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Computer System Servicing – Grade 12

Time: 1:00 – 3:00pm

Date: July 10, 2017
Grade & Section: 11 Endurance

At the end of the lesson, students are expected to:
3.4 Carry out keyboard techniques in line with OHS requirements.


Topic : Keyboard Techniques (Short cut keys)
Materials : Personal computer/laptop, projector, and hand outs
Values : Resourceful, efficient and OHS work practices

A. Review
 Ask the students to apply the proper handling the keyboard while encoding the information in the given
hand-out and save it afterwards in the Documents.
B. Motivation
 Show a video about a student that is poor but determined and resourceful.
C. Lesson Proper
1. Activities
 Ask the students to copy their previous activity, create a new folder at desktop and rename it as Activity
A, then paste here ten times the copied file.
1. Analysis
 What if the mouse/mouse pad is damaged, how are you going to do the Activity A?
2. Abstraction
 Discuss the Short cut keys.
 Demonstrate on how to apply shortcut keys while applying the OHS in handling keyboard.
3. Application
(Group the students with four members)
 Open a MS Word
 Encode the information with the specified format based on the hand out that will be given to each
 Minimize the MS Word.
 Make a new folder at Documents and rename it with Activity B
 Save your wok in MS Word at the said folder.

 Each group will present and demonstrate on how they make the Activity B.

 Bring the ff. cleaning tools: Brush, Lint-free cloth, and compressed air

Number of learners within mastery level _____
Number of learners needing remediation ____

Prepared by: Niña H. Milla

Scoring Rubrics for Activity B (Shortcut keys)

Name: _______________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Grade & Sec: __________________________________________

CRITERIA 5 points 3 points 1 point Score

Accuracy The output is The output is The output is done

accurately done satisfactorily done with under the supervision
without any help from some guidance from the of the teacher.
the teacher. teacher.
Speed The output is done The output is done The output is not
on or before the after the allotted time.thoroughly finished
given time. even after the given
Mechanics The output has NO The output has less than The output has more
misspellings with three misspellings than four misspellings
correct specified and/or incorrect format and/or incorrect format
Presentation Student presents Student presents Presenter skips or
information in logical information in logical rumble some steps in
and interesting sequence and activity and/or unclear
sequence with well- monotone voice. voice.
modulated voice.
OHS Student apply all the Student apply 2-3 Student apply only 1
proper keyboard proper keyboard proper keyboard
techniques while techniques while techniques while
working the activity working the activity working the activity


Rating Scales:


20 -25 96 - 100 Excellent

15 – 20 91 - 95 Very Good

10 - 14 86 - 90 Good

5-9 81 - 85 Fair

1-4 75 -80 Needs Improvement


Title: Keyboard Techniques (Shortcut keys)

Performance Objective: Carry out keyboard techniques in line with OHS requirements.

Supplies / Materials: Hand-outs

Equipment / Tools: Projector and Personal computer (without mouse) or laptop (with disabled
mouse pad)
Steps / Procedure:
1. Open a MS Word
2. Encode the information below together its specified format.

3. Minimize the MS Word.

4. Make a new folder at Documents and rename it with Activity B
5. Save your wok in MS Word at the said folder.

Note: Apply the proper handling keyboard techniques while doing the activity

Assessment Method: Demonstration