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Becoming a Self-advocate

Learning Plan 4:
Matching Career Interest with Career Opportunities

Overview: Determine Employment Options Based on Career Market Criteria

Once an individual understands his/her interests and skills, it is important to then consider
opportunities in the career market. Learning Plan 4 will help you to research and think about
types of organizations, locations, and salaries related to the career market.

Wisconsin Standards for English Language Arts in all Subjects 6-12 and
Wisconsin Essential Elements
Language: Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

L.4.4 Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown EE.L.4.4 Demonstrate knowledge of word
and multiple-meaning words and phrases based meanings.
on grade 4 reading and content, choosing flexibly
from a range of strategies. Benchmarks
a. Use context as a clue to guide selection of a
word that completes a sentence read aloud by an
b. Use frequently occurring root words (e.g., talk)
and the words that result when word endings are
added (e.g., talked, talking, talks).

Writing: Production and Distribution of Writing

W.4.4 Produce clear and coherent writing in which EE.W.4.4 Produce writing that expresses more
the development and organization are appropriate than one idea.
to task, purpose, and audience.

Reading: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

RI.9-10.7 Analyze various accounts of a subject EE.RI.9-10.7 Analyze two accounts of a subject
told in different mediums (e.g., a person’s life story told in different mediums to determine how they
in both print and multimedia), determining which are the same and different.
details are emphasized in each account.

Speaking and Listening: Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas

SL.9-10.4 Present information, findings, and EE.SL.9-10.4 Present an argument on a topic with
supporting evidence clearly, concisely, and logically organized claims, reasons, and evidence.
logically such that listeners can follow the line of
reasoning and the organization, development,
substance, and style are appropriate to purpose,
audience, and task.
Learning Objectives
This learning plan addresses the following learning objectives to help you master the
a. Research career market criteria of desired profession, which includes investigating
salary ranges, educational requirements, types of organizations, work conditions, etc…
using various resources.
b. Complete the Career Comparison Worksheet and evaluate the researched responses as
to which profession presents the best option.
c. Prepare and give a presentation on the career that best matches your skills, interests,
and job market criteria.

Learning Activities
Lesson Plan Template

Before starting these Learning Activities refer to the students’ Academic and
Career Plan and their progress in their “My Plan” in Career Cruising (Xello).
Before starting these Learning Activities consider having students complete the
WI Transition App.
Review the Wisconsin Self Directed Transition Planning: Lesson Plan #2 and
Lesson Plan #5. They have similar learning activities.

_____0. Assignment 4.0 Vocabulary- Employment Options and Career Market

_____1. Assignment 4.1: Career Comparison Worksheet

Finding information on careers, salaries, educational requirements, and labor
market trends is extremely helpful when trying to match career skills, interest, and
values. This assignment can help you narrow down your choices. Use resources
listed in the assignment to complete a career comparison worksheet.

_____2. Assignment 4.2: PowerPoint (or other platform) Presentation

Using your findings from previous assignments, you will now make a presentation
about the career that best fits your skills, interest, and job market criteria. Use the
PowerPoint Rubric to guide your planning process.

_____3. Assignment 4.3: ASAP Rubric

Choose your audience to share your PowerPoint or other visual presentation (from
Assignment 4.2); this could include your next IEP meeting, your self-advocacy
class, your guidance counselor, or a teacher. Provide the ASAP Rubric to your
audience members prior to giving your presentation.