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Ahmad Andry Budianto, S.

Self Learning Experience and Make Learning Innovation
Government policies are nine-year education program. However, whether the time nine years
was enough for a student to stop just develop education. Malang, a city of education and become
an educational center in East Java as a city of poor education schools have many alternatives
ranging from State schools and private schools.
One that support the success of the provision of education is the teacher. Teachers, have a
significant role for the success of students in school with learning activities and learning malalui
teachers are required to create a learning process to explore the insight and the experience and
knowledge of students and develop meaning. Thus, the teacher gives a deep impression on
students with what he learned. Students also need to be encouraged to learn through personal
experience, because with such students will really appreciate and gain experience to learn
directly from the surrounding environment. As a teacher who is not only to transfer knowledge,
teachers need to innovate in any learning process in class and outside of class. Innovation, can be
interpreted as something new in certain social situations and is used to answer or solve a
As a teacher of course, we need to answer and solve the problems of education (learning) among
students by giving lessons to students who have a wide - range invovasi, because our students
hadapai have various types of types A student who could capture learning through visual, audio
and kinesthetic. Tetunya, as teachers we need to embrace each student's learning style in all of
the learning that our students can understand what we deliver.
The progress of time in the era of the generation Z this time, requires us as teachers to follow
developments in science and teknelogi according to generation so that teachers are required to
continuously develop her abilities in every field both for learning and field teknelogi and the
need to continually innovate in teaching and learning process in accordance with the generation
we face.
Should we as teachers must be able to develop our thinking power that emphasizes education and
persoalam than the issues that are not important and could possibly cause problems for us. Do
not get us as teachers are not able to educate generations of Z is as always shackled by personal
problems and do not want to learn and do not want to keep abreast of the times and do not want
to innovate in educating students in school.
I'm as poor as a teacher wanted the city of advanced education city and wants to create a
generation of character. One of them gave the teaching and learning process with the Self
Learning Experience and Make Learning Innovation, following every existing learning model
training. It has been proved that I as a teacher in the city of the poor have a strong intention to
improve education in the city of Malang.
In addition to these things, we can also channel the talents as well as our ability to get a
champion in various events such as the outstanding teacher, the best teacher in learning
innovation etc. By doing so, the name of the institution where we serve can also be fragrant
name. Of course, not just any teacher, to educate students through our innovative learning as
teachers also created a generation of creative and innovative is needed to build the city poor. That
where, Malang future be the responsibility of the younger generation, then waged keeps the spirit
of this ita student learning. With their determination and spirit is high then the unfortunate city
will be a city that is always taken into account not only at local level but at the national, and even
international level. Let together we woke up with a poor urban education based learning Self
Learning Experience and makes learning to innovate with the potential for each of us to be
accelerated in the field of education realized. We hope that all the components are proud of this