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KREBS® millMAX-e™ pump

The new high-efficiency slurry pump

designed for abrasive slurry applications
millMAX® technology
taken to the next level

The millMAX-e™ pump

slurry pump designed
to maximize efficiency
and minimize cost
of ownership.

millMAX-e Wet End Design

Ideal for
applications in:
• Mineral sands
• Alumina
• Solvent extraction Introducing the new
• Dilute media millMAX-e™ pump Wide capacity range
Mining operations around the world rely FLSmidth Krebs offers the millMAX-e
• Gland water
on the extended operational lifetime pump in suction sizes of 2 to 16
• Fine coal characteristics of FLSmidth Krebs inches (50 to 400 mm), providing a
• All thickener overflow millMAX® pumps. Developed initially for wide range of capacity.
and tailings return water mill discharge duties and adapted for
• Other high efficiency other severe abrasive slurries, the Pump Sealing Options
millMAX pump uses patented • Water flush
technology to minimize the cost per ton • Centrifugal (expeller)
pumped compared to conventional hard • driMAX mechanical
metal and rubber lined slurry pumps.
High efficiency impeller
Now, FLSmidth Krebs experts have • Increased efficiency
further optimized the millMAX design to • Increased wear life
Designed with the latest bring increased life and higher efficiency • Increased maximum head
Computational Fluid Dynamics to your slurry application.
flow predication software.
Added efficiency Size Range Metric (mm)
The hydraulically advanced impeller and
2 x 1.5 50
an extremely efficient design, gives the
end user a maintenance friendly pump 3x2 80
that will often enable the customer to 4x3 100
downsize the drive motor, thus further 6x4 150
minimizing cost while maximizing
8x6 200
10 x 8 250
Total cost of ownership 12 x 10 300
With a low upfront cost and increased
14 x 12 350
power savings, the millMAX-e can pay
for itself in less than a year of operation. 16 x 14 400
Revolutionizing pumping

The wide clearance between

the impeller and suction side
eliminates the mechanical
grinding of solids.
The adjusting screw lock
nut compresses the wear
ring carrier to provide a seal
to atmosphere and lock the
jacking screw in place.

Suction Side Sealing System

Like all the pumps in the millMAX family,
the millMAX-e pump includes the patented
millMAX Suction Side Sealing System.
Maximum expected flow rate for a This system reduces wear by maintaining
water flush seal at 10 psig (68.9 kPa) initial clearances within the pump to
above pump discharge pressure reduce internal recirculation and eliminate
Power High High Low Low solids grinding between the impeller and
Frame (gpm) (m3/h) (gpm) (m3/h) suction side.
EMAAA 2.5 0.57 0.5 0.11
MMAA 8 1.82 1 0.23 Adjustment can be made while the pump is
in operation. The result achieves a constant
MMA 15 3.41 2 0.45
flow and pressure, without having to speed
MMB 20 4.54 3 0.68 up the pump. This extends the life of all wet
MMC 25 5.68 4 0.91 end parts and reduces power consumption.
10-600 Rev. 4/7/2017 ljr-us
KREBS® millMAX-e™ pump

Quick Selection Guide

Flow ( m3/h)
5 10 20 30 50 70 100 200 500 1000 2000 3000 4000




x 10
x 12
x 14
260 80
80 3 x
50 2 x

100 4

150 6

200 8

250 10

300 12
350 14
400 16

Head (ft)

Head (m)

160 Our slurry pump millMAX-e is more efficient than a Warman pump for abrasive 50
slurry applications. The high efficiency cnetrifugal slurry pump out performs and
140 uses less power saving money. The frame weight is decreased compared to a
Warman equivalent pump frame. Not only high efficiency but our pump can
handle high speed slurry applications. 40


60 20


0 0
10 100 1000 10000
Flow (gpm)

World-class Service
The Krebs’ customer service philosophy is to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers when it comes to providing
technical support, processing orders and maintaining parts availability. Starting with the sales process, and extending
throughout the life of the supplied process solution, we strive to provide an unmatched, world-class customer experience.

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