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Rolling platform ladders and work platforms

When it comes to the workplace, the employees’ safety should always be the top priority of
employers. They should be given with optimal working conditions and should be provided with safe
and reliable equipment to keep them away from work-related injuries and accidents. For those who
are working in warehouses, stock rooms, or general plant maintenance, their working conditions
should be safe by providing them with sturdy rolling platform ladders and work platforms.

How to choose the appropriate rolling platform ladders and work platforms?

In order to ensure that the rolling platform ladders and work platforms that will be used by the
employees are reliable, the employer should follow the following recommended guidelines:

1. Purchase trustworthy brands from trustworthy providers.

There are several rolling platform ladders and work platform brands available in the market. If you are
unfamiliar with any of it, a review coming from an expert or the store where you are purchasing from
should be given weight when deciding on which brand to purchase.

2. Know the needed work height.

The length of rolling platform ladders and work platform vary depending on the needs of the
consumer. This is important to consider because you would not want to purchase a ladder that is
either too tall or too short for your work area. This will also determine the number of ladder steps

3. Determine the mobility.

One of the characteristics of a good rolling platform ladder and work platform is their high mobility.
This includes its ability to fit any doors that it needs to pass through, whether it has wheels for easy
moving, whether it is foldable or not, or whether the material used is lightweight or not.

4. The material used.

The safety of the employees relies heavily on the materials used to make rolling platform ladders and
work platforms. One cannot really judge which material is a better option than the other because it
will still depend on where it is going to be used and the weight that it is intended to carry. Some
common materials to choose from include aluminum, steel, and vinyl.
5. Base width and base length.

Just like the height, it is also important to assess the base width and the base length of the rolling
platform ladder and work platform to be purchased. This is to ensure that the base will be wide
enough to fit inside the workspace. Most of the time, the base length is proportional to the ladder’s
height. The taller it is, the longer the base needed to support it.

6. Look for safety features.

A lot of the ladders and platforms in the market are equipped with extra safety features. These
include handrails, cable release systems, perforated or serrated steels to avoid slippage, among

You can now purchase the suitable ladder and platform!

Now that you are equipped with the know-how on what are the things you need to consider before
buying a workplace ladder and platform, you are now ready to make your purchase! As a final tip,
always remember that while budget is a huge consideration, safety should be given more importance. - This video shows the different kinds of rolling

platform ladders and work platforms that you can choose from to suit your company’s needs.