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EDUC 4169 Education Change and Society Group

presentation feedback form

The Graduate qualities being assessed by this assignment are: Demonstration and application of a body of knowledge (GQ1) that supports the
development of and excellence in professional practice (GQ2) through applying logical, critical and creative thinking (GQ3) both autonomously and
collaboratively (GQ4) in an ethical way (GQ5) that is effectively and professionally communicated (GQ6)

HD D C P1 P2 F1 F2
Understanding of topic
Demonstrates depth of understanding
of complex social, cultural and
systemic aspects of the topic.

Communication and engagement

Communicates clearly and

Listens and responds to peers’ ideas

and perspectives to shape
understanding through suggestions,
comments, questions and drawing
ideas together.

Highlights essential detail when

communicating research summary

Uses engaging provocation to

stimulate thought and participation

Application to classroom context

Provokes thought about the way the
focus concept is enacted in classrooms

Active participation in peer presentations

Summary comment
Your presentation on cultural awareness achieved a good balance between activities and presentation. You
presented good summaries of the readings – that highlighted the major points and made connections with
the rest of the presentation. You were clear in your definition and summarised the presentation with a range
of appropriate classroom strategies. The resources you shared were engaging and fun and rounded of the
presentation and as I said “never underestimate the value of food.”

Grade Notation Notational % Grade description Assignment grade

High distinction HD 85–100 An exceptional submission in every regard

Distinction D 75–84 A good submission exhibiting high quality work in most areas
Credit C 65–74 A sound submission exhibiting high quality work in some
Pass level 1 P1 55–64 A sound submission
Pass level 2 P2 50–54 Just passable

Fail level 1 F1 40–49 Not passable - some areas requiring significant improvement

Fail level 2 F2 Below 40 Not passable – most areas requiring significant improvement