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SOP Number: F & B -07

Department: Food and Beverage Service – BAR AREA
Date Issued: 24th July 2018
Time to Train: 45 Minutes

Collect the Bottle of Wine:

1. Pick up the wine bottle from the service bar and make sure it is the correct
one that has been ordered and that it is at the right temperature
2. For Red wine, put the bottle into a wine basket.
3. For White wine, prepare a wine cooler with enough ice cubes and water
4. When carrying the bottle of wine into the restaurant, always have your service
napkin with you. Be careful when carrying wine.

Present the Bottle of Wine:

1. Make sure you have placed the correct wine glasses on the table
2. Put the wine cooler with stand and napkin next to the guest table or the wine
basket on the assigned station
3. To present the bottle of wine, place the service napkin over your left hand,
place the bottle of wine in your left hand holding the neck of the bottle with
your right hand, then step to the right side of the guest (host) who ordered the
4. Present the bottle of wine with the label facing the guest. At the same time say
the name of the wine (e.g. : “Old Vine Zinfandel 1968, Sir”)

Open the Bottle of Wine:

1. Place the bottle on the service trolley or sideboard next to the guest table.
Take the bottle neck in your left hand and hold it tight.
2. Open the bottle with a corkscrew, using a knife to cut the foil from the top of
the bottle either on or under the rim. Do not turn the bottle while cutting.
3. Clean the top of the cork with a service napkin, hold the bottle tight in your left
hand, then insert the corkscrew into the middle of the cork. Do not push too
4. Turn the corkscrew slowly into the cork. Lift up the cork slowly, trying to avoid
any noise. Remove the cork from the corkscrew and place it on a side plate
and clean the bottle neck with a service cloth.
5. Unless you are a wine expert, do not smell the cork.
6. Take the bottle in your right hand and pour the wine slowly from the right side
of the guest (host), into the guest’s (host’s) glass, filling the glass only ¼ full,
with the label facing the guest.
7. After the approval of the host, pour the wine into the other glasses, ladies first,
counter clockwise and the host last, then place the bottle back into the wine
cooler or wine basket

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to place a White Wine on the table?
Q2. Enumerate steps in presenting the wine bottle to the guest?
Q3. Demonstrate how to open the wine bottle?
Q4. What are the steps for picking up wine?
Q5. Only when should the wine be poured to all guests?