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Grade- 2 ICT Curriculum Planner for the Session 2017-18

Week Topic Learning Outcomes Activity

Semester 1: April- May (Tentative 5 weeks for completion of syllabus)
Week-1 School Readiness Program and Pre knowledge Testing
Week-2 Introduction to  Computer – A Smart Machine  Collect the different types of
Computers  Computer and Man machine’s pictures from news
 Types of Computers paper or different magazine.
Put at least 5 pictures in your
computer and write their
Week 3 names
 Draw a picture of computer
and write few features of
computer in different box.
Week 4 Start and shut  Step- by-step: Starting a  Visit to your computer lab and
down a Computer practice how to start and shut
Week 5 computer  Icons down a desktop.
 Taskbar
Week 6  Step-by-step: shutting Down a
July Revision and Semester-1 Examination
Semester 2 August - September (Tentative 7 weeks for completion of syllabus
Week1 Parts of a  Monitor Collect the picture of different
Week-2 Computer  Keyboard parts of computer and paste it
 Mouse to your note book. Write the
 CPU uses of each parts.
 Printer and scanner
 Microphone and speakers
 Head phones
 Cd or DVD drive
Week-3 More about the  Mouse - A computer Device  Play different kids game to
Week-4 computer Mouse  Mouse buttons practice mouse
 Mouse Pad
 Holding the mouse
 Mouse Pointer
 Pressing the Mouse Buttons
Week 5  Starting Paint  Draw our national flag
Week 6  Parts of the paint window  Draw a village scenario using
 Paint tools paint software
Drawing and
Painting using  Shapes tools
Paint  Saving a new drawing
 Opening a saved Drawing
 Opening a New paint window
Week 7 Over all practice on Paint
October Revision and Semester-2
Semester-3 November – January (Tentative 8 weeks for completion of syllabus)
Week 1 Uses of a  At home  When we go out from
Computer  In schools our home, we can see
 In Hospitals many places where
Week 2  At Railway station and Airports people are using
 In Banks computers. Collect few
 At shopping Malls pictures where we use
 In Offices computer and paste all
 For Designing the pictures in your
 For defense purposes note book.
 For Space Research
 For Making Animated Movies
Week 3  Caps Lock key Typing practice using
&4  Cursor Control Key text editor (Notepad)
 Backspace key
About The
 Delete key
 Shift key
 Home key
 End key
 Num lock key
Week-5 Fun with tux  Starting Tux Paint Draw different scene
Week-6 paint  Paint Tool such as Water cycle,
 Eraser Tool traffic rules scene and
 Line Tool type of houses
 Shapes Tool
 Text Tools
 Magic Tool
 Stamp Tool
 Other controls
Week-7 and Week-8 Practice on Tux Paint
February Overall Practice for entire syllabus
March Revision and Semester 3 Examination