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Aleph-Bet “Mem” m

Water – Word - “Mem” ,.m

• “Mem” m is the 13th letter of the Aleph Bet and from

the Pictograph means water.
• Water is the word “Mayim” ,ym, which consists of two
“mem’s” and a “yod” in the middle.
• All things alive contains water and without water, life cannot be sustained.
• The Word of YHVH is associated with water and has the same life giving
power as water, but on a spiritual level.
• “Mayim” ,ym, (mem-yod-mem) has the “yod” connecting the two, mem’s,
representing YHVH’s hand (Spirit) sustaining all life, all the time. “Yod” is
the spark that initiated all things and the life force behind all created things.
Water - “Mayim” ,.m
• “Mayim” ,ym, consists of an ‘open mem’ and a ‘closed
mem,’ which depicts revealed Word m and concealed or
hidden Word ,.
• The “yod” y is the Spirit of YHVH Who makes the Word
come alive and Who reveals the concealed hidden ,ym
mysteries and knowledge regarding YHVH.
• Without the Spirit or “yod,” the Word is only ‘letter’
that kills and destroys. Allowing YHVH’s Spirit to
reveal His Word to you, brings life and sustains your
spiritual growth, just like water does to plants.
“Mayim” - Water found in Scripture
• The letter “Mem” is the essence of water and there are many references to water that
gives us insight into its spiritual significance.
• Flood – Judgement by Water – Gen 6 to Gen 9
• Pillar of Cloud (water) – Leading Israel – Exo 13:21-22
• Water from a Rock – Life giving Water – Symbolic of Messiah and Salvation – Exo 17
• Water Pouring Ceremony – Living waters - Sukkot
• Spirit of YHVH – Living water flowing from innermost being – Rev 21:6
• Sea/Ocean – water – contains fish – Represents the Nations – Isa 17:12
• Judah will drink from Fountain of Salvation – Zec 13:1
• YHVH’s Voice is as many waters – Eze 43:2 And, behold, the glory of the Elohim of
Israel came from the way of the East: and His Voice was like a noise of many
waters: and the earth shined with His glory.
➢ The Character and Glory of YHVH is associated with Water and Water is the medium
through which He communicates to mankind. His Word is the Water that carries His Voice.
“Mayim” ,ym - “Shamayim” ,yms
Gen 1:6-8 So Then Elohim said, “Let there be a firmament in the
midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.” 7
Thus Elohim made the firmament, and divided the waters which
were under the firmament from the waters which were above the
firmament; and it was so. 8 And Elohim called the firmament
Heaven (shamayim). ,ym
• Day 2- The Spirit of YHVH s moved over the waters, “Mayim”
,ym, and the waters separated into waters below and waters
above – “Shamayim” ,yms, known as the Heavens.
• Fire s, causes water to separate into a gas, which is a higher
form of water in a different medium or state. Liquid
• In the same way, YHVH’s Spirit will translate and change you
into a higher form of life, an elevated state associated with
Heaven or the Spiritual realm. Solid
“Mayim” ,ym - H2O - Water
• Water “Mayim” ,ym, consists of two “mem’s” ,m and a
“Yod,” y “mem-yod-mem”. H2O
• Scientifically, water consists of two Hydrogen molecules and
one Oxygen molecule H-O-H, spaced 105 degrees.
• Overlaying these two ideas reveal the Hydrogen molecule = ,ym
“mem” and the Oxygen molecule = “Yod” y.
• Oxygen sustains all life and this implies that the “Yod”
sustains all Life as well, including spiritual life. “Yod” is a
symbol associated with YHVH’s Hand or Spirit doing work in
the physical, especially within man.
• The “mem” represent the Hydrogen molecule, which is
“lighter” and rise higher.
➢ The Spirit of YHVH gives and sustains life, the Word of YHVH elevates man.
“Mayim” ,ym - H2O - Water
• Scientifically, Water consists of two Hydrogen molecules and one Oxygen
molecule H-O-H, spaced 105 degrees. The gematria of 105 has the following
‫”– מסה‬ma-sah”-- to melt, dissolve, be liquefied
‫מסה‬- ”massah” – despair, test, temptation
‫” – עלה‬olah“ - burnt offering, holocaust
‫עלה‬- ”alah” - to go up, ascend
• Water (H2O) and the number 105 corresponds with the concept of “Mayim” ,ym, changed
to “Shamayim” ,yms, by adding Fire s (Shin).
• This is related to the Burnt Offering translating something from the physical to the Spiritual,
elevating it by adding Fire s (Shin). Animal =70% H2O
➢ Combining Water and Fire, two elements which can eliminate the other => Supernatural.
“Mayim” ,ym - H2O - Water
• The gematria of 105 continues:

‫”– מסה‬ma-sah”-- to melt, dissolve, be liquefied

‫מסה‬- ”massah” – despair, test, temptation
‫” – עלה‬olah“ - burnt offering, holocaust
‫עלה‬- ”alah” - to go up, ascend
• Fire is added to change a solid material into a liquid.
• The “Olah” or Burnt Offering is the means to be elevated to a higher state.
➢ Messiah Y’shua being the Passover Lamb was “elevated” on the Cross and
became our “Olah” or Burnt Offering – through Him we can be elevated.
➢ Trials and Tribulations is similar to a “Olah” offering that will add “fire” s
to your life so that you can be “elevated” to a higher level.
“Shamayim”– Process of Elevation Light
Waters Above
• Water is mentioned on Day 2 of Creation where the Spirit of
YHVH s moved over the waters, “Mayim” ,ym, and
separated the “dark” waters below, creating the waters
above (light) – “Shamayim” ,yms, known as Heaven which
Waters Below
is an elevated state. (Light and darkness defined in Day 1)
• The mixing of water and fire elevates the water to a higher state, changing it from
“Waters of darkness” into “waters of light.”.
• In the Wilderness they had a pillar of fire and a pillar of “water” (cloud). This
symbolizes the process of creating “Shamayim” and these pillars represents a
“Vertical Bridge” that connects the physical to the Spiritual (Jacob’s Ladder).
• The Tabernacle has two objects that symbolize the “Water-Fire” connection and
that is the Brazen Altar s (fire) and the Laver m (water). These two allow the
“elevation” and is where the Burnt Offering takes place as well as the cleansing.
Both these allow you to enter the “Elevated Place” (Holy Place).
The Tabernacle & Creation
The Tabernacle and the 7-day Creation pattern. Water & Fire – Mayim and Shin
Pillar of s Fire ,ym Pillar of Water (cloud) = Shamayim (Elevated)

Shamayim (Elevated)
Waters Below

Waters Above
Day 4 Day 7

s Day 3 s Elevate
m m Day 6
Day 5
Day 1 Day 2
Fire + Water → Spirit + Word → Olah/Elevation
The Tabernacle functions as the Place of Elevation, turning Dark Water into Water of Light.
The Tabernacle & Creation
Day 1 Let there be light – separated Light from 1st Gate – entrance to the Outer Court, Holy Place and Most Holy
Darkness (Light). Outside this Gate is Darkness. 1st Object is Brazen Altar –
Day 2 YHVH separated the Waters above from the Laver – Filled with water for cleansing – allows you to enter the Holy
Waters below. “Mayim” and “Shamayim” Place (Higher dimension). Symbolic of pillar of water leading Israel
(Heaven – Higher dimension) Water bridge through the desert, connecting Heaven and Earth (YHVH with His
connecting Earth and Heaven people).
Day 3 YHVH separated the Land from the Waters Holy Place - The water of the Laver “separated” you from entering the
below which formed the foundation of all life. Holy Place (foundation of all spiritual life)
YHVH Created plants.
Day 4 YHVH created the Sun, Moon & Stars – Menorah – The only source of light in this Place and the wicks of the
Moedim – Times & Seasons Lamp had to be trimmed and maintained daily.
Day 5 YHVH created Fish and the Birds Showbread – The bread is associated with Fish and Birds in Scripture.
Multiplication of the Bread and fish miracle. Joseph interpreting the
Baker’s dream.
Day 6 YHVH created Animals and Man Altar of Incense – This is the closest place to the Holy of Holies or
Presence of YHVH and is associated with prayer and worship. This is the
final stage prior to entering into YHVH Presence and Rest.
Day 7 YHVH rested Holy of Holies with Ark of the Covenant representing YHVH Throne.
Body of Messiah “Mem” – “Kav-Vav”

• The letter “Mem” can be constructed by combining the letters “kaf” k and “vav” v, like
we have seen with the letter “Lamed” previously = 26= YHVH.
• Adding up the value of “kaf” (20) and “vav” (6) = 26, which is the same value of YHVH.
➢ Mem m represents YHVH’s Word = “kaf-vav” = 26 = YHVH hvhy, this means that YHVH
and His Word is One. It also means that His Word is “Him” or His Character. This confirms
that Y’shua is YHVH and is His Word personified.
➢ “Kav” k is a large hand or “collective hand” made up of people “vav” v representing the
Body of Messiah. In relation to the “Mem” and YHVH’s Word and Character, it reveals
that we can only be the Body of Messiah, expressing His Character if we study, obey and
express His Word actively in our lives, collectively. If one of the members fail in doing
this, then we fail to represent His fulness here on earth.
From “Lamed” to Mem”
k k
• “Lamed,” as previously seen, represents the Shepherd and the King of Kings, existing in
the higher state of Unity.
• “Lamed” can manifest in the lower state of “Duality” through becoming a “Mem” – both
consisting of and made up of the letters “kaf” k and “vav” v, both connected through 26
• The lower manifestation of “Lamed” in the world of “Duality” is the Messiah symbolized
as the “Mem,” Who is the Word of YHVH in the flesh.
➢ The picture of the “Lamed” or King manifesting as a “Mem” or Servant”
where the “Vav” (Man – Royal) came down from a Higher State to a Lower in the
form of a physical man “Vav” (Man - Servant), both still = 26 = YHVH.
King Ruling with “Mem” m ;lm

• In the Hebrew Aleph-Bet, “Mem” m is the letter following
the Lamed, the tallest letter, representing “Melekh
HaMelakim” or ‘King of Kings’, or as we know, Y’shua the m
• Reading the three consecutive letters from Left to Right, starting with the
“Mem,” makes the word ;lm “mem-lamed-kaf” or “malakh” meaning: KING,
➢ “Mem” m, representing the Word of YHVH (Torah), is the means by which the
King governs His people. A Kingdom consists of a King, with a Government,
structured and based on a Law (Torah m), reiging over His people in His Land.
Without the Torah m, the King would not be able to rule His People, “kaf” k.;
Mem is the13th Letter
The Gematria of 13 and associated with the following words
and meanings: k
‫“ – אהבה‬ahavah” - love
‫“ – זבד‬zeh-bed“ – gift Living Word King Y’shua

‫“ – אבי‬Abi” - my father
Word m Torah
‫“ – אחד‬echad” - one, unity
‫“ – זו‬zif” – brightness Word m + Yshua = Eternal Life x

➢ YHVH’s Word (mem) as well as His Word Who became flesh (Y’shua),
is the light shining bright in the dark world, it was given by the
Father, as a gift of love, so that we can become one with Him again.
The Work of the Messiah - 40
“Mem” = 40 and its Gematria is linked to the following words with positive meanings
relating to the Work of the Messiah [4,40,400]:
‫”– ולד‬valad”- child, offspring
‫”– גזל‬geh-zel”- take away by force
‫”– חבל‬chabal”- to hurt, destroy
‫חבל‬- “chebel”- to bind
‫ יחזיה‬- “Jahaziah” - “YHVH sees"
‫ לאט‬- ”lawt” - secrecy, mystery
‫ טלא‬-”telah” - lamb
‫לאט‬- “la-at” - to cover
➢ YHVH gave His only Son (offspring) and He was taken away by force, bind to a cross, beaten
and ultimately destroyed. YHVH saw everything and eventually turned His face away.
➢ The “mystery of the Lamb” is revealed through Y’shua’s death on Passover and resurrection
on Firstfruits and by His Blood we are covered.
Aleph-Bet “Mem” m
• “Mem” m represents Water – the substance needed to create and sustain life.
• “Mem” m represents the Word that became flesh, Y’shua the Messiah, the King Who
governs His people by His Word / Torah (mem).
• Mem” m represents the Word of YHVH.
• “Mem” m relates to water “mayim” and the water molecule in the way it is constructed.
• “Mayim” ,ym changes to “shamayim” ,yms when you add s “fire”. It translates the
“waters below” (fallen state), to the “waters above” (elevated state) which is known as
the heavens.
• “Shamayim” (water/fire) is the process that translates humanity to a higher level (olah).
• “Mem” m and number 40 reveals the “olah offering” (trials and tribulation) Y’shua had to
go through to enable humanity to be elevated (olah) to be united with the “waters
above.” Y’shua died (Lamb/olah-burnt offering) and rose again (olah-elevated)
• We need to become living sacrifices “olah” (burnt offering/tribulation) to allow the
“shamayim” process to help us to “olah” (be elevated).