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October 8, 2008
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By Moin Ansari

¢     Why does Geo collude with foreign media? Why
does it focus on creating chaos and general discontent? Why does it act like an instrument of an
political party? Why does Geo behave like the arm of a foreign force? Why did Geo deliberately
broadcast false bad news about the economy when the stock market was booming? What hand
did Geo play in scaring the foreign investors away from Pakistan? Why did Geo repeat the false
news about the growth figures which led to the crash of the stock market? Why does Geo show
wrong Pakistani maps? Why does Geo almost never cover the insurgencies in India? Why is Geo
so infatuated with Anti-Pakistan Bollywood films? Why is Geo bent upon creating a
³Indianization´ of Pakistan? Why does Geo pay so much attention to Bollywood? Why does Geo
show dead bodies? Is this all part of a psy-op or is it part of an agenda? Mr. Husain Haqqani of
the Hudson institute is on the payroll of JINSA and AIPAC (public information posted on Rupee
News) is a known neocon with his own agenda. His wife Ms. Isphani is involved with VOA and
Geo pursuing the same Neocon agenda.

A company is known by the company it keeps. Geo certainty deals with some ³j  ´
characters. Its genesis, consultants, and affiliations leave much to be desired.

We have attempted to put together a thesis and a case on why Geo has exacerbated the
conditions in Pakistan and why it is biased. The article discusses the origins of Geo and its
connections with shady operatives. We present the actual proof of the affiliates of Geo. The
information on the CIA psy-ops discusses how the CIA operates in other countries.




The bottom line of this article is that Geo has connived with shady characters who are associated
with foreign powers and have been up up to no good. Geo¶s track record in showing dead bodies,
and repeating nonsense on the economy, and providing place and comfort to the enemy. These
facts are described in detail with actual quites, references and pointers.

1) Questions that Geo cannot answer

2) General discussion of CIA ops

3) CIA is active in Pakistan. NY Times report

4) CIA Dirty Tricks Department

5) Details on efforts to destabilize Pakistan

6) Strange happenings at Geo that cannot be explained

) Geo origins and the people who helped in starting Geo. Geo¶s connections to some ver un
savory characters

8, Geo links with David Hazinski a known Neocon Zionist with deep links to Neocon
organizaitons that have spoken up against Pakistan

9) Discussion of Weinberger¶s his beliefs and his association with Geo and Mr. Hazinski

10) Discussion of the beliefs of Mr. Hazinski¶s

11) Detailed discussion of the Media¶s role in destabilizing Pakistan

12) Appendices, Farah Ispahani role in VOA and Geo, Resume of Mr. Hazinski


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Video: Geo Tv Report on Ajmal Kassab ± The Reality

Black Revolution 200: Pakistan¶s Lawyers Movement ± Bush Administration¶s Last

Color Revolution

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(The implements of psychological warfare are: open propaganda, subversion, special operations
(sabotage, guerrilla warfare, espionage), political and cultural pressures, economic pressures.
The principal effects sought are persuasion, sympathy, terrorization, confusion, division and
physical interference. These operations, ancient in origin, are modernly employed, notably by
Italy, Germany, the Soviet Union and other principal powers. The programs are planned more or
less centrally in all nations, but executed by a variety of agencies. Memorandum on Intelligence
for Psychological Warfare, by General John Magruder, Feb. 1943 )


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 j NY Times Jan. 6th, 200

In the 1980s, President Zia ul Haq was blown up in a military plane and Benazir
Bhutto became the Prime Minister. However she was fired from her job for corruption.





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 j  j   

 Ansar Abbasi in The News

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Tons of money was sent to Pakistan for a well organized campaign to launch street
demonstrations against President Musharraf. Mr. Ahmed Quraishi has quoted $500 million in
funds were disbursed. As in 199, during the PNA demonstration millions of Dollars were
dispersed among professional agitators. Uzbek and Tajiks were recruited to create mayhem in

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 j   !

  j (Ahmed Quraishi is an investigative reporter, currently hosting a weekly
political talk show titled Worldview from Islamabad.)

The media has been unleashed about the so called ³

 !  ´ in Pakistan creating a justification
for continued and more abrasive offensive action in South Asia. This to create instability in
Pakistan that will be used as an excuse to continue the perpetual mimetic warfare in the Muslim
world. Pakistan has been facing the brunt of the US initiative to implement ³Democracy´ in
Pakistan even though the credentials of the champions of democracy are very weak. Neither
Egypt, nor Uganda, nor Congo, nor Haiti, nor Taiwan, nor China nor Israel nor Russia face the
US medias pontification on how great democracy is. This expose of Geo origins has tries to
uncover the reasons why Geo acts so strangely.

Geo employs a lot of good reporters, but it also employs program hosts whose credentials and
loyalty to Pakistan is questionable. For example Mr. Shaharyar Azhar is a known follower of
Neocon philosophy and ideas always highlighting the negative news about Pakistan and not
taking India or other countries to task. There are reports in the press that Geo has
been instrumental in the campaign of disinformation about Pakistan. It has become a willing or
unwilling instrument of those who wanted to destabilize Pakistan. The governemnt of Pakistan
and the ISI of Pakistan got wind of Geo plans and recommended to the President to take action
against Geo. The Emergency imposed by the previous government was to thwart the campaign
of disinformation that was running concurrently by Time magazine and Newsweek Magazine
and the Neocon News agencies in the West.

Why does Geo generally show the Indian version of events and why does its news sound like a
translation of CNN news? Geo¶s dangerous general policies are the main reason that the Pakistan
was not allowing Geo to resume its transmission. Amazingly Geo is now starting a new ³ð 

´ channel to continue its activities against the the country. Where is the funding for all this
coming from?

Whether Geo is an unwilling victim of its sponsors and her affiliates in the USA or India, or is
Geo running a planned campaign and got caught with its pants down.

All Geo viewers want to find out the truth!

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Professor Michel Chossudovsky sheds some light on the plan:

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-c Here are some
facts about Geo and some example of how Geo demorolizes the population and the general body
of the Pakistani dispora.
Geo repeatedly telecasted false news about the Pakistani economy, the political
situation and hence the stock market crashed in Pakistan In a pre-orchestrated campaign.
Ym Geo focuses on the negative news and instead of focusing on solutions it shows bodies of
dead people in contradiction of PEMRA and all decency requirements.
Ym Geo focuses on petrol prices but does not inform the viewers that most private cars in
Pakistan now run on CNG (liqufied petroluem gas) which costs $5 for a tank full. Most
people driving cars are not affected by the rise in petrol (gasoline) prices.
Ym In a planned manner Geo supresses and ignores good news like 5.1 billion dollar of oil
refinery in Pakistan
Geo usually ignores good news like $28 Billion Emar international island development
Ym Geo is averse to good news about Pakistan±there is no discussion of the Bullet Trains in
Ym Geo does not focus foreign interference in Pakistani affairs.
Ym Geo did not discuss the 89 separatist movements in India in 200 ]from Seven
Northeastern sister states, to the Naxalite insurrection, to Bihar to Kashmir, to Assam
Ym Geo Dramas: 50 percent of the dramas are Indian dramas on Geo and 25 percent are with
mix cast (Indian and Pakistani) and Indian film
Ym Geo focuses on showing beheading of people and other depressing news.
Ym Why did Geo not focus on showing 250 million people sleeping on sidewalks in India?
Ym Geo did not cover for 36 hours the killing of 3000 Muslims in Gujrat?
Ym Urdu is not used by many hosts. Morning host shows are in English and  5 
 ( a
horrible combination). The Younger generation is being spoiled by using them as
instruments of hedonism.
Ym Some of the shows are way beyond the pale on being modern. Nudity is not modernity.
Science and Technology is modernity.
Ym Geo plays into the hands of the opposition parties. It does not discuss opportunities for
When Mr. Shaharayar interviewed the President of Azad Kashmir he interrupted him and
did not allow him to speak about the problems with the article of accession of Kashmir to
India (which is now lost) if it ever existed.
Ym Geo continues to use Indian jargon like ³partition´. Partition signifies a temporary
dissection of the whole. India was never whole. Even during British times there were
more than 500 states in the Subcontinent. Some of them banded together to make
Pakistan and others banded together to make India.
Ym Discussion of Kashmir, Manvanagar, Junagarh are non-existent on Geo. Most Geo maps
show Kashmir as part of Pakistan. Zad Kashmir is never shown. Some Geo maps sill
show the Nothern Areas as part of India or partof Kashmir.
Ym Kamran Khan was getting RS 25 lakh per month. Income vs. salary? Dr. Shahid Mahmud
used to get Rs 22 laks per month. He was a member of NSF student Hamid Mir
the Editor of ³Ausaf´ get Rs. 22 Lakh per month.
Ym Nadia Khan gets Rs 6 lacs per month. Income vs. salary?When Geo was not able to
broadcast the 8-hour cricket match, Geo said they lost 1 billion Rupees, After the ban
Goo kept on broadcasting for 36 hours without any income?Let us investigate the players
involved with Geo from information that is publicly available. We see these links which
will be analyzed.


Black Revolution 200: Pakistan¶s Lawyers Movement ± Bush Administration¶s Last

Color Revolution

Operation Blue Tulsi: 15 Years in Planning, 10 Years in Preparation and Today in Execution

Codename Operation Enduring Turmoil Exposed! ± Zionist Neocon Plans for Pakistan and rest
of the World

Dissecting The Anti-Pakistan Psyop

7 &
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  c & %    %   # $ %% /#0

2) Who is Todd Fratz and why does Geo associate with such characters?

3) Casper Weinberger, Ronald Reagan¶s indicted and pardoned Secretary of Defense who
predicted the ³Next War´ with a rogue state like Iran. Why does Geo align itself with known war

4) Geo has strategic links with SkyTV of the UK, CNN, IBN-CNN in India and the Voice of
America (VOA). See article on VOA Geo alliance in Pakistan.


Geo was started with the help of an ex US Naval Petty Officer by the name of Hazinski who has
links with Mr. Casper Weinberger and many Indian channels.

According to ( ³Most recently, he re-designed the

central International Broadcast Center for the Voice of America in Washington and is consulting
on new network launches for the VOA´. Mr. Hazinski is the principal of the company called
IntelligentMC (,280 Peachtree Road #13,
Atlanta, GA 30305-2918, USA, email:, url: other principal of Intelligent MC is Mr. Todd Frantz. ³Todd
comes to IMC from 10 years at CNN in Atlanta´. He has links to ³Cox Center for International
Mass Communication Training and Research at The University of Georgia´
David Hazinski, associate professor at the University of Georgia¶s Grady College of Journalism
and Mass Communication, is the principle architect of GEO-TV and managed the station¶s
launch. Hazinski was contacted by the Jang Group, Pakistan¶s largest newspaper publisher and
GEO-TV¶s owner, after he shepherded the successful launch of a similar station in India in
January 2001. Aaj Tak, the first all-news, Hindi-language channel in India, now has a 60% share
of the news audience in India.

As one of the owners of Intelligent Media Consultants, an Atlanta-based company that helps its
clients design efficient and profitable network operations through the creative application of
broadcast technology, Hazinski has worked all over the world launching news operations in
markets starved for unbiased reporting. ³This is really the cutting edge of technology and
journalism,´ says Hazinski, a former NBC news correspondent who says he and his partners
have helped launch at least a dozen news operations in the last 10 years. ³These are new markets.
They haven¶t been exposed to lots of TV.´

Because most of Intelligent Media¶s clients are unfamiliar with broadcast news techniques,
Hazinski says he is able to tailor unique approaches that maximize their limited budgets. ³These
people are willing to try new things because they don¶t want to pay the outrageous costs
associated with news production in the United States,´ he says. ³Right now, based on what we
learned in Pakistan, we¶re convinced we can launch a network today for half of what it would
have cost three years ago. And no one would see any quality difference on the air ± even if we
aired it in the U.S.´

At GEO-TV¶s main broadcast center in Karachi, Hazinski built a newsroom around 24 Mac G4s
running Final Cut Pro. News footage is captured with 40 Sony PD150s and 15 PD100s. NewTek
Video Toaster 2 systems are used at bureaus in Islamabad and Lahore to switch between the
main broadcast center.

In addition to designing a systems approach for GEO-TV, Hazinski helped teach the station¶s
staff how to use the equipment and how to produce television news. Greg Pope, a freelance
editor and producer formerly with CNN, spent one month in Karachi this summer training GEO-
TV¶s news staff, which primarily consists of newspaper journalists. ³We basically had to convert
people from print journalists to TV journalists,´ says Pope, adding that he had never taught
production techniques in a classroom setting to non-English speaking students. ³These print
people were basically issued cameras and editing equipment and within months were
transformed from pen and paper to this new electronic media. Some of them didn¶t even know
how to use a keyboard when we started.´

Considering the steep learning curve for the Pakistani journalists, Pope says he was amazed at
their perseverance and enthusiasm. ³These people are tired of having Western news and
government news shoved down their throats,´ says Pope, who estimates that he taught 100
people to shoot and edit video. ³They want their own voice. They want to represent themselves
in their own way.´

But there is still a chance that the government will shut down GEO-TV. Pope says that while he
was training the news staff, it was widely believed that there were spies for PTV within their
ranks. However, in recent years the Jang Group has won many battles for freedom of the press,
so there is hope that GEO-TV will succeed.

³If they have minimal government interference, [GEO-TV] will change the face of Pakistan,´
says Pope.

,  cc cc ,". Why did Geo hire a known Neocon for help in

He owns Intelligent Media Consultants, LLC, a company responsible for training the staffs and
helping to launch eight television networks around the world, mostly on the sub-continent. These
include Aaj Tak and CNN-IBN in India and GEO TV in Pakistan. He has also consulted for
broadcasters and publishers such as the Voice of America, Gramedia in Indonesia, and
Alsumaria in Beirut and Baghdad. While on the faculty, Hazinski spent two years as writer, co-
host and technology advisor of the internationally syndicated World Business Review with
Caspar Weinberger, the Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan. Before coming to UGA,
Hazinski served six years as an international correspondent for NBC News, covering the U.S.,
Europe, and Central America ² and ten years before that as a TV reporter with stations in
Charlotte and Pittsburgh. Office: 139, Fax Number: (06) 542-2183, E-Mail Address:

Hazinski holds a Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professorship, the university¶s highest
teaching award and has been appointed a Senior Teaching Fellow and a member of the Teaching
Academy. He has received more than a dozen local, state, and national journalism awards,
including a Golden Quill for Investigative Reporting.

Mr. Hazinski has been advocating restricting what he calls ³Citizenship jounalism´ which he
considers dangerous. (,(

Investigative reporters may scrutinize the details of Mr. resume posted at the bottom of this post.
Also posted on (/12/response-to-professor-david-hazinski.html

, c ,   - +5 ,". 7-  His address to
the American Jewish Council dated 12/13/200. You can read his article at the bottom of this

 7 And why did Geo associate with a known war monger?

Caspar Willard ³Cap´ Weinberger (August 18, 191 ± March 28, 2006), was an American
politician and Secretary of Defense under President Ronald Reagan from January 21, 1981, until
November 23, 198, making him the third longest-serving defense secretary to date, after Robert
McNamara and Donald Rumsfeld. He is also known for his roles in the Strategic Defense
Initiative program and the Iran-Contra Affair.

Following his resignation as Secretary of Defense, Weinberger was placed under indictment by
Independent Counsel Lawrence E. Walsh. The formal indictment charged Weinberger
withseveral felony counts of lying to the Iran-Contra independent counsel during its
investigation. Weinberger received a Presidential pardon from President George H.W. Bush on
December 24, 1992, after Bush had failed to win a second term.

In 1996, Weinberger co-authored a book entitled The Next War, which raised questions about
the adequacy of US military capabilities following the end of the Cold War. After he published
his book, his colleagues from the Reagan administration broke contact and refused to speak with

Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (¶GBE¶) in 1988, awarded in
recognition for an ³outstanding and invaluable´ contribution to military cooperation between the
UK and the US, particularly during the Falklands War of 1982. Wikipedia

7 c   c ,   From Publishers Weekly
Weinberger, secretary of defense for most of the Reagan years, collaborates with Schweizer,
president of the James Madison Institute, to present five possible near-future scenarios in which
the U.S. goes to war. Scenario one is based on a North Korean invasion of South Korea that ends
in stalemate after a limited nuclear exchange. Number two casts Iran as a rogue state using
ballistic missiles to alter the Middle East¶s balance of power. The third scenario postulates a
radical Mexican government scapegoating the U.S. as the source of its country¶s woes. A fourth
describes the conquest of Europe by a resurgent Russia?again with the aid of nuclear weapons. In
scenario five, the U.S. and Japan reignite the Pacific War of 1941-1945, this time using
³cyberstrikes´ against information systems, chemical warfare and a nuclear exchange. The
authors tell their stories through the eyes of fictional participants. This format, familiar to readers
of techno-thrillers, is an effective framework for dramatizing a set of pessimistic conclusions.
Because of America¶s reduction of its conventional armed forces and its failure to build a missile
defense system, none of the scenarios have outcomes more positive than stalemate achieved at
high cost. The authors¶ lament for such a missile system and for the armed forces of the past
won¶t convince those who believe that the dominant modes of future conflict will be terrorism
and guerrilla war, however. Weinberger and Schweizer nevertheless make a case deserving
serious consideration by citizens and policy-makers alike. PUblisher¶s Weekly posted on

. Geo has been blamed for participating in and highlighting
events per CNN instructions.

Why is Geo not reporting Gen. Kayani¶s statement that he suspects a foreign hand in the
assassination to destabilize and denuclearize Pakistan? The silence is deafening!
Saboteurs trained in Afghanistan have been inserted into Pakistan to aggravate extremist
passions here, especially after the Red Mosque operation.

Chinese citizens continue to be targeted by individuals pretending to be Islamists, when no

known Islamic group has claimed responsibility. . A succession of ³religious rebels´ with
suspicious foreign links have suddenly emerged in Pakistan over the past months claiming to be
³Pakistani Taliban´. Some of the names include Abdul Rashid Ghazi, Baitullah Mehsud, and
now the Maulana of Swat. Some of them have used, and are using, encrypted communication
equipment far superior to what the Pakistani military owns.

Money and weapons have been fed into the religious movements and al-Qaeda remnants in the
tribal areas.
Exploiting the situation, assets within the Pakistani media started promoting the idea that the
Pakistani military was killing its own people. The rest of the unsuspecting media quickly picked
up this message. Some botched US and Pakistani military operations against al-Qaeda that
caused civilian deaths accidentally fed this media campaign.This was the perfect timing for the
launch of Military, Inc: Inside Pakistan¶s Military Economy, a book authored by Ayesha Siddiqa
Agha, a columnist for a Pakistani English-language paper and a correspondent for ³Jane¶s
Defence Weekly´, a private intelligence service founded by experts close to British intelligence.

 %&     $

 %&     $   1! $ $  5

Here are the statistics on the number of posts and discussion of Geo on various boards:

If things do not change, Pakistanis should cancel Geo and let them suffer.

c 1 -


&       - 2   2  1

 3 ==>=?>899@

Washington, D.C. ± The Voice of America (VOA) will launch Beyond the Headlines-its new
television program in Urdu-on Monday, Nov. 14. The half-hour program will air on GEO TV in
Pakistan at :30 p.m. Monday through Friday and on selected international satellites, including
AsiaSat (Virtual Channel 409) and IOR (Virtual Channel 420).
Beyond the Headlines (Khabron se Aage), a fast-paced, contemporary production designed with
young and urban Pakistanis in mind, will continue VOA¶s 63-year tradition of broadcasting
accurate and balanced information. Programs will examine international developments,
technology, politics, social issues, education, religion, sports, and entertainment.

³We look forward to opening this important new channel of communication between the
American people and Pakistan,´ said Steven J. Simmons, a member of the Broadcasting Board of
Governors (BBG), which oversees all United States international radio and television services.
Simmons is chairman of the BBG¶s Voice of America Committee, and has played a key role in
increasing radio and TV service to Pakistan, including Beyond the Headlines.

³)  j        

  4ð' j !<
! j
 5    Simmons added. ³This new program, together with our
expanded radio service, demonstrates our growing commitment to reach the people of Pakistan
with new, engaging programs on both radio and TV.´


j   ,´ said VOA Director David S. Jackson. ³Beyond the Headlines will focus not
only on the big issues of the day, but also on features, business, and culture stories that illuminate
the world we live in. For example, we¶ll show how Pakistanis live and work and go to school in
the U.S. We want to provide a unique mix of stories that viewers can¶t find anywhere else.´

1   &   is the managing editor and executive producer for Beyond the Headlines. She
joined VOA earlier this year, bringing more than 20 years of experience in print and television
media at such news organizations as CNN, ABC, and NBC. Before she joined VOA, Ispahani,
who is a fluent Urdu speaker, was instrumental in the launch of CNN¶s Paula Zahn Now and
Anderson Cooper 360.

Anchoring Beyond the Headlines will be Aneka Osman. A familiar face to Pakistanis, Osman
worked as an English language news anchor on Pakistan Television. She has covered regional
and national security issues, Pakistan-India relations, the conflict in the Middle East, and
Pakistan¶s general elections. She has also worked on Prime Television, the UK-based Pakistani
channel, and on the Business Plus Channel.

Ayaz Gul is VOA Urdu¶s Chief Reporter and Pakistan Coverage Coordinator for Radio Aap ki
Dunyaa (Your World Radio), VOA¶s Urdu radio service, and Beyond the Headlines. Gul, who is
based in Pakistan, has been filing on-the-scene reports in Urdu and English for VOA since 1996,
and his reports are translated into numerous languages throughout VOA. Prior to joining VOA,
he worked for the Japanese network NHK and for the German news agency DPA as a reporter
specializing in Pakistan¶s foreign and domestic news.

VOA¶s Urdu Service broadcasts 12 hours a day of news and information to millions of
Pakistanis and other Urdu speakers on Radio Aap ki Dunyaa. The program is distributed by
medium wave at 92 kHz, digital audio satellite, the Internet and a three-hour shortwave
broadcast. The launch of Beyond the Headlines adds two-and-half hours of television to the Urdu
Service¶s weekly broadcast schedule.
The Voice of America, which first went on the air in 1942, is a multimedia international
broadcasting service funded by the U.S. government through the Broadcasting Board of
Governors. VOA broadcasts more than 1,000 hours of news, information, educational, and
cultural programming every week to an estimated worldwide audience of more than 100 million
people. Programs are produced in 44 languages.

For more information, call VOA¶s Office of Public Affairs at or E-Mail

Unfettered µcitizen journalism¶ too risky By DAVID HAZINSKI, Published on: 12/13/0

You¶re beginning to get a lot more news ] from you.

It ranges from the CNN YouTube debates to political blogs to cellphone video of that sniper who
opened fire at an Omaha Mall. These are all examples of so called ³citizen journalism,´ the hot
new extension of the news business where the audience becomes the reporter.
David Hazinski, a former NBC correspondent, is an associate professor of telecommunications
and head of broadcast news at the University of Georgia¶s Grady College of Journalism.

Supporters of ³citizen journalism´ argue it provides independent, accurate, reliable information

that the traditional media don¶t provide. While it has its place, the reality is it really isn¶t
journalism at all, and it opens up information flow to the strong probability of fraud and abuse.
The news industry should find some way to monitor and regulate this new trend.

The premise of citizen journalism is that regular people can now collect information and pictures
with video cameras and cellphones, and distribute words and images over the Internet.
Advocates argue that the acts of collecting and distributing makes these people ³journalists.´
This is like saying someone who carries a scalpel is a ³citizen surgeon´ or someone who can
read a law book is a ³citizen lawyer.´ Tools are merely that. Education, skill and standards are
really what make people into trusted professionals. Information without journalistic standards is
called gossip.

But unlike those other professions, journalism ± at least in the United States ± has never adopted
uniform self-regulating standards. There are commonly accepted ethical principles ± two source
confirmation of controversial information or the balanced reporting of both sides of a story, for
example, but adhering to the principles is voluntary. There is no licensing, testing, mandatory
education or boards of review. Most other professions do a poor job of self-regulation, but at
least they have mechanisms to regulate themselves. Journalists do not.

So without any real standards, anyone has a right to declare himself or herself a journalist. Major
media outlets also encourage it. Citizen journalism allows them to involve audiences, and it is a
free source of information and video. But it is also ripe for abuse.

CNN¶s last YouTube Republican debate included a question from a retired general who is on
Hillary Clinton¶s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendersteering committee. False Internet rumors
about Sen. Barack Obama attending a radical Muslim school became so widespread that CNN
and other news agencies did stories debunking the rumors. There are literally hundreds of
Internet hoaxes and false reports passed off as true stories, tracked by sites such as

Having just anyone produce widely distributed stories without control can have the reverse effect
from what advocates intend. It¶s just a matter of time before something like a faked Rodney King
beating video appears on the air somewhere.

Journalism organizations should head that off. Citizen reports can be a valuable addition to news
and information flow with some protections:

‡ Major news organizations must create standards to substantiate citizen-contributed information

and video, and ensure its accuracy and authenticity.

‡ They should clarify and reinforce their own standards and work through trade organizations to
enforce national standards so they have real meaning.

‡ Journalism schools such as mine at the University of Georgia should create mini-courses to
certify citizen journalists in proper ethics and procedures, much as volunteer teachers,
paramedics and sheriff¶s auxiliaries are trained and certified.

Journalists generally don¶t like any kind of standards or regulation. Many argue that standards
could infringe on freedom of the press and journalism shouldn¶t be regulated.

But we have already seen the line between news and entertainment blur enough to destroy
significant credibility. Continuing to do nothing as information flow changes will further erode
it. Journalism organizations who choose to do nothing may soon find the line between
professional and citizen journalism gone as well as the trust of their audiences.
Associate Professor/Head, Broadcast News .

Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. 198 to present. Teach upper
level and graduate professional courses in radio/ television news production, broadcast news
writing, documentary production and advanced television news. Leads a professional focused
faculty which originated and administers student-produced, commercially broadcast college
news and public affairs television programs.

Correspondent, 1981-198. International network news correspondent based in the Atlanta, Ga.
bureau, responsible for primarily hard news coverage in the Southeastern United States and
Central America. Reports appeared regularly on the TODAY SHOW, NBC Nightly News with
Tom Brokaw, NBC Weekend News, and the NBC and The Source national radio networks. Also
responsible for primary field-testing and implementation of the NBC News computer system.

Service on international issues including the return of the Iranian hostages, the installation of
Pope John Paul II, the rise of Solidarity in Poland and the ongoing civil war in Northern Ireland.
Reporter, 193-196. Political and general assignments reporter. Morning and elections anchor.
Freelance assignments for NBC News, Newsweek TV, United Press International Television,
and the TVN international syndication service.

STAR ANANDA (KOLKATTA, INDIA), Associate Project Manager/Training Director,

12/2004 ± 5/2005, Directed a team of international consultants who created, along with their
Indian counterparts, a 24-hour local news and information channel in the Bengali language
which launched in May, 2005. Took part in all levels of macro-planning. Specifically direct a
two month staff training process which trained approximately 100 people in all phases of
television news production.

PULS-TV (VIENNA, AUSTRIA), Associate Project Manager/Training Director, 4/2004-

/2004. Co-direct a team of international consultants who created, along with their Austrian
counterparts, a 24-hour local news and information city channel, the first in that country. Took
part in all levels of macro-planning. Specifically direct a two-month staff training program which
trained approximately 100 people in all phases of television production.


Manager/Training Director, 4/2002- 9/2002. Co-direct a team of international consultants who
created, along with their Pakistani counterparts, a 24-hour news channel based in Karachi,
Pakistani with major centers in Islamabad, Lahore and Dubai, UAE. Took part in all levels of
macro-planning. Specifically direct a three-month hiring and staff training process which
processed 15,000 applicants and trained a staff of 300.

Vice President, 1985-present. Officer and part owner of a firm engaged in trucking, warehousing
and freight consolidation with gross receipts exceeding three million dollars a year. Contributor
to all levels of corporate decision making including future planning, personnel, equipment
acquisition and finance.

President, 1989-present. Chief Executive Officer and equity owner of a firm engaged in
television production, media consulting, satellite distribution, the production of video news
releases, and industrial and instructional video materials.

Principal, 1999-present. Owner and executive officer of a firm engaged in international

television and media startups and systems design. Projects include Aaj Tak in India, Gramedia¶s
launch of Channel  in Indonesia, and the re-design of the U.S. Voice of America¶s International
Broadcasting Bureau in Washington, D.C.

BROADCAST PRODUCER/TALENT, 198-present. Engaged as an independent writer,

producer, narrator and/or on-camera performer for both broadcast and instructional information,
education and public service programming.

Clients included:
‡National Association of Retired Persons ‡IBM (instructional and national video news releases)

‡National Air and Space Museum ‡Bass Anglers Sportsman Society

‡United Way ‡Sioux Nations

‡Government of Indonesia ‡Apple Computers

‡Georgia Board of Education ‡U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

‡Federal Bureau of Investigation ‡American Guernsey Association

‡Sylvan Learning Centers ‡MIT

‡Atlanta Committee For The Olympic Games ‡Lucent Technologies

‡BellSouth ‡AT&T

‡Sterling Commerce


Masters of Education, Educational Communications and Technology, Graduate School of

Education, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1980.

Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 193.


U.S. Navy, Radioman, Second Class Petty Officer, discharged honorably, Da Nang, Republic of
Viet Nam, 1968-0.

Navy Courses Completed:

- Basic Electronics and Electricity

- Radioman Class ³A´ program


- Radio and Television News Production

- Advanced Radio and Television News Production
- Broadcast News Writing
- Documentary Production Management
- Broadcast Show Origination
- Television News Reporting
- originated CNN Newsource college affiliate program, made nationwide spring, 1990. 300
participating schools at this time.
- originated University News college news program, which on a half dozen commercial stations,
with contributions from six other universities, 198-1990. Superceded by a daily, live news
program broadcast to three area counties, which continues.
- originated Broadcast News Bluejeans Workshop, bringing network level professionals to
campus to work with students, 1988-present.
- originated, with Professor Al Wise, Camera South, magazine format entertainment program
shown on commercial stations, spring, 1992.
- originated a broadcast news writing course now the foundation for the broadcast news
sequence, 1990.
- created, with CNN Director of Technology Todd Fantz, a multimedia interactive program to
teach broadcast news writing, 1994.
- principal faculty, with Clarke County School District, cooperative Micro-society Broadcasting
Program, 1995.
- created, with Prof. Martha Cameron, Georgia GameDay, a student produced sports show, 1999.

- Initiated a new remote broadcasting system on campus which allows student journalists to
report ³live´ via electric news vehicles and cable channel modulation, 2000.
- Initiated a joint venture with R/com Networks, inc. to certify distance learning courses and
programs for adult education courses, 2000-present.
- Initiated remote field video editing for the construction of on-scene reports using laptop
computers and digital cameras, 2001.
- Produced (to our knowledge), the first student television ³live shots´ over the internet, 2004.
- Expanded student ³internet live shots¶ to include wireless video-over-IP transmissions, 2005.
- Currently developing with IMC Principal Todd Fantz, an Apple-based newsroom information
and video playback system that includes teleprompter, story management, rundown, news wire
parcing, scripting and scheduling system.

* Management Consultant, Orange County Newschannel, 1990.

* Executive Producer, Production and Satellite Coverage, American Association of Retired
Persons 1990 International Convention.
* Correspondent/Producer, American Association of Retired Persons 1988 International
* Executive Producer, TV satellite coverage, Bass Anglers Sportsman Society National
Championship, 198- 2000.
* Consultant, Office of the Attorney General of the United States, 1992-93.
* Consultant, Media Management & Crisis Communications, Fish & Wildlife Service, U.S.
Dept. of the Interior, 1990- 2000.
* Peabody Awards, faculty screening committee, 198- 1999.
* National Association of Farm Cooperatives, judge, 1988-89.
* Golden Quill Awards, judge, 1986.
* Radio-Television News Directors Association, 1988- present.
* International Association of Business Communicators, judge, 1990.
* U.S. Army Headquarters, Forces Command, judge, Keith L. Ware Awards, September, 1991.
* Broadcast Education Association, 1993. Chair, National University News Network Committee.
* Broadcast Education Association, 1994-present, Co-chair, News Division.
* Executive Producer, CNN Broadcast News Training Program, 1993- 1995.
* Consultant, WJCL-TV, Savannah, Georgia, 1992-93.
* Consultant, new media systems design, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 1995.
* Consultant, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, on media management and crisis communications,
* Education Task Force, Radio-Television News Directors Association, 1998-present.
* Turner Broadcasting/CNN Educational Committee, 1998-2000.
* Consultant, International Broadcast Bureau, Voice of America, 2001.
* Consultant, Gramedia International, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2001.
* Consultant, National Public Radio, Washington, D.C. 2002.
* Consultant, Weather News International, Tokyo & Norman, OK, 2004-present.
* Consultant, Alsumaria Television Network, Baghdad & Beirut, 2005-present.


- ³Video News Release Labels Go Unread´, Electronic Media, November 4, 1991.

- ³Video News Releases That Work´, Outdoor ADventures, October, 1991.
- ³Digital Compression¶s Maiden Voyage´, Electronic Media, November 18, 1991.
- ³A Powerful Tool For Publicity´, Outdoor ADventures, August, 1991.
- ³Television Guide´, training pamphlet written for U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, spring, 1990.
- ³Equal Time´, Feedback, Broadcast Education Association, Winter, 1989.
- ³Hi Tech/Low Cost College Computer Graphics´, American Journal of Commercial Art,
February, 1990.
- ³Women See Opportunities in TV News´, Electronic Media, September 24, 1990.
- ³The Future of TV News´, Electronic Media, October, 1992.
- ³Crisis Communications´, training pamphlet written for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,
summer, 1993.
- ³Throwing Money After High Tech No Help to News´, Electronic Media, December 12, 1994.
- ³(Almost) Free Live Shots Using Apple iChat AV´, DL Quarterly, January, 2005
- ³New Age Broadcast News Instruction´, DL Quarterly, January, 2005.


- Kappa Tau Alfa, Journalism Scholastic Honorary.

- Winner, Meigs Department Teaching Award, 1992.

- First Place, Investigative Reporting, 195, North and South Carolina Radio and Television
News Directors Association.

- Co-winner, Best News Story of The Year, 19, Pittsburgh Chapter, American Federation of
Television and Radio Artists.

- Winner, Best News Story of The Year, 198, Pittsburgh Chapter, American Federation of
Television and Radio Artists.
- Winner, Outstanding Use of Television, 1981, Pittsburgh Chapter, American Federation of
Television and Radio Artists.

- Winner, Golden Quill Award, 1981, Enterprise/Investigative Reporting.

- Winner, San Francisco State Media Award, 1981, Investigative Reporting.

- Winner, Golden Phoenix, 1994, Public Relations Society of America, Best Video News

- First Place, News Division, 1995 Broadcast Education Association, juried faculty production.

- First Place, 1995 American Corporate Video Awards, Best Video News Release.

- Finalist, 1995 International Mercury Awards, International Academy of Communications Arts

& Sciences, Video News Release.

- Silver Award, 1995, International Mercury Awards, International Academy of Communications

Arts & Sciences, Video News Release.

- Award of Excellence, 1996, Apex Awards For Publication Excellence, Communications

Concepts, Video News Release.

- Silver Award, 1996, International Mercury Awards, International Academy of Communications

Arts & Sciences, Video News Releases.

- Award of Distinction, 199, International Merc Mercury Awards, International Academy of

Communications Arts & Sciences, Video News Releases.

- Distinguished Teaching Award,, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003. University of Georgia.

- Awarded Joshua Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professorship, 2004.

- Appointed, Senior Teaching Fellow, 2004.

- Appointed, Teaching Academy Member, 2004.



Multi-machine video editing, University of Georgia, 1990, $23,000.

Apple Computer digital editing, $5,000, 1994.

CNN technology, $580,000, 1995.

Georgia lottery matching grant, $240,000, 1995

CNN Headline News set, $35,000, 1995.

Sony Corporation video switcher, $55,000, 1996.

Cox Broadcasting analog router, $220,000, 199.

Georgia Public Television satellite truck, $400,000, 1998.

Fox Broadcasting Atlanta television set, $110,000. 1999 Remote digital broadcasting,
University of Georgia, $98,000, 2000.
VizRT Graphics Grant, University of Georgia/VizRt, $520,000, 2003.

- Scholarship and Awards

- University Council
- University Unified Grievance Committee
- Faculty Affairs Committee
- Cox Center for International Training and Research
- Department Facilities Committee
- Joint Faculty/Staff Grievance Committee (Chair)
- National College News Network Committee, Broadcast Education Association, (Chair)
- Academic Honesty Committee
- 1999-2000 Facilities Self-Study
- University Technology Advisory Committee
- University CIO Search Committee
- University Provost¶s IT Task Force Member
- Faculty Search Committee (Chair)
- College Informational Resources Committee (Chair)
- Department Admissions Committee

Technology Advisor, World Business Review with Caspar Weinberger, 1996-1999. Write, co-
host and advise the production of a weekly, internationally syndicated radio, television and
Internet distributed program featuring interviews with CEO¶s from Fortune 500 companies on
their latest technology and business systems.
AAJ TAK / INDIA TODAY (NEW DELHI, INDIA) Project Manager, 4/2000-12/2000. In
charge of an international team of consultants who created, along with their Indian counterparts,
a new satellite and terrestrially distributed 24-hour national news channel in the Hindi language.
Project involves creating a main facility from scratch, establishing 14 bureaus around the
country, and the introduction of new technology and systems design. Project management
included establishment of programming, policies and procedures, hiring and personnel
guidelines, look and feel, contracted construction, the training of 250 initial staff, vendor
oversight, and overall organizational structure and control.
David C. Hazinski


Nawaz Sharif, Kamran Khan & National Interest

Black Revolution 200: Pakistan¶s Lawyers Movement ± Bush Administration¶s Last

Color Revolution

Operation Blue Tulsi: 15 Years in Planning, 10 Years in Preparation and Today in Execution

Codename Operation Enduring Turmoil Exposed! ± Zionist Neocon Plans for Pakistan and rest
of the World

Dissecting The Anti-Pakistan Psyop ± A Must Read

Video: BrassTacks ± CIA¶s threats to Pakistan | Episode 

7 &
4 < +2  

7 &  $ <  

Codename Operation Enduring Turmoil Exposed! ± Neocon Plans for Pakistan and rest of
the World

The Plan To Topple Pakistan

The Great Game Continues


1 Responses leave one ĺ


February 22, 2010

shahid iqbal permalink

there is no doubt in it that jewish zionist controls the most part of media around the
world, infact the perception management is the real wepon of these people, why they
doing so there is no doubt in it they are the followers of shaitan and preparing the ground
of arrival of dajjal, if some one says that media in pakistan working against the pakistan
then there is no surprise in it, but how ever we cant deny this that some how the media
plays a very vital and postive role in perception building of common man, now a very
common man knows whats going on around him , who is thinking what and whats going
to be next and this is becaus of media , and the most recent example of this is the moment
of cheif justice of pakistan,
how ever we have to eurge media that they only displays the news which are authentic
and cant belive on wrong rummers


January 26, 2010

Saifullah Qureshi permalink

In todays world of information & technology it remains very hard to hide the facts or to
malafide the facts, few things which endorse the fact that Geo is acting upon His master¶s
Voice can be seen very clearly that during the days of agitations and propegenda against
Mush Geo was the leading force behind the spread of confusing and rumerous news,
same thing can clearly be seen in the role of Geo (Jew) against President Zardari¶s
regime. Or during the karachi Ashura blast the coverage and camouflage of Geo based
upon protecting one political party (MQM) in Karachi was of significant importance. n
todays era of media¶s strength it is very easy to note the difference among Geo and Other
Channels of current affairs, the indianized face face of Geo has been righfully identified
in this article.

The Sign of Dajjal can clearly be seen in the Logo of Geo watch it carefully you will see
satanic eye ball in the middle of the logo, it is just close to the shape of an EYE, does
anyone still wants any other proof.???


December 29, 2009

khaled anam permalink

some one has to tell GEO about a lot of good happening in this country in every sphere. It
sucks.With its indian and VOA content doesnt it realise that its credibility has really hit
rock bottom?I guess they have to serve their masters ,whoever they might be.

December 23, 2009

by wakeup Call permalink

Alhamdulillah , it¶s great to know that our nation and young blood specially, realize early
that GEO TV is actually a JEW TV.

GEO TV has been imposed on us by our enemies, it¶s completely anti-pakistan TV

channel and planted by terrorist CIA spy Agency on pakistan.

so that our nation alway get a wrong and fake information and news 24 hours a days.

What we can do ?????

We have to make the people aware to avoid watching GEO TV and make other aware

We have to baycott GEO TV. and we have to do it now

I just say wakeup my brother and Sister and try to understand your enemy.

our enemy is very clever, our enemy thinks boyond the why we thinks


December 22, 2009

Saqib Ali Siddiqui permalink

thx for posting this article im agree with my frnd who write this article].


December 21, 2009

Andrea permalink

Please circulate this video!


November 29, 2009

Aamir permalink

I believe]putting a ban on JEW t.v was a fair act by Musharraf]..geo has been doing
all it can to demoralize people by negativity it is spreading].demolishing
moralism]religious matters are used just for the sake of earning money!! indian cultural
is prominent in their every show].


November 24, 2009

Khan01 permalink

Ansari I hope now you are Happy that Banned On ³Mery Mutabiq´ SM programme
anyway what is your Agenda ?


November 22, 2009

Khan permalink

Sallam Dear Editor!

i saluate You dear.. i really like your Article]agree with you with question is that who i
working for pakistan/??

November 1, 2009

Taimoor Ahmed Khan permalink


We are student of media sciences from iqra university Karachi making a documentary on
biased media and yellow journalism in pakistan is it possible for website to provide and
help us in making our project its nonprofitable and non commercial only forthe
awaireness of the poeple of pakistan all the work will be copyright protected and every
name will be mentioned .
it is our request to the website holders and others to provide us some facts .


October 9, 2009

Engr Abdul Jabbar permalink

Great work Mr. Moin Ansari. I am 100% with you and totally convinced with your
points.Geo and jang should be banned immediatly.Geo managment is like black


September 6, 2009

M.T.Rafay permalink

Can Someone please investigate the owners by names, their assets, wealth, and who is
Most of the public don;t even know who these bastards and traitors are.

August 29, 2009

Silkworm permalink

Very Beefy article on Geo, my personal visit to the office of Mr. Sarmad, the second man
in power after the owner, exposed him. Mr. Bush was seen in informal clothing having
his picture taken with this short, half balding and totally pro-western attitude guy named
Sarmad, so what it says??? Why would the then President Bush talking to a guy from
Pakistan, unless untill he is a very personal friend.


August 15, 2009

Adnan Mukhtar permalink

I am realy shocked,after reading this all.I must say that we should have a strong protest
aginest Geo. I must say that Geo is Black Sheep.Destroying our country´image.
Govt,should have a strict investigation on geo and ban it after punishing the anchors if
they are wrong.

This country is gonna be ruined if the cirucumstances will remain same.


August 14, 2009

Misterdoc permalink

obviously people should have no confusion now, JEW NEWS OR GEO NEWS IS ANTI-
Pakistan Channel.

July 13, 2009

muzaffar abbas permalink

Thank God there is some one who can support my point i mean i tried to convince people
on lot of forums that GEO is lethal weapon but nobody listen carefully but I am sure
when i share this information with em they must realize the fact .


June 6, 2009

Bilal permalink

Musharaf was right to shutdown this channel


April 25, 2009

Aamir Mughal permalink


RIUJ resents Ansar Abbasi¶s move of µsurrendering¶ his plot DATED Friday 24th April,

ISLAMABAD: RIUJ (Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists) has taken strong

notice of, the fact that Mr. Ansar Abbasi has written a letter to Chief Minister Punjab, in
which acting as a very honest person, has returned his plot allotted to him in Media
Town, Rawalpindi as a member of Press Club. He was more than welcome if his
intentions were good, but unfortunately he also asked CM Shahbaz Sharif to cancel all
the plots given to members of Rwp/Islamabad Press Club. In his letter he said that
journalists in Pakistan belong to privileged class, while in fact 98 % of Pakistani
journalists deserve sympathy of people, as they are the most depressed class of the

The journalists in Pakistan are getting the wages of 1996. In most of newspapers they
don¶t even get their salary even after three months; over 400 journalists were terminated
without notice across the country from various newspapers and TV Channels. He never
raised voice against this, though he remember to give safe side to media owners.

Ansar Abbasi wrote in his letter that he does not feel good because this plot was given by
the government, but he never asked his bosses to move out of the GEO building because
this plot was also given to Mir Shakil by the then government. He did not tell the people
that previous government gave the status of MODEL VILLAGE to his native town and
his brother was given the contract, besides not confess that he resides in a luxury house in
the posh sector of Islamabad, and neither that someone gifted three hotels to him at
Faizabad. This is not the move of ANSAR ABBASI, but of the media owners to avoid
implementation on th wage award. IS there anyone to raise voice against this man?

Ansar Abbasi backing Qabza group in Murree: affectees DATED Friday 24th April, 20096

ISLAMABAD: One Shazia Shah, a school teacher has alleged leading journalist Ansar
Abbasi is backing ³Qabza´ group in Murree adding bother in law and some other
relatives of Ansar Abbasi are part of this group.

She said this along with other members of affected family while addressing a press
conference here Wednesday in Islamabad Press Club. ³My family belongs to Bhurbun
and the Qabza group which is patronized by brother in law of Ansar Abbasi has illegally
occupied a land tract of 14 kanal owned by my family´, she charged. This land valued Rs
2 Lac per canal, she added. About 50 to 60 hooligans attacked our home a few days
earlier and abused our family publicly, she told. Some people also attacked my car when
I was traveling from Murree to Islamabad by my car a week before and I made a marrow
escape´, she blamed. Waqar who is brother of Shazia Shah alleged Qabza group had
refused to accept the decision of Jirga. He appealed to chief minister Punjab Shahbaz
Sharif to take immediate notice of this illegal occupation and take action for ensuring
early return of land to his family from the illegal occupants.


April 6, 2009

Aamir Mughal permalink

GEO TV¶s Paedophile/Child Molester Correspondent in USA

GEO TV¶s Paedophile/Child Molester Correspondent in USA ± 2

GEO TV¶s Paedophile/Child Molester Correspondent in USA ± 3

GEO TV¶s Paedophile/Child Molester Correspondent in USA ± 4

GEO TV¶s Paedophile/Child Molester Correspondent in USA ± 53.html

GEO TV¶s Paedophile/Child Molester Correspondent in USA ± 6


April 6, 2009

Aamir Mughal permalink

GEO TV, Kamran Khan and Yellow Journalism ± 1

GEO TV, Kamran Khan and Yellow Journalism ± 2

GEO TV, Kamran Khan and Yellow Journalism ± 319.html

GEO TV, Kamran Khan and Yellow Journalism ± 4


April 6, 2009

Aamir Mughal permalink

Read, what is being said about Ansar Abbasi by a Judge and this was also said on Dunya
News Channel.

CJ IHC strongly refutes all allegations against himself

ISLAMABAD: The CJ of IHC (Islamabad High Court), Muhammad Bilal Khan has
strongly refuted all allegations against himself regarding having any connections with
notorious criminal Nannu Gawaria.

In a letter dispatched to the SJC (Supreme Judicial Council), the CJ, IHC has taken notice
of certain allegations leveled against his person by secretary SJC, on 28th March 2008, as
made public through newspapers and videotapes, terming the move as an endeavor to
malign his career and reputation, alongwith move against Supreme Judiciary. He has
alleged that, since he was a member of the Lahore High Court Bench, which had declared
Mian Nawaz Sharif as disqualified, his brother Mian Shahbaz Sharif had used derogatory
remarks against him (Justice Bilal Khan) in public gatherings and TV channel interviews.

Mian Nawaz Sharif had even gone to the extent of expressing his desire of ´ thrashing me
(Justice Bilal Khan) in the Arabian Sea´ he contended, adding that CPO Gujranwala
Zulfiqar Cheema was bent on proving his die-hard loyalties to Mian Nawaz Sharif for the
sake of his police career. In his 16-point letter, the CJ, IHC has also accused journalist
Ansar Abbassi of mud slinging and stern remarks against Supreme Judiciary, citing his
earlier derogatory and highly inflammatory report against former CJ, Iftikhar Muhammad
Chaudhry in 200, which perpetuated the reference against CJ (Iftikhar Muhammad
Chaudhry). Again it was Ansar Abbasi, who launched media campaign against the
outgoing Chief Justice of Pakistan, Abdul Hameed Dogar, he added. He further said that
it was yet again none else than Ansar Abbasi, who tried to malign Justice Sardar
Muhammad Raza Khan, Justice Fakir Muhammad Khokhar, Justice Shakir Ullah Jan and
Justice Tassadaq Hussain Jilani,
accusing them of being involved in the so-called plot scandal.

This accusation was false, and no action was taken against them. It may be recalled that
when the appointment of Justice of Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan as Chief Justice of
Pakistan was being talked about, Ansar Abbasi published a write up aimed at raising a
controversy about the judge. He said that it is in the same vein that when his predecessor
was due to superannuate on 8th of March 2009 and his (Bilal Khan¶s) name was being
considered as his successor, Ansar Abbasi¶s devil instinct once again precipitated. ³There
is not even an iota of truth in what has been written by Ansar Abbasi, he said, adding that
³the material provided to me is deficient in many ways i.e it does not indicate as to when
was this person (Faiz Rasool alias Nannu Goraya) present in Dubai, and to which night
club I had accompanied them and to which hotel I was taken for the ³purpose´. He said
that during his last visit to Dubai, his wife and daughter-in-law accompanied him and
throughout they stayed together.

³It is so interesting that Zulfiqar Cheema used his imagination regarding purchase of a
diamond necklace for the marriage of my daughter, although she got married in January
200 and by the grace of God was blessed with a son in December 200. ³Zulfiqar
Cheema even went to the extent of illegally detaining father of Ashfaq Bajwa, who was
in such adverse circumstances, approached through Syed Ali Mohsin Naqvi, SP (CIA) to
make a statement regarding my alleged links with Nannu Goraya´ he said. It was on
account of this foreknowledge that the Chief Justice, Lahore High Court, did not deem it
appropriate to take any further steps in the matter on the press clippings.

It goes without saying that in the entire fake story was cooked up by Zulfiqar Cheema,
and the only legal document in the field is the statement of Ashfaq Bajwa made before a
Court of law, in the face of which penal action merits to be taken against Zulfiqar
Cheema and other concerned police officials. A bare look at the video footage, worthless
as it is, leaves no room for doubt that it has been extracted under extreme pressure,
influence and indubitably in a state of total disorientation. He said that the video footage
is of no consequence as there is no mechanism to satisfy a judicial mind that the voice
recorded is that of the so-called Nanu Goraya nor it is ascertainable that the person shown
to have been making the statement was, in fact, the person named Nannu Goraya. A 13-
member Bench of the Apex Court had expressed as recently as in the year 200, it scorn,
displeasure and disdain for such like material.

The advocate-on-Record attempting to produce such material was not only reprimanded
and burdened with fine of Rs. One lac but also had his license suspended. He said that
Zulfiqar Cheema was a crafty Police officials, who had also failed to disclose the name of
³Sitting MPA (PPP) from Gujranwala city who had allegedly laid information before him
and had also withheld the names of the so called dozens of other well informed persons
including some journalists. He said that he must state with conviction and faith as a
Muslim that the allegations against him were totally false and intended to damage his
personal reputation and standing as a judge. ³Speaking for myself, if these allegations
had an air of truth, I would loath to hang on to the office that I hold, ³he held.

April 6, 2009


sab sy bary agents geo or jang group waly hyn

they should b ban 1st by the people of Pakistan thn govt. will automatically ban geo tv


March 2, 2009

irfan khan permalink

Geo TV is precisley doing what its paid to do. That is to promote following > Vulgarity ,
discontentment , diluted versions of religion , india centric entertainment , etc etc That
clown Kamran khan is the most pathetic piece of journalistic ^^it i have ever had the
disgrace of listening too. All he knows and is miserably good at is to create a storm in the
cup , i sincerely wish him and all these stooges of GEO kicked out of this country.


March 2, 2009

pheseerah permalink

Very good site! Thanks!


March 25, 2009

Free-Speaker permalink

³Geo focuses on petrol prices but does not inform the viewers that most private cars in
Pakistan now run on CN <² have you seen the rate at which CNG prices have

Geo are traitors and highlight negative more, but the fact is that there is a lot of negative
here and people need to realize that these govts of puppets arent going to do anything
good for paksitan. we need a revolution. one that cuts us off from usa and their ³aid´
(read poison)


March 16, 2009

immobilie permalink

Sehr wertvolle Informationen! Empfehlen!


March 15, 2009

KSiddique permalink

Good work.
I have been noticing GEO all along and was very suspicious about its negative
contribution about the image of Pakistan and in its very favorable attitude towards India!
I have also been noticing the lawyers movement and time line of their calls.
I have noticed that the Eitizaz Hasan has issued to shift the focus from some sort of
serious issue of that time.
Thanks for the hard work.


March 15, 2009

Amna permalink

Do we have a pro-pakistani government? why should we be expecting this govt to take

any action against the anti pakistan media in Pakistan?

I think we should call our cable service providers and request them that we do not want
anti pakistan channels else we do not need your service.

It was a surprise how they had been targetting army during musharaf govt.

there is a verse of Quran ± when someone bring a news to you ± you should investigate
its credibility first.

If we had adopted this attitude as nation then we did not have to bear the mess which we
are in right now.


March 14, 2009

miri permalink

The most Pathetic channel ever µGEO¶. On woman¶s day they were promoting Tzipi
Livni in one of there programs as one of the great woman leader.


March 14, 2009

Saima Shahid permalink

Yes.. ban Geo TV and arrest the owners to set an example for others


March 14, 2009

Kashif Iqbal permalink

Yes, Geo TV should be banned, for good!


March 14, 2009

Aly Yousf permalink

Yeah government agar koi aacha kam karna chati hai to woo yeah hai kay sab say pehlay
Geo tv, Aaj tv ko band kar daye aur in tamam anchors to arrest kar lay.. please.. Zardari
sahab koi to aacha kam karo


March 14, 2009

Sadia from Lahore permalink

Yes.. Ban Geo and arrest all those bastards!


March 14, 2009

Asher Fawad permalink

Ban GEO TV and arrest all Mirs (Hamid Mir, Mir Shakeel and all others)


March 14, 2009

Qasim Ahmed permalink

I vote to ban Geo Tv (JEW Tv)] please government.. ban Geo and arrest he owners so
in future people think twice before defaming Pakistan in outside world! Now it is the
time to act] dont wait.. People of Pakistan will stand by this decision..


March 14, 2009

Haider permalink

The real voice of Pakistani people never comes out in public through the so call free
media in Pakistan. In reality.. the media in Pakistan is an organized mafia who is serving
agendas to grab more power, more power and more power. Owners and anchors of Geo
TV, Aaj TV, Duniya TV and ARY should be arrested and lawsuit under conspiracy
against Pakistan should be filed.
I also request Pakistani¶s to post their comments here as much as possible so we can take
this as a petition against the biased, corrupt, blackmailer and criminal media of Pakistan


March 14, 2009

Shaheen Siddiqui permalink

Ban Geo TV] we don¶t want to see Geo¶s bullshit now! Wake up Pakistan and identify
the enemy within!


March 14, 2009

Pakistani Awam permalink

Geo TV should be banned for good] there is no reason that the government should
prolong this anymore.. it has been proved that Geo TV (Jew TV) is working against the
interest of Pakistan and its security.
We demand the Government to Ban Geo TV forever!


March 14, 2009

Amna permalink

Great article

hamid Mir who interviewed OBL just before afghanistan invasion to ³prove´ his
existence in afghanistan. a fake interview which was published in Dawn news.

now this traitor enjoy a good position and so his rest of brohers ± someone who can¶t
pronounce ³booby traps´ as said BOby traps. his extremely stupid interview with some
labneese intellectuals during lebnon war.

kamran khan and amir liaquat ± such morons.

there was an incident when it was miraculously learnt that someone has planted a bomb
in geo karachi office and then mr kamran khan¶s cat walk. hello! should you not be
running and evcauting the building.

Amir liaqat the toad eye mullah ± what does he know about islam? he is just promoting
the ³orthodox jewish´ crap as Islam.

any sensibe person can see the sinister agenda of Geo Jehalat.

it should be banned ± so is aaj tv and dawn news.


March 14, 2009

Yasir Imran permalink

I was a great fan of GEO before, but from few months back, I was doubtful when they
started the program VOA (Voice of America)

There other programs, like debate on Hadood ordinance, so much highlighting the Indian
TV/Films/ made me think that if are they working for Pakistan ?
or trying to change the Pakistani society, I totally agree that Geo is not working for
Pakistani, I don¶t know if they are working for US or Israel, but it is clear that they are
destroying Pakistan, if they do something for the favor of Pakistan, they just do it for
getting attention and love of Pakistani people.


March 14, 2009

Aamir Mughal permalink

Hamid Mir Calamity & Geo TV.

Calamity of Dr Shahid Masood & TV Anchors ± 1

Calamity of Dr Shahid Masood & TV Anchors ± 2

Excellent µIQ¶ of Dr Shahid Masood of GEO TV

Aamir Liaquat Hussain¶s Love for Islam.

Nawaz Sharif, Kamran Khan, National Interest & Geo TV

Nawaz Sharif, GEO TV and Jang Group of Newspapers


March 14, 2009

Rafay Kashmiri permalink

@ ´ Is Geo TV a CNN affiliate or is it the

psyops wing of the CIA. ´

answer : both

also Agent of Israel and India.

anti.-Pakistan and anti-Nazaria-e-Pakistan
I have been shouting this on ATP Blogg
and was finally ´ banned ´

Geo and others are working on the agenda

of the following as well !

BATILANS = CIA, Mossad, Mi6, RAW,

Khad, Baitullah, Fazlullah etc Takfiris
and Tehrikis fake Talibans terrorists trained
by Indo/Israeli agents in the camps
opened in 21 consulats of India in


March 14, 2009

Rafay Kashmiri permalink

@ I think Geo must be exposed in public and

taken to public court for treason charges.

Thousands of Pakistani have already boycotted

this traitor TV. We must jointly prepare a
petition and blacklist this and others media
´ agents ´ of our enemies, for ever
and get them punished from court.
Also massive demonstrations against them.


March 14, 2009

Maj Salim permalink

Jazakallah Khair. Congratulations for the courage you show to expose anti-Pakistani
groups. But is GEO the only one? In response to one of your article, I posted a comment
about the vice in the posture of Geo, ARY, HUM channels in particular but not limiting
to them. Our media in general does not know where the national strength is and what they
should highlight. Many a people with love for the country and feelings for Islam objected
long ago and termed Geo as JEW TV. You prove it today and I go with you. Could there
be some means by which such channels could be boycotted by every one, even by the
less educated class who are more patriot?
Keep it up. We are with you.


March 8, 2009

Aqif (Affiliate Secret) permalink

Hye..nice information you have there. thanks for sharing


January 1, 2009

Johnathanrs permalink

Geo Tv of Pakistan is a propaganda machine serving interests of Zionists to achieve

greater objectives. They are not much connected with greater objectives but such people
are obsessed with power and money and this is what they got by supporting Zionism!
I also heard that before GEO come in existence.. the Jang Group were famous for
blackmailing the governments and bureaucracy through their Urdu and English dailies.
They re still doing the same but serving larger Zionist agenda now] I can only say to my
Pakistani friends that open your mind and try to understand the motives behind each news
breaks by such controversial news channels. They claim that all the people agrees with
them but this is always opposite to the reality becuase they do not give coverage to those
who disagrees with them.

Read this great piece below which explains how the propaganda works for greater
objectives] Be careful fellas this is about your survival!

By Dr. Sachithanandam Sathananthan,

Dr Sachithanandam Sathananthan earned his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge. He

serves as a Visiting Research Scholar at the Jawaharlal Nehru University School of
International Studies.

Sep 12, 2008


The Great Game Continues

There is great euphoria among Pakistani liberals over the presumed µreturn to
democracy¶. They are yet to discover Late Neo-colonialism. The manoeuvres against
Musharraf bear uncanny resemblances to organised µpeople¶s power¶ the CIA unleashed
during µcolour revolutions¶ and upheavals against Hugo Chavez.

The widely expected victory for Pakistan People¶s Party (PPP) leader Asif Ali Zardari in
the presidential election brought to a high point the tortuous process of regime change in
Pakistan. Anyone who has followed the µcolour revolutions¶ that installed pro-American
rulers in Georgia (Rose Revolution, 2003), Ukraine (Orange Revolution, 2004) and
Kyrgyzstan (Tulip Revolution, 2005) could surely not have missed the tell tale signs.

The earliest foreboding surfaced in the backroom manoeuvres by United States (US) and
British intelligence services to engineer panic about the security of Pakistan¶s nuclear
assets. It was a repeat of the duplicitous hysteria they generated over non-existent
weapons of mass destruction that Iraq allegedly possessed. A carefully worded article,
co-authored by former State Department officials Richard L. Armitage and Kara L. Bue,
signalled the shift in US policy. After formally acknowledging then President Pervez
Musharraf¶s many achievements, the authors continued: µmuch remains to be
accomplished, particularly in terms of democratization. Pakistan must]eliminate the
home-grown jihadists]And]it must prove itself a reliable partner on technology
transfer and nuclear non-proliferation.¶ And the denouement: µWe believe General
Musharraf]deserves our attention and support, no matter how frustrated we become at
the pace of political change and the failure to eliminate Taliban fighters on the Afghan
border.¶ Translation: Musharraf has to go.

Almost simultaneously a 2006 country survey in The Economist, titled µToo much for
one man to do¶, began on a jingoistic overkill: µThink about Pakistan, and you might get
terrified. Few countries have so much potential to cause trouble, regionally and
worldwide¶. The following year a Carnegie Endowment report faulted western
governments that µcontribute to regional instability by allowing Pakistan to trade
democratisation for its cooperation on terrorism¶. Senior US State Department officials
repeatedly accused Musharraf of µnot doing enough¶ to combat Islamists within Pakistan
and prevent their infiltration across the Durand Line into southern Afghanistan.

Sensing the way wind was blowing, then PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto redoubled
efforts to convince Washington and London that, if she were to become Prime Minister,
she would gladly do their bidding. She underscored her enthusiasm to serve and ensured
her party was fully responsive to America¶s Late Neo-colonialism. She summoned senior
party members to Dubai on 9 June 200 for a µbriefing¶ by a team from the US
Democratic Party¶s National Democratic Institute (NDI), ostensibly on the subject of
elections in Pakistan. The ruling Republican Party¶s International Republican Institute
(IRI) had conducted the previous four µbriefings¶ in June and September 2006 and March
and April 200. Benazir leaned towards the Democratic Party in the last one no doubt as
a hedge against the party¶s possible victory at the forthcoming US Presidential Election.

Even a cursory knowledge of US Imperialism¶s standard operating procedure is sufficient

to surmise at least some among the IRI and NDI officers were covert intelligence
operatives; and that their µbriefings¶ went beyond µtutelage of natives¶. Rather they have
been grooming the PPP as America¶s satrap.

Benazir¶s predilection to collaborate with the West has its roots in the Bhutto family¶s
micro political culture. Her grandfather, Shah Nawaz Bhutto was a minor comprador
official in the British colonial regime. The British rewarded his µloyal¶ services with the
title Khan Bahadur and later appointed him President of a District Board and still later
elevated him to knighthood.

Her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto¶s populist programmes did not dilute that legacy, which
left a lasting impression on Benazir; she firmly believed the path to political power in
Pakistan meanders through the Embassy of the United States, the current neo-colonialist.

She promised to offer the International Atomic Energy Agency access to Dr Abdul
Qadeer Khan to ¶satisfy the international community¶, an euphemism for the major
powers; and to allow the US-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan
to operate inside north-western Pakistan. By the time Benazir visited the Senate in
September 200, she had convinced the Bush Administration of her unswerving loyalty;
for ¶she received a standing ovation from a select gathering of US lawmakers, diplomats,
academics and media representatives. This contrasted sharply with her previous visits to
the US capital when she received little attention.¶ To deepen µWashington¶s renewed
interest in her, Benazir cautioned that supporting Musharraf was µa strategic
miscalculation¶ and pleaded µthe US should support the forces of democracy¶, which, of
course, refers to her PPP.

So, President George W Bush enabled Benazir¶s return from exile by arm-twisting
Musharraf to promulgate the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). The NRO of 5
October granted amnesty to politicians active in Pakistan between 1988 and 1999 and
effectively wiped the slate clean of corruption charges for Benazir and her husband Asif
Zardari. Three weeks later Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made it appear the Bush
Administration wished to bring together µmoderate¶ forces, implying a scenario in which
Musharraf and Benazir would join forces as President and Prime Minister respectively;
and Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte corroborated Rice: µOur message¶, he
intoned, µis that we want to work with the government and people of Pakistan¶.

However, Musharraf saw through the US Administration¶s transparent ploy to lull him
into believing it would not remove him and install Benazir in his place. So, he swiftly
invited Nawaz Sharif, leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), back from
exile in Saudi Arabia to counter Benazir. But he could not consolidate his position,
especially because he mishandled the judiciary, and was compelled to resign on 18
August 2008.

In a nutshell, the reason for µWashington¶s renewed interest¶ in Benazir is Musharraf¶s

firm opposition to US Late Neo-colonialism, to its manoeuvres to occupy, pacify and
ravage Pakistan. In the 19th century British colonialism waged the µwar on piracy¶ on the
high seas ostensibly to bring µthe light of Christian civilization¶. But the British were the
most successful pirates, as Spanish and Portuguese historians would gladly confirm. The
µwar on piracy¶ was the duplicitous justification trotted out to dominate lucrative
maritime trade routes that were in the hands of Chinese, Arab and Tamil maritime
empires and to invade kingdoms and/or countries essential to control trade and plunder
resources. During most of the 20th century heroic anti-colonial movements and anti-
imperialist wars rolled back much of colonial rule, which in some instances however
morphed into neo-colonialism. Indonesia after Sukarno, Iran after Mosaddeq and Chile
after Allende are well known examples.

The µwar on terror¶ and µpromoting democracy¶ are the 21st century equivalents of the
19th century British gobbledygook. American Late Neo-colonialism purveys them as
moral justification and uses as political cover for intervening and, where necessary,
invading resource-rich and strategic countries to overthrow nationalist leaders, install
puppet regimes and savage the countries¶ wealth. And of course the US is by far the most
powerful terrorist force.

It succeeded in Iraq (for now); but the CIA-organised regime change could not dislodge
Venezuela¶s Hugo Chavez, who rejected the neo-colonialist 1989 Washington Consensus
and supported alternative nationalist economic models.
Politically challenged Pakistani liberals ² a motley crowd that includes members of
human rights and civil liberties organisations, journalists, analysts, lawyers and assorted
professionals ² are utterly incapable of comprehending the geo-strategic context in
which Musharraf manoeuvred to defend Pakistan¶s interest. So they slandered him an
µAmerican puppet¶, alleging he caved in to US pressure and withdrew support to the
Afghan Taliban regime in the wake of 9/11 although in fact he removed one excuse for
the Bush Administration to µbomb Pakistan into stone age¶, as a senior State Department
official had threatened.

Nevertheless American discomfort with Musharraf¶s government was palpable by late

2003, after he dodged committing Pakistani troops to prop up the Anglo-American
invasion of Iraq. When he offered to cooperate under the auspices of the Organisation of
the Islamic Conference (OIC), naïve Pakistani media and analysts lunged for his jugular,
condemning him once again for succumbing to US demands. But in fact he nimbly
sidestepped American demands: he calculated that diverse ideological stances of the 5
Muslim member-counties would not allow the OIC to jointly initiate such controversial
action and therefore Pakistan¶s participation cannot arise, which proved correct.

Washington of course was not amused and the Bush Administration grew increasingly
hostile to Musharraf¶s determination to prioritise Pakistan¶s interests when steering the
ship of the state through the choppy waters of the unfolding New Great Game, in which
the West ² led by the US ² is manoeuvring to contain growing Russian and Chinese
influences in Central and West Asia. His foreign policy decisions over time convinced
Washington that under his leadership, Pakistan would side with enemies of US and
Britain in the New Great Game. First, he refused to isolate Iran; instead he vigorously
pursued energy cooperation to build the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline in the face of
stiff American opposition. Second, Washington was alarmed by Musharraf¶s preference
for deepening Pakistan-China bilateral relations and forging nuclear cooperation; and
more so when he offered Beijing naval facilities at the Gwadar port on Balochistan¶s
Arabian Sea coast overlooking the entrance to the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic
chokepoint through which passes approximately 30 per cent of world¶s energy supplies.

Perhaps the last straw was his success in gaining Observer Status for Pakistan in the
Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). Russia and China are spearheading the SCO,
which includes four other countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan;
Iran and India are also Observers. The SCO is widely perceived as a rising eastern
counterweight to western security and economic groupings and Islamabad drifting
towards the SCO was simply unacceptable in Washington.

To rub salt into its wounds, Musharraf refused permission to interrogate Dr. AQ Khan
and firmly rejected Washington¶s demands that NATO troops be allowed into the North
West Frontier Province (NWFP) to hunt down Osama bin Laden and his associates.

By early 2006 it was clear Washington was looking for nothing less than a pliable leader
in Islamabad, a firm political foothold in Pakistan and a Pakistani foreign policy that
complemented US strategic aims in Central Asia.
What perhaps angered Washington the most were actions Musharraf took to wind down
the µwar on terror¶ within Pakistan.

Immediately after taking power, he outlawed three Islamic extremist groups and, after
9/11, intensified military operations in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)
bordering Afghanistan.

Washington would have gone along with Musharraf had he focussed on military
operations to curb Islamists. Military action alone cannot defeat guerrillas; but it can kill
many of them and in turn induce new recruits ² well known points reiterated by William
R Polk in Violent Politics (200) ± so that the so-called µwar on terror¶ would not end any
time soon.

That could supplement US Administrations¶ assiduous manufacture of the µIslamic

threat¶ through the 1990s to launch an endless µwar on terror¶ ² the New Cold War ² to
rescue America¶s permanent war economy. For after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the
US economy (and by extension west European economies) faced perhaps its biggest
crisis: the µCommunist threat¶ ceased to be credible; it could not be exploited to terrify
the American people into acquiescing to rising military expenditure that keeps wheels of
the permanent war economy rolling and to expanding the repressive security apparatuses.

So the Bush Administration deftly replaced the µCommunist threat¶ with the µIslamic
threat¶, no doubt following Machiavelli¶s famous advice in The Prince, that a wise ruler
invents enemies and then slays them in order to control his own subjects. The apparently
counterproductive bombings, arrests, torture, kidnappings and disappearances (sanitised
as Extraordinary Rendition) carried out by US forces while the CIA covertly funded,
armed and supported Islamists are intended not to eliminate the µIslamic threat¶ but to
contain it within manageable limits and to spawn the next generation of µterrorists¶.

Sometimes, plans go awry; µculling¶ may not contain the resistance, as seen in
Afghanistan from time to time. Nevertheless, the strategy is to µfeed terrorism¶ and
simultaneously µcull terrorists¶ so that the perpetual New Cold War oils America¶s
moribund permanent war economy.

Musharraf, however, did not play ball. He complemented military force to defeat
Islamists with political initiatives.

He signed a peace treaty with tribal elders in North Waziristan (within FATA) to
marginalise the Islamists. To combat the Islamists¶ religious ideology, he promoted
µenlightened moderation¶, a veiled reference to secularism and tolerance. Musharraf¶s
vision of a secular Pakistan has its roots in exposure to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk¶s legacy
when he attended school in Ankara during his father¶s diplomatic posting to Turkey. In
fact, after taking power in Pakistan he often held up Ataturk as his role model. He
planned to µwean away¶ the people from the µextremists¶ through education is how he
described his approach to this writer. Towards this end, he introduced educational
reforms and re-wrote school history text books; enacted laws protecting women¶s rights
and diluted Islamic laws against women; and he liberalised the media. To deny Islamists
their traditional rallying cry ² Kashmir ² he opened path breaking negotiations with
India to remove that arrow from the Islamists¶ quiver.

When Musharraf skilfully combined military operations against Islamists with a political
front promoting secularism to ideologically disarm them, the US administration saw red.
By secularising Pakistani society over time Musharraf would de-fang the µIslamic threat¶
within Pakistan and extricate the country out of the contrived orbit of µwar on terror¶.

That would greatly diminish Washington¶s leverage to intervene in the country to

distance Islamabad from Beijing and exploit energy resources abundantly found in
Balochistan and, in the long run, perhaps derail US administration¶s well laid plans to
bring Afghanistan to heel and to dominate Central Asia and its oil-rich Caspian Sea

But Musharraf was in no mood to back down. So the Bush Administration slipped regime
change into gear. Taking advantage of his missteps, the anti-Musharraf media blitz, NGO
and student mobilisations, lawyers agitations, protests by political parties and civil
society organisations seemingly coming from all directions in fact displayed a fantastic
degree of organisation, coordination and financing clearly beyond the ken of the
fratricidal activists and often ad hoc institutions and never witnessed before in the
country. Very likely they will not be seen again either; indeed later the activists were
singularly incapable of organising any significant agitation when three women were
buried alive for defying their parents¶ choice of husbands. The manoeuvres against
Musharraf bear uncanny resemblances to organised µpeople¶s power¶ the CIA unleashed
during µcolour revolutions¶ and upheavals against Hugo Chavez.

The Bush Administration began reaping the rewards of unseating Musharraf within 24
hours of his resignation. Chief of Army Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani travelled to Kabul to
meet NATO and Afghan commanders on 19 August. About 10 days later Chairman of
the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen informed a Pentagon news conference
on 28 August that Kayani and his lieutenants held a ¶secret meeting¶ with their US
counterparts on a US aircraft carrier, reminiscent of American gun boat diplomacy in
Latin America and unthinkable in Pakistan under Musharraf¶s watch..

Mullen touchingly chronicled how he µlearned to trust¶ Kayani and bent over backwards
to emphasise that Kayani is no American puppet, that Kayani¶s µprinciples and goals are
to do what¶s best for Pakistan.¶ But a few sections of the US media, weaned on decades
of Pentagon-speak from the debacle in Vietnam to the illegal invasion of Iraq, saw
through the verbal obfuscation. And when a reporter pointedly queried Mullen whether
Kayani¶s µgoal for Pakistan also aligned a hundred per cent with the US goal¶, the
Admiral waffled: µ[Kayani] knows his country a whole lot better than we do. And again, I
just think that¶s where he is, that¶s where he¶ll stay.¶ Translation: US administration has
got Kayani on tight leash.
And to maintain there is no substantial change from Musharraf¶s policies, Kayani¶s
spokesman Maj-Gen Athar Abbas and Mullen alleged the meetings had been arranged
several weeks earlier, when Musharraf was President, to facetiously imply he had
approved the contacts.

The import of µcoordination¶ between American, NATO, Afghan and Pakistan militaries
will become clearer over the next weeks and months. For now the suspicion is
unavoidable that the US Administration has at long last begun frog-marching Pakistan
into the US-created Afghan quagmire to further destabilise the country and justify

Musharraf had resolutely opposed precisely this eventuality. He rejected US demands

that the Pakistani army assist NATO forces in Afghanistan. He underlined the country
will not repeat the catastrophic mistakes of the 1980s when it got embroiled in America¶s
war in Afghanistan against the then Soviet Union, for which the Pakistani people
continues to pay a heavy price. Rather, he insisted his army will fight only Pakistan¶s war
within Pakistan¶s borders.

The consequences of the PPP leadership following the US into the Afghan quagmire will
soon be evident. Already, within 16 days of Musharraf¶s resignation, US forces carried
out the first ground assault in Angoor Adda area within Pakistan¶s borders ² which
Musharraf had disallowed ² with the connivance of the new leadership. Obviously there
is more to come since the Bush Administration has eagerly caricatured the Pakistan-
Afghanistan border as µThe New Frontier¶ in the New Cold War.

For the moment, there is great euphoria among Pakistani liberals over the presumed
µreturn to democracy¶. The comments by Ayesha Tanmy Haq are typical: µWe have
removed a dictator by the citizenry showing that real power lies with them.¶ The hapless
liberals have yet to discover Late Neo-colonialism and its devious manoeuvres for regime
change; they have in fact effectively legitimised them by opposing Musharraf. They are
agonisingly unaware of the labyrinthine geo-politics and economic imperatives
underlying the New Cold War. They are blissfully going along with the collaborationist
leaders who are bartering away the country¶s future for the proverbial pieces of silver.


January 1, 2009

Kamal Anwar permalink

Plz clear your mind and think

* I think you are not aware of GEO]its been funded by USA govt]]just think, what
jew / indian/ American lobby want ]]] the basic , idea is to promote frustration, and
despondence in a nation so they start to demoralized .and the future can be mapped as
they want to project in the minds of 50 percent Illiterate population].that are born
muslim ,,,can¶t read.. but can see.
* why on earth USA is concern with only GEO ,why cnn bbc and bush quote GEO? why
not other tv channels in china ? japan, CUBA ,Indian channel,arab, france ].. ?why only
* why geo showed ..peoples body without head ,only fingers parts, people dying after
bomb blast ,?does any other channel show these thing????
* Just think]]
* · (in India more then 2000 muslims were killed in Gujarat for three months!!!! any 36
hours live coverage of these killing have any one seen on ZEE or star or sony, etc any
Indian channels???? Babri masjid was destroyed by hindu any live coverage ???? nuns in
tamil nado of India were burn alive in church and for next 6 hours the church was
burning did any Indian or cnn or bbc showed that ?????in france 00 cars were burn in
one day ) ,,,
* · There are 89 separatist movement in India in 200 ]from bihar to Kashmir assam
* · Do you see on any Indian channel showing ]250 million people sleeping on
* · (zee India never showed killing of Kashmiris and the attack on GOLDEN TEMPLE
,killing of Sikhs in Indian soil///////
* · how many Israeli channel show killing by Israeli soldiers ????when they kill
* · have you ever seen Indian president or politician been given GALEE on tv channel
during live coverage????
* · any killing by irish republican army
* · 30,000 rape cases in USA do you see on tv????but you see muktaran maee on
* · Why geo was not concerned with benazir wealth and property?? And Nawaz sharif
* WHO is GEO ???? just think ???? they telecast a false news about emergency and stock
market crashed in Pakistan ]
* · do you know Kamran khan was getting RS 25 lakh per month ,
* · do you know DR shahid masood, was a member of NSF student party ( a political left
wing student party against Pakistan and Islamic forces]. He use to sit around girls all
day long ) with RS 22 lakh per month and home in dubai and karachi ,,multiple visa ]
* · ..same amount been paid to hamid meer editor ausaf]]even nadia khan with Rs 6
lakh per month]. Such huge amount just to for free ???????
* · when they were not able to broadcast the 8 hour cricket match they said they lost 1
billion rupee ,and just imagine without any money just for free they were broadcasting
judge activity in peoples party car for free ], Nawaz sharif for free and benazir for
free]]all] 36 hour coverage just for free ?????????????????by a private channel
* · 50 percent Indian dramas on geo and 25 percent with mix cast (Indian and Pakistani)
and Indian films (which are ban in Pakistani cinema are been broadcasted by geo) movie
like µkhuda key liyaeh¶ an issue of so that people can play with Islam and its culture
]..were telecasted]..
* · alim online where mr amir liaqat sitting in grave and dramatizing islam ..he translated
the dua of imam kaba and .broadcasted by his name on tv ]. Audience 50% jahil people
in pakistan
* · geo did not showed any good news like islamabad peshwar motorway but instead it
showed dead people in karachi ].they never discuss 5.1 billion dollar of oil refinery in
pakistan instead they showed beheading of Pakistani people] never discuss why
America is telling musharf to take his uniform ????/why usa is interfering in our
* itna jhoot bolo key ].log sum jahen kuch to succch ho ga ].
* A COUNTRY WHERE 60 percent of population cannot read and never been to school
media must not be free ]]
* Actually its not foreign people involved directly in destroying Pakistan infact it us.

Pakistan and China are almost of same age but a huge difference.
Do you we need to be demolished completely or need rulers from USA/Europe as we had
before 194?


January 11, 2009

ADNAN ALI RH permalink

Occupation Country Liquidator master wright; for my office and pakistan use only in
criterai of liquidation of the united kingdom and the realms of elizabeth II;´
My office reconised the criteria which the brittish troops were depolyed under the acts of
bach benchin. The mangments which arose was the aim of bombardments of constructual
Econamic and oraginastion of econamics in the marjin flow of constructual. The benchin
simulation lea¶d to hundreads of senior troops in rejimants to invade at a excessive cost¶s
to establish the main form of bench.
The excessive cost took thousands of British troops to a consealed no threat what so ever
in the marjin of conspiracy. The conspiracy lead to numeras ´ by hand operations of
benching in their way of un-dedicated thnic majority of support and realistic belief of
moral support of public. The brittish ltd company england goverment nomber 10 downin
st ltd, lead the deaths and major familyter µs in ruble and parts of the human body in
disasaster, ´in order to take out the (sunni) Dictator Sadam Hussain (rip).
The England ltd company in consiracy of Sadam Hussain attaining a mass majority of
weapons able to take out towns and city¶s and invade in to Economic Devised Country.
The conspiarcy lead the ltd company in ´form of the weapon¶s to be in hand of the
Dictator and owner of Iraq´.
After days of handling the criteria of bench the managment¶s took place to allie with an
organistaion in a country with militry regimant and weapn of mass detruction. The ltd
company took in-air assault and ground troop invasion to procede ahead in to oranising
meathods of Economic Devised Materials of Data and Collection Of Information in Oil,
Population, Support, Injury, allie¶s and Weapons of 2nd to 3rd main Cause.
I willlike to advice all web servers and users of domain that the article is in use of
liquidation and my office use please do not hesitate to read.

Thank you.

Master wright RH


December 8, 2008

Sajjad Khan permalink

You guys have published some amazing facts and figures about these disgusting people
who have damaged this poor country of ours and continue doing so in the name of
freedom of press. Such people who are playing in the hands of our enemies ought to be
dealt with severely. We should not only stop watching these channels but also urge the
Government to take strict action against these traitors and put a permanent ban on
them.We don¶t need such known fifth coloumnists in our beloved Pakistan.
Pakistan Zindabad.


November 21, 2008

Komal Iqbal permalink

Thank you for posting this info! there is no doubt Geo TV, in fact the whole Jang Group
is working against Pakistan interest! This media should be banned! but we don¶t have any
hopes from our current corrupt, ignorant and feudal leadership! Everyone here in
Pakistan is missing Musharraf now]

November 19, 2008

Ali permalink

I stopped reading here

³Why does Geo almost never cover the insurgencies in India? Why is Geo so infatuated
with Anti-Pakistan Bollywood films? Why is Geo bent upon creating a ³Indianization´ of
Pakistan? Why does Geo pay so much attention to Bollywood?´

There is nothing wrong in doing so, people in Pakistan are huge fans of the Indian Film
Industry then why not to show people the kind of stuff they are interested in. I completely
fail to comprehend your fetishistic fasciniation with the conspiracy world. Why are you
so adamant on proving that whatever is happening is part of a well thought plan to
weaken Pakistan.

I am not trying to advocate that GEO TV is all good, it has gone well over the limits
sometimes and has definately ignored the journalistic responsiblities that lie on its part.
But to say that it is a psy-ops wing of the CIA is way too muchn in my opinion.


November 18, 2008

Intizam permalink

Fantastic piece of research. Hats off to Moin Ansari. The business community of Pakistan
and the artists should read this article and open their eyes that how innocently they have
become part of the diintegration campaign against their beloved country.
If they have the slightest ³Qaumi Ghairat´ they should boycott these channels.
So far as iftikhar Ahmed is concerned he will also get a job like Dr Shaihd Masood and
will keep quite. These types of Be Zameer journalists are available in plenty in Pakistan.
May allah destroy the enemies of our country. Ameen

November 3, 2008

Muhammad Ali permalink

I have same same concern with Geo. The problem with Pakistan is that there is
regulation/monitoring for any business. Geo is trying to make money without
consideraing our national security and integraty, culture and religious values and
conspireces of enemies. The regulatory athority must be activated in real sense without
potical biasing, to monitor broadcast channel program and their revenue resourses.


November 2, 2008

Usman Ghani permalink

Well Done Mr Ansari. I dont know when people of pakistan will wake up and realise that
their roots are slowly cut by these channels and their anti Pakistan propaganda.

May ALLAH give us sight to identify who is for and who is against our beloved country,
our homeland, our PAKISTAN. (AMEEN)


October 16, 2008

Moon permalink

Great work Mr. Moin Ansari. I am 100% with you and totally convinced with your
points. Thanks


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