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Ministry of Education, Culture and Research

Bălți mun.
“George Coşbuc” Lyceum

“My Little Pocket Dictionary”

English Language Methodical Comission

Teacher: Petrov Nadejda
Consented by: Ceban Nelea
Head of Methodical Comission

Bălți 2018
Subject: European Languages Day
Form: from IInd to IVth
Time: 26.09.18-10.10.18
 to draw pupils’ attention towards the importance of English language;
 to motivate pupils to study and to find out new vocabulary concerning
their interests;
 to improve pupils pronunciation, vocabulary, communicative skills;
 to stimulate pupils creativity through handmade dictionaries;
 to share their ideas and messages with their classmates;

The Course of the Activity

The suggested activity is entitled – My Little Pocket Dictionary and it is intended for the
primary level pupils from the Theoretical Lyceum “George Coșbuc” from Bălți.
My Little Pocket Dictionary is aimed to stimulate pupil’s motivation and creativity and to
encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities. Another aim is to celebrate European
Languages Day for the purpose to remind pupils and teachers about the diversity of languages and
cultures, and to encourage English language learners to develop their foreign language competences.
The activity consists of three main steps:
I. Select a Topic;
II. Design and Make up a Dictionary;
III. Exhibit the Dictionaries.

Step I – Select a Topic

The teacher provides pupils with the following list of topics:
- Time (days of the weak; months of the year; seasons; weather);
- Colours, Shapes, Numbers (colours; shapes; numbers);
- Animals (domestic animals; wild animals);
- Birds (domestic; wild);
- Fruits
- Vegetables
- Flowers
- Human Body
- School (school subjects; classroom);
- Sports (summer sports; winter sports; water sports);
- Transport
The pupils choose a topic which is characteristic for him, and elaborates a Mini Dictionary
that contains words concerning the chosen topic. The pupils have the right to translate, transcribe,
explain the words, but they may, as well, represent the meaning of the word in a picture.

Step II – Design and Make up a Dictionary

The pupils have a week to find out information about the chosen topic and to design their
dictionaries. At this step, pupils’ creativity is developed and their motivation, to discover new words
and learn new things, increases. However, the teacher demonstrates an example of a cover of an
improvised dictionary (Appendix 1).
After finding the information pupils with the help of their parents and/or teachers elaborate
and make up the dictionaries.

Step III – Exhibit the Dictionaries

At the ends of the week, when all the work is done, pupils bring the elaborated dictionaries to
the teacher. The teacher, respectively, collects all the dictionaries and organizes an exhibition on the
hall of the school. The exhibition is arranged in such a way that the pupils who participated at the
extracurricular activity – My Little Pocket Dictionary, and the other pupils from the school might see
the created dictionaries.

A well-organized activity will lead to pupils pride and self-confidence, to the increase of their
motivation to cooperate and to find out new things, and will encourage them to participate in other
extracurricular activities.
Appendix 1

English Language

Author: Petrov Nadejda

Form: _____

“George Coșbuc” Lyceum,

Bălți 2018