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Secretary of State Investigative Services 1500 11" St, Second Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814 August 27, 2018 Katherine McNenny 420 South San Pedro St. #430 Los Angeles CA, 90013 Dear Katherine McNenny, - ‘Thank you for your written complaint received August 24, 2018. We reviewed your complaint for evidence of any criminal Election Code violations. Every complaint received by our office is carefully reviewed for evidence of a criminal violation of the Elections Code. This office cannot represent you in either a civil or criminal matter and does not act as a court of law. Additionally, we are not authorized to provide legal advice. ‘The Secretary of State's office has concluded there is no evidence of an Elections Code violation that would rise to a criminal offence; on the basis of the information you provided in your complaint. Therefore we have determined there is insufficient evidence that would merit a criminal investigation at this time However, we believe this is an issue best addressed by the Los Angeles City Attorney and we have forwarded your complaint for their resolution ‘Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. If you should discover any new or compelling information of a criminal nature; piease feel free to send a completed complaint form to the address contained in our letterhead. Sincerely, California Seoretary of State Investigative Services Unit Califomia Secretary of State Investigative Services (616) 653-2168,