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Case Analysis

St. Francis
College of Commerce

Learning Team 5

AUSTRIA, Manuel Paolo S.

MACENAS, Marylynn B.
PASAHOL, Shielo C.
SALVADOR, Ana Genesis Joy B.
STA ANA, Jovy Ann M.
I.Point of View
The analysis would be in the point of view of the Rector of the University since he/she has
the power to accept or decline the plans of the university. He has the power to make decision/s that
should benefit not only the school but as well as its employees.

II. Problem Statement

What should be the decision of the rector with regards to the idea of the new dean of the
college of commerce, Mr. Santos, on the reorganization of the departments?

III. Analysis of the Case Situation

 Macro Environment Analysis

The College of Commerce is under the St. Francis University which is known for its
engineering and science degree courses. The college experienced one of the more rapid growth in
enrollment during the past ten years. The new dean, Mr. Santos, would like to continue this gains
through the combination of curricular improvements and administrative changes which the
employees disagree on. The Rector needs to decide what course of action the college should

Politico-Legal Environment
Regardless of any decision the Rector of the University will recommend to the
University Board of Trustees, proper legal considerations should always be covered since
big changes in the school administration are involved. The sudden change of their
organizational chart will directly affect its employees and the process might overlook the
laws about employment or the contract between the school and its employees.

Economic Environment
The location of St. Francis University is very strategic, since it is located in a major
port city in Visayas. Being a private university, it is given that their fees would not be
cheap, but given the fact that they are in a major port city would imply that the general
economic status of their area is healthy enough to sustain for the present operations of the
university. Problems regarding a few number of enrollees due to financial constraints
would have a minimal chance of occurring, since the area is well-sustained.
Added to this, if the plan of the new dean is put into action and is effective, enrollees
in the College of Commerce will grow thus increasing the profit of the school.

Socio-cultural Environment
This generation is already an information era so STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering, Math) courses are highly in demand. St. Francis university happens to be
introduced as one of the better private universities in the city, moreover they are well-
known for their engineering and science programs This means that the university offers
programs that are timely and relevant, which would more likely interest new enrollees and
their parents. They could also use the demand for math courses in improving their business
Natural Environment
The relevance of the university to the city can be reflected by the programs they
offer. Since their location is known as a major port city in Visayas, programs related to
commerce are more appropriate to pursue. Also, the rapid growth and development in
technology can lead to an increasing number of enrollees in their engineering programs.
Overall, the environment in which they operate in sets the criteria which measures the
relevance of the programs they offer.

 Industry Environment Analysis

St. Francis University is an educational institution, hence their clients/customers
are mainly their students. The university has an average of over 26,000 students - both
undergraduate and graduate degrees. The College of Commerce, specifically, has seen a
rise in the number of enrollees during the past 10 years, despite the fact that they have high
admission standards.
Noteworthy competitors among the academic institutions would have to be those
colleges or universities that are offering similar programs and degrees, and are trying to
surpass St. Francis University in terms of quality and competency.
 Company Analysis
University Analysis
St. Francis University was a medium-sized private University located in a major
port city in the Visayas and is well known primarily for its engineering and science degree
The College of Engineering accounts for more than one third of the University’s
enrollment while the College of Commerce comes as a close second, besting them of
3,000+ more students enrolled.
Being one of the better universities in the area, the university is doing well in terms
of enrollment rate while still implementing better admission standards compared to their
neighboring colleges.

College of Commerce Analysis

The College of Commerce has a clear organizational structure that ensures proper
division of work among the appropriate units and departments. And also, provides a
systematic way of dealing with issues and concerns and addressing problems. This
structure clearly exhibits the chain of authority within the college. Within the college, is
the Dean, whom six department heads report to and the Vice Dean whose main
responsibility is to oversee the administrative aspects of the operation of the college.
As of current, the newly appointed dean of the College of Commerce raised the
concern of reorganizing the whole college and stated the financial gains to this proposed
restructuring. By reducing the six departments to three, they will be able to lessen the cost
of operations and also they will be able to reduce the cost of additional expenses incurred
from special allowances given to department heads.
IV. SWOT Analysis

Opportunities Threats
 Increasing number of  Cost increase in running the
enrollees school
 Higher demand for STEM  Difficulty in raising the
(Science, Technology, tuition fees
Engineering, and Math)

Strengths  Since the school is one of the  Use their identity to attract
 One of the better better performing schools in enrollees. Increase in
private University the area, they can use this to enrollees would increase the
in the city attract more enrollees. money that the university is
 Strategic location  Use their name as one of the receiving and thus, more
 Clear better private universities to money for the university to
organizational improve more their STEM use for running the school.
structure (Chain programs in order to attract
of command) enrollees.
 Employees have
good relationship
with each other

Weaknesses  If there would be more  Evaluate the allocation of

 Inability to easily students who wants to enroll resources to find ways in
cut the cost of in the college, there would saving money.
running the be more money to be used
college. for the cost in running the
college and improving its
V. Formulation and Evaluation of Alternatives

Alternative Solutions Pros Cons

The idea of the dean should be  There would be less  A lot of the teachers
accepted.(Reducing the existing number of department does not want the idea
number of departments from 6 to heads which means of the dean which may
3) less people who have result for them to leave
a high salary. the school if the idea is
 Merging of the implemented.
departments would  The deep relationship
allow teachers to of the teachers in each
share their knowledge of the six departments
on their respective would be ruined and
fields to other would have to start
teachers of different adapting with their
fields. new environment.
 Increase in workload
of the department
heads for being in
charge of more people.

There should be no reorganization  The teachers are  There would be more

in the departments of the college willing to have a low department heads,
of commerce and continue what salary because they which have a higher
the college is doing for the past are enjoying and are salary than regular
ten years. happy with their work teachers, than that in
in each departments. the reorganization idea
 The tight relationship of the dean.
of the teachers, which
helps them to be more
efficient, would be
 Teachers would be
able to focus on their
respective fields and
would be able to

There should be no reorganization  This will encourage  This will need time
in the departments of the college parents to enroll and effort for the
of commerce. Instead of focusing their children in the whole department.
in administrative changes, the university. They need to attend
college should exert their efforts  Good education workshops and
in improving their curriculum and will produce seminars to increase
provide quality education to its alumnas that will their knowledge.
student. represent the  The effect of this plan
university in the cannot be seen at once
future. because it is a long
 It will increase the term plan
profit of the college  This will not help
in the long run. lower the cost of
 This can help the running the college.
school to be
established not only
in engineering and
science courses but
also in commerce.
VI. Decision/ Recommendation
There should be no reorganization in the departments of the college of commerce and
continue what the college is doing for the past ten years. The college already were able to rapidly
increase the number of enrollment in the college in how they are organized now. That is why
reorganization is not needed right now. Dean Santos wants to increase the number of enrollees in
the college but there is no direct relationship of the number of departments to the number of
students who are enrolling in the college. Also, if the population of the College of Commerce
increases, it would be better that there are specific departments for every area to help the students
at once and the employees will be focused in just a few tasks rather than working on different jobs
at once.
Also, the teachers are willing to have a low salary since they said that they are enjoying
and are happy with their work in each departments. Also, because of the homogeneity of the
departments, teachers developed a tight relationship which helps them to be more efficient.

To continue the rapid growth of enrollees, the Rector believes that the college should focus
on giving its student quality education producing alumni that will better represent their school in
the future. This will help in establishing the school reputation that they are not only good in
teaching engineering and science degree courses but also in commerce. If this happens, parents
will be encouraged to enroll their child in their university specifically in the College of Commerce.
In order to do this, the college needs to give extra funds to the college to hold workshops
and seminars for their teachers. This would definitely cost their time, effort and money but it is a
small price to pay in exchange of a good reputation in teaching commerce in the long run. Through
this workshops and seminars, the camaraderie among employees will increase. There would also
be growth not only as a team but as per individual as well for they will acquire new knowledge in
the process. And if this plan works, the increase in enrollees can cover this added expenses.
The problem that may arise is that if the cost of running the college increases faster than
the increase in enrollment in the college, the college might be needing funds and the departments
may have to compromise for this and merge departments to reduce the number of department heads
who have a higher salaries that regular faculty members. At start, they might not have the same
deep relationship that they have when they are in six departments but their relationship will
develop just like before.