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Presented August 2018

Service Area Service Area Stats
 Culpeper County / Town
Routes: Culpeper Trolley N.; Culpeper Trolley S.;
Culpeper Town Demand Response; Culpeper County
Demand Response 1 & 2;
Inbound / Outbound Connections: Orange Connector;
Foothills Express
 Orange County / Town
Routes: TOOT 1 (Town Of Orange Trolley) ; Orange Co
Connector ; TOOT 2 (Gordonsville)
 Warrenton / Fauquier
Routes: Circuit Rider; Fauquier Demand Response
 Front Royal / Warren Co
Routes: Front Royal Area Trolley; Warren Co Corridor
 FTA Federal Transit Administration 50% (+/-)
 DRPT Department of Rail and Public Transportation 18% (+/-)
 Local Partners 32% (+/-) Examples Include:

• County of Culpeper
• Town of Culpeper
• Culpeper Department of Human Services
• Town of Orange
• Town of Warrenton
• County of Fauquier
• Town of Front Royal
• County of Warren
• PATH Foundation
 A different kind of transit system?
Urban transit systems are generally funded solely by one
Rural transit systems receive funding from 3 sources; State,
Federal and Local.
Public Transit Funding Sources



Federal Local State

Yearly Passengers Projected ridership
for the Central
Region FY18 will be
the highest on record
as nationwide
ridership trends
continue to show
Route Name FY 2017

 Culpeper Co Ex (2)
 Culpeper Town ADA
 Culpeper Trolley 1
 Culpeper Trolley 2
 Orange Connector
 TOOT Trolley
 Orange Commuter
 Warrenton Circuit Rider
 Fauquier Demand
 FRAT Trolley
 Corridor Connector
Rides Provided Monday - Friday





Rides Provided Saturdays






Saturday Blue / Gold
Post Office 9:30am 10:30am 11:30am 12:30pm 1:30pm 2:30pm 3:30pm 4:30pm
Haiti Street 9:33am 10:33am 11:33am 12:33pm 1:33pm 2:33pm 3:33pm 4:33pm
Oak Springs Plaza Giant 9:40am 10:40am 11:40am 12:40pm 1:40pm 2:40pm 3:40pm 4:40pm
Village Ctr Safeway 9:42am 10:42am 11:42am 12:42pm 1:42pm 2:42pm 3:42pm 4:42pm
The Oaks Apartments 9:44am 10:44am 11:44am 12:44pm 1:44pm 2:44pm 3:44pm 4:44pm
Manor Apts 9:46am 10:46am 11:46pm 12:46pm 1:46pm 2:46pm 3:46pm 4:46pm
Village Crt Rite Aide 9:48am 10:48am 11:48pm 12:48pm 1:48pm 2:48pm 3:48pm 4:48pm
Plaza Shopping Ctr Hair Salon 9:50am 10:50am 11:50am 12:50pm 1:50pm 2:50pm 3:50pm 4:50pm
Subway 9:52am 10:52am 11:52am 12:52pm 1:52pm 2:52pm 3:52pm 4:52pm
Towne Ctr 9:55am 10:55am 11:55am 12:55pm 1:55pm 2:55pm 3:55pm 4:55pm
Middle School 9:57am 10:57am 11:57am 12:57pm 1:57pm 2:57pm 3:57pm 4:57pm
5th & Main 10:00am 11:00am 12:00pm 1:00pm 2:00pm 3:00pm 4:00pm 5:00pm
Leeds Square 10:02am 11:02am 12:02pm 1:02pm 2:02pm 3:02pm 4:02pm 5:02pm
Falmouth/ Aviary St 10:04am 11:04am 12:04pm 1:04pm 2:04pm 3:04pm 4:04pm 5:04pm
Falmouth/ Taylor St 10:06am 11:06am 12:06pm 1:06pm 2:06pm 3:06pm 4:06pm 5:06pm
Walmart 10:10am 11:10am 12:10pm 1:10pm 2:10pm 3:10pm 4:10pm 5:10pm
Fauquier Food Bank/ Thrift 10:12am 11:12am 12:12pm 1:12pm 2:12pm 3:12pm 4:12pm 5:12pm
Moffet Manor Apts 10:15am 11:15am 12:15pm 1:15pm 2:15pm 3:15pm 4:15pm 5:15pm
Fauquier Hospital 10:18am 11:18am 12:18pm 1:18pm 2:18pm 3:18pm 4:18pm 5:18pm
Towne Ctr 10:21am 11:21am 12:21pm 1:21pm 2:21pm 3:21pm 4:21pm 4:21pm
Fauquier Family Shelter 10:26am 11:26am 12:26pm 1:26pm 2:26pm 3:26pm 4:26pm 5:26pm
Blue Route (North Side) Gold Route (South Side)
 A second bus will be added Oct 1 for Weekday Service
 The weekday route will be divided into 2 individual routes
meeting at a HUB location
 Weekday service offering is “retimed” to 40 minute loops
 Additional stops for weekday service have been added
 Additional service frequency to the Fauquier Hospital
 Service to LFCC and public school zones
 Routes will be rebranded as Blue & Gold (Warrenton Town Colors)
for ease of use
 Brochures will be printed and distributed to the community prior
to service start
 Notification of changes in routes will be posted in the local paper
 Saturday Service will remain the same as existing; 1 bus model