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Solution Manager 7.

2 SR1(SPS03) Managed System Configuration- JAVA(Enterprise

January 21, 2018 | 1,860 Views |

Sumit Patel
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SAP Solution Manager
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Hi All,

This blog is on SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SR1(SPS03) Managed System Configuration- JAVA(Enterprise
Portal) , it is very useful for beginners who has started working on solution manager .

I have explained each step in detail with appropriate screenshots and with error resolutions.
In this blog, I have also explained how to configure agents on fly.
For the diagnostics agent installed on the physical/virtual SAP recommends to use a freshly installed
Diagnostics Agent . It is not recommended to try to reuse older/former existing agents for the agents on-the-fly

->This will help you to determine where the agents on-the-fly are currently located(on which physical/virtual
host they are currently running)

In the Agent admin UI the on-the-fly agents are identified by <SID>/<Instance>/<logical host name>-> so to
identify on which physical host an agent on-the-fly is currently running.It is recommended to sue different
SIDs or instance number for all agents participating in one switch over group (the group of physical hosts
between which one managed component can switch)
1- Click Edit and Assign Product

2 Check Prerequisites
Click Execute All button

3- Assign Diagnostics Agent

Now go to Managed System Configuration and click Auto Assign
For other 2 agents, need to setup Diagnostics Agents on Fly
Now we will configure host (hostnames)to Enable Diagnostics Agents on Fly
->We configure Diagnostics Agents on Fly whenever we have virtual hosts configured on
particular servers,
Go to t-code – /nsolman_setup->Managed System Configuration->Hosts
Select host <hostname>(Select the host for which you want to Enable Diagnostics Agents on Fly))
Click button Configure Host
Just uncheck field Enable Diagnostics Agents on Fly and click again on it, give server names

Now go to Managed System Configuration of the particular system, click on step 4- Assign Diagnostics Agent
and click Auto Assign tab as shown below
4- Enter System Parameters
“Diagnostics Agent OS user has no write privileges on IS BCA path /usr/sap/<SID/<Instance

->Give full permission to folder ISBCAdapter with below command

> chmod 777 ISBCAdapter
Provide * Introscope BC Adapter deployment relative path: /usr/sap/<SID/<Instance NO>/ISBCAdapter
Select the below field and click save

.Deploy Byte Code Adapter under Managed System Instance(s)

5. Enter landscape Parameters

Click Save
6- Maintain Users
7 -Finalize Configuration

Click Execute All

Faced issue at Byte Code adapter Installation
To check the logs,Click Open URL
To resolve above error , please follow below note

Note-2443049 – “No configuration found for key (<SID>/<instNumber>/sapj2ee/P4/port)” error – Solution

Manager 7.2
Error “Failed to update VM parameters – Failed to use
JMX service”
To resolve above error , please follow below note for Resolution
2400079 – Byte Code Adapter Installation Error: “Failed to connect via p4 channel – Failed to use JMX service” – SAP Solution Manager
To solve the issue perform the following steps in the Managed System:

1. Go to the NWA (/nwa) of the Managed System;

2. Configuration;
3. Security;
4. Authentication and Single Sign-On;
5. Go to ‘Authentication’ tab (this is automatically selected, but please double check);
6. Go to sub-tab ‘Components’;
7. Select ‘SAP-J2EE-Engine’ (Policy Configuration Name);
8. In the bottom of the screen you will see tab ‘Authentication Stack’, here select the;
9. Using button ‘Move Down’, move the to the bottom of the table;
10. Save the configuration.

Now again execute the step Byte Code Adapter Installation, it worked out
->NOTE-2355717 – Introscope Host Adapter activity ended with error ‘”Introscope Host Adapter
configuration finished without errors, but on Enterprise Manager no Introscope Host Adapter was detected
from host” – SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2
8. Check Configuration

Click Execute All

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any question regarding the blog.