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Fourth edition J alele He ro ’s Book Re. Liz and John Soars Fourth edition Headwa Elementary Student’s Book Liz and John Soars OXFORD UNIVERSIT CONTENTS LANGUAGE INPUT la CTS Ree EN Paes eh D1 Youandme Verb abe Personal information ery cntvertatins . emhtre ‘malades, surname 97 i Pel Tnfrom Britl y6 Adjectives Hel, Mrs Brown Poucasive adjectives ‘al eau easy IO Seeyoulaer ‘nyiour pe Opposts adjectives Cea hares cof, haher pf onda olcold ll pease? Verbs havefoive/ike ‘We family Niketomeet you. pl Theva rather Haband. aunt cousin pl2 ive with my parents. p8 Posscsive ‘Mysisters name... 8 B 2 A good job! Present Simple @) Verbs What time si i heshert cms work ear, go play ps Its pveotlock. He comesfrom Jobs Tesh pas ive Shetenchers pid ure, handrese layer Ins twenty fi pas (lated ants Hedestgn buns p20 fe What does he dor He doesn’ live. pls Ws nearly three ‘Hock. pot Je 3 Work hard, play hard! p22 resent Simple (2) Tyoutwethey love singing. p22 Verbs 00k; eat, finish, sing, stay p22 In my free time Social expressions (1) Tim sorry Tm late, What's the matter? Doyou rela af weekend? it gol dance, go tothegym p24 Can you. [dow work p23 nypeteaweaeas 2" F Wha aes mea Adverbs of requeney Sich Tg shopping p26 Excuse me! ays usualy on never 23 Pardon? p29 B 4 somewhere tolive _thereiare “Things in the house Numbers = Thre ig lring oom. p20 of cooker p30 45.250 sometanya lof ‘Wings in the street ‘She has some plates os off, enc 3 Thre ret ay lases. Rooms and household goods Shehaza a of the p32 ving room, bathroom p30 thiatharhesetiose towel te, mas pi Tike hat picture Adjectives or god ad bad How much are these? p32 wonderful great agi p36 Advert adjective very ial big 6 Be 5 super met ‘ania Words that go together Polite requests 2 She an sk Nouns nou bookshop, post ofce Gan The? Tent speak French, p39 Verbs noun: play the guitar Gan ou ope? Adverbs Prepoitions Goulash oi? ‘quite well, not at all, Tean draw very well. p39 Tisten to music, come with me pt Could you tell me 2 Sure, saaheortoeid Sorry. As Where were you yesterday? Toul shen Ts ie, plo ia Teas born in 1980. pt B> 6 tifes ups and downs Postsimple Ragas verte What the datet ny Regular an ook fer pen pA7 Vt scond hind oe id studied p86 Ieregular verbs thethind of pra inegiir igh ote, wom pA ‘Apri the hint gan c,d, met pt Describing lings ol vo thousand ‘Tin expressions red ed oid p52 codon last night esterday morning p49 Describing things Interesting, exciting pS2 2015 twenty fifteen ps