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WEEK 11 – HW1

1. They grow coffee in Brazil

_They are grown coffee in Brazil__

2. He examines patients on the second floor

__He is examined patients on the second floor __

3. She feeds the animal twice a day.

__She is fed the animal twice a day. _

4. They deliver the newspaper in the morning.

__They are delivered the newspaper in the morning ___

5. We lend books only to students.

___We are lent books only to students ___

6. They serve lunch at 12.00

__They are served lunch at 12.00__

7. England makes the best computers.

____England is made the best computers.__

1. He doesn’t spend money on magazines.

__He isn’t spent money on magazines.____

2. I don’t make lunch on Sundays.

____I am not made lunch n Sundays._____

3. They don’t pay salaries during the weekend.

___They aren’t paid salaries during the weekend.___

4. She doesn’t teach French in all schools.

___She isn’t taught French in all schools.___

5. We don’t keep coins in the cash.

___We aren’t kept coins in the cash.___

6. They don’t make watches in South Africa.

___They aren’t made watches in South Africa __

7. People don’t speak Spanish in Italy

___People aren’t spoken Spanish in Italy. __

WEEK 11 – HW2

Now rewrite the sentences in the passive
Rewrite the sentences in the passive
voice (negative form). Follow the example.

1. Most boys don’t watch Tyra Banks show.

1. Teenagers read fashion magazines.
Tyra Banks show isn’t watched by most boys.
Fashion magazines are read by teenagers.
2. Helen doesn’t follow fashion trends.
2. Girls watch Tyra Banks show.
Fashion trends aren’t follow by Helen.
Tyra Banks show is watched by Girls
3. Some people do not accept fashion changes.
3. Susan follows fashion trends.
Fashion changes aren’t accepted by some
1. Fashion
Fill in trends are follow
the gaps usingbyeither
Susanthe Present Per Cindy. She _________ (be) eighty-two. She
4. Most women(be)
_________ appreciate
She __________ (talk) t
4. Paul doesn’t buy fashion magazines.
Shoes are appreciate by most women
Fashion magazines aren’t bought by Paul
5. Fashion influences young teenagers.
5. My mother doesn’t buy dresses.
Young teenagers are influenced by fashion
Dresses aren’t bougth by my mother.
6. Luke wears loose clothes.
6. Some designers don’t use innovative
Loose clothes are worn by Luke.
7. Tess and Sandra wear tight clothes.
Innovative materials aren’t used by some
Tight clothes are worn by Tees and Sandra.
8. Fashion magazines sell dreams.
7. Trendy girls don’t wear unfashionable clothes.
Dreams are sold Fashion maagzines.
Unfashionable clothes aren’t worn Trendy girls
9. Professional models teach young models.
8. Most models don’t eat cakes.
Young models are taught professional models
Cakes aren’t eaten by most models.
10. My cousin Lucy appreciates long dresses.
Long dresses are appreciated by my cousin

WEEK 11 – HW3

Complete the sentences with the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets. Use the
present simple.

1. The baby is 2. The phone call is 3. We are served 4. The cow is 5. Fancy dress
fed(feed) answered (answer) by (serve) by the milked (milk) by costumes are worn
the receptionist. waitresses. the farmer (wear) at Carnival.

6. I am helped 7. The dishes are 8. Questions are 9. Mother is 10. The car is
(help) by my washed.(wash) asked (ask) to the driven (drive) to repaired (repair) by
father. teacher. work by dad. the mechanic.

11. Letters are 12. Meat is sold (sell) 13. Granny is visited 14. Coffee is 15. The trousers are
typed (type) by the at the butcher’s. (visit) at hospital. grown (grow) in ironed (iron).
secretary. Colombia.

16. Sushi is eaten 17. The operation is 18. A book is 19. The problem 20. The patient is
(eat) in Japan. performed (perform) borrowed (borrow) is explained carried(carry) by
by the surgeon. from the library. (explain) by the The orderly.

21. Presents are 22 The exam is done 23. The violin is 24. Lunch is 25. Apples are picked
given (give) at (do) by the student. played (play) by cooked (cook) by (pick up) in summer.
Christmas. Carol. Sally and her

WEEK 11 – HW4

Everyone in the house has a task that he or she normally does. Describe what everyone does, changing

each active voice sentence into a passive voice sentence:

EX: John buys the food. --> The food is bought by John.

are w ashed
1. Thomas washes the dishes. --> The dishes by Thomas.

are fed
2. Frank feeds the dogs. --> The dogs by Frank.

are prepare
3. Maria prepares the food. --> The food by Maria.

is cleaned
4. David cleans the kitchen. --> The kitchen by David.

are paid
5. My father pays the bills. --> The bills by my father.

are trimed
6. The gardener trims the bushes. --> The bushes by the gardener.

is set
7. Helen sets the table. --> The table by Helen.

are w atered
8. My mother waters the plants. --> The plants by my mother.

is did
9. Arthur does the laundry. --> The laundry by Arthur.

are drived
10. My uncle drives us to school. --> We to school by my uncle.


WEEK 11 – HW5
Rewrite the sentences in the passive Now pay attention to some passive cases,
voice (interrogative form). Follow the namely those that require the omission of

example. the passive agent, and a change from

subject pronoun to object pronoun.
1. Do boys watch Tyra Banks show?
1. International designers introduce many
Is Tyra Banks show watched by boys?
2. Do teenagers read fashion magazines? clothing styles.

Are ----fashion magazines read by -----Many styles of clothing introduced

international designers. ------
3. Does fashion influence young teenagers?
2. People appreciate comfortable clothes.
---Are young teenagers influenced by
fashion?--- ----The comfortable clothes are appreciated by

4. Do you watch Portugal Fashion? people.-----

---Is Portugal Fashion watched by you?--- 3. I wear cotton clothes.
5. Do boys buy on-line clothes?
-------The cotton clothes are worn by me.---
--Are on line clothes bought boys?--
4. They sell nice and cheap clothes in this shop.
6. Do fashion magazines sell dreams?
--Are dreams sold by fashion magazines?-- ------The nice and cheap clothes is this shop

7. Do designers make clothes with different sold by they.---------

5. She buys fashion magazines.
---Are clothes with different materials made
--The fashion magazines are bought by she.-----
8. Do most people accept fashion changes? 6. Some photographers manipulate models’

----Are fashion change accepted most photographs.

people?----- ---The models’ photograps are manipulated by

some photographers.-------