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® Vigan Masgross Unversity Foundation Marin PPosadas Ave, San Cafos City, Pangesinan Colege of using A Case study on Pulmonary Tuberculosis Present Mr. Niro J Gonzales RN, RM Prepared by Cuda Ma. Chars Joy ‘De Mess, Roberto De Vers, Feme e Ver, Jy De Vera Rona Del Santos ica Rene Domaniay, Gace Festa Ms. Elena esni.c) Personal Data Name: Ms ACL. oe 31 yrs ‘Adress: Poblaon, Bugalon Pangasinan Date obit: November 9, 1978. (Cv Stats Mad Sex Ferae ‘Occupation: Housowte Retigon: Roman Catoe Netonatiy: ipo Date aamision: Ape 15, 2010 ‘chef Complint Coughing otf ood Ins! agnosis PB wih nemoptes Fina Diagnoss: PTS win nemoptyas _Ateodng Physon De mio Sion Social and Demographic Factors: Yuba Resitence Y Low Sccl-econamie sate Uses Charcot or canting Educational Attainment: High sero aracate IHoalth History Personal History Past Heath History Family History (Saker (smoker (Saker {cool anker {cool anker (*)aleonel anor (Asthma (Asthma (Asthma oHPN oHPN (HN oom oom (om ‘Two months pro aission, Ms. ACL. sured om persist produce coughing wie ter persis coughing out of ood. On th 15° of Apr, sho was ‘ised ha Resp (Don Marana Vrzasa Memon Hori) whe cet Compan of couging at of bees. She alo sufere rom sever chest pan, Her via ‘ors upon egmasion was: Head (wounds normal (dy air ()nermocophale sen (jandicn ommal (imei sn eas ()lumpstestns oral Eyes (+) pian otox oma (6) pups equal (eischarge rote (pores edema Nose oral Mouth (2) tos (ut set Ore Face (edema normal 4 ‘roundesmoon ace