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One Way

Jesus said: I am the way. The truth and the life: no man
cometh unto the father, but by me.
Although the world may claim many different ways to finding
God, Jesus is the one true way.
In secular culture today it is popular to be tolerant. People
advocate tolerance that suggests all religions are equally
valid. It is suggest that by many that it is no different if one
worships Allah, Buddha, Hare Krishna, or Jesus Christ.
However, Jesus never presented himself as one option
among a multitude of spiritual leaders.
1) Be able to define what is considered a cult.
2) Discover what the bible says about false teaching and
deceptive philosophies.
3) Begin determining whether their belief system is based
on biblical Christianity.
Before the lesson, review your local radio stations and the
types of music they play, and create a list to use in this
activity. Arrange students in two teams. Explain that I will
scan through the radio stations, staying on each station for
about 2 seconds. First team to give the correct answer gets
100 points. Have some one to keep score. Scan through at
least 8 to 12 stations if possible. Announcing the winning
team and then add: it takes only a few seconds for most
of us to recognize and identify different types of
music on the radio. Our ears are trained to recognize
the various music styles and we are quick to stop
scanning when we find the style we like best!
Unfortunately, most of us do not have the same
ability when it comes to recognizing information that
does not line up with biblical Christianity. Sometimes
we are able to recognize false information and
untruth and sometimes we are not. God wants us to
know him so well, to know the truth about Jesus and
the bible, that we will be able to recognize false and
wrong information quickly before it becomes a part of
our belief system.
Create four teams, assign each team one of the following
2 Corinthians 11:1-6, 1 Timothy 1:3-7; 2 Timothy 4:3-5, 2
Peter 2:1-3
Instruct each team to read their scripture and then plan a
way to creatively present it to a large group. Teams may act
out the scripture, use drawing and symbols, write a song,
and so forth to creatively present their scripture. Set a time
limit and then when teams complete their assignments,
allow them to share their presentations. Discuss their
findings and use the following questions as a guide.
In 2 Corinthians 11:1-6, how is Paul’s servant-attitude
being distorted by the false apostles?
How is Jesus distorted by their message?
1) In 1 Timothy 1:3-7 what were some of the problems
plaguing the church?
2) How do you think Timothy Felt being left in charge of a
situation like this?
3) In 2 Timothy 4:3-5, what does it tell us about some
people’s beliefs?
4) What is our challenge when we hear false teachers and
5) In 2 Peter 2:1-3, what does Peter say about false
6) Why do people follow false teachers and become
involved in cults?
What is a cult?
A cult is defined as a system of religious beliefs and rituals or
a religion considered unorthodox, extremist, or false. Also a
cult is defined as a great devotion to a person, idea, object
or movement. [Source: and]
Students will and already face many different people and
belief system during their life time. Sometimes those belief
systems will be confusing to you or cause you to doubt your
Create a large square on the floor using masking tape.
Create two more lines to divide the square into four equal
parts (like a game of four square). Lead students to form
their four teams again. Scatter the cotton balls evenly in
each quarter of the square. At my signal, instruct each team
to blow the cotton balls out of their square and into another.
After about one minute, stop the activity and have students
look at the cotton balls on the squares.
Look where the cotton balls landed. Although you blew away
some, you still have cotton balls in your team square. Doubts
and questions in the Christian life will often be like cotton
balls. You get rid of some only to find you have more that
took their place. Instead of becoming discouraged or
frustrated by the things you don’t understand, try to focus
on the things you do understand. When learning about cults
or even hearing someone talk about their beliefs which differ
from yours , keep your focus on the things you understand
about biblical Christianity and Jesus. Some one please read
John 14:6 aloud. Remember that Jesus was specific in saying
he was the only way to the father. Today’s lesson will
compare other beliefs against the truth from scripture.
Note this lesson is not the time to debate about the
accuracy of the bible. Whether or not you believe the
bible, in this lesson you will take at face value Jesus
statement in John 14:6, and compare other
information biblical Christianity. Remind them that
you are available to discuss this information and
differing view points with them at another time one
to one or in a small group.
Write jehovah’s witness, mormon, unification church, islam,
Hinduism, Baha’I world faith, hare Krishna, budddhism,
transcendental meditation, scientology, wicca, and new age.
1) what is this cult or religion’s source of authority?
2) Who or what do they consider God?
3) Who is Jesus to them?
4) Who is the Holy Spirit or do they acknowledge the Holy
5) What happen according to this belief system after
6) How does a person get into heaven based on their
Key question I want to explore is: how do these beliefs differ
and/ or compare with biblical Christianity? Biblical
Christianity says the bible, both old and new testaments, is
to be our source of authority. God is triune-that means one
God in three Persons, not three gods; Father, Son, and Holy
Spirit. Sometimes these can be best explained by thinking of
an egg-there is the egg yoke, egg white, and the egg shell,
all three create the egg.
Biblical Christianity also says Jesus is God the son. He is fully
God and fully man. Jesus is the only way to the father,
salvation, and eternal life. The Holy Spirit is the third person
of the trinity. He comforts, guides, teaches, and fills
Christians. After death believers go to be with Jesus. Jesus
bodily resurrection guarantees believers they will be
resurrected and receive new immortal bodies. Those who are
not believers will suffer torment of eternal separation from
God. To get into heaven one must believe Jesus died on the
cross for their sins and physically rose again. This is the way
sinful people are forgiven by God. This salvation is by God’s
grace, not by doing good works.
Making it personal!
Remind students they do not need to know every detail
about every other cult or religion in the world. When they
hear different information that contrast with biblical
Christianity, encourage them to ask the person one or more
of these questions:
1) what do you mean by that?
2) Where did u get your information?
3) How do you know that is true?
4) What happens if you are wrong?
Sometimes people are only repeating what they have heard
or been taught. They may not be aware of the
inconsistencies or untruths that relate to that belief system
or cult. Encourage students to always compare information
they are given with the bible. Sometimes information given
out by cults may sound like it’s a quote from the bible when
in fact they have distorted the scripture.