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Date: December, 17th 2014
Level: The 6th year of study (6F)

Topic: Shopping for clothes

Time 50 minutes

Pupils will be able:

-Use correctly the vocabulary of clothing for different parts of the body
-Use correctly the vocabulary related to different types of fabric
-Use correctly the expressions related to shopping
Phase/Time Activities Presentation Relatio Focus/Skills
1/5 Contextuali The teacher asks the Discussi Listening/speaking
sation students if they like to go on

The teacher asks how

often they go shopping.
2/10 Warm-up The teacher asks the Individu Writing/Speaking
students to divide their al work
sheet of paper in three.
The teacher asks the
students to write as many
things you can wear on
your legs, to cover the
upper part of your body
and as many things you
can use to cover your head
3/7 Lead-in The teacher writes on the Individu Writing/Speaking
blackboard the following al work
fabrics: leather, fur,
cotton, wool, denim.
The children write in their

The teacher gives the

following situation:
Imagine you will travel to
the mountain area for your
winter holydays and you
need to buy some winter
clothes. Do a shopping list
with the items you would
buy. The teacher asks
them to mention the type
of fabric.
4/3 Practice The teacher asks students Individu Reading/Speaking
to solve exercise 2/78. al work
6/15 Writing The teacher groups the Group Speaking
focus students in pairs. Based on work/
the exercise 2, students Role-
are asked to write a short play
dialogue imagining they
went to the store and wish
to buy some of the items
from the shopping list.