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radio. coin (ston ur res parodia cefpring) ®& The Blog How toRGKEIO GGQutorials, blog posts and dedicated radio experts on hand to help your station. Setting Up an Internet Radio Station: What You Need to Know ° ~o internet-radio-stationwhat-you-need-to-know/) 2 SHARE Jamie Ashbrook ( Posted on 7th March 2016 ( Have you got an ides for 2 station but dart know where to begin? Setting up an internet ri fallow this theraugh guide. ‘station doesnt have to be hard, nat if you Your Complete Radio Station Guide Enter your details below and welll send you everything you need to get started. Learn al above the msriting nnnorsinity that internat radio presents and launch your station with, Thanks! Hey, thanks for that. Well talk hitps:radi,cofblog/stting-up-an-intemet-radio-station-what-you-need-o-know! am saist2017 Setting Up an Intemet Radio Station: What You Need lo Know - Like anything new we all 2 help shor Ist of things You ge eg FBPE BIEN SINE UP an internet rado station ‘The following advice is completely free and will hopefully provide you sm time to time, thats why our in-house team of experts at have put gether a some insight to head down the pnt path, You wil ear ts Wom shoul kro © Automated Broadcasting 24/7 What you can achieve wih took at your fingertips te broadcast nonestop toa global audience © Lye Broadcasting diferent methods tog four voice and shows ive online © Station Branding: ow to stardout from the crowd and get naticed Setting Up an Internet Radio Station Before we get into wh: ation lev's fst address some you need to know for setting up an internet radio sting ncems you might ha internet radio bros Common Questions These are a bunch of frequently asked common questions ti 6 wich are worth mentioning, so sgettoit! “tm new to internet radio broadcasting and not super technical, is there someone that can help me?” Cenainly At Radio co we havea dedicated team of in-house expers who can wakyau. Thanks! might have, plus there's a support team on standby ready to help look into anything for Hey thanks for that. Wel tak (bttps:// hitps:radi,cfblog/stting-up-an-intemet-rado-station-what-you-need-o-know! zit saist2017 Setting Up an Intemet Radio Station: What You Need lo Know - ce “Do | need expensive equipment to broadcast” Not really, you just a O ae CF laptop, an internet connection, and a microphone, you can even get away with a builtin When youre ist starry eye Reb BiBIe lust Bet UP and running as quickly as possible, so use the equipment you have and ungrade as you go along, ° (<4 a | “Can | broadcast live non-stop?” You can, bul that means you have le have a dedicated machine running around the clock streaming your audio, I's easier to automate your shows using Rad''s scheduler, this way you can switch between Ive and autornated tracks. (<4 “FM/AM & DAB require a license to broadcast - Do | need one for my internet radio station?” Untke terrestrial radio, you dont actualy need to own a license to broadcast, however, If your station is going to be playing commercial music then we have a few suggestions you can check out (httpsu/, There are quite a lot of common questions broadcasters have when it comes to internet radio, that’s why we've compiled a full Ist of answers (htpsi/ to give you 3 clear idea Want to Start an Internet Radio Station? Common questions answered (nttps:// Fundamentals of Internet Radio Understanding the basics of setting up an internet radio station and how it warks can hela you know what co look aut far and get a clearer picture of how your audio travels from point Aro point 8 and eventually gets to your Iisteners How it Works. ‘There are 3 basic stages when it comes to internet broadcasting 1. Source (Your Your computer mives aud, thi