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Fall 2017

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Raise Money FAST for Business
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MARKETING HACKS: 5 Online Advertising Tips
PARTNER UP with Social Stars
AMAZON ADDICT: Make Serious Money
PEAK EFFICIENCY in Your Home Office
Avoid These Mistakes
Checklist to Follow
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“Turning Points in a Career” L.A. Writer Takes on Franchise Success
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Moms Who Want To Work From Home

We offer a NO Product, COMMON

SENSE BusinessMODEL that helps
GET Mom’s back Home!
Imagine if you could get paid
monthly on these services
that people already use!

l y B ills
M onth
e l l P hone -
Pay C 91
as - $
Pay G $118
y E l e ctric -
Pa 3
V - $7 $30
Pay T S e c u rity -
Pay H $35
y In t e rnet -
e +
We ded
Inc ith
= $42
r t Up!
St a

e n P e ople
P aid Wh
G e t
t h l y Bills!
Pay M
utilities and companies that provide those services.

4 Home Business Fall 2017 ®

Earn Commissions on all Credit
When People Pay Their Monthly Bills
Card and Debit Card Purchases

Shane Douglas, one of the home-based business industry’s top income earners and trainers is looking to mentor the right
motivated individual this year to achieve success with his premier home based business model. Visit

t’s a fact that everyone has utility and monthly bills: Electric, gas, cell The way Shane has grown to be one of the top income earners and trainers
phone, TV, Internet, and the list goes on. And no matter how financially in this business is by following the system the company offers all of its
challenged or wealthy someone may be, these essential services are independent business owners (IBOs). He says that he tells people they can get
needed and can never be paid off; everyone will have to pay for these services the same services from the same major service providers, but get paid. Then,
for the rest of their lives out of necessity. according to Shane, all he does is direct them to his online store, which is
included in the companies start up business package.
So when a global company is open in 24 countries worldwide and
“Our system can be 100% automated for you,” he explains. “Simply direct
endorsed by one of the wealthiest people in the world, who features this
potential customers to your online store that the company provides for
company on his hit primetime reality TV show not once but twice, says you
you, and they can sign up for any of these services with many of the major
should find out more, would you want to hear more about it?
companies that are available in their area. When they sign up on your online
What if this same company said they’d pay you generously for helping store, you receive a residual commission every month when they pay their
others get paid when they pay their monthly essential bills, would you want bills. It’s that simple.”
to know even more? The key to his success, he says, is that he doesn’t complicate his business; he
Shane Douglas did, and it’s paid off in an incredible way for him. It’s just goes out and shares the company’s program and his personal story.
been 10 years since this Idaho native living in a town of just 1,500 people ”Before you join some other company that makes pie in the sky promises,
started his home-based business helping people achieve their financial goals ask yourself one simple question. Would people I know buy this product/
and showing them how they too can get paid every time they pay their own service even if I wasn’t involved with this company and making money? If the
monthly bills. answer is NO then you should be prepared to be in sales and the team your
“I was tired of all the promises from other companies that say you can going to build better be prepared to be sales people. Because no matter how
become wealthy over night only to find out you have to sell and teach others much money they say you can make it won’t matter if you or your team of
how to sell products that are either overpriced or only appeal to a small business partners can’t sell.
percentage of the population,” says Shane. This is where we are different, as I said before we only provide essential
“Our company is different: We only offer services that people pay on services that people need, want and can’t be paid off. This is an incredible
monthly basis like gas, electricity, TV, internet, cell phones, home security business model with the right services behind it,” says Shane
and more. And I don’t sell anything; I just simply show others how to get paid “It might not be sexy—it’s utilities after all—but it is simple to just share
every month for services they were going to use anyway and teach others to the story. Everyone can relate, because everyone pays these bills, because they
do the same.” have to,” he says.
Shane explains that recent deregulation of Energy providers around the “I’ve been fortunate to have had major success with this company by taking
country has opened up a significant opportunity for more people to choose action and so has my team. We’ve expanded all over the world by sharing this
who they get their service with, people like to know they have a choice, Shane simple concept with others. Shane is looking to mentor the right motivated
says. This, in turn, creates more opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow their individual this year to the same level of success that he has accomplished,
business with our company. would you like it to be you? ■
“In this declining economy, home-based businesses are on the rise. People
want to supplement their income and possibly replace their incomes while
To see more information about this company go to
working from home. So the opportunity to get paid every single month when
Their proven leadership, who started out just like you, are here to
someone turns on their lights, heats their home, uses their cellphone watches
answer your questions and help you get started.
TV, logs onto the Internet or arms their security system is a no-brainer,” he says. Fall 2017 | Home Business ®


A Vacation
Take the First Step Today and Reach out to
our Business Opportunity Specialist

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since 1982
with 600

Home-Based Business & Opportunity Magazine

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28 Monetize Online 28
Shopping. Twenty
tips on how to make
serious money on

48 Small Biz Ad
Amazon Riches: Find unique
49 Classified Ads.
products not being sold on
Amazon and be the first to list.

38 Work-at-Home
Success. Master
these six habits to keep
Business Funding: What funding options are out there for the your home office at peak
home business owner in 2017? efficiency.

41, 42 Product Reviews. Home Office Efficiency:

FEATURES 20 Hot items for the Design and equip your
home office. workspace for success.
14 Funding a Business.
6 Ways to Get the Cash
20 Interview with Jake
Gyllenhaal. On What
44 Ways to Be Tax
Savvy. Get ahead of
Gives Him Comfort in Life, the tax season with key
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the Movie Business, and strategies to save later.

His Netflix Work, Okja.
45 Why Small
22 20+ Home Business
Start-Ups. Perfect for
Jake Gyllenhaal: “I think there
is no better way than here in
Businesses Fail.
What your accountant
the Fall. America to work as hard as we is not telling you and Tax Savvy: Make the moves
can to express ourselves than steps to take. now to get juicy tax savings.
now...” – Jake Gyllenhaal


10 Letter from the Publisher.

26 Inside Look at
12 Letters to the Editor & Notice to Readers. 26
27 Trading Stocks
for Spirits.
MARKETING 32 Gift Bag and Giving
& SALES 36 Lounge King.

Online Advertising 35 Capitalizing on a

34 Taste for Pizza.
Tips. 5 marketing hacks
that will grow your business. A Sustainable
Partner Up with
36 Movement.
Los Angeles Writer:
Social Media Stars. Influencer Marketing: Develop
43 Sports Supplement Meagan Sargent is the
Make a business known a sophisticated and integrated
Queen. founder of
through influencer marketing. digital marketing campaign.

Fall 2017 | Home Business ®

One of the “Big Two” for Start-Up – Money!


M i Any New Entrepreneur Can Access Business Financing
Volume 24 Issue 5, Fall 2017 Looking at the fundamentals, biz start-up success comes
down to two key factors: demand for product/service, and
money for business start-up. Lack of funding is a main
The Home Business Team ®
reason why too many budding entrepreneurs stay locked
Publisher Richard Henderson in day-job cocoons. But start-up funding does not have to
United Marketing & be a barrier.
Research Company, Inc.
Editor-in-Chief Stacy Ann Henderson Raising money is important for ALL entrepreneurs, not
Managing Editor Sherilyn Colleen just starter-uppers. If you have a successful home-based
Publicity Editor Shannah Carol business, expand or diversify it to the next level. This takes money too!
Graphic Services Kara Primm, Slice, Inc.
Production Manager Jon Crossley, Ultra Graphics In reviewing start-up funding options, I like to start with conventional
Digital Ad Production Angel Macias, Ultra Graphics options. There are bank business loans, SBA loans, and financial service
Art Direction Richard Rabil companies. These are usually not the best options for new home business
Advertising owners. However, if you are in a distinct category, such as a veteran or minority
Phone: 800-734-7042
Shayla Christine
business owner, SBA loans are more feasible (but you’ll lose time with red tape!). For those with positive home values, home equity loans are an excellent conventional option. These are easy to set up, convenient, and have built-in tax
Distribution Manager Richard Trummer, Curtis advantages.
Specialized Circulation Bob Kennedy, Cavendish Media
Circulation Manager Dennis Porti, Curtis
Michelle Ingenito, Curtis
Subscriptions Publication Fulfillment Services Int.
Call 888-881-5861 - M - F 8am-4pm PST.
“ The big negative, and where “guerilla
For International, call 714-226-9782. operations” will help you, is with
Fax: 714-226-9733
Email: interest expenses.
Print Manager Keith Oelke, Quad Graphics
Mark Quartaroli, Quad Graphics A somewhat conventional option — one highly recommended — is to
Reprints Betsy White, The Reprint Outsource,
use financing from the offeror of a business, sometimes called “third-party
Mailing Lists financing.” Usually an option only from home-based franchises and larger
(Click on “Mailing Lists” to order) business opportunity offerors, third-party financing should be a “first stop” in
Mailing List Manager Danny Grubert, start-up funding. It’s highly favorable in that the focus is to get your business up
and moving, and not about gouging out interest and fees from you.
List File Manager Travis McMillian, Lee Coats Newton
Digital Media Manager Jim Pappadeas, Epsilon Digital Media Let’s move into the fun zone of “guerilla financing.” This is a viable
E-Readers Bob Mehta, Supremus Group playground for new home-based entrepreneurs, particularly part-time biz
Rachel Unclebach, Libre Digital operators. Credit cards are their dominant financial tool. Part-time home-
Internet Manager Robert Edwards
SEO Janice Johnson,
based businesses require relatively less start-up funds, with a day job helping
Search Engine Optimization to cover expenses. This makes credit cards a great fit. Just about anyone with
Social Media Shelby Cara a reasonable credit score can access a credit card with enough of a balance to
At Your Service Portal Lisa Schneegans, Buzz 360 launch a typical home business.
I T/Computer Operations Jim Easton,
Customer Service Email: The big negative, and where “guerilla operations” will help you, is with
Phone: (800) 734-7042 interest expenses. Credit card negatives have relatively high interest rates and
Fax: 714-388-3883 fees. But with savvy operations, you can keep interest charges low. Shop for a
card with the longest initial period of low or no interest fees.
Editorial Use credit cards smartly with purchases. Rather than transferring cash from
Kavita G. Sahai, Russell Smith, Keith Tully, Mark A Gilbert,
Kayla Matthews, and others. the credit card into your business bank account and then making purchases,
make direct credit card purchases. Most credit cards charge large transfer fees up
Curtis Circulation Company front and maximum fees on an ongoing basis to withdraw cash from the card.
730 River Road New Milford, NJ 07646
Tel: (201) 634-7400 Fax: (201) 634-7499 Other guerilla financing options lie in your “warm market” of friends and
family. But you should only access them for short-term financing. Make plans
Home Business® Magazine
Home Business Magazine (ISSN 1092-4779)
for quick payback. If you have large initial purchase orders or contracts, you
is published by might be able to work with a smaller bank or finance company to sign these
United Marketing and Research Company, Inc.,
20664 Jutland Place, Lakeville, MN 55044.
over as collateral for financing. This is sometimes an option for a new consulting
6-issue Subscription Rates: Domestic $19. company. Finally, look for partners — active or silent — who will fund your
Canadian $39. Foreign $59. business for a percentage of the revenue or profits.
For Subscriptions: 714-693-1866, M–F
Periodicals Postage Paid at Lakeville, Minnesota, New guerilla financing options are through crowdfunding websites. These
and at additional mailing offices.
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to can be jackpots for the right business at the right time and are generating lots
Home Business® Magazine, of buzz. But I haven’t seen a lot action here for the smaller home-based start-up.
20664 Jutland Place, Lakeville, MN 55044.
Printed in the United States

Publisher, Home Business® Magazine

10 Home Business | Fall 2017 ®
How To Make Money
With Non-Lethal
Self Defense Products?
6. SELL TO BUSINESSES - Sell surveillance cameras to
For 29 years, 1000’s of people have made $5000, convenience stores; stun batons, Tasers or metal
$10,000 a month and more by selling the 500+ detectors to bars and nightclubs; pepper sprays or
much in demand, non-lethal, self-defense personal alarms to hospitals for their nurses, etc. All
products provided by Safety Technology. Here are these things have been successfully done by other
7 WAYS you can make money with our products. Authorized Dealers…plus more!

sell anything, then face to face. Selling at gun shows WEBSITE – Without a doubt, selling on the Internet is the
allows you to put your products in front of people who best way to reach the largest number of customers. We
are definitely interested in defending themselves, their can even build a money making website for you and
families and their home. teach you how to sell on the Internet.

2. HOME PARTY PLAN SELLING - Yes, just like Pampered There are many other ways to sell these self-defense and
Chef or Tupperware! Except you get to keep all the surveillance products. How would you sell them?
money. You don’t have to accept a paltry commission
from the mother company…you are the company. All the
profit is yours!


great way to get the products in front of people. The
advantage here is costs less and can do it at the same
spot every weekend. Some flea markets even allow you
to set up permanent displays.


SALONS, BEAUTY SALONS - We suggest starting with our
pepper spray displays as a way to get your foot in the
door. Great way to receive residual on a
regular basis because the stores reorder. Authorized Dealer at Gun Show

5. AUCTION SITES, SUCH AS EBAY AND AMAZON - One There is no fee to do business with us. Visit our
way to get your products exposed to a very large number website at to
of buyers is to sell on eBay and Amazon. Not only are the discover how you can help people defend
auction sites good for selling products, but also lead themselves, their loved ones and their homes.
D Here are three tips for breaking out of they’re part of something, like the work

Home-Based Businese
Opportunity Magazin
a rut and creating new habits to act more they do and the energy they put into the
Summer 2017

courageously: company is making an impact. Having oc-

Expansion Issue
Special Business

casional check-ins with each team member

GROW How to Make Your
1. Name Where You’re Stuck: Ask yourself
what patterns have you settled into that
is a great way to support them in maintain-
ing this level of connection to their work.
- Pg. 14 15 may be holding you back? What imaginary


for Millennial Entrep

– Pg. 22
reneurs barriers have you created for yourself? And Allison Maslan
Start-Up Struct
Set Up the Right
to Grow Your Online
Streamline & Digitiz
e Paperwork what can you do to break through these Serial entrepreneur, CEO of Allison Maslan
That Cut Biz Expen

sed self-limiting barriers? International
Generate Increanue
Display Until 10/2/2
017 Author of the video series “The 12 Month
“Putting Life’s Wisdom
Corporate Cubicle
to E-Commerce
Mogul - Pg. 48
From Dorm Room
Market - Pg. 25
2. Visualize Goals: Most people hold back Business Blueprint to Multiply your Profits and
– Pg. 20

because they can’t figure out how they are Simplify your Life”
going to accomplish their goals. Thankfully,
15 Email Etiquette Tips for Millennials you don’t have to know how because that’s
Millennials are the grand masters of short not the way your brain works. If you have a
messaging. They text. They tweet. They rely on clear picture of your goal and visualize it, Notice to Readers
your brain will work backward to find ways HOME BUSINESS® Magazine is sold as information only. The
emojis to get their points across. And short is publisher, United Marketing and Research, Inc., considers
good, right? Sure it is, when you’re deciding to make it happen.
its sources reliable and verifies as much data as possible,
where to meet up with your best bros. But now, 3. Beware The Two Words That Kill Courage: although reporting inaccuracies can occur; consequently,
as they enter the work world, millennials may The two words that kill courage are what if? readers using this information do so at their own risk.
discover that they’re missing an essential busi- The publisher has not done a background check on listed
What if I can’t do it? What if I’m not smart companies (which includes advertisers), nor does it know
ness skill — email etiquette. enough? What if I don’t have what it takes? people at all the companies. The publisher cannot assume
Here are 15 tips on email etiquette: What if... any responsibility in any manner for the actions of any of
Anne Grady the listed companies, and the publisher cannot guarantee
1. Reply in 24 hours or less. Speaker the outcome of any correspondence, arrangements, or
2. Begin with a salutation. Author of Strong Enough: Choosing subsequent transactions the reader may make with any of
Courage, Resilience, and Triumph the listed companies. HOME BUSINESS® Magazine is sold
3. Introduce yourself. with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in
4. Show the topic in the subject line.
rendering medical, legal, financial, accounting, tax, or other
5. Avoid joking and sarcasm. Building Your Power Team professional service. If medical, legal, or other expert advice
Building a power team for your business goes and assistance are required, the services of a competent
6. Make sure grammar, spelling, and every-
qualified professional person should be sought.
thing else is perfect. way beyond the necessity of hiring. It involves
The publisher, United Marketing and Research
7. Don’t use text lingo. vision and intent to create an internal support Company, Inc., assumes no responsibility for any changes
8. Avoid all caps. structure made up of people who really “get” of offers, nor for any companies/advertisers that may go
your company and feel connected to your com- out of business. All correspondence regarding questions or
9. Be careful what you write. problems on a company’s (including advertisers) program,
pany in such a way that they are truly taking
10. Close with a sign-off. products, or services should be directed to the company,
ownership of their piece as if it is their own
11. Take 5 to review your message before hit- not to the publisher. Advertisers and advertising agencies
business. To accomplish this: assume liability for all contents of advertising and for
ting “send.”
■ Eliminate the disconnect: Empower your any claims arising therefrom. It is up to the user of this
12. Don’t overuse “Reply All.” publication to investigate the product or service offered, and
13. Keep it short. team to be aware and involved in under- to make sure the company is reliable and that the product
standing what you do on a day-to-day basis or service meets the user’s requirements. United Marketing
14. Don’t send negative messages via email.
for the company. This may also help to re- and Research Company, Inc., is not responsible for the
15. Keep a thread.
veal some tasks that could be undertaken delivery of merchandise, starter kits, supplies, or other
Denise Dudley by other team members from time to time. products and services ordered from advertisers.
Trainer and business consultant ©1993-2017. Reg. # 4180563 and 4145799.
Author of Work It! Get In, Get Noticed, ■ Keep the team on track: When you notice TRADEMARKS: Home Business, Serial Number
Get Promoted (SkillPath Publications) that someone on the team isn’t producing 74/713646 and Home Business Magazine, Serial Number 75-086596, issued by the United States Department of
work at the level you believe they are ca-
Commerce, Assistant Commissioner for Trademarks.
pable of, it’s good to check in. KPI, or Key Mark Type(s): TRADEMARKS: Conform to the minimum
New Habits: Break Out of That Rut
Performance Indicators, are a great way to requirements set forth in 37 C.F.R. Sec. 2.76 (e); and
Fear and self-limiting beliefs create imagi-
do this. formal requirements set forth in 37 C.F.R. Sec. 2.76(b)
nary boundaries that can keep us from acting and (c). All rights reserved. No part of HOME BUSINESS®
in our own best interests. The reason? Our ■ Help the team stay motivated: Giving team Magazine may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system,
brains are wired to resist change. We don’t get members a raise when you can is great, but or transcribed, in any form or by any means, photocopying,
stuck in a rut overnight, but slowly dig the rut studies have shown that’s not what truly electronic, mechanical recording or otherwise, without
motivates people. They want to feel like prior permission in writing of the publisher, United
every time we think or behave in the same way.
Marketing and Research Company, Inc., Lakeville, MN
We appreciate your feedback and work-from-home success 55044.
stories for review and consideration. Please send both Articles appearing in this publication express the
via e-mail to:, or via opinions, experience, and research of its authors and not
postal mail to: HOME BUSINESS® Magazine, necessarily the opinion of HOME BUSINESS® Magazine.
20664 Jutland Place, Lakeville, MN 55044.

12 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
Home Business
Financing in 2017
Launch a Startup Using Innovative Funding Options
By a Panel of Home Business Experts

s we enter fall, leaves change color and other options on this list, but

so do our career options. Many en- of course, there is a down-

trepreneurs make the leap to starting side. Self-funding means im-
a new venture. Attaining capital for a startup pacting your personal wealth
must be approached in a tactical and thorough with no guarantees you’ll
manner to cover legal bases, properly allocate ever get your money back.
funds, and smartly manage any borrowed As with everything, you
money or loans. A panel of experts expand on have to weigh the pros and
the following: six ways to source funding; solid cons of this particular meth- Friends and family are angel investors for a business.
alternative funding options; and startup fund- od of financial procurement.
raising mistakes to avoid. But if you decide to go down
the self-funding route, you have a few options
6 Ways to Get the Cash You Need
By Russell Smith
You have to spend money to make money.
Savings — It’s obvious, but we have to
mention it. If you have money in the bank, us-
“Self-funding means
impacting your
It might be a tired old cliché, but it is as true ing it to start your business can save a lot of
now as it ever has been. If you want to get your
headaches when it comes to funding. personal wealth with
home business off the ground, you’re going to
need money to do it.
Friends and Family — Financial input
into your business can come from anywhere,
no guarantees you’ll
You may not need a lot — just enough for
even those closest to you. Support from loved ever get your money
ones with enough financial firepower to get

some hardware and software for your free-
your business off the ground is a blessing and
lance writing business. Or, you might need
a valuable method of funding. This is often
very large quantities; perhaps you’re starting a
known as an angel investment. else funds your company. However, instead of
boutique eCommerce store and require expen-
sive equipment for production. Credit Cards — You might not have one person — or a handful of people — giv-
friends with money or savings to start your ing up money, you instead achieve your goals
Whatever your company does, you will need from reaching out to a large community, gain-
business, but that doesn’t mean you cannot
at least some money to start it and grow it. But
access cash. Credit cards are an alternative to ing small contributions from hundreds, even
where is this money going to come from?
loans that can offer a simplified solution for thousands of people.
You may feel your funding options are limit- smaller financial requirements.
Crowdfunding is a powerful method of busi-
ed as a home business, as you appear to be less
Equity Release — Those over the age of ness funding, but it can also be slow and may
established as companies with office blocks
55 who own a home have substantial amounts never pick up the traction you want it to. Be
and rosters of employees. Actually, though,
of money tied up in their property. Releasing prepared to market your project and put effort
you have almost the exact same versatility
home equity can give you the money you re- into building awareness. Make sure you have
as they do, if not more so given the fact your
quire to move your business forward, without something worth crowdfunding and, most im-
overheads are severely reduced.
introducing the stresses of other types of loans. portantly, isn’t under major time constraints.
So, what funding options are out there for
2. Crowdfunding
the home business owner in 2017? 3. Capital Investors
Crowdfunding is a new-age technique that
When discussing business funding, you
1. Self-Funding has risen to prominence amongst independent
Self-funding is a highly desirable method cannot forget about investors.
artists, creators and business owners in recent
of acquiring cash for your home business, for years. Done almost exclusively through online While you may consider this type of fi-
a number of reasons — the biggest being that platforms, such as Crowdfunder or Kickstart- nancial aid to be in the realm of high-tech,
people like not having to answer to anyone, er, the format is open to any home business fast-moving businesses, any company with a
meaning they can run their business the way looking to gain funding. good idea that has room for growth has the
they want to without interference. potential to attract investors.
For those unfamiliar, the concept is simi-
It is also a much simpler method than some lar to business investment, in that somebody Continued on page 16

14 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
“ I ‘Retired Early’...
Then Made $27,000 Part-time
in a Business
of My Own.”
“$2 000 P
“$27,000 Part-time
i iisn’t bad
’ b d ffor a guy who
h quit his
i hi
job. I ‘retired early’ from the insurance and securities
business, now I make good money part-time with
Pace, and have as much work as I care to handle.”

— A true story by For FREE Information Call Toll Free

a very happy Pace
ask for Operator 

I’m still amazed how things have
since I became a Pace Distrib-
that he actually did
over $100,000 worth
of roofing business
And as an added
incentive on top of
the generous commis-
taking orders from
somebody else.
You can start out
utor! Let me tell you how it all started... last year, in spite of sions Pace pays we’ll earning extra income
When the national
wasn’t going
The first year I did
15 roof jobs. Almost
living in a depressed
farming area! And
include a BONUS
CHECK for $100
part-time (with the
option of going full
too well, I decided to double that the second that’s working less than when you close your time anytime you
get out of the business year, and had a huge half of the year, leaving very first roof coating wish!) ... or go right
I was in. I had given backlog. Most of these the rest of the time for order. into it full tilt! Pace
some thought to were big jobs like the
retiring, but was really county home, the
his family and other No Investment! offers that kind of
too young for that. Chevy-Buick garage,
interests. You, too, can enjoy the flexibility. There is no
What makes Pace same success. Best of waiting, either. You can
Well, it so happened bank building, city such a good business is
my own commercial hall. Big jobs mean big all, you don’t need any start making money
that it costs a fortune special background from your very first
building had a money! for schools, hospitals, day. You get your
leaky roof. Roofing “The business I used to or experience. Of
plants and other course, if you have big commissions up
contractors prices be in had been pretty commercial buildings
were literally sky high! good to me, but I had selling, construction or front. Paid in advance,
to have roofing application experience, weekly!
Then I remembered to work both nights
an article about Pace and days. With Pace,
companies repair or
re-do their roofs. Pace
you’ll benefit even FREE DETAILS –
Products and how business just seems bypasses the roofer —
more so. No Obligation!
with their exclusive to fall into your lap. Pace is a proven
lets the building owner winner. That’s why Call toll-free
Seamless Spray process I don’t really do any
apply Pace Seamless
you could actually promoting or ‘selling’...
Spray right over the old
it is used by such 1-800-656-0040
bypass high priced most of my sales come well known firms Please ask for Operator
contractors. I sent for roof... and the smallest as General Motors,
from referrals, and my and we’ll rush
their literature, saw phone is ringing all the Seamless Spray order American Airlines, you all the details.
how easy it was to sell, time. earns you over $2,000 Holiday Inns, and There’s no obligation.
and I wound up doing “What I like to tell in commissions. thousands more. No salesman will call.
the roof myself using people is that Pace Pace ships the Seamless
Pace products and offers a fine income Spray equipment Be Your Own
know how. opportunity. You can on Free Loan. Your Boss!
“Well, word got around start working as little customer pays only for You’ll like being
about how much as two hours a week, the roofing products. your own boss and
money I had saved then go full time when His own men apply it running a successful 4510 West 89th St, Suite 110
and that opened a your income exceeds (or if you want to make business. You can Dept. HB
whole new world of your regular job.
opportunity. Ever since What our successful” even more money,
you can handle the
set your own hours,
ease off whenever you
Prairie Village, KS 66207
Visit us on the web at
then I’ve been like a Pace distributor is application too). It’s as want, make your own
cat on a hot tin roof? too modest to say is simple as that. decisions and stop email
Home Business Financing in 2017
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Investors may be organisations, firms or just
wealthy individuals, often offering funding to
a business in return for shares in the company
cards are
or, at the very least, the promise of a return in alternative to
their investment.
Gaining an investor not only offers the ben-
loans that can offer
efit of funding, but also often comes with the
bonus of contacts, knowledge and insight, as
a simplified solution
well as a reputation boost — although some for smaller financial

home business owners may be deterred by the

idea of having somebody else involved in busi-

ness operations. Not every investor will want
to get involved in the day-to-day runnings of companies, which also means their regula-
a business, but be aware that you’ll have some- tions aren’t as closely monitored as banks.
body to answer to if things don’t go well. Be prepared to market your project and
Bank Loans — Bank loans might sound
4. Business Loans put effort into building awareness.
intimidating, but if you are looking for a good
There are definitely some less traditional
chunk of money, they are one of your best bets.
funding options on this list of options available There are more than a few options for busi-
The application process can be lengthy and of-
in 2017, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going ness loans, but here are the most common:
ten requires a lot of paperwork, but the end
to mention the old favourites. Business loans Micro Loans/Term Loans — Quick and
have been around for centuries, offering home result is usually a reasonably-sized loan with
easy to obtain, micro loans and term loans agreeable repayment rates.
business owners a way of acquiring the capital offer home business owners access to small
they need to kick things into gear. amounts of financial backing, without the SBA Loans — These are loans backed by
You may opt for business loans if you cannot need for lengthy applications or strong credit the government-run Small Business Associa-
— or do not want to — find an investor and scores. Great if you need money quickly, al- tion. They offer long-term solutions with good
don’t believe the other options on this list are though repayment rates tend to be high. These rates and extra protection, although their appli-
tenable for whatever reason. types of loans tend to come from third-party cation is tougher than your standard bank loan.

16 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
5. Grants and Institutional Financing
Perhaps more desirable than even self-fund-
ing are grants and financing from institutions
and organisations.
There is little in the way of downside to this
kind of funding for your home business. Unlike
a loan, you don’t have to repay the money you
are given. Unlike investment opportunities,
you don’t answer to anyone. Unlike self-fund-
ing, your personal wealth remains intact.
But then, getting this sort of funding isn’t
You can only get this type of funding from
certain organisations. Some state governments
offer grants, but it’s largely from charitable or-
ganisations, industrial institutions and other Gaining an investor offers funding and a reputation boost.
big non-profits.
ultimate way to gain funding, above self-fund- Winning a business competition not only
The point of such grants is usually to sup-
ing and even grants. The only method of fi- gives you funding free of interest payments or
port businesses doing something meaning-
nancing you might consider more valuable stakeholders; it also provides industry recog-
ful, challenging or potentially life-altering.
than this is by gaining a highly influential in- nition, unparalleled market exposure and the
Gaining this kind of funding for your t-shirt
vestor, but such occurrences are very rare. knowledge that others in your sector firmly
design business is going to be nearly impossi-
believe you have a bright future ahead of you.
ble unless it’s a business that creates products Definitely considered an alternative meth-
using ethically sourced, completely recycled There are plenty of competitions avail-
od, gaining this type of financial stimulus is
materials. able, from fashion to fintech, meaning every
very different to any other method of funding
home business out there can find at least a
6. Business Competitions application on this list. As such it offers very
Continued on page 18
Winning a business competition is the different rewards.

Be the boss, call the shots,

and love your work!
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at about $1,200 a room. Rodney
“I still can’t believe I just made $3,700 today on my 1st job! Lisa
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I just did 170 rooms in a hotel. I made $27,200! Thank you

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or call 1-602-679-0257 Fall 2017 | Home Business ®

Home Business Financing in 2017
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dozen opportunities to gain funding through

Of course, these are very competitive en-
vironments, and in order to win you have to

ensure your idea is well established and thor-

ough. However, you have little to lose as well.
Entry fees are usually low or non-existent and
the only other input you require is time and
Perhaps the only downside to this type of SBA loans offer long-term solutions with
funding is the aforementioned time and ener- good rates and extra protection.
gy required. It often entails pitches, network-
ing events and conferences, all without the of funding grows with your business.
promise of funding at the end of it. Unlike a
business loan or line of credit, you also cannot 2. Asset Finance
apply and acquire the money you need quick- If the company owns one or more ‘hard as-
ly. Competitions can run for weeks or even sets’ such as plant and machinery, or vehicles,
months. their value can be leveraged to introduce cash
into the business. Asset finance uses a sale
With over a decade of experience helping businesses achieve their
funding goals, Russell Smith, founder of Russell Smith Chartered and leaseback arrangement, where leasing
Accountants, knows all there is to know about gaining financial the asset back from your financier effectively
support in 2017. Visit repays the loan.

“Winning a business
5 Solid Alternative Funding and
Cash Flow Finance Options for
By Keith Tully competition is the ultimate
Even though banks are a little more willing way to gain funding,
to lend to businesses these days, it’s not al-
ways easy to obtain finance as a startup com- above self-funding and
pany. So where do you go if the bank refuses
your application for borrowing? Here are five
alternatives to traditional bank finance that
even grants.

can help your business grow. Repayments are fully tax-deductible, and
because the rate of interest is fixed when the
1. Invoice Finance loan is agreed, this type of funding can be a
Invoice finance includes factoring and in- cost-effective choice that also helps with bud-
voice discounting, and uses the value of your geting. You retain full usage rights of the as-
sales ledger as the basis for funding. They are set, and are able to maximise its value before
very similar in nature, but factoring involves depreciation sets in.
the financier also taking control of your credit
control procedures. 3. Crowdfunding
As mentioned earlier in this cover story,
Sales invoices are effectively ‘sold’ to the fi- crowdfunding can be a fast and flexible way
nance company with a pre-agreed percentage, to obtain working capital, and involves a
often between 80% and 90%, being advanced, number of individuals investing in your com-
usually within 24 hours. The remainder be- pany via an online platform. You set a target
comes available once your customer has paid, amount for funding and provide a detailed
minus the financier’s fee. document that outlines your practical plans
Some startups might prefer their customers and visions for the future.
to be unaware they’re using invoice finance, Your business receives wide exposure to
in which case discounting would be the bet- interested individuals both on the crowd-
ter option. Invoice funding helps to maintain funding platform, which takes a fee for their
positive cash flow as payments are received service, and also on social media. There are
throughout the month, and the available level two main options for crowdfunding:

18 Home Business Fall 2017

Equity crowdfunding
Anyone investing in the company does so
in return for equity shares, and obtains a re-
turn on investment via dividend payments
“ Invoice finance
includes factoring and
as the business grows and develops.
invoice discounting,
Debt crowdfunding
Also known as peer-to-peer lending, and uses the value of
debt crowdfunding protects your equity, as your sales ledger as the

investors receive interest on their lending
basis for funding.
rather than taking shares in the company.
Crowdfunding is particularly beneficial
previous three to six months, with one of
for startups due to the broad exposure of
their business idea, and the valuable feed- the benefits being that it doesn’t rely on ECONOMY
back that is received during a campaign. In- your business or personal credit score.
vestors can also provide recommendations The financier will review the level of
and spread the word about your business in credit card sales, take account of your in-
their local area. dustry to determine their level of risk and
4. Merchant Cash Advance offer a percentage of your card sales as an
If you run a retail or service business that upfront payment.
makes a large number of credit card sales,
such as those in the restaurant industry,
Repayment terms are flexible in terms of
amount and length of time, are arranged in
Broker Notes
from home and
you may find that a merchant cash advance advance and taken from your daily credit
offers a good short-term solution to grow card receipts.
your business.
5. Pension-Led Funding
Also known as a business cash advance,
this type of unsecured funding is based
If you have accumulated a pension from
any former employments, you may be able Earn Huge Fees!
on your average credit card sales over the Continued on page 46 Fall 2017 | Home Business ®

Interview with
Jake Gyllenhaal
On What Gives Him Comfort in Life, the Movie
Business, and His Netflix Work, Okja
By The Interview People
Question (Q): Was your character in bigger as the shorts

Okja inspired by a real person? got smaller and

Jake Gyllenhaal (JG): Bong (Jong-
Hoo – the director) and I discussed a lot about Q: How important
the insanity of a lot of these people that host is the physical aspect
these animal shows for children. This is a guy of the performance for
who is at the end of his rope — desperate for you? “I think there is no better way than here in America to work as
attention — just a horrible performer. There JG: There is a sub- hard as we can to express ourselves than now. The last thing to
were a number of different people that Bong tlety to what I do that do is to run away.” – Jake Gyllenhaal
showed me clips of. And then we went off sometimes you don’t
from there. Dr. Johnny is this strange unfor- even notice what I am doing. So I was just‚ let’s may be the subject matter or the choice of the
tunate bridge between the reality of the movie try something to the opposite. To me, all dif- character. That’s wonderful about Bong. He
and the fictional parts. He is just desperate for ferent aspects are important. One of the most wanted to see and do something totally dif-
attention. But I was not modeling him on any- important aspects to me is risk. A lot of people ferent and outlandish. And I loved that. I love
one specifically. The shorts were really cho- try to stay within some comfort zone. That’s when someone wants to do that. And with his
sen, and after that, everything got bigger and never something I feel comfortable with. It film, I wanted to have fun. Bong is one of the

20 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
most fun directors I have worked with. The that I knew how to sing, and I have been sing-
set is wonderful, loving, and fun, and he is so ing my whole life. There are things as you get
respectful of performers and performing. He
loves violence and humor, but at the same time
older that you say, “You got to do it!” “What I discovered more,
he is so sensitive. He allows for a certain type
Q: You are at a strong point in your ca- it’s about working with
reer; where did you realize, “I want to change people that believe in you
of risk.
and that you enjoy. And then
JG: I don’t think there was a moment. I just
“There are things feel there is a point at which you say to your-
self, “Am I going against the grain of who I am
you can bring out the best in
each other.”
as you get older that or am I moving in the tide I should be mov-
ing in?” Bong I have known for a long time.
– Jake Gyllenhaal

you say, “You got We talked about a number of films. He always

to do it!”
wanted me to be in movies, and we have al- JG: I would say the relatively obvious
ways discussed that. Working with people who things. My family does. Comfort in life is a
want to work with you, who believe in you, complicated, long answer. My work also gives
– Jake Gyllenhaal
is something I only recently discovered. This me comfort in that way when you feel like
business is all about chasing a hype. A lot of it you are expressing yourself — who you really
Q: You are playing all these serious parts, is that. You see that often. But what I discov- are — and what you really want to do in your
but are you a fun person to be with? ered more, it’s about working with people that work. It reflects back in your life. My friends.
believe in you and that you enjoy. And then All those things can be comforting. A warm
JG: Yeah, I am fun to hang out with! Mov-
you can bring out the best in each other. You bath?
ing forward, as you have the opportunity to
can service a director’s vision, and it’s fun. It’s Q: Do you leave your comfort zone in life?
continue to work as an actor, generally you
not all about being antagonistic. At a certain Do you challenge yourself?
care a little less about what people think, and
point, you want to work with people who be-
you are allowed to present who you love to be. I JG: More and more, yes. It’s only been
lieve in you.
just finished work on the stage, which is some-
recently in my work that I feel really, really
thing I love deeply. People seemed surprised Q: What gives you comfort in life?
Continued on page 48

855-609-6660 Fall 2017 | Home Business ®
20+ Mobile & Home Business
Ideas to Launch This Year

1. App Developer: Remember that high- dogs for a walk each day, hence the birth of dog hanging out with a total stranger for cash,
ly addictive game on your smartphone called walkers. As a dog walker, you’ll pick up dogs this one’s perfect for you. Websites like Rent-
Flappy Bird? The app developer, Dong Nguyen, — big or small — from their homes and basi- a-Friend set you up with someone who could
earned as much as $50,000 a day. If your heart cally just walk around with them throughout use a friend for occasions like a dinner party,
lies closer to technology, it’s best that you tar- the park. If you’re a dog lover, you’ll find this family function, or just a lazy walk in the park.
get younger people as they are your future cus- gig super easy because you’re getting paid for Don’t worry because it’s completely platonic.
tomers. It’s time to put your thinking cap on something you’d normally do for free. Plus, hanging out with a “friend” earns you
and pursue this idea by learning how to code about $10 per hour, which is not bad because
and develop mobile apps. There are courses 6. English Tutor: There is a high demand hanging out with your real friends will cost
available online for both advanced coders and for English tutors today especially from Asian you exactly $0.
beginners. countries like Japan and South Korea where
English doesn’t occupy a huge part of their 10. House Sitter: Apparently, it’s a thing
2. Car Wash Serviceperson: Not every- educational curriculum. Sessions are normal- now. When people travel, they’d prefer to have
one can afford to clean their cars due to a busy ly done through Skype video calls. Some stu- a live human being take care and attend to
schedule. With this in mind, you can offer a dents have zero knowledge of the language, so their lovely homes. Imagine having a house
car wash service to your friendly neighbors for in cases like this, you may need a guide or a to yourself for a week or two. While earning
a fee. Also consider setting up a stand in busy lesson plan. For some students who are college money house sitting, you can also accept on-
corporate parking lots, after receiving permis- students or are already working professionals, line writing jobs that don’t require you to travel
sion from the lot owners. You’ll be earning you can improve their communication skills or conduct outside research. Talk about mak-
extra cash while building a good relationship by having informal conversations with them. ing money while making money.
with your neighbors and networking with
7. Food Truck Owner: Millennials enjoy 11. Locksmith: Have you ever wondered
eating out and taking photos of their food so how a detective could unlock a door with ease
3. Caterer: We love parties and having they can update their Instagram and other using a hair pin? This could be an exaggera-
guests around. But sometimes we decide social media accounts. They always want to tion, but there really is an art to it. If you’ve
against the idea of inviting people over because be in. But, they do not always have the money ever locked yourself out of your house, a lock-
preparing food for 20 people is truly exhaust- for fancy restaurants. Food trucks are starting smith is there to the rescue. As a locksmith,
ing. You can easily become the solution to this to get more popular because they require less you will be helping other people when they are
common party dilemma by offering your ca- capital and investment than a regular restau- locked out or when they need to install or re-
tering services. This way, hosts can focus on rant. Your mobile food truck must be designed place door locks, safes, and windows.
socializing with their guests while you are busy in a way that grabs the attention of your tar- 12. Mobile Laundromat Owner: In this
cooking your specialty dish. If you love cook- get customers — the millennials — and your type of mobile business idea, the only capital
ing as much as you love earning money, con- menu should also offer a wide array of selec- you’ll need is to get a fully automatic washing
sider this mobile business idea a piece of cake. tions to cater to everyone’s cravings. machine. If you currently own one, then that’s
better. Your primary customers are those who
4. Courier: In larger and busier cities, 8. Freelance Translator: Are you fluent
are too busy to spend an hour or two at a laun-
businesses do not always have the luxury to go in other languages such as Spanish, French, or
dromat to have their clothes washed. You’ll
to the post office and get something delivered, Italian? Have your Nihongo improved great-
also need a dedicated phone line to accommo-
especially if it’s time-sensitive. Get on your ly from watching too many anime? Then, it’s
date requests. Pick up the clothes, put them in
bike, start pedaling, and offer your courier ser- about time to put your foreign tongue to work
a washer while you read a book, and dry them
vices. Many rely on couriers nowadays to get by accepting translation requests. There is a
off and fold. The only thing left to do is to de-
important documents delivered, signed, and high demand for translators in the market to-
liver the clothes on time and with a smile on
returned. Make sure you deliver on time to day as seen on freelancing sites like Upwork.
your face.
keep your clients loyal. com and You can do this as
a side gig if you’re working a 9-to-5 job and 13. Party Bus Driver: This is literally a
5. Dog Walker: Pets, like humans, need a accept job requests only during the weekend. mobile business idea. Think Uber. But instead
proper diet and exercise to stay fit and healthy.
Not all pet owners have the time to take their 9. Friend-For-Hire: If you don’t mind Continued on page 24

22 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
Recovery Business
Business isis Hot
and Demand.Here’s
andininDemand. Here’show
how to
to start
start your
your own...

HH aveaveyou
Judy or
people sue
or any
sue each
any of
each other
of those
those mid-afternoon
other for
down her
for unpaid
unpaid rent
her gavel
gavel and
rent or
and barks
ordersatatthe thedefendant
defendanttotopay payup,up, but
but here's
here's aa little
little known
known fact:
fact: the
doesnot notenforce
enforcethat thatjudgment.
judgment.And And that that goes
goes for for non-televised
casestoo. too.
because aa judgejudge orders
orders someone
someone to to pay
pay aa debt
doesn'tmeanmeanthat thatperson
goingtoto do
do Imagine
Imagine ifif someone
someone owed owed
youa afewfewthousand
decided not
not to to pay
pay you,
you, regardless
regardless of
whata acourt
Wouldyou youknow
knowwhat what to to do?
do? Most
Most people
debtto tobebepaid.
founder ofof Sierra
Sierra Judgment
Judgment Recovery Recovery and and self-
opportunity junkie,
junkie, learned
learned how
how to to profit
profit fromfrom this
this little
little Christina Smiley
unpaiddebt debtbybyhelping
judgment holders holders collect.
collect. She
explainedthere therewaswasvirtually
virtuallynono one
one who
who was was providing
providing this this service.

And that that onceonce peoplepeople had had beenbeen service
service isis there's
there's no no up-front
up-front cost to how to contact
contact judgment
judgment holdersholders
awarded these these judgments...
judgments... 80 80 her
her customers.
customers. Any Any filing
filing fees or to get their
their business,
business, the the steps
steps to to
percentofofthem themwere werenever
paid.” costs
costs incurred
incurred by by Christina
Christina are tracking down
down aa debtor
debtor and andsorting
couldn’thave havecome come reimbursed
reimbursed to to herher out out of the through the the paperwork
paperwork from from the the
atata abetter
bettertime; time; Christina
Christina and and herher judgment
judgment once once it'sit's collected.
collected. The court.
husbandTerry Terrywere werepart partowners
ownersofofaa customers
customers don't don't have have to pay Christina's
Christina's motivation
motivation for
carpet store store and and had had amassed
amassed aa anything
anythingout out ofof their
their own
own pocket.
pocket. sharing this
this business
business opportunity
amountofofdebt. debt. From
From what what she she says,says, this is with others
others isn’t
isn’t to
to get
get money
moneyfrom from
Theyhad hadthreethreesmallsmallchildren
childrenand and primarily
primarily behind-the-scenes
behind-the-scenes work, sales of the the course
course (a (a one-time
thoughtthat thatbybyowning
owningaastore storethey'd
they'd which
which makes
makes itit an an entirely
entirely non- flat fee of of $185.00,
$185.00, she she only only
havemore moremoney moneyand andtimetimefor fortheir
their confrontational
confrontational business.
business. She She does makes enough
enough to to cover
cover thethecostcostof of
Initiallyit itwas
wasan anexciting
excitingtime time everything
everything through
through the the court
court system producing
producing course
course materials):
materials): she she
forfor them,
them, but but thatthat dream
dream quickly quickly from
from seizing
seizing debtor
debtor bank bank accounts,
accounts, wants to to continue
continue to to develop
develop the the
turnedinto intoa anightmare
nightmareofofdebt debt andand garnishing
garnishing wages wages and and other
other income, National Network
Network of of judgment
endlesshours hoursatatwork, work,as as Christina
Christina to
placingliensliens onon property.
property. recovery specialists.
remembers, "We "We accumulated
accumulated One
One year year afterafter starting
starting the Anyone
Anyone interested
interested in in aa home-
monstrousdebt. debt.We Wewere weretruly
onlyaa judgment
judgment recovery
recovery business,
business, based business
business who who really
really likes
likesto to
few paychecks
paychecks away away from from being being Christina
Christina and and TerryTerry closedclosed the do research
research couldcould benefit
benefit from from
homeless." carpet
carpet store.
store. Finally
Finally theythey could
could work this training
training course,
course, according
according to to
Andthen thenshe shelearned
learned about about the the at
at home
home and and havehave money
money left over Christina.
Christina. "This
"This business
business isisfilling
moneyininsmall smallclaims.
Christina at
at the
the end
end of of the
the month.
month. They've true niche.
niche. ItIt provides
provides steady,steady,
focusedononlearning learninghow how toto recover
recover been
been running
running Sierra Sierra Judgment
Judgment predictable
predictable home-based
home-based income income
judgmentsfor forpeople.
people. She She says, says, "It
"It Recovery
Recovery for for over
over 10 10 years
years and are of $5,000
$5,000 -- $8,000
$8,000 per per month
month on on
anderrorerrorfor forsix
monthstotoaa bringing
bringing in in aa five-figure
five-figure paycheck
paycheck average. ThereThere is is no no lacklack of of
year.I buried
I buriedmy mynosenoseinincivil
codes.” each
month. And And thethe most
most important
important customers
customers and and no no foreseeable
contacted aa number number ofof aspect
aspect isis they've
they've got got more
more time for decrease
decrease at at any
any time time in in the the
businessesininher herarea
areatotosee seeifif their
their kids.
kids. “I“I can
can attend
attend theirtheir events future," says
says Christina.
coulduse useher herservices,
services,and andas asitit and
and mymy husband
husband gets gets to to go
go on field
turnedout, out,there
therewas wasplenty
plentyofofwork work trips
trips now
now -- he'she's usually
usually the the only dad If you’d
you’d like
like information
information on on
forfor her.her. "These "These people people were were on
them.” starting your
your own
own home-based
overjoyedtotogive giveus usallallofoftheir
cases But
But the
the story
story doesn't
doesn't end end there. judgment
judgment recovery
recovery business,
collectand andwere weremore morethanthanwilling
willing Christina
Christina wants wants to to share
share her register for
for their
their free
free guide
guide at
toto letlet me me keep keep 50% 50% ofof what what I I knowledge
knowledge with with others
others across
across the You You
collectedfor forthem,"
them,"she shesays.
says. country
country as as aa home-based
home-based business may also
also contact
contact SierraSierra
cases,they theyhadhadfiledfiledaway
away opportunity.
opportunity. Judgment
Judgment Recovery
Recovery directly
directly by
judgmentsaafew fewyears
with She
She hashas put put together
together aa judgment
judgment calling them
them at at (912)
(912) 882-8190
nonohopehopeofofever evercollecting
collectingon on them.
them. recovery
training course.
course. In In addition, or email
email Customer
Customer Support
Support at at
Christina's business,
business, Sierra
Sierra students
students have have access
access to to aa National
JudgmentRecovery,Recovery,gets getsthat
money Network,
Network, which which can can be be extremely
back. TheseThese people people figured
figured they'dthey'd helpful
helpful in in cases
cases wherewhere the the debtor
neversee seeany anyofofthat thatmoney
moneyagain, again, has
has moved
moved out out of of state.
state. Christina
they'remore morethan than happy
happy toto pay pay also
includes unlimited
unlimited support.
Christina'sfee. fee. The
The training
training coursecourse is is on a
attractive aspectaspect ofof this this home-study
home-study basis basis and and itit teaches
20+ Mobile & Home Business Ideas to Launch This Year
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of driving a college student to school in a se- 17. Software Trainer: If you have an in- a tour guide allows you to introduce your city
dan, you’ll be driving a party bus with more depth knowledge on specialized applications to visitors, highlight its uniqueness and beau-
than 20 passengers all hyped to get crazy on and software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Pre- ty, and give tourists a taste of the local culture.
the dance floor from dusk till dawn. Though mier, QuickBooks, etc., you should consider Through the help of websites that organize
it doesn’t always have to be a party, you could training professionals and beginners alike for tours around the world, you can easily sign up
also be dropping off guests at a wedding or a a fee. While manuals and books are easily sold and provide a unique travel experience to wan-
birthday reception or kids who will be attend- in bookshops, they are often costly and hard derlusts while still earning money on the side.
ing summer camp. Be sure to prepare appro- to understand. Some people prefer hands-on
trainings rather than reading instructions 21. Virtual Assistant: Many small and
priate music playlists for added customer
from a manual. You can set up a website and medium enterprises around the world em-
put up a calendar where potential students ploy assistants that work remotely. As a virtual
14. Personal Shopper: Shopaholics of can book a private session —whether group or assistant who works from home, you will be
the world, unite! You can offer your love for individual. helping a company or an individual by pro-
hanging out at the mall and your eye for good viding administrative and clerical support
design to busy professionals by becoming 18. Survey Taker: There is no easier way or managing their calendar and setting up
their personal shopper. As a personal shop- to make money at home than answering on- appointments. The beauty of being a virtu-
per, you’re tasked to purchase items on a list line polls and surveys. Depending on the al assistant is you get to earn money without
(clothes, prescriptions, food, etc.) and deliver requirements of the firm that provides the sur- having to leave your house — probably still in
vey, you can earn from $1 up to $40 per survey your pajamas and no one will be the wiser.
them right to their doorstep.
just by answering some questions that are re-
15. Private Investigator: Do you have a lated to your shopping habits or products that 22. Website Tester: Everyone wants to
curiosity about human behaviors, a knack for you use — nothing invasive or too personal. surf the net while still earning money. As a
researching, and can blend into any environ- These surveys are usually used by companies website tester, you will be paid for your opin-
ment like a chameleon? Attorneys may hire in order to see what customers like and don’t ions about a website’s ease of use, access, and
you to track down important information for like about their products. You’re usually paid overall user-friendliness. Website-testing
a court hearing, or insurance agencies will in cash sent through PayPal or via a mailed companies value what you have to say because
sign you on to investigate a claim made by a check, but some companies pay in points they only want to present a high-quality and
shady individual. As a personal request, fami- which you can use to redeem items or prod- error-free website to the public. Don’t fret if
ly members or couples may hire your services ucts on their website. you’ve never done this before because instruc-
to discover the truth behind troubled rela- tions will be provided to you before the testing
19. T-Shirt Printer: Your witty one-lin- begins. Unlike a regular test, you don’t have to
tionships. You must be open to working odd ers and clever punchlines can be a source of a
hours, whether early in the morning to track a worry about getting everything correct since
steady income, too! Got something creative or
commute, or late at night to see where an indi- there is no right or wrong answer.
funny to say? Put it on a t-shirt! A t-shirt print-
vidual is sneaking off to. ing service is a good home business if your This fall, consider starting up one of
place is near a school. You can either accept these mobile gigs or home-based business-
16. Recruitment Specialist: Remote
orders in bulk or create your own designs. Silk- es. Take time to develop the necessary skills
recruitment specialists, just like any other
screen them on t-shirts and sell them during to enable the success of your dream career.
normal recruiters, should ideally have a back-
a big school event. Putting up a website that Make sure to choose a business that you
ground in human resources. If you have this,
lets your customers upload their own designs will look forward to leaving the comfort of
then you can offer your services to screen,
is also a great idea. your bed every day. For additional infor-
qualify, and interview applicants to see if
they’re perfect for the vacant position. Keep mation on starting a home-based business,
20. Tour Guide: Do you live in a city that’s
in mind that some companies look for specific visit and
often visited by tourists all year round? Do you
skills and work attitudes. Be sure to only en-
know the twists and turns and the secrets of
dorse those who are really fit for the job. your city like the back of your hand? Becoming Writer: Kristoffer Canimo,

24 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
Inside Look at Tinseltown

Top Los Angeles Lifestyle Writer Bridges the Gap Between

Underground & Mainstream
By Shannah Carol

he Los Angeles entertainment indus- readers are women between the ages of 24-35.”
try is always buzzing with celebrity
To engage with other demographics, Sar-
soirees and red carpet experiential
gent also makes sure to always change con-
marketing events. For those interested in what
tent. Promotion, thus far, has been via organic
the “high life” is all about, there is one lifestyle
word-of-mouth and connecting with individ-
writer who is truly giving others an inside look
uals she meets. “Today, we live in such a social
at the scene: Meagan Sargent, Founder & Edi-
media crazed society and for me, it’s very im-
tor-in-Chief of A top hub for
portant to gain followers organically,” Sargent
entertainment, lifestyle, travel, and fashion,
says, “It’s a constant reminder that we may just
IdentifyLA gives all readers something to res-
be doing something right.” Meagan Sargent, Founder & Editor-in-
onate with and connects what is mainstream Chief of
yet “intimidating” to underground. Sargent also admits that there are some
challenges she had to face and overcome with “In the future, I hope to keep being curious
According to Sargent, IdentifyLA stemmed
managing IdentifyLA. “Running your own and asking questions — I never want to lose
from what she thought was missing when
publication allows you to be fully vulnerable that, as it keeps life interesting,” she says. “I
she initially came to California from Texas.
and transparent, which was difficult for me,” feel challenged every day by my readers and
“I quickly realized that I was genuinely con-
Sargent says. “However, this feeling has been I feel as if it is a constant learning experience.
necting with individuals who had interesting
liberating, because I realized I make my rules, In the future, I hope IdentifyLA expands into
stories.” Sargent says. “It was a seamless fit, so
I set my goals, and I create my own path.” untouched markets and territories while con-
I thought I should create a site that could serve
as a hub to give readers an ‘all-access’, up close In three years, Sargent hopes to grow as a tinuing to serve as a voice for many.” To keep
and personal pass to influencers and celebri- business owner and see IdentifyLA cover more up-to-date on the latest lifestyle and entertain-
ties that they may be interested in. My main areas that will appeal to more demographics. ment news, visit

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26 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
Trading Stocks for Spirits
Entrepreneur Shakes Up the Beverages Industry with
Homemade Cinnamon Vodka
By Emma Thezan

ounded in 2016, New York based Mer- were not part of Asia. He understood that we
ryGo Spirits was created by entrepre- had to keep on looking, exploring, and dis-
neur Marc Goldberg. The company’s covering. It’s in that state of mind Goldberg
first release is HEEET Hot Cinnamon vodka, created MerryGo and HEEET. “The company
which is a nuanced and evocative spirit, care- is all about doing things differently, tapping
fully blended from all-natural ingredients. into concepts nobody has thought of,” explains
MerryGo is Goldberg’s first business ven- Goldberg. He hopes to bring new categories of
ture. He had been trading stocks for 18 years spirits to the industry that he finds stagnant.
when he went into the spirits business. Until Goldberg identified a need in the spirit in-
then, playing around with food and spirits was dustry; one could either choose between a fun
a hobby. One day he was in the mood for cin- “party” yet artificially flavored spirit or choose
namon and decided to make a vodka that tast- the more serious businessman/dad spirits only
ed like Hot Tamales candy. In his own kitchen, meant to be savored. With HEEET, Goldberg
he experimented to create a vodka that came combines the two and creates the possibility to
out amazing. He did not think it was realistic enjoy an entertaining vodka made with premi-
Marc Goldberg, Founder of MerryGo Spirits
to turn his invention into a business until his um ingredients. The goal behind HEEET is to
sister informed him he could work with a third show that it is possible to create a high quality
did not deliver the work Goldberg was expect-
party manufacturer. At this point, he knew he yet fun flavored vodka.
ing. He made the decision to start over with
could transform his business idea into a reality.
Creating a business was tough; Goldberg new people. He learned that “things don’t al-
Goldberg named his company MerryGo af- had to identify the knowhow of the industry ways turn out as you expect them to the first
ter the sailor Amerigo Vespucci. Amerigo Ves- to build his business and understood he could time around, but persistence and hard work
pucci was the first person to understand the not do everything on his own. However, the drastically increase your chances of success.”
lands discovered by Christopher Columbus first person he worked with to design his label Visit

Reach Motivated Home-Based Entrepreneurs!
W W W. H O M E B U S I N E S S M AG . C O M

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Banner Advertising
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Video Marketing
Business Listings & Classifieds
Social Media Promotion

Visit Fall 2017 | Home Business ®

Monetize Online Shopping
20 Tips on How to Make Serious Money on Amazon
By Kavita G. Sahai

hat started as an online bookstore Fulfillment By Amazon function. From
has turned into one of the largest that point, you can list the products
companies in the world cover- you want to sell and ship the products
ing businesses that range from transoceanic directly to an Amazon fulfillment cen-
shipping to video streaming. It also empowers ter. From there Amazon will receive the
entrepreneurs to make a great deal of mon- orders, pick, pack and ship them while
ey by providing a powerful online shopping crediting your account for the sale. As
platform. an added bonus, Amazon provides cus-
tomer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a
There are many different ways to make
money with Amazon. The most popular pro-
grams for deriving income through Amazon Of course, there are fees when us- Target physical products that match your
include selling on Amazon, Fulfillment By ing Fulfillment By Amazon. These can niche and website keywords.
Amazon (FBA), the Amazon Associates pro- include a flat fee for order fulfillment
gram and Kindle Direct Publishing. based on the product’s dimension and Associate. Amazon itself provides some simple
weight and a storage fee determined by the tools to help you add text and/or image links
Selling on Amazon space and time taken up by the product in the and banner ads to your website. Amazon also
Selling on Amazon is simply that; listing a fulfillment center warehouse. There are other provides what it calls Native Shopping Ads
product for sale on the Amazon website and optional fee-based services provided by Ama- which are stylized in a format similar to Ama-
fulfilling orders that are placed by customers. zon such as the addition of bubble wrap or oth- zon’s own website lending the referral website
It costs money to use Amazon to sell your er packaging materials to the product, product an air of trust and familiarity for frequent Am-
products, but the cost is dependent on how disposal or return, labeling services and so on. azon users. At the same time, there are plenty
much you sell. Fulfillment By Amazon can be a good option of free and paid-for proprietary tools available
for sellers with large volumes and little storage on the Internet that can make posting referral
Top Tips for How to Succeed: space or someone who wants to remain rela- links an easier process.
■ Target physical products that match tively hands-off when it comes to shipping and
your niche and website keywords
“Amazon Associates is an
■ Link to products within your content Top Tips for How to Succeed: affiliate marketing program
such as a landing page or blogs
■ Register as a professional seller to avoid where you can make a
■ Display product images and make them being charged a .99 cent transaction fee
clickable per sale
commission by placing
■ Link to multiple times on
advertisements on websites
■ Create product bundles to increase
your website profits linking to products that are
■ Review products on your website that ■ Be the lowest price including shipping sold by Amazon.”
have historically high conversion rates for popular products
As an Amazon Associate, you will have ac-
Fulfillment By Amazon ■ Find unique products not being sold on cess to daily reports allowing insight into what
Amazon and be the first to list kind of ads are most effective, what kind of
The lure of the Fulfillment By Amazon
program is that Amazon takes care of the ■ Answer customer emails and communi- products customers have bought using your
shipping and handling. The benefit of this cation promptly links and what types of other products they
kind of arrangement becomes obvious when have bought. Amazon also keeps an ongo-
a seller has orders that surpass what a single Amazon Associates ing list of its bestsellers, which can influence
person can process by themselves. Did you sell Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing the type of ad links you should display. Once
10 items? That might not be a problem for a program where you can make a commission again, beyond these free tools provided by
single person to package and ship. But what if by placing advertisements on websites linking Amazon, there are plenty of free and paid-for
you’ve sold 10,000 items? Do you have room to to products that are sold by Amazon. When apps available on the Internet that can stream-
store the inventory? Can you process and ship someone clicks on one of your advertising line your report analysis.
10,000 orders in a day? Probably not. This is links, they are transferred to the product list-
ing on the Amazon website. If the product is
Top Tips for How to Succeed
where Fulfillment By Amazon shows its true
value. purchased a referral fee is paid to the person ■ Learn basic HTML to be able to insert
whose ad was clicked on. images and create links on your website
Joining the program is as easy as creating
a Selling On Amazon account and adding the There is no cost to sign up as an Amazon Continued on page 30

28 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
Continued from page 28

■ Build links to Amazon that include your

affiliate ID
■ Promote your site through online com-
munities and business networking sites
■ Create blog categories to help users quick-
ly find products they are searching for
■ Sign up for Google Adsense for addition-
al revenue opportunities

Publishing with Amazon Kindle

Direct Publishing
Are you a writer, blogger, novelist, or poet?
Have you ever dreamt of publishing a book but
have never been able to find a publisher willing
to take on your work? In the era of Amazon, Find unique products not being sold on Amazon and be the first to list.
no longer is it a substantial financial risk to
self-publish a book. Amazon makes it easy to Kindle Direct Publishing. Simply create an the usual costs associated with self-publishing.
publish electronic books and even provides the account, upload your book, give it a descrip-
ability to publish paperback books with their tion, choose which categories it belongs under, Top Tips for How to Succeed:
print-on-demand service. Without the costs pick a price and it can end up in Kindle stores ■ Write interesting, captivating book
associated with printing, storing and shipping around the world in a couple of days. You con- descriptions
an entire run of paperbacks, Amazon’s print- tinue to own the rights to your book and you’ll
on-demand service has created a financial- ■ Research top-selling books for new con-
receive 70% of the sales. Of course, marketing
ly risk-free environment for self-publishing tent ideas
the book will be up to you, but Amazon allows
physical books. Generate reviews to build credibility and
you to publish your work, experiment with dif- ■
There is no upfront cost to sign up with ferent variations and test the market without buyer confidence
■ Post an interesting biography on your
author page
■ Have your book cover professionally
There’s no doubt that Amazon has creat-
ed a new retail environment affecting both
consumers and retailers worldwide, but it
M 225+

has also created a whole new way of making

Home-Based Business

money for marketers, writers, entrepreneurs

d Business &
Opportunity Magazine &

GWoMRrkinillOiog W
Special Business Expansio

n Issue AugustSummer
2015 2017
Building Home
and people who can learn how the various
– Pg. 22

Amazon programs work. Whether you pack

How to Make Your FINANCIAL
Home-Based SECURITY:
Grow! 15 Steps to
- Pg. 14 Build It Fast
10+ Home-Based Entrepre
Who Took Their Business neurs
Seven-Figure Levels es to

Overcome Sales
and ship goods sold on the Amazon site, uti-
– Pg. 14
START-UP TIPS for Millennia
Up the Right$16K
– Pg. 22
l Entrepreneurs
Per Month in
Start-Up Structure
Carpet Cleaning
lize Amazon’s services to do the packing and
to Grow Your Online

ne & Digitize Paperwork
Your Best Keyword
That Cut
shipping for you, provide links and gateways
Young “Monst S:

to products already for sale on the Amazon

er Toy”
Generate Increased
E-Revenu e
Sofi Security Products
“Putting Life’s
– Pg. 20
a Vergara
Wisdom to Work”: Seven-Figur
Corporate Cubicle
e Advice from
to E-Commerc
Display Until 10/2/2017
TV’s “Modern Family” e the star
FromofDorm Room to
and theMogul
movie “Hot

site or publish and market your own creations

- Pg. Pursuit.
48 ” – Pg.Market
20 - Pg. 25
1 CV1

via Amazon’s self-publishing services, there is

serious money to be made by aligning yourself
with the Amazon brand.
At we are fortunate to
have coaches that specialize in selling on

Kavita  Sahai is the CEO and Founder of  Have  BIGplans,  LLC,
which virtually, conveniently and affordably connects entrepreneurs
with certified business coaches. As the first-ever text business
coaching platform, Have BIGplans has revolutionized the business
coaching industry by providing unparalleled dialog between certified
business coaches and small business owners in the digital age. Visit

30 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
How to Start an eCommerce Business
Here is a checklist that you should follow if court will seize your assets. Both the corpo- customer loyalty and makes it easier to
you are in line to become yet another suc- ration and LLC separate your business from upsell products, and gain word-of-mouth
cessful ecommerce entrepreneur: personal assets and also provide other tax publicity.
Kickstart with a Brand Name Start Marketing
Your ecommerce business is going to be Apply for a Business License Your first tool of online marketing would
your own unique brand. The first thing (after Once you register your business structure be your ecommerce website design. A
you decide what to sell) is to come up with a you will receive an employee identification design that features all your products and
brand name. Make it stand out so it quickly number that will help you to open a bank is backed by informative content not only
ingrains in the memories of your target cus- account that will further provide you an em- ranks higher on search engines but also al-
tomers. Check for its availability and if it’s ployer identification number (EIN). You now lows customers to make quick buying de-
available, register it. need to apply for a business license and cisions. Engage in social media and other
permit. Ecommerce businesses, although paid forms of online advertising such as
Register Your Business being online, don’t exclude you from legal paid content marketing.
There are several options available when formalities. Check with your city, county,
Make sure to remain compliant
it comes to registering your business and state to see what sorts of sales tax
Once your business starts running, things
structure: licenses or home business licenses you
are going to skyrocket. In the hustle don’t
• LLC need, and get those approved before you
forget to file annual reports or renew your
• Corporation start operating.
permits. Set reminders somewhere that
• Sole proprietorship Now It’s Time to Find Vendors you’ll see multiple times a day.
• Partnership Until you are your own supplier, your ecom-
For an expanded overview on ecommerce
If you do not choose a corporation or a LLC merce business will greatly depend on
business legalities, consult a professional
you will automatically be considered as a product suppliers and vendors. Finding the
law firm in your area.
sole proprietorship, however in this case best vendors for your supply will allow you
your personal assets would be at risk. In the to engage customers in less time and for Irfan Ahmed is Brand Strategist & Digital Marketing Expert for
event of your company getting sued, the longer. Good product quality always creates UiResponsive ( Fall 2017 | Home Business ®

Gift Bag and Giving Lounge King

Ultimate Marketing Specialist Launches Luxury

Lifestyle and Special Events Company in Beverly Hills
By Emily Scoular

avin Keilly is the CEO and Founder of at the BET Awards, CNN Hero Awards, 10th
GBK Productions, a luxury lifestyle Annual GLAAD Awards, Sundance & Cannes
gifting and special events company. Film Festival and so many more.
GBK is dedicated to providing high quality
Known as one of the originators of the gift-
and tailor-made services to its individual cli-
ing concept, Keilly is the ultimate marketing
ents. They are known for integrating the en- Gavin Keilly and Magic Johnson at
specialist. LA Times referred to him as the
tertainment, luxury consumer products, and Charity Event
“Gift Bag King”. His superlative skills and at-
non-profit industries to create unique and
tention to detail are vital to ensure the success
memorable high-profile experiences that max- in the lives of others, which is why there is
of an event. For the Charity Galas GBK pro-
imize its clients’ brand-building efforts. such a large charity aspect to GBK and their
duces, with the added value of savvy vendor
Formed in 2000, GBK consists of five di- negotiating with caterers, sound engineers, events. Many have referred to GBK as “Giving
visions: GBK Celebrity Gifting, GBK Event venue reps, rental companies and printers, he Back Kindly”. As at every luxury gift lounge,
Production, GBK Weddings, GBK Charitable has created a company that always puts his cli- non-profit organizations, at no cost, have the
Consulting and GBK Marketing/Public Rela- ents first. opportunity to be a part of his event to offer
tions. Though separate, each entity is inter- celebrities the chance to get involved with that
connected allowing clients/brands a full range particular organization. They also receive a
of marketing services and benefits. donation from GBK, and are gifted the over-
the-top gifting bags each celebrity receives that
Keilly started the business in his one-bed- they can auction off to raise additional funds.
room apartment making phone calls on his GBK has donated, raised, or gifted over 10 mil-
own. That lasted about three years, before lion dollars for 50+ causes since Keilly started
moving into an office space and having the the company over 15 years ago.
entire 3rd floor of a building for a little over 10
years. Now, Keilly and his team have a beau- Keilly knew it was necessary to get celebri-
tiful home in Beverly Hills, including a guest ties involved in the charity events he was pro-
house for his staff, with a showroom for prod- ducing to get the major donors involved. They
Gavin Keilly with Usher at Sugar Ray are invited to many events, so GBK as a team
ucts and necessary meetings. The best part
Charity Event needed to think outside the box in all aspects
about this casual enviornement is that his staff
can bring their dogs to work and even have of each event, including unique performances
lunch in the sun, hanging in the backyard. In the last year alone, Keilly and his team and “meet and greets” with celebrities, so the
have thrown extravagant gift lounges for all the donors look forward to the next event.
With a proven track record for attracting
major award shows, and then some. Each suite The charities that are included in the var-
a celebrity clientele such as Viola Davis, Eva
is impeccably put together with a wide variety ious gift lounges are changed on a rotating
Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Helen Mirren, Forrest
of Brands, ranging from St. Regis Properties, basis. Keilly admits that their own non-prof-
Whitaker, Leonardo DiCaprio, Fergie, Rihanna
Diamonds, Watches, Burke Williams Spa, Pra- it clients are their first consideration at their
and Neal Patrick Harris (just to name a few),
da Sunglasses, Pilot Pen and so many other fun events. That said, a wide variety of non-clients
GBK created high-profile Lounges prior to
exciting items. Hollywood’s top celebrities and are featured throughout the year, in the hopes
the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, backstage
press all say that GBK is their must stop during to help them to garner exposure and more
Award season and it’s not just because the gifts funding.
that can total upwards of $50,000. It’s mostly
due to Keilly, his amazing staff, his attention to Now, GBK is a globally-known brand rec-
detail and the fun atmosphere he creates. ognized for the caliber of sponsors and ce-
lebrities they have at each gifting suite, and
Utilizing his combined marketing, sales and their mission to always give back. Keilly loves
non-profit experience, Keilly has helped con- watching corporations garner spokespeople
sult many non-profits take their organization through their engagement in GBK’s loung-
to the next level by integrating celebrities and es as well as increasing the amount of press
increasing awareness through a wide variety of that they receive. He also appreciates helping
press outlets. The most was AMFDA, where he the various causes raise millions of dollars
worked with them to raise over 15 million two through their efforts and strategies in creat-
years in a row. ing a magical event. For more information
Keilly started the company with the idea on Gavin Keilly and GBK Productions, visit
Melissa McCarthy with GBK Gift Bag
in mind that he wanted to make a difference

32 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
Online Advertising Tips

5 Marketing Hacks That Will Grow Your Business

By Amanda Goldman-Petri

arketing is an area most entrepre- the massive waves of traffic the sites receive
neurs put off as much as possible. and send those eyes your way. You can then
As I’ve taken on this adventure capitalize on the increased views and offer
with my marketing program through Market them a deal that will have them coming back
Like A Nerd, there have been several market- for more on their own — no ads needed!
ing “hacks” I’ve come across that have proven
Another way to tap into traffic is endorse-
hugely beneficial.
ments. This is based on the everlasting tech-
Tailor the following quintet to your business nique, “I scratch your back, and you scratch
and watch the benefits expound! mine.”

Plug-and-Play Templates Reach out to entrepreneurs serving in the

same market as you. Ask if they’ll promote Tap into traffic through endorsements.
Time is money, so use it wisely. A great way you to their followers and then in the future
to do this is to invest in plug-and-play tem- you can do the same for them. Sometimes this fact of the matter is you can’t build your own
plates for your basic correspondence. might require ponying up a fee, but if you have until people come your way.
Marketing coaches, like Ryan Diess with something to offer in return down the line, it
Digital Marketer for example, create ready- will be advantageous to both parties without Lengthening Your List
made templates for things such as email au- costing you too much or, hopefully, anything There’s a misconception that once you start
to-responders for all different occasions, your at all. growing your own audience, or list, that there
basic upsell sequence, etc. You can purchase must be this one master list complete with
More importantly, this puts your product in
these templates, take a couple of minutes to their names and emails and that’s how you in-
front of eyes that you already know are looking
tailor them to your business and you’ve saved form everyone of your offers.
for what you’re offering, and it’s coming from
yourself the unnecessary time to create what
someone that audience trusts. To take advan- While this is a tried-and-true technique and
amounts to a standard document.
tage of this, go to summits and networking shouldn’t be abandoned, remember not to put
Swipe Files events so you can make contact with these all of your eggs in one basket.
types of people.
Do you ever come across a marketing idea Take those in your Facebook group — that’s
and think, “How brilliant! I could do some- a list and one you can easily reach out to via
thing like that.” When you do, save it. I call this
swiping because you’re going to take the idea
“ Invest in Facebook messages and posts. Set up a “Call to Action”
button on your website, asking visitors to en-
with you and store it for possible future use.
boosted posts, Twitter roll in push notifications — that’s another list,
Slightly different from the plug-and-play promotions and full of those that want your latest offers.
hack, where you’ve purchased the content and
are allowed to keep it exactly as it is, in this in-
LinkedIn ads. ” You can also put pixels on every page of your
website. When visitors view the page, the pixel
stance you’re going to borrow the concept and analytics will let you know if they choose not
adapt it to be your own. Buy Instead of Barter to opt-in to the offer or if it’s their first trip to
Let’s combine swiping and bartering for this the page. A Facebook pixel will then allow you
Remember, while you can expand on an
fourth tip. If you’re having trouble garnering to target Facebook ads to those who viewed
idea, it’s important to remember you can’t copy
traffic and having trouble garnering contacts the page. This is a great way to grow your list
someone else’s idea. That’s a good way to get
to trade endorsements with, try directly buy- from everyone who visits your website without
sued. But use it as inspiration — the model,
ing into an audience. everyone receiving an email.
the layout, the structure, etc. — and add your
own twist. Think of it as marketing Pinterest. Reach out to others in your community Use one — or all five — of these hacks to
whose reputation you respect. Tell them about take advantage of time, content, traffic, mar-
Bargain & Barter your product, or offer and ask if you can pay to keting and list building. Each are helpful in
There are a multitude of ways to have have it included in their next newsletter, email their own way and are exciting ways to start
your product or service seen, but there are blast or any other marketing tool. growing your business.
also a multitude of things that can get in the This keeps things clean and easy, a one-time
way. Let the network work for you. Invest in transaction that you can come back to if need- Amanda Goldman-Petri is the founder of Market Like A Nerd and
Facebook boosted posts, Twitter promotions is an internationally renowned “Work Smarter, Not Harder” Online
ed without being obliged. This may seem like
and LinkedIn ads. Marketing Coach for entrepreneurs who want to maximize their
an unnecessary cost, paying for someone else’s profits while minimizing the amount of time and effort they put into
These cost a bit upfront, but you can catch traffic instead of building your own, but the their business.

34 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
Capitalizing on a Taste for Pizza

Company Has Been Building a New Mover Marketing
Goldmine Since 1972
By Graham Chapman

t was 1972, and Michael Plummer, Sr. a new batch of movers coming to town
was brainstorming ways to increase traf- each month who needed help adjusting
fic and customer loyalty for his little piz- to the community and were actively
za shop in Newton, Iowa — 30 miles outside Michael Plummer, Jr., CEO of Our Town America
seeking new go-to businesses for their
of Des Moines. He hit on the idea which not daily needs, including their new favorite
only kept his pizzas flying out of the oven, but pizza place. “We have transformed the old concept of
also birthed what would become a multi-mil- the coupon, into a sleeker, distinct, colorful
The company began using a direct mail and tech-savvy gift certificate that inspires
lion-dollar new mover marketing company —
approach to market directly to movers, deliv- new movers to act,” says Plummer, Jr. “It’s a
Our Town America.
ering gift certificates from local businesses to more personalized and targeted approach.
“After struggling for years to generate as new movers in a comprehensive welcoming That’s why we’re able to deliver up to 16% re-
much business as he wanted, my father decided package built to introduce them to the best sponse rates for some industries, more than 3
to focus solely on welcoming new neighbors to their new community had to offer — every- times that of our competitors.”
Newton with a personalized, thoughtful offer thing from car dealerships, to grocery stores,
Our Town America has been franchising
to try his pizza for free,” says Michael Plum- to hair stylists, dentists, restaurants, and more.
since 2005, has placed 54 franchises in 27
mer, Jr., who took over Our Town America in
Today, 45 years later, under the direction of states, and is ranked nationally among the
2009 after his father’s passing. “Little did he
Michael Plummer, Jr., Our Town America has top franchises year after year — a perfect fit
know that decades later his creative market-
become the fastest growing, most profitable for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a home-
ing idea would become a multi-million-dol-
new mover marketing company in the coun- based business opportunity. For more infor-
lar company and a high-upside, home-based
try. Last year, Our Town America had revenues mation, visit and
franchise opportunity.”
of more than $9 Million, and the company ex-
Michael Plummer, Sr. realized there was pects to top that in 2017 by nearly 6%.

A Sustainable Movement
Mompreneurs Launch Organic Skincare Company to Solve
All Types of Skin Problems with Nontoxic Ingredients
By Kelly O’Shea

uided by a shared driving passion to healthy” products to help their kids. Confront-
make a difference, Melissa Moritz ed with shelf after shelf of confusing product
and Carolynn Mowen launched Max labels, alarming ingredients and dubious
& Madeleine, a unique social selling compa- claims, the two friends grew frustrated and
ny dedicated to helping customers separate decided they’d had enough. Melissa Moritz and Carolynn Mowen,
fact from fiction and toxic from safe. At their Co-Founders of Max & Madeleine
At Max & Madeleine, Moritz and Mowen
parties, they gather together as friends to em-
power through education while experiencing truly understand that what people put on their sustainable movement has to be shared with
clean, safe products mostly crafted in the USA. skin is as important as what they put in their others. They wanted people out there spread-
They scour farmer’s markets, spend hours re- bodies. That is why they are on a mission to ing the word on their beneficial skincare prod-
searching ingredients, and test recipes in their give their customers products that are pure, ucts. This is why they created the social-selling
own kitchens to ensure their products are the non-toxic, and nutrient-rich. They also value business model of carefully selected advisors
best they can offer to customers. transparency as they list all ingredients on to sell their products while educating their
their labels. Their products are crafted with communities.
They are inseparable best friends, born just
organic ingredients when possible and the
three weeks apart. In addition to sharing toys At Max & Madeleine, they are commit-
majority are made right here in the USA. From
and giggles, 5-year-old Max and Madeleine ted to creating healthy families and ulti-
their Sugar Scrub containing antioxidant-rich
share a challenge. Max has chemical and food mately a healthier world. Raising a healthy
sunflower oil to their popular Boo Boo stick
sensitivities, while Madeleine has the type of family is challenging enough. They want to
using Calendula for repairing, they source the
sensitive skin that most products just can’t make it simpler and easier for parents to
most natural ingredients that will heal and
remedy. Moritz (Max’s mom) and Mowen choose healthier products in a world of over-
nourish skin safely and effectively.
(Madeleine’s mom) did what any mom would whelming choices and misinformation. Visit
do — they scoured the stores for “safe and The mompreneurs recognize that a Fall 2017 | Home Business ®
Partner Up with

Social Media Stars

Make a Business Known Through
Influencer Marketing
By David Reske Develop a sophisticated and integrated digital marketing campaign.

eth loved jewelry, and over several years they can help you. The best Influencers are of- easy to find the people you need to talk to and
she gradually turned her passion into ten people that can help you repeatedly over connect with them.
a business. She expanded distribution time by making an ongoing impact. It’s also
You may want to supplement your personal
through a loyal network of small jewelry stores helpful if they are in a position to directly rec-
outreach by spending a few advertising dollars
who were excited about the fresh designs that ommend your product to their audience in a
targeted specifically at the Influencers you are
followed the latest fashion trends. This strat- way that will drive immediate sales.
trying to reach. When your potential influ-
egy worked well, until sales started to slow, 2. Create the Offer encers connect with you on social media, it’s a
and she realized that she finally needed to get good indication they are interested in working
Once you’ve identified the people you want
serious about digital marketing, where all the with you. It also means that you’ll be able to
to reach out to, you need to stop thinking
growth in her industry was happening. Beth influence your potential influencers over time
about how they can help you, and start think-
had a website for years, but it didn’t generate with ongoing content posts and marketing
ing about how you can help them. Most In-
revenue because it was just a brochure with a fluencers are not altruistic and willing to help messages on your social media properties.
simple catalog that retailers could use to see you out of the goodness of their heart. Like
the latest products.  4. Start the Relationship
you, they are businesspeople who are trying
Once you’ve identified the people that can
Many home businesses face the same chal- to make a living and need to generate income
make a difference, it’s time to reach out, pres-
lenges as Beth. It’s often easy to get your first from their audience. With this in mind, think
ent your offer and start the relationship. This
customers through your existing network, but about how you can help them be more suc-
could be as simple as sending free product
it’s more difficult to grow without advertising cessful and create an offer that will help them
and hoping they talk about you on their blog,
and a more sophisticated and integrated digital achieve their goals.
or as complicated as negotiating an affiliate
marketing campaign. With a large budget, you
can easily reach your target market through “ You can use money to program or commission program for ongoing
referrals. It’s important to connect individually
Google Adwords or Social Media advertising get the attention of an to make sure they want to work with you and
through sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, but accept the offer you have. These personal con-
many home-based businesses can’t afford to Influencer, by paying a
versations will also make it easier for you to
fund large ad campaigns. commission or an affiliate refine the offer based on their feedback.
How do you grow your business without fee if they give you a lead Beth used this influencer strategy to build a
breaking the bank? Influencer marketing
can be a great way to grow your business in
that turns into a sale. ” strong network of jewelry bloggers who loved
to talk about her product. Some bloggers just
a cost-effective way. Here’s how to get start- loved getting the free product and getting per-
ed with your own influencer marketing An offer could be as simple as a product
sonal access to a hot designer who gave them
campaign. sample, if you are in the jewelry business like
insight into the latest trends so they could
Beth, or it could be a piece of expert content if
1. Identify the Social Media Influencers build their audience. Others joined her affiliate
you are reaching out to a consultant. You can
The first step in creating an Influencer cam- program and started making money through
use money to get the attention of an Influenc-
direct recommendations to Beth’s e-commerce
paign is to identify the people in authority er, by paying a commission or an affiliate fee
website. As her influencer network grew, the
who can influence your customers. Are they if they give you a lead that turns into a sale.
bloggers became more successful and so did
bloggers with a large following? Do they have a By creating an offer, you will have thought
Beth. This strategy got her business growing
podcast or YouTube channel with many view- through exactly why they should talk to you,
again, and helped her build the venture she’d
ers? Are they moderators who run large social and how you will be able to help them.
always wanted.
media groups? Are they authors with a strong
3. Reach Out and Connect
speaking schedule? Are they consultants who
After you have a clear understanding of the David Reske is a 20-year digital marketing veteran and author of
clients trust to make recommendations? Are Digital Marketing in the Zone. He founded Onward Tech in 1994
Influencers in your market and the offer, it’s
they people who sell complementary products and Nowspeed in 2003, and he has worked with hundreds of
time to reach out to each one, connect with B2B and B2C clients in marketing strategy, search marketing (SEO
and services?
them and present the offer. You should start and PPC), social media, email, marketing automation and website
It’s important to get very specific about the by searching the Internet for your Influencers design. David is focused on delivering world-class digital marketing
services to clients across the US through a team of awesome people
kinds of people that can make a difference for and looking at their profiles online. Social me- at Nowspeed. He is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and is a graduate
your business, and think about the best way dia sites like Facebook and LinkedIn make it of Ohio State University.

36 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
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Work-at-Home Success
Master These 6 Habits to Keep Your Home Office

Operating at Peak Efficiency

By Kayla Matthews

unning a business or telecommuting collaboration and project
from your home office is a great way management app that will
to reduce costs. It can also boost your serve as a common work area Avoid issues by regularly monitoring your home office assets.
productivity and provide you with a better for your team.
Keep papers organized in folders for ready
work-life balance.
3. Monitor and Maintain Your Home access, and stash the folders in drawers or file
However, it requires some planning and dis- Office Equipment cabinets. Make sure to thoroughly clean your
cipline to make sure you are maximizing the Like it or not, your home office equipment workspace regularly.
advantages of this option. Here are six essen- plays an invaluable part in your success and
5. Be Prepared to Go Mobile
tial habits to keep your home office operating efficiency. You rely on it to perform your dai-
at peak efficiency, which will help you perform You may need to leave your office and work
ly functions, and after all, you’ve invested the
better at your job. offsite, whether due to scheduled meetings
capital required to procure it.
or sudden emergencies. In either event, you
1. Design and Equip Your Office for While unexpected failures and downtime should always be prepared to work at a con-
Success are always a possibility, you should make a tingency location to minimize loss of valuable
You’ll be spending many productive hours proactive effort to avoid these issues by regu- work time and business opportunities.
in your home office, so it’s worth investing the larly monitoring your home office assets.
Invest in tools that can help you work on
time and money to create a space where you
can be comfortable and do your best work.
Choose a quality desk and chair set, as well as
“ Consider purchasing a the go, such as a laptop or tablet, mobile apps
to use on your smartphone or tablet, char-
office décor that suits your personal taste and
voice-activated assistant gers and accessories like a wireless keyboard
and mouse. A remote desktop access appli-
helps you stay relaxed. such as Amazon’s Alexa or cation can also help with mobility and team
Additionally, purchasing or leasing the best Google Home, which can collaboration.
computer hardware and software you can help with sending emails or 6. Always Back Up Your Work
reasonably afford — but not more than you
need — can save you stress with its reliable
texts while you’re getting Just as you should always be prepared to
While people have different work styles and
other work done. ” leave your office unexpectedly, you should
also be prepared for unexpected outages and
computer crashes. Use a cloud-based storage
To understand how you can protect your
preferences, the ideal office location should be service to back up all of your files, in case of
equipment and minimize downtime, seek
in a dedicated area of your home, away from a drive failure. You can also access this storage
the help of a reputable hardware vendor for
any excessive distractions that could reduce even when you’re away from the office. Google
assistance. Today, through something called
productivity. Drive and Dropbox are two of the most popu-
active-active network architecture, businesses
lar storage services.
2. Use Technology to Streamline can better respond to high demand and re-
Administrative Tasks duce downtime. Most vendors today will rec- Working from home continues to grow in
Every job comes with a variety of time-con- ommend this option. They can also help you popularity, as more and more business owners
suming administrative tasks that, while essen- generate and understand audit reports, imple- are beginning to appreciate the cost-benefits
tial, do not contribute much to your overall ment network redundancy and switches and and flexibility it can provide.
work performance. provide a repair and maintenance contract. However, to maximize these benefits and
With 21st-century technology, it’s easier 4. Keep Your Workspace Free of minimize the potential risks, practice these
and more cost-effective than ever to reduce Clutter good habits.
this impact on your daily workload. Consider Although everyone has their own preferred A bit of extra self-discipline may be re-
purchasing a voice-activated assistant such as work environment, it’s difficult for most peo- quired, but it can be well worth the effort when
Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, which can ple to remain focused and calm in a messy, you realize the rewards of working efficiently
help with sending emails or texts while you’re chaotic space. from your home office.
getting other work done. These devices can
Additionally, a cluttered office can create a
also control the temperature, lighting and mu-
negative impression to any visitors — includ- Kayla Matthews writes from her home office every day. Her
sic selection in your office.
ing those with whom you may be trying to work has been published on The Week, VICE, The Next Web,
Other important time-saving technolo- build a business relationship. Resist the urge to Fast Company and Business Insider. To read more posts about
productivity by Kayla, check out her blog, Productivity Theory
gy solutions might include communication leave papers, trash and other assorted objects (
apps to chat with remote co-workers, or a around your desk.
38 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
Protect Your Business
from Risks

9 Money-Saving Tips for Buying Small Business

By Netquote

tarting a business is one of the biggest de- no reason to pay for em-
cisions you’ll make in your career — and ployment practices liability Insurance can help mitigate risks that threaten your venture.
often the most rewarding. But no matter coverage.
how due diligent you are in the planning stages
2. Bundle Your Coverage you to focus on business planning. Seasoned
of your business, you will assume an element
A more affordable route is to purchase a agents can draw upon industry experience to
of risk as a business owner that is unavoidable.
business owner’s policy (BOP) which com- identify hidden risks unique to your business
Fortunately, business insurance can help bines protection from major property and li- that you hadn’t even considered.
mitigate risk once your business gets off the ability risks into one package.
ground, giving you the peace of mind to focus 6. Understand Ways to Prevent Losses
BOPs save small business owners time and An effective loss prevention program can
on what’s important: managing and growing
energy in trying to figure out exactly what
your business. help you prevent losses and can be a viable way
coverage to purchase. Keep in mind that BOPs
to reduce your overall business insurance cost.
Finding the right business insurance policy don’t include everything — such as business
can be a highly frustrating experience for most Whether you implement a workplace safety
interruption or professional liability, to name a
entrepreneurs. That’s why we’ve gathered the program or institute disaster preparations,
few — which is why experts recommend mak-
best advice from experts in the industry to save ing a list of all areas potentially at risk. programs like these can help reduce the risk of
you time, money, and let’s face it, some sanity. a claim or help you choose a different deduct-
ible amount.
Here’s a list of 10 tips experts recommend
following in your quest for the right policy. “ BOPs save small 7. Inquire About Claims-Free
1. Get the Right Amount of Coverage business owners time and Discounts
No two businesses are exactly alike, even energy in trying to figure Carriers sometimes offer a claims-fee dis-
if they are in the same industry. A pet-care out exactly what coverage count for policyholders who don’t file claims
business focusing on dogs will face a differ- for a specified period of time. Experts recom-
ent set of risks than a bird business. Experts
recommend starting with the basics. General
to purchase. ” mend presenting a copy of your existing com-
pany’s loss experience when obtaining a quote
liability insurance covers your business for any 3. Take Advantage of Discounts for a new company to see if you qualify.
third-party damages incurred such as prop- Some insurance carriers will offer discounts
erty damage, injuries, or incidents that occur or price breaks on add-on policies. For exam- 8. Be Flexible About Your Payment
on your premises, legal fees, and reputation- ple, if you purchase your commercial auto and Frequency and Method
al damage due to libel, slander, or copyright workers compensation coverages from the Many insurance companies offer discounts
infringement. same carrier as your business insurance, you to customers who pay their annual premiums
may be eligible for a multiple lines of coverage as a lump sum instead of splitting it up into
But be careful not to waste money insuring
discount. multiple payments throughout the year. In
your business against a risk you don’t face. For
example, if you don’t hire employees, there’s 4. Seek Out Stability in a Carrier addition, some carriers will offset installment
There are over five thousand insurance fees if you pay electronically or consent to au-
companies in the United States according to tomatic payments.
the Insurance Information Institute. Unfor- 9. Review Your Coverage Annually
tunately, not all of them are solvent. Experts As your business expands, your insurance
recommend looking at a carrier’s credit wor- needs will most likely change. Adopting a
thiness via A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Fitch proactive approach can be a lifesaver for your
or Moody’s. Another trick is to review the business. Industry experts recommend mak-
company’s financial statements. You want to
ing it a priority each year to re-assess what you
save money but not at the expense of an un-
currently have and adjust accordingly.
paid claim should you need to file.
It doesn’t hurt to shop around for new cov-
5. Work with a Reputable Agent
erage or even a new carrier while you’re at it
An independent agent can help you com-
An independent agent can help you since the industry changes rapidly.
pare rates and coverage more efficiently than
compare rates and coverage.
if you try doing it yourself, freeing up time for Visit
40 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
Surfing the Black Wave: Brand Leadership in Information Age, the book is a guide to the present

a Digital Age time. Cobb identifies our times as the “Participation
By Daniel Brian Cobb Age.” Giving readers examples supported by exten-
sive research, the book provides case studies that fo-
Has advertising lost its power? What new influ-
cus on leaders of the current movement, including
ence has taken its place? As previous institutions
Facebook, Starbucks, TOMS Shoes, Uber and Red
of influence fall and totally new institutions rise to
Bull. These “Black Wave Riders” show the way to
take their place, we face a crisis of leadership. Take
take our leadership to the next level.
for example the recent presidential election. Daring
to answer how Trump won, the research in this Cobb explores the history of the world’s great-
book explores how social media created such an est tsunami as an analogy to this new age in dig-
unlikely outcome. ital leadership. Using this metaphor, Cobb shows
In this new book, Daniel Brian Cobb, CEO/Chief how the coming digital age of business will pum-
Strategy Officer, Daniel Brian Advertising, describes mel those who are not prepared. Surfing the
how disruptive change has historically created win- Black Wave: Brand Leadership in a Digital Age
ners and losers for such a time as this. Citing the (ISBN-10: 099801060X, ISBN-13: 978-0998010601)
rise of great brands of the Industrial Age and the is available on

The Leadership Secrets of Oz thinking and look for alternative solutions to

By BJ Gallagher problems

Who better to unleash the magic in your man- ■ Heed Your Heart: Leaders know that there is
agement style than the Great and Powerful Oz? In strength in vulnerability
her business book, Leadership Secrets of Oz (ISBN: ■ Cultivate Courage: Courage doesnt mean hav-
9781608106844), author and workshop leader BJ ing no fear. Courage means feeling fear and
Gallagher reveals strategies that span from great taking action anyway
and powerful to flying monkeys, all ways to unleash
the magic in your management. The unique, easy-to-use tools lay the foun-
dation for great teamwork by inspiring and en-
In The Leadership Secrets of Oz, the Wizard via couraging both leaders and team members alike.
BJ will teach you how to: The  Leadership Secrets of Oz is available on
■ Build Brains: Leaders practice divergent

Monetizing Your Data: A Guide to Turn- ever-increasing volumes of data into revenue gen-
ing Data into Profit-Driving Strategies and erating actions through three disciplines: decision
Solutions architecture, data science, and guided analytics.
By Andrew Roman Wells and Kathy Williams Wells and Chiang identify that there are large
Chiang gaps between understanding a business problem,
knowing which data is relevant to the problem and
Organizations are swamped with data—collected
how to leverage that data to drive significant finan-
from web traffic, point of sale systems, enterprise
cial performance. Using a proven methodology de-
resource planning systems and more. Turning that
veloped in the field through delivering meaningful
data into action is key as it has a valuable compet-
solutions to Fortune 500 companies, Monetizing
itive advantage, but only if you understand how to
Your Data gives you the analytical tools, methods,
organize it, structure it, and uncover the actionable
and techniques to transform data you already have
information hidden within it through decision ar-
into insights that drive winning decisions. Begin-
chitecture and guided analytics.
ning with an explanation of the analytical cycle, this
So, the big question is: what should a company ac- book guides you through the process of developing
tually do with it? Monetizing Your Data: A Guide value-generating strategies that can translate into
to Turning Data into Profit-Driving Strategies big returns. The companion website, www.mone-
and Solutions by Andrew Roman Wells (the CEO, provides templates, checklists,
of Aspirent, a management-consulting firm) and and examples to help you apply the methodology in
Kathy Williams Chiang (VP, Business Insights, at your environment. Visit www.monetizingyourdata.
Wunderman Data Management) provides a frame- com and, and order a copy at
work and path for business managers to convert Fall 2017 | Home Business ®

The Amazing Benefits of The World’s
First Sit-Stand-Cycle Desk

here is no way around it: the more you To the contrary, sitting or standing for long
sit, the poorer your physical shape. periods of time can cause lower back pain,
Unless you have a job that keeps you headaches, muscle strain, and so on.
moving, most of your time you’re likely to
Ergonomic Benefits
spend sitting. That’s why FlexiSpot, which
The adjustable Deskcise Pro is better than
designs ergonomic office and home solutions,
a one-size-fits-all model because it can be
created the Deskcise Pro - the first sit-stand-
adjusted for all body types. To ensure that it
cycle desk. functions properly for the majority of people
All-in-one Exercise Workstation while pedaling, sitting, and standing, it can be
There are exercise bikes and there are adjusted for users from 5’1” to 6’2” tall.
standing desks. But in a world of multitask- Mood Benefits
ing, you don’t have to choose between the two. A study found that when you are standing
New Deskcise Pro is the all-in-one exercise instead of sitting while working, you have Body Weight Benefits
workstation that allows you to switch between more energy, focus, and contentment. Re- Pedaling burns calories. It requires energy
standing, sitting and pedaling in one minute. searchers also reported participants had re- and for weight loss, increasing your energy
And no matter how much you sweat, its stur- duced fatigue levels. And you won’t disturb consumption levels will burn more calories.
dy construction will keep you in place. anyone around you thanks to the completely Just remember to start out nice and slow and
Musculoskeletal Benefits silent operation of Deskcise Pro. gradually increase your speed, resistance, and
Pedaling and standing are load-bearing Creativity Benefits duration.
activities, which engage muscles and promote The Journal of Experimental Psychology Incorporate pedaling, sitting, and
bone density. These are helpful for blood published research conducted at Stanford standing into your normal work-
circulation as well. Deskcise Pro has eight University which reported that every partic- day while using the Deskcise Pro. Visit
resistance levels so you can choose between ipant who was exercising while writing an
relaxed pedaling and an intense workout. exam performed better.

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Sports Supplement Queen
Afghan-American Businesswoman and Social Activist Becomes

a Mogul in Male-Dominated Industry
By Emily Scoular

iz Gaspari, first-generation Afghan- Gaspari has single handedly developed
American businesswoman, philanthro- massively successful vendor relationships do-
pist, and social activist, is one of the mestically and abroad. Her strong business
most powerful women in the male-dominated experience coupled with her ability to build
sports nutritional supplement industry. She solid and long-lasting client relationships
is the recipient of the Mike O’Hearn/Croton helped Gaspari break international barriers
Warrior Award and Most Powerful Woman in and placed her product into the good graces of
Sports Nutrition award from Musclemag mag- retailers across the globe.
Liz Gaspari, Owner of Athletic Elite 10 and
azine, profiled in Men’s Health, Muscular De- When Gaspari started in this industry over DangerZone Hardcore Series
velopment, Muscle Fitness, Millennium, and 15 years ago, she didn’t know how her story
Sports Nutrition Insider, among many other was going to end, but she knew she was in and just recently, they signed a 3-year exclu-
publications. charge of her own destiny, and therefore, it sivity deal for both brands in Chile with Juan
The entrepreneur has been entrenched in was going to end big. “I’ve now got the great- Garcia, owner of Sport Kote Spa for a six figure
the nutritional supplement industry for over est business team behind me and I am, once per year deal.
fifteen years and her success has made her into again, ready to make sports supplement histo- Because Gaspari is her own boss, she’s able
one of the most powerful and influential peo- ry,” says Gaspari. to work from home quite a bit. She finds that
ple in the sports nutrition industry. Gaspari’s After taking Gaspari Nutrition to extreme being able to run her businesses at home
portfolio includes taking the Gaspari Nutri- heights, she quickly became known as the while also spending quality time with her two
tion brand from a regional supplier and turn- “Sports Supplement Queen.” She sold the children has been beneficial to the success
ing it into a global presence. She is responsible company, and went on to join forces with of her businesses. With many achievements,
for helping to build Gaspari Nutrition into a multi-Grammy winner and star of VH1’s Love Liz Gaspari stays true to herself, down-to-
monster business that has generated over 100 and Hip Hop, Stevie J. The two launched Ath- earth and helps friends with endeavors. Visit
million dollars a year in sales. letic Elite 10 and DangerZone Hardcore Series,

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Ways to Be Tax Savvy
Get Ahead of the Tax Season with Key

Strategies to Save Later

By Tom Taulli

ow may seem kind of too soon to 2. Meals & Entertainment
think about taxes, right? Aren’t there Wining and dining a potential
more important things to do — such client is a time-honored activi-
as get customers? ty. Yet the tax rules can get a bit
I can certainly understand this. But hey, tricky. The reason is that the IRS
taxes often take a big chunk of your revenues. is generally skeptical that there is
And if you make mistakes, the IRS can make a true business activity. Let’s face
the situation even worse. it, might the meal or event be re- Make the moves now to save later on taxes.
ally just personal?
So what to do? Well, the good news is that
there are quite a few moves you can make to This is why you need to be dil- Next, there is a much more complicated
get juicy tax savings. igent with providing backup for your deduc- approach — called the actual car expense
tions. This includes the following: method. This means you will add up the
Let’s take a look: business portion of expenses for gasoline,
1. Recordkeeping ■ Indicate the business purpose of the registration, insurance, repairs, parking fees,
meeting. You can do this on your cal- tolls and so on.
This is absolutely critical. One of the biggest
endar or the receipt. But note: To get a
problems for home-based business owners is OK then, which one is better? For the most
proving a deduction to the IRS. If you do not deduction, you do not have to get a tan-
gible business benefit from the meeting. part, it is tough to gauge. This is why you might
have a receipt or bank statement, then you
You can have a discussion about busi- want to compare both approaches and see
will likely get dinged with having to pay back
ness plans and ideas. which one provides the biggest tax break.
taxes, interest and penalties. Oh, and when the
IRS clues into this, the agency likes to dig even ■ Record who was at the meeting. But regardless of all this, you still need to
further! be good with documenting your expenses and
■ If there is entertainment, such as a golf the miles. And yes, there are plenty of apps
When it comes to recordkeeping, there are a outing, a trip to the theater or sporting that use GPS to track your mileage. They in-
few factors to keep in mind. First of all, when event, then there must be enough time clude MileIQ, TripLog and even QuickBooks
in doubt, you should keep any document re- for discussing business matters. This Self-Employed.
garding your business. It’s fine to use tried- might require a meeting before or after
and-true file folders (but make sure you keep
these in the same place). But of course, there
the event. The exception is a conference,
which is assumed to be about business.
“An app that is worth
are many useful cloud apps that are affordable. Yet make sure you keep track of the pro- considering is QuickBooks
Some are even free.
gram materials.
Ideally, though, it is recommended to have
Self-Employed, which is
You can deduct only 50% of the value of the
some type of accounting system. With such an
meal or event (you can include tips, taxes, cov- connected to your bank
app, you will be able to easily track your reve-
nues and expenses, which will make it much
er charges and parking expenses). Something account.”
else to keep in mind: If you are on an overnight
easier to put together your tax return. You
trip, then you can deduct your meals and en- Finally, as should be no surprise, the IRS
will also get a better understanding of your
tertainment even if you do not meet with any- has some knotty requirements on what miles
one. But the 50% deduction limit still applies. count. For example, you cannot deduct the
Now it’s true that an accounting system may miles from your home to the location of where
seem kind of overwhelming. But keep in mind 3. Mileage
you will have a business meeting. The IRS
that there are apps focused on solopreneurs. This deduction can really add up — po-
thinks this is commuting. However, if you have
An app that is worth considering is Quick- tentially giving you thousands in tax savings.
a home office, then you will be able to get the
Books Self-Employed, which is connected to Although, this is why the IRS generally scruti-
your bank account. The software will also au- nizes this deduction.
tomatically fill out your tax forms, such as the Yet if you have a top app, then it should help
Actually, there are two approaches to
Schedule SE, Schedule C and your estimated navigate the IRS requirements.
deducting mileage. One is the standard
tax payments. mileage rate, which involves multiplying
By the way, you can also deduct the full value the number of miles by the IRS rate (this is Tom Taulli, who operates, is licensed by the IRS to
of any app that helps you with your business. currently 53.5 cents). represent taxpayers across all 50 states.

44 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
Why Small Businesses Fail
What Your Accountant Is Not Telling You and
Steps to Take
By Fred Parrish

ince more than two-thirds of entrepre- 1. Cash discounts
neurs start their businesses from home, are being missed. Cash
it’s reasonable to assume for every home discounts are incentives Missing cash discounts is a danger sign.
startup that is successful there are several that offered to buyers to
don’t make it. encourage early payment that this situation. Some steps you can take include
reduce the amount owed to the seller by either increasing scrutiny of operating expenses and
Not getting enough sales leads, lack of mar-
a fixed amount or a percentage of the total liquidating underperforming assets or outdat-
keting, not enough support and fear — par-
bill. Missing cash discounts is a danger sign ed inventory.
ticularly fear of selling — have all been cited
because returns on cash discounts far exceed 6. Deposits of payroll or other taxes
as reasons home businesses fail. Since home
most returns on any other use of cash. are being delayed beyond filing dead-
businesses can encompass everything from
work-at-home sales jobs to tech startups, they 2. Vendors are being stretched beyond lines. You should exhaust all other options
also face a challenge that stymies growing normal payment terms. If this situation is before pursuing this course. Once you start
businesses of all kinds: cash flow. allowed to persist for too long it will irrepa- down this path it is a dangerous slippery slope,
rably damage these relationships and could as penalties can be severe.
If you don’t manage your resources, you will impede the business from acquiring what it
outstrip your cash faster than you can earn it Most of these warning signs are symptoms
needs to operate. and not causes of cash flow problems (No. 4 is
and put yourself out of business. Even compa-
nies that are doing really well can get them- 3. Late fees are being incurred on lease the exception) and most are the result of im-
payments or trade accounts. As with miss- properly managed operational problems. Here
selves into trouble and never know it until it’s
ing cash discounts, the effect of these penalties are some proactive steps you can take to better
too late.
can far exceed the normal costs of traditional manage cash flow:
The most dangerous time in a company’s financing arrangements. Cash Flow Management Steps
life cycle is not when revenue is stagnated, flat-
tened out, or has started to decline. It’s when 4. The age of accounts receivables is 1. Develop an understanding about when
increasing and/or it is getting more dif- revenues can be collected and create
revenue starts to ramp up dramatically — of-
ficult to collect accounts. If this one applies a forecast of the future cash stream
ten when the business owner has failed to plan
to your home business, you must uncover any (preferably weekly).
for sustainable cash flow.
issues that impair your ability to collect all
amounts billed, and develop a plan to work 2. Determine the timing of all operation-
“The most dangerous time through each issue. Your plan should include: al cash disbursements.
3. Identify any other disbursements such
in a company’s life cycle ■ Bill promptly and as often as possible.
as owner distributions, principal pay-
Collect all payments when due.
is not when revenue is ■
ments on debt and capital expendi-
■ Eliminate all barriers to payment. tures (equipment, etc.).
stagnated, flattened out, or
■ Provide all documentation necessary to 4. Subtract the disbursements from the
has started to decline.” facilitate payment at the beginning of receipts to determine cash balances for
the process. each future period.
Are you scratching your head wondering, ■ Aggressively follow up on overdue 5. Update the information as conditions
“Wait a minute — how is too much business a invoices. change in the business or the market
bad thing?” Growing businesses are most like- that will influence the outcomes to
■ DO NOT work only the old accounts. Fo-
ly to fail when they: maintain a realistic view of the future.
cus on current ones as well.
■ can’t scale fast enough Start with the information you have and
■ Stay on top of the situation and pay ven-
■ invest too much in scaling due to im- refine the process over time. By taking these
dors in a timely manner.
proper forecasting steps you can avoid at least one of the major
5. Your debt is increasing without a reasons that small businesses fail.
A cash flow crunch is among the top exis- corresponding increase in collectable
tential threats growing businesses face. Here revenue. There are times when business own- Fred Parrish is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Profit
are six warning signs your company may be ers will take on debt in the hope that it will buy Experts™, an affordable CFO service that helps small business
headed for trouble, along with information enough time to repair a damaged business or owners improve their profitability and cash flow. He is also creator
of The Profit Beacon™, a new app that provides predictive analytics
on particular dangers, and some steps you can to prop up an inability to gain revenue traction to help businesses make smart and timely decisions, and author of
take to avert them: in a particular market. It’s essential you avoid “The Profit Mentality.” Visit: Fall 2017 | Home Business ®

Home Business Financing in 2017
Continued from page 19 intense as these investors become more so-
to use it to fund your startup business. Typical- phisticated. The deeper due diligence process
ly, the pension scheme will either require se- leading up to investment is making it harder to
curity in the form of a business asset to at least survive as a startup; Bloomberg’s weekly fund-
the value of the loan, or will use a purchase and raising gauge reports that startup fundraising
lease-back scheme. dollars are down 20% from last year.

The value of your intellectual property, in- Startups cannot attribute this drop in fund-
raising to the economy; the reason is simply
cluding patents, trademarks and web domain
because they are missing the business funda-
names can be used to provide an injection of
mentals required to pass the intensifying due
working capital. Interest payments on the loan
diligence process. Here are the top four funda-
are paid back into the pension scheme, bolster-
mental mistakes startups make that can — and
ing your funds for retirement. Invest in a professional accounting likely will — scare away investors.
Pension-led funding offers a range of bene- interface system to manage finances.
Fundamental Red Flags
fits for business owners with sufficient pension
monies to allocate to their startup. The initial business practices and land them investors. 1. When Financials Are Reported Man-
process in establishing its suitability is rigorous, ually on Excel
I’ve seen this assumption from startup Aside from the unprofessional look of man-
due to the potential risk of losing a proportion of founders — whether made subconsciously or
your retirement funds should the business fail. ual reporting, using Excel is not a sensible sys-
actively — regularly in my 20 years at MBSA- tem to use for your finances. It is pretty much
TA, advising startups on how to get their books guaranteed that you will make an error manu-
Written by Keith Tully; Partner at Real Business Rescue. Keith has
25 years’ experience advising company directors and stakeholders in order for raising capital.
ally inputting data and formulas.
on matters such as corporate insolvency, finance and restructuring.
When they reach fundraising woes, these
Visit The guaranteed problems with manual re-
entrepreneurs always place the blame on the
porting only intensify as a startup looks to
economy; my vantage point has allowed me to
scale. Even further, investors know that your
Startup Mistakes with Fundraising see otherwise.
startup or home business will be inefficient in
By Mark A Gilbert
I also work as an advisor to the investor scaling if you use manual reporting; no new
It’s common for startups to assume their boards that scrutinize each startup’s financials. finance employees you hire will understand
unique ideas will cancel out disorderly Each year, I’ve seen this scrutiny become more how your hundreds of Excel spreadsheets fit

Home Inventory
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business documenting personal
property, full or part-time
Our industry leading start-up kit
makes it easy to get started
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46 Home Business Fall 2017 ®
together to create a coherent record of your
cash flow analysis to back up projections. Spe-
cific reports are needed to demonstrate such “ If you have
accumulated a pension
due diligence. Reports like, departmentalized
This is why you need to invest in a profes-
sional accounting interface system if you want
sales reports, enhanced expense reports and from any former
salary reports.
anyone to invest in you.
Many startups do not have an organized
employments, you may be
2. When Founders Don’t Realize the
Effect of High Salary Lines
financial model, let alone the financial data able to use it to fund your

to demonstrate due diligence. There’s an easy
Any entrepreneur knows that investors want
fix. Startups can use accounting software pro-
startup business.
to see a home business with a bootstrapped
grams like Sage and Xero to create financial disorderly books will ruin your chances with
mentality, but many entrepreneurs seem to
statements, and run the due diligence reports investors not just because you will look unpro-
forget how fundamentally bad it looks to have
that investors want to see. fessional. It’s because finance is entwined with
high chief officer salary lines.
An operating expense plan based on actual every part of a business. All startups can avoid
A lot of entrepreneurs are excited about these mistakes by instituting professional ac-
numbers detailed in such reports is not only
their great idea and end up spending more counting and competitive research.
more concrete but also more realistic, two
money on their own salaries than on market- Mark A Gilbert is the Founder and CEO of MBS Accounting
traits investors are looking for.
ing and developing their products. Technology & Advisory, which provides Bookkeeping, Accounting
4. When There Is No Competitive Technology Integration, and C-Level Financial Management Solutions
Investors want to see the opposite — mod- to SMBs and Not-For-Profits. The firm hosted its Annual Accounting
est or nonexistent salary lines and higher Event, CalcuTech, in September. Visit
Many home businesses are inward focused.
marketing expenses to show that all mental
They lack competitive research.
and fiscal effort is going towards making your
Funding options for home-based busi-
product a success. Investors want to see an industry compari-
ness owners are plentiful in this techno-
son. They will analyze all the competing firms
3. When There Are No Reports to logically progressed time. Finance your
on similar revenue lines and will benchmark
Demonstrate Due Diligence business in 2017 with these experts’ informative
your projections and cash flows against theirs
Investors want to see if you have a real un- insights. For additional information on
before investing any capital in your home
derstanding of your cash flow, revenue and starting and financing a home-based business,
variable expense projections. Investors want visit and
a bottom-up financial forecast and a detailed Incomplete competitive research and

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Interview with Jake Gyllenhaal

Continued from page 21
“My work also gives
fulfilled in a particular way. Do I now turn di-
rections in my life? There are things I wanted
me comfort in that way
to accomplish — artistic goals that I feel like when you feel like you are
I have. Maybe in a few years you can ask me expressing yourself — who
that question again, and I will have some bet-
ter answers.
you really are — and what
op e.

you really want to do in your

iew PPeeopl

Q: Is there a lesson that can be learned from


I erv
he Int

– Jake Gyllenhaal
JG: As much as it is a movie about a child

and a creature, in a lot of ways, it is a story that

R ter

Q: Have current events made you more

t syy off Reu

we know about where you lose something you

love and you are going to find it, but the ending

of that film, where he shows us the brutality JG: Yeah. Bong jokes about people wanting

of what the world does, and showing it to a to move to Canada. I think there is no better
child, makes it so powerful. So often movies “Moving forward, as you have the way than here in America to work as hard as
nowadays, particularly a family film, will shy opportunity to continue to work as an we can to express ourselves than now. The last
away from concepts that are as dark as this. actor, generally you care a little less thing to do is to run away. You can see that in
It is really important for the world, and that’s about what people think.” the States, particularly now. It is a galvanizing
why Netflix is a wonderful home for this movie – Jake Gyllenhaal time. A time when I have been more involved
— to get this message out wherever it can, in in what is happening in my country and more
whatever form, to whoever wants to watch it. the courage to do that. That’s why you always so in my community, my specific city, and my
The message is it’s a brutal world and a won- want to work with Bong and why you love him district than ever before. You’ll see that all over
derful one as well. That’s what makes Bong so much as a filmmaker. So many other film- America. I am inspired more so than ever.
such an incredible filmmaker, because he has makers would have left that last scene out.

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