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Exercises for task 3

Look at the picture. Identify and write each body part. Use words from the box.
You will not use all the words.

chest arm ear eye chin hip ankle knee neck stomach shoulder








Example: ____eye_____

7. 10.

8. 11.

9. 12.
Write the correct words to complete the sentences. You will not use all the words.

Example: Joe ate much too much food. He has a stomachache

13. It hurts Tim to swallow. He has a a. toothache

14. Michelle fell down the stairs. She has a b. stomachache

15. Ron feels hot all over. He has a c. sore throat

16. Lucy has a cough and a runny nose. She has a d. cold

e. fever

f. backache

Look at the pictures. Circle the correct word in each sentence that describes the


Her hair is ( curly / long / [white] ).


His hair is ( long / blonde / straight ).


She has ( gray / curly / long ) hair.


His hair is ( dark / short / straight ).

Read and complete the sentences. Write what people should or shouldn’t do.

Example: You are very sick. You should see a doctor.

20. You have a toothache. You a dentist.

21.You have a fever. You to school today.

22. You have a bad cold. You to bed and stay there.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb be or have.

Example: My father __has__ a beard.

23. Christie and her sister curly hair.

24. Her hair and her eyelashes both long.

25. Jeff’s hair long and dark.

26. My brother a moustache.

27. Jane’s hair gray.

Read the article. Then circle the letter of the correct answers.
Example: Exercise is NOT good for you when it

[a]. hurts you. b. makes you tired. c. makes you thirsty.

28. What supports your whole body?

a. your legs b. your shoes c. your feet

29. What should you be able to do while you exercise?

a. be with a friend b. talk to a friend c. breathe hard

30. If you don’t look where you’re running, you might

a. hurt yourself. b. get lost. c. breathe too hard.

Writing Section

Answer the questions below.

1. Describe the appearance of one of your friends. Use two sentences to do this.
Use is or has correctly.

2. A friend of yours doesn’t feel well. Tell what is wrong with him or her in one
sentence. In another sentence, suggest what he or she should do.

Speaking Section

Talk about a time you were sick or had an injury. What happened? What did you
do about your illness or injury? Upload the video on YOUTUBE and then attach the
video file in the space provided for this assignment.