was 3 centuries ago, thousands came to participate in this annual ritual of faith and
carrying out efficient pro- Yugi Suzuki, director gen-
sued by the National Disaster renewal by the Bicol river, with Ina as the vessel for such spiritual journey.
grams on environment, eral of the National Federation
education, and tourism, this of UNESCO Associations in
city’s chief executive, Noel E.
Rosal, was named the coun-
try’s most outstanding may-
Japan, expressed elation for
the continuous progress and
development of Legazpi that
Bill tags Catanduanes as “Abaca Capital of the Philippines”
or in local governance by the has made the city one of the The House Committee on In line with this policy, the which provides for appropria- statistics, the country produced
United Nations, Education- best areas for investment in Agriculture and Food chaired bill declares it is fitting to give tion for the establishment of an a total of 496, 069.10 bales of
al, Scientific and Cultural the country. by Rep. Jose Panganiban Jr., recognition to the contribution Abaca Research and Develop- abaca in 2016 and 130,090.30
Organization (UNESCO). In an interview, he told the CPA, LLB (Party-list, ANAC of Catanduanes to the total ab- ment Center in Catanduanes. bales in the first quarter of
Professor Shahbaz Khan, Philippine News Agency that IP) has approved a substitute aca production of the country Sarmiento said per the Phil- 2017. One bale is equivalent to
regional director of the Sci- the recognition was based on bill seeking to declare the and the world where the prov- ippine Fiber Industry Devel- 125 kilograms.
ence Bureau for Asia and the the programs and projects im- province of Catanduanes as ince is considered to be the opment Authority (PhilFIDA) (Turn to page 11)
Pacific and UNESCO Rep- plemented by the city admin- the “Abaca Capital of the Phil- top abaca producer, providing
resentative for Brunei Darus- istration including its Solid
ippines.” 87.17 of global output.
salam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Waste Management Program
Principally authored by The bill grants the prov-
the Philippines and Timor- as well as the infrastructure
Rep. Cesar Sarmiento (Lone ince of Catanduanes the offi-
Leste, handed the award to development, Risk Reduction
Management Program, im- District, Catanduanes), the cial designation as the “Abaca
Legazpi City’s Mayor Rosal
during the 2018 International provement in tourism indus- bill pursues Section 1, Article Capital of the Philippines.”
Assembly of Youth for UNES- try, culture, bio-diversity and XII of the 1987 Constitution “We recognize Catan-
CO held at the Icon Hotel in education system of Legazpi. which provides that the State duanes as the number one pro-
Quezon City over the week- The effective implementa- shall promote industrialization ducer of abaca not only in the
end. tion of the “No Segregation, and full employment based Philippines but in the world,”
UNESCO is a specialized No Collection” policy on on sound agricultural devel- said Panganiban in a recent
agency of the United Nations waste management has made opment and agrarian reform, hearing conducted by the com-
which aims to contribute to Legazpi a model for being through industries that make mittee.
the building of peace as well environmental-friendly. full and efficient use of human Following the committee’s NEW MALL
as poverty eradication, sus- Rosal, in his message after and natural resources, which approval of the bill, Pangani- Albay government officials led by Rep. Joey Salceda and
tainable development and receiving the UNESCO award are competitive in both domes- ban said the next step of the Legazpi city Mayor Noel Rosal led the blessing of SM Legazpi
intellectual dialogue through (Turn to page 10) tic and foreign markets. panel is to consider another bill over the weekend.