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Johziel C Vacalares

BSN 4 – G

1. Whats the chief complain of pt?

At first Mr. Jones was diagnosed to have schizophrenia but Dr. Bowen changed it Manic
Depressive Bipolar disorder.

2. When did this behavior started?

Mr. Jones described being “too much trouble” for others since his college years. Because his
exact age is not stated, the problems seem to have started about 20 years. Because he stated that
he was in and out of the hospital for the last 20 years.

3. What are some examples where the manifestations where seen?

 In the beginning of the movie he was trying to fly from a roof that endanger himself and
others who have to “rescue” him.
 Next he went on a spending spree after withdrawing lots of money from the bank.
 He is grandiose and impulsive; he talks nonstop.
 He invades the personal space of others, is very flirtatious with women, and cannot take
no for an answer.
 Under increased stimulation like on the the Mozart concert, his behavior was out of
control and he has to be forcibly removed by police. Mr. Jones arrives at the hospital with
again rapid-fire speech that often makes no sense.

 During a manic episode, Mr. Jones maintains that he has a “big personality” and that he is
just a kid who has never grown up. He adamantly denies that he has a mental illness or
that anything is wrong with him.

 During a depressive episode, Mr. Jones is sad, with downcast eyes and poor grooming
and hygiene. He does not interact with people around him. He shows psychomotor
retardation and slowed thinking, moving and talking slowly and struggling to perform
simple math. He has crying spells.

4. What other observations do you have about the client’s behavior?

Although Mr. Jones has an expansive elated mood, he quickly becomes hostile or irritated when
things don’t go his way. He knocks a medication tray out of a nurse’s hands when she tries to
give him his drugs during a cartoon show. He stops talking to Dr. Bowen when she mentions his
illness or symptoms. He has exceptional math abilities and is obviously intelligent, but he has no
steady employment, lives in a dingy apartment, and has no car.

5. In your opinion, is the diagnosis discussed above accurate?

Yes, even though his original diagnosis was changed but after watching the movie I think that
the manifestations that were present was enough to support that Mr. Jones has Mani
Depressive Bipolar Disorder.

6. What treatment plan will you outline?

 Continuity of medication
 therapy for monitor compliance
 build social skills and relationships
 improved community functioning (such as through employment as a stable income

7. What are the expected outcomes?

 Mr. Jones will comply with treatment, including medication and therapy.
 Mr. Jones will acknowledge his bipolar disorder and its effect on his life.
 Mr. Jones will assess his strengths and weaknesses realistically.
 Mr. Jones will function effectively in the community.
 Mr. Jones will develop satisfying, effective interpersonal relationships.