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oe ; FS am 4 : _<_oB Unt 7 piondenaneneroo2= [11 Listen and read. Hil Do you remember me? I'm Kate. I'm nine years old now. I live at number 3, South Street. I live with my mother and my parrot, Buttons. My Uncle John lives near us. He's a magician. Hello, 'm Caroline. I'm ten. [live at number 11, South Street, near my friends, Kate and Ken. This is my cat, Tiger. She's one year old. Vf <<_/ Hil My name's Ken. I'm eleven. Ilive at \=— number 7, South Street. I've gol a dog. His name is Barker. My name is John Jones. I'm Kate's uncle and I'm a magician. | ive at number 13, West Street. I've gota rabbit, Snowy. He helps me with my magic tricks, [J2 Nowlisten: Who is it? He's eleven. He's got a dog. noe 's Ken! V/retto, Yen and Kate Kate. What vee coing =o 4 ie've tidying aol bedroom. Unit 1 tennis racket a | \, in his bag, —isthis ? dS. please.” Eh i | behind dor, ic { BS Wwe What's this on top of | the cupboard ? a WZ