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Section A: Reading

Read the text below and answer the questions

Extract 1 :.

People who want to start getting fit don’t need to buy an exercise bike. Usually,
people who buy them use them for a week and then forget about them. They are
helpful if they are frequently used but you need to be determined. Most people will
find it much easier to go for jogging around the park.

As well as being easy to do, jogging is also cheaper compared to most other sports.
You don’t need to buy expensive clothes if you’re just going running around the park
or on the beach. The main thing is that they’re comfortable, and that they keep you
warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

There is one piece of equipment, however, that you will have to spend time and
money on, and that’s your running shoes. Remember that you are not looking for a
fashion item, but for something that will support your feet and protect you from
injury. They can be expensive, but if they are good quality they will last you a long
time. It’s always best to get expert advice, and the best place for that is a sports shop.

As for the actual jogging, the secret is to start gently, and not to do too much at the
beginning – especially if you haven’t had any exercise for a long time. Try a mixture
of walking and running for ten minutes about three times a week at first. Once you are
happy doing that you can then start to increase the amount you do gradually. After a
few months you should hope to be able to run at a reasonable speed for twenty
minutes three or four times a week.

It’s important that you feel comfortable with whatever you do. If you do, you’ll start
to enjoy it and will probably keep doing it. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, you’ll
probably stop after a short time and return to your bad habits. In any case, training too
hard is not very successful. Research has shown that somebody who exercises for
twice as long or twice as hard as another person doesn’t automatically become twice
as fit.

1.Write T for true and F for False.

1) Most people don’t use exercise bikes for very long. _____

2) Exercise bikes don’t get you fit. _____

3) You should keep warm at all times when you are jogging. _____
4) Running shoes don’t have to be fashionable. _____

5) You should start jogging by walking for ten minutes. _____

6) You should expect to feel uncomfortable when jogging. _____

7) You won’t necessarily be a lot fitter by running twice as fast. _____

Extract 2:

Read the text below and answer the questions 8 to 15.

When I was at school, I played some football and rugby. I hated rugby because I
couldn’t catch the ball, but I enjoyed football. I started out being a terrible player and
nobody wanted me to be on their team. But I started to improve slowly and, after a
few years, the other kids in the school accepted me as a player, not a fantastic one, but
one who wouldn’t do anything stupid.

When I was at university, I stopped playing sports altogether. I was working too hard,
started eating too much, and, worst of all, I started smoking. By the time I was thirty, I
was overweight and unfit. Then one day, I was sitting in the park, smoking a cigarette.
I was watching these guys running. They looked slim, fit and healthy, and some of
them were much older than me. When I got home, I looked in the bathroom mirror
and, well, I suppose I just didn’t like what I saw.

At that moment, I decided to stop smoking and change my life. I went to a sports
shop, bought myself a pair of running shoes, shorts and a sweatshirt. That evening I
went running around the park – for ten minutes! Physically, I felt terrible. Everything
was hurting: my legs, my chest. But inside, I did feel good about it. The next evening,
I went again. I still only did ten minutes, but I didn’t feel as I bad as I did the day

Within a week, I was running for fifteen minutes, then twenty, and after three weeks I
ran for thirty minutes without stopping. Quite soon, I was running longer distances
and my speed and strength were improving all the time. After six months, I was a
runner! That was five years ago. I now run eight kilometres six times a week and love

My proudest moment was last year, when I ran my first marathon and finished in
under three hours. I’m fitter now than I’ve ever been, and am so glad that I went to sit
in the park that day five years ago.
2.Answer questions 8 to 15 with a short sentence.

8) Which sport did he like best at school?

9) Why did nobody want to play with him at first?
10) When did he stop playing football?
11) Where was he when he decided to change his life?
12) How long did he run for the first time?
13) How did he feel psychologically?
14) How often does he run now?
15) What did he do last year?

Section B: Vocabulary

1.Write a synonym for each word (a word or two that have the same meaning)

1. Amazing _____________ Maybe_____________

2. Invent _____________ Crash_____________

3. Direction _____________ Content _____________

4. Recommend _____________ Opportunity_____________

5. Entertainment _____________ Suitcase _____________

6. Wave_____________ Queue _____________

7. Awful _____________ Argument_____________

8. Chase _____________ Frightening _____________

9. Figure out _____________ Embarrassed _____________

10. Damage_____________ Eruption _____________

11. Author _____________ Permission _____________

12. Thrilled _____________ Neat _____________

13. Mysterious _____________ Coast _____________

14. Keen on _____________ Pleasure_____________

2. Give the definition to the following words:

 Overwhelming:______________________________________________

 Guarantee: ______________________________________________

 Ignore: ______________________________________________

 Architect: ______________________________________________

 Improve: ______________________________________________

 trend: ______________________________________________

3. Fill in the gaps using a word from the box.

Land appetizer Expand reward

Traditional Increase Enthusiastic irresistible

crave engineer niece recognize allow

1. He found the delicious-looking cakes _____________.

2. I am so stressed because I have an ____________amount of work.

3. Alex is an ___________ learner. He always participates in the lesson.

4. This year the ______________ celebration of the Church will take place in



Section C: Grammar

1. Add a question-tag to these sentences:

15. 2. The hotel was quite good, ________________________?

16. She danced well, _______________________?

17. You can’t tell the difference, _________________________?

18. They always sleep after lunch, __________________________?

19. 7. Mary plays football, ________________________?

2. Fill in the gaps using the appropriate tense : Pas simple , Present Perfect

1. Rafael _____________(go) shopping for me yesterday.

2. Sandra _____________(not lend) her brother `£200 yet.

3. The policeman _____________(drive) away ten minutes ago.

4. The biscuit factory _____________(close) down last year.

5. She's very red. I think she ______________(lie) in the sun for 3 hours.

6. Ron _______________(just/ pass) his driving test.

7. Karen ______________(study) Italian for three years now and is still studying.
8. The Principal _____________(come) to this school in 2004.

9. Jack ______________(try) to get a job for six months, but is still unemployed.

10. The teacher ______________(already / tell) him to be quiet.

3. Complete the gap using the appropriate quantifier: A FEW,FEW, A LOT,

used more than once)

1. You bought __________ cooked ham for all these sandwiches. Go and get some
2. There are __________ beetles here. We’d better go and buy some pesticide.
3. We have __________ eggs left. I’ve just opened the fridge, and there aren’t any.
4. __________ people go to Catalonia for their holidays.
5. There isn’t __________ insecticide left. We’d better go and buy some.
6. Have you brought __________ sugar? We need a lot!

4. Write the questions using the WH words:

1. Brenda and John like Chinese people.

2. _____________________________

I went Maria’s house last night.

3. ____________________________
4. Swimming and collecting stamps are my hobbies.
My mother’s birthday is In April.
I think there are many bottles in the box.
5. _____________________________

5.Exercise 1: Put the verbs into the right tense so as to form the First
1. If we ………………………………… (come) to the party, you
………………………………….(have) fun.
2. If the weather ………………………………………………(be) good, we
…………………………………………….. (go) for a picnic.

3. If you ………………………………………………..(eat) a lot of sweets, you

…………………………………………..….. (get) fat.
4. If she ………………………………………………. (call), I
……………………………………………(tell) her to come back earlier.

5. If Mary …………………………………………………….. (not/ study), she

……………………………………….(not pass) the exam.

6.Write down the correct form of the word in brackets (adjective or adverb).

1. The dog is (angry) barks ____________.

2. It's (awful) __________cold today. The cold wind is _____________.

3. that is true, why does dog food smell so (terrible) ____________?

4. The little boy looked (sad) ___________ I went over to comfort him and he

looked at me _____________.

5. I tasted the soup (careful) ___________but it tasted (wonderful)___________.

7.Complete the gaps using the appropriate tense: Present simple/continuous , Past
simple/continuous , Present perfect simple/continuous, Past perfect
simple/continuous, Future simple /continuous.

On Monday, just as I 1.(TRY) _________________________ to wind down after a

long working day, the telephone 2. (RING) _________________________: “Is that
you, Helen?” someone asked on the phone. “Yes, this 3. (BE)
_________________ me,” I replied. “Sandra speaking, my friend. I need to talk to
you right now,” she said in a desperate voice. She was a quiet girl who always tried
not to call you when you 4. (just/ ARRIVE) _________________________ from
work. She never wanted to disturb her friends, so I knew something serious 5. (GO)
_________________________ on. “I 6. (not/
HEAR) _________________________ from you in a week. What 7. (you/ DO)
_________________________ lately?” I asked Sandra. “To tell you the truth,” she
said “I 8. (HAVE) _________________________ a lot of problems with my
boyfriend recently,” she continued. 9. “(you/WANT) __________________ to talk
about it?” I asked. I 10. (not/ FINISH) __________________ saying the phrase that
she started crying. “You 11.(not/ BELIEVE) _______________________ what
happened to me last week,” she said. “It was Saturday morning and my boyfriend
12. (TELL) _________________________ me he 13. (PICK)
_________________________ me up at 8 pm to go out for dinner at a fancy
restaurant downtown. Eight o’clock arrived. I was at home, waiting for him to 14.
(PICK) _________________________me up. It was nine o’clock and my
boyfriend (not/ APPEAR) _________________________ or 15. (CALL)
_________________________. I 16.(BEGIN) _________________________ to get
worried when my telephone 17. (RING) ______________________: “Your
boyfriend is cheating on you! You can catch him red-handed at this very moment. Go
to Rodham road and Sixth and you’ll see...” I could not believe what I 18. (just/
HEAR) _________________________ buy anyway, I went to the place the female
voice 19. (INDICATE) _________________________ and there he was: he
20. (KISS) _________________________ a girl as he 21. (never/ KISS)
_________________________ me before. When he saw me he said that he 22. (BE)
_________________________ sorry and promised he 23. (never/ DO)
_________________________ it again. I don’t know what to do. I love him but he
24. (really/ HURT) _________________________ my feelings. Tell me, Helen,
what 25. (you/DO) _________________________ if you were me?” Sandra asked
me. “Look, if I 26. (BE) _________________________ you, I 27.
(FORGIVE)_________________________ him temporarily until I 28. (GET)
_________________________ a new, better candidate,” I replied. “I don’t know,”
she said. “I think everything will depend on his next move. If he 29. (CALL)
_________________________ me and apologizes for what he (DO)
_________________________, I guess I 30. (GIVE)
_________________________ him a second chance. I love him and I want to be
happy with him. What do you think, Helen?” she asked me. “I think you 31. (not/
NEED) _________________________ my opinion; you 32. (already/ MAKE)
_________________________ a decision. I just hope it 33. (BE)
_________________________ the right one,” I said.

Section D: Writing

Choose ONE of the following topics and write a diary entry.

1. Write a description of a city / town you have visited for a school magazine.

 Give general information about the place (name , where it is, most interesting
 Write about some of the sights
 Write what visitors can do there
 Give your general opinion of this place