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Jyothis Academy, Kottayam

Erayil kadavu Jn., Kottayam-1,Kerala.
Ph: 0481–3247363 Mob 093 8888 7363

Dear Sir/Madam
Please read the following carefully, it contains a valuable message that will help
you pass AMIE in the very first chance. If you are not an AMIE student please
ignore this mail.


Engineers Academy is one of the leading coaching providers of AMIE. We are in

the AMIE coaching field for last 10 years. With our constant interaction with
hundreds of AMIE students we observed the following facts.
v Majority of students consider A.M.I.E as a tough and difficult–to-pass
v They haven’t fully understood how their profile changes with A.M.I.E.
v Almost all A.M.I.E students are either part-time or full-time employees.
v They don’t have access to get right information and guidance.
But, from we strongly believe that an average student can pass this course in
minimum possible time (Six Months for Section A Dip. Stream), if proper
guidance is given. So, the sole aim of my preparing study material was to help all
students to pass A.M.I.E in the very first chance.

The reasons for why a students fails in A.M.I.E exam is,

Ø Lack of right study material
Ø Lack of proper guidance.
A student while going through the syllabus will just be in dilemma about
what to study, what not, how depth etc, because the syllabus doesn’t specifically
say what to study and what not.. Moreover he may be ignorant about the books to
read, styles of presentation expected in the examination. Since peripheral
knowledge is not sufficient for A.M.I.E, a student may completely be distracted.
The above problems are solved with the said-study materials. By using this,
Ø You get the right study material that contains every topics required as
per syllabus, which means you don’t need to buy any other books.
Ø You will get all guidance, which means you get access to clearing
your doubts. So it’s like a home tuition.

The study material has been prepared in self-teaching style. Each topic is
presented with maximum illustration and necessary figures. In order to understand
the subject in the first reading itself, very simple language is used throughout.

Email Phone +91 93 8888 7363

Jyothis Academy, Kottayam

Some features of the study material are

v Comprehensive, which means it covers entire syllabus and all what you
should know for exam-purpose has been entered.
v Prepared as per latest syllabus
v All previous A.M.I.E question are entered at the end of each chapter. Hence,
after studying one topic you will have covered all possible questions from that
topic. This also improves your level of confidence in attempting exams.
v The language used is very simple; each topic is presented in self-learning
v Since it is basically meant for working people, you can grasp the subject in
minimum time.
v A student who uses this material does not need to use any other textbooks.
v This material is meant exclusively for AMIE Section A students.
v Legible 12 pt font type setting in A4 size paper.
v Weight 4.3 Kg
At present study materials for the following subjects are available.
1. Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing
2. Materials science and Engineering
3. Computing and Informatics
4. Society and Environment.
5. Question Bank
Please note that this study material is not comparable with the material
published by Institution of Engineers, Kolkata. The materials issued by IEI are
basically meant for a guideline for syllabus, whereas the materials that we publish
are solely for study purpose.


Most students fail in AMIE examination just because they are not familiar
with the style of AMIE questions. The questions bank prepared by Engineers’
Academy is unique in this kind. This book contains ALL previous AMIE
Questions of all the above 4 subjects from Summer 1993 to Winter 2009. While
preparing this valuable book, we have taken special effort for rearranging complete
questions systematically. For example, in this book, you will see complete
questions were re-shuffled and regrouped topic wise. So, while you study a
particular topic from the syllabus, in this book you can find all previous questions
asked from that topic. This will not only help you study that topic to the required
depth but also enhance the chance of scoring good marks in the examination.

IEI Materials

As you all know Institution of Engineers (IEI) is also providing study

materials. The IEI has made it compulsory that anyone who join for AMIE must
buy their study materials at a cost of Rs 2200/-. (This cost is included in the

Email Phone +91 93 8888 7363

Jyothis Academy, Kottayam

registration fee of Rs 4800/-). But in the very first page of IEI material, it has been
explicitly stated that, the material issued by IEI is insufficient for AMIE exam. In
other words, the materials issued by IEI gives only a general outline of the
syllabus. It says that, even complete study of IEI materials will not ensure pass
AMIE. Unfortunately, most of the students use that material only, hoping that, the
IEI material is sufficient for AMIE exam!!!!! However, the materials prepared by
Engineers Academy is not at all comparable to that…It is entirely different and
meant for making a student pass AMIE exam in the very first attempt.

You can get the materials at a price as mentioned below.
1. Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing Rs 750/-
2. Materials science and Engineering Rs 750/-
3. Computing and Informatics Rs 750/-
4. Society and Environment. Rs 750/-
5. Question Bank of above 4 subjects Rs 250/-
6. For purchasing all the 5 items above Rs 3000/-
(Postage free)
Study Materials of Section B

The study materials of all section B subjects are also ready. However, at
present study material of certain subjects need little refinement and hence students
are advised to make a telephonic confirmation before they make any payment of
any section B subjects. The cost of study material of Section B subject is Rs 750/-
persubject, including postage.

How to Pay

The payment for AMIE Study Materials may be made in any one of the
1. By direct deposit in bank or netbanking into our ICICI Bank Account, the
details below. Those who make direct payment may please call us
immediately after depositing the money, to make confirmation.

Bank ICICI Bank

A/c Number 626705012109
Branch Kottayam
IFSC Code ICIC0006267

2. Demand Draft/ Cheque drawn in favour of ‘JYOTHIS ACADEMY’,

payable in Kottayam is also acceptable. DD or Cheque may be sent to our
office address given below.
3. Money Order is also acceptable.
4. The materials may be also collected directly from our office

Email Phone +91 93 8888 7363

Jyothis Academy, Kottayam


The secret behind success in AMIE exam lies in how and what exactly you
study. This course ware ensures your success. Please feel free to contact us for any
other clarification.

Please note

1. The complete materials shall be sent from the office within 2 working days,
after the date of receival of fee.
2. The price mentioned includes postage.
3. The prices mentioned above are not applicable for overseas students.
However, if they wish the materials may be sent to their residence address in
India, or to their abroad address, if specifically requested.
4. Materials shall be sent through registered parcel.

Best Regards

Jyothis Academy
Erayilkadavu Jn.
Kottayam-1, Kerala
Ph 0481 324 7363

Email Phone +91 93 8888 7363