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Wind Audition Score Sheet

________________(instrument) # TOTAL SCORE

Mark areas with a (-) and strong areas with a (+). Markings and comments should justify numerical score.
Judges: Do Not Tally Scores

Written Solo (15 pts.) Improvisation (15 pts.)

8-10 up 8-10 up 8-10 up 12-15 up 12-15 up 24-30 up

6-7 Ex n 6-7 Ex n 6-7 Ex n 8-11 Ex n 8-11 Ex n 18-23 Ex n
3-5 F 3-5 F 3-5 F 4-7 F 4-7 F 12-17 Good
0-2 0-2 0-2 0-3 0-3 6-11
Tone 0-5
Intonation Tone
Facility/Control Intonation
Tone Tone Tone Tone Key Signature
Rhythm Rhythm
Intonation Intonation Intonation Chord changes Intonation Preparation
Facility/Control Facility/Control Facility/Control Solo lines/construction Facility/Control Musicality
Range Range Range Articulation Facility/Control Range Phrasing
Tempo Tempo Tempo Key Signature Range Rhythm Dynamics
Articulation Articulation Articulation Preparation Articulation Tempo(s) Style
Key Signature Key Signature Key Signature Musicality Musicality Articulation
Phrasing Phrasing
Dynamics Dynamics
Style Style