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Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. For

more information on using Node.js, see the
[Node.js Website][].

The Node.js project is supported by the

[Node.js Foundation]( Contributions,
policies, and releases are managed under an
[open governance model](./

**This project is bound by a [Code of Conduct][].**

# Table of Contents

* [Support](#support)
* [Release Types](#release-types)
* [Download](#download)
* [Current and LTS Releases](#current-and-lts-releases)
* [Nightly Releases](#nightly-releases)
* [API Documentation](#api-documentation)
* [Verifying Binaries](#verifying-binaries)
* [Building Node.js](#building-nodejs)
* [Security](#security)
* [Current Project Team Members](#current-project-team-members)
* [TSC (Technical Steering Committee)](#tsc-technical-steering-committee)
* [Collaborators](#collaborators)
* [Release Team](#release-team)
* [Contributing to Node.js](#contributing-to-nodejs)

## Support

Node.js contributors have limited availability to address general support

questions. Please make sure you are using a [currently-supported version of

When looking for support, please first search for your question in these venues:

* [Node.js Website][]
* [Node.js Help][]
* [Open or closed issues in the Node.js GitHub organization]

If you didn't find an answer in the resources above, try these unofficial

* [Questions tagged 'node.js' on StackOverflow][]

* [#node.js channel on][]. See <> for more
* [Node.js Discord Community](
* [Node.js Slack Community]( Visit
[]( to register.

GitHub issues are for tracking enhancements and bugs, not general support.

The open source license grants you the freedom to use Node.js. It does not
guarantee commitments of other people's time. Please be respectful and manage
your expectations.

## Release Types

* **Current**: Under active development. Code for the Current release is in the
branch for its major version number (for example,
[v10.x]( Node.js releases a new
major version every 6 months, allowing for breaking changes. This happens in
April and October every year. Releases appearing each October have a support
life of 8 months. Releases appearing each April convert to LTS (see below)
each October.
* **LTS**: Releases that receive Long-term Support, with a focus on stability
and security. Every even-numbered major version will become an LTS release.
LTS releases receive 18 months of _Active LTS_ support and a further 12 months
of _Maintenance_. LTS release lines have alphabetically-ordered codenames,
beginning with v4 Argon. There are no breaking changes or feature additions,
except in some special circumstances.
* **Nightly**: Code from the Current branch built every 24-hours when there are
changes. Use with caution.

Current and LTS releases follow [Semantic Versioning]( A

member of the [Release Team](#release-team) signs each Current and LTS release.
For more information, see the
[Release README](

### Download

Binaries, installers, and source tarballs are available at


#### Current and LTS Releases


The [latest]( directory is an

alias for the latest Current release. The latest-_codename_ directory is an
alias for the latest release from an LTS line. For example,
<> is the latest Carbon
(Node.js version 8) release.

#### Nightly Releases


Listed under their version string which includes their date (in UTC time) and
the commit SHA at the HEAD of the release.

#### API Documentation


Points to the API documentation of the latest Current release.

Version specific documentation are avalible in each release and nightly
directory under _docs_ or at <>.
### Verifying Binaries

Current, LTS, and Nightly download directories all contain a SHASUMS256.txt

file that lists the SHA checksums for each file available for

The SHASUMS256.txt can be downloaded using `curl`.

$ curl -O

To check that a downloaded file matches the checksum, run

it through `sha256sum` with a command such as:

$ grep node-vx.y.z.tar.gz SHASUMS256.txt | sha256sum -c -

Current and LTS releases (but not Nightlies) also have the GPG detached
signature of SHASUMS256.txt available as SHASUMS256.txt.sig. You can use `gpg`
to verify that SHASUMS256.txt has not been tampered with.

To verify SHASUMS256.txt has not been altered, you will first need to import
all of the GPG keys of individuals authorized to create releases. They are
listed at the bottom of this README under [Release Team](#release-team).
Use a command such as this to import the keys:

$ gpg --keyserver --recv-keys

See the bottom of this README for a full script to import active release keys.

Next, download the SHASUMS256.txt.sig for the release:

$ curl -O

After downloading the appropriate SHASUMS256.txt and SHASUMS256.txt.sig files,

you can then use `gpg --verify SHASUMS256.txt.sig SHASUMS256.txt` to verify
that the file has been signed by an authorized member of the Node.js team.

Once verified, use the SHASUMS256.txt file to get the checksum for
the binary verification command above.

## Building Node.js

See []( for instructions on how to build

Node.js from source. The document also contains a list of
officially supported platforms.

## Security

Security flaws in Node.js should be reported by emailing

Please do not disclose security bugs publicly until they have been handled by
the security team.

Your email will be acknowledged within 24 hours, and you will receive a more
detailed response to your email within 48 hours indicating the next steps in
handling your report.

There are no hard and fast rules to determine if a bug is worth reporting as
a security issue. The general rule is an issue worth reporting should allow an
attacker to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the
Node.js application or its system for which the attacker does not already have
the capability.

To illustrate the point, here are some examples of past issues and what the
Security Response Team thinks of them. When in doubt, however, please do send
us a report nonetheless.

### Public disclosure preferred

- [#14519]( _Internal domain

function can be used to cause segfaults_. Causing program termination using
either the public JavaScript APIs or the private bindings layer APIs requires
the ability to execute arbitrary JavaScript code, which is already the highest
level of privilege possible.

- [#12141]( _buffer: zero fill

Buffer(num) by default_. The buffer constructor behavior was documented,
but found to be prone to [mis-use](
It has since been changed, but despite much debate, was not considered misuse
prone enough to justify fixing in older release lines and breaking our
API stability contract.

### Private disclosure preferred

- [CVE-2016-7099](
_Fix invalid wildcard certificate validation check_. This is a high severity
defect that would allow a malicious TLS server to serve an invalid wildcard
certificate for its hostname and be improperly validated by a Node.js client.

- [#5507]( _Fix a defect that makes

the CacheBleed Attack possible_. Many, though not all, OpenSSL vulnerabilities
in the TLS/SSL protocols also affect Node.js.

- [CVE-2016-2216](
_Fix defects in HTTP header parsing for requests and responses that can allow
response splitting_. While the impact of this vulnerability is application and
network dependent, it is remotely exploitable in the HTTP protocol.

When in doubt, please do send us a report.

## Current Project Team Members

The Node.js project team comprises a group of core collaborators and a sub-group
that forms the _Technical Steering Committee_ (TSC) which governs the project.
For more information about the governance of the Node.js project, see

### TSC (Technical Steering Committee)

* [addaleax]( -
**Anna Henningsen** &lt;; (she/her)
* [apapirovski]( -
**Anatoli Papirovski** &lt;; (he/him)
* [ChALkeR]( -
**Сковорода Никита Андреевич** &lt;; (he/him)
* [cjihrig]( -
**Colin Ihrig** &lt;; (he/him)
* [danbev]( -
**Daniel Bevenius** &lt;; (he/him)
* [fhinkel]( -
**Franziska Hinkelmann** &lt;; (she/her)
* [Fishrock123]( -
**Jeremiah Senkpiel** &lt;;
* [gabrielschulhof]( -
**Gabriel Schulhof** &lt;;
* [jasnell]( -
**James M Snell** &lt;; (he/him)
* [joyeecheung]( -
**Joyee Cheung** &lt;; (she/her)
* [mcollina]( -
**Matteo Collina** &lt;; (he/him)
* [mhdawson]( -
**Michael Dawson** &lt;; (he/him)
* [MylesBorins]( -
**Myles Borins** &lt;; (he/him)
* [ofrobots]( -
**Ali Ijaz Sheikh** &lt;; (he/him)
* [rvagg]( -
**Rod Vagg** &lt;;
* [targos]( -
**Michaël Zasso** &lt;; (he/him)
* [thefourtheye]( -
**Sakthipriyan Vairamani** &lt;; (he/him)
* [TimothyGu]( -
**Tiancheng "Timothy" Gu** &lt;; (he/him)
* [Trott]( -
**Rich Trott** &lt;; (he/him)

### TSC Emeriti

* [bnoordhuis]( -
**Ben Noordhuis** &lt;;
* [chrisdickinson]( -
**Chris Dickinson** &lt;;
* [evanlucas]( -
**Evan Lucas** &lt;; (he/him)
* [gibfahn]( -
**Gibson Fahnestock** &lt;; (he/him)
* [indutny]( -
**Fedor Indutny** &lt;;
* [isaacs]( -
**Isaac Z. Schlueter** &lt;;
* [joshgav]( -
**Josh Gavant** &lt;;
* [mscdex]( -
**Brian White** &lt;;
* [nebrius]( -
**Bryan Hughes** &lt;;
* [orangemocha]( -
**Alexis Campailla** &lt;;
* [piscisaureus]( -
**Bert Belder** &lt;;
* [shigeki]( -
**Shigeki Ohtsu** &lt;; (he/him)
* [trevnorris]( -
**Trevor Norris** &lt;;

### Collaborators

* [addaleax]( -
**Anna Henningsen** &lt;; (she/her)
* [ak239]( -
**Aleksei Koziatinskii** &lt;;
* [andrasq]( -
**Andras** &lt;;
* [AndreasMadsen]( -
**Andreas Madsen** &lt;; (he/him)
* [AnnaMag]( -
**Anna M. Kedzierska** &lt;;
* [apapirovski]( -
**Anatoli Papirovski** &lt;; (he/him)
* [aqrln]( -
**Alexey Orlenko** &lt;; (he/him)
* [bcoe]( -
**Ben Coe** &lt;; (he/him)
* [bengl]( -
**Bryan English** &lt;; (he/him)
* [benjamingr]( -
**Benjamin Gruenbaum** &lt;;
* [BethGriggs]( -
**Beth Griggs** &lt;; (she/her)
* [bmeck]( -
**Bradley Farias** &lt;;
* [bmeurer]( -
**Benedikt Meurer** &lt;;
* [bnoordhuis]( -
**Ben Noordhuis** &lt;;
* [boneskull]( -
**Christopher Hiller** &lt;; (he/him)
* [brendanashworth]( -
**Brendan Ashworth** &lt;;
* [BridgeAR]( -
**Ruben Bridgewater** &lt;; (he/him)
* [bzoz]( -
**Bartosz Sosnowski** &lt;;
* [calvinmetcalf]( -
**Calvin Metcalf** &lt;;
* [ChALkeR]( -
**Сковорода Никита Андреевич** &lt;; (he/him)
* [chrisdickinson]( -
**Chris Dickinson** &lt;;
* [cjihrig]( -
**Colin Ihrig** &lt;; (he/him)
* [claudiorodriguez]( -
**Claudio Rodriguez** &lt;;
* [codebytere]( -
**Shelley Vohr** &lt;; (she/her)
* [danbev]( -
**Daniel Bevenius** &lt;; (he/him)
* [DavidCai1993]( -
**David Cai** &lt;; (he/him)
* [davisjam]( -
**Jamie Davis** &lt;; (he/him)
* [devsnek]( -
**Gus Caplan** &lt;; (he/him)
* [digitalinfinity]( -
**Hitesh Kanwathirtha** &lt;; (he/him)
* [edsadr]( -
**Adrian Estrada** &lt;; (he/him)
* [eljefedelrodeodeljefe]( -
**Robert Jefe Lindstaedt** &lt;;
* [estliberitas]( -
**Alexander Makarenko** &lt;;
* [eugeneo]( -
**Eugene Ostroukhov** &lt;;
* [evanlucas]( -
**Evan Lucas** &lt;; (he/him)
* [fhinkel]( -
**Franziska Hinkelmann** &lt;; (she/her)
* [firedfox]( -
**Daniel Wang** &lt;;
* [Fishrock123]( -
**Jeremiah Senkpiel** &lt;;
* [gabrielschulhof]( -
**Gabriel Schulhof** &lt;;
* [gdams]( -
**George Adams** &lt;; (he/him)
* [geek]( -
**Wyatt Preul** &lt;;
* [gibfahn]( -
**Gibson Fahnestock** &lt;; (he/him)
* [gireeshpunathil]( -
**Gireesh Punathil** &lt;; (he/him)
* [guybedford]( -
**Guy Bedford** &lt;; (he/him)
* [hashseed]( -
**Yang Guo** &lt;; (he/him)
* [hiroppy]( -
**Yuta Hiroto** &lt;; (he/him)
* [iarna]( -
**Rebecca Turner** &lt;;
* [imyller]( -
**Ilkka Myller** &lt;;
* [indutny]( -
**Fedor Indutny** &lt;;
* [italoacasas]( -
**Italo A. Casas** &lt;; (he/him)
* [JacksonTian]( -
**Jackson Tian** &lt;;
* [jasnell]( -
**James M Snell** &lt;; (he/him)
* [jasongin]( -
**Jason Ginchereau** &lt;;
* [jbergstroem]( -
**Johan Bergström** &lt;;
* [jdalton]( -
**John-David Dalton** &lt;;
* [jhamhader]( -
**Yuval Brik** &lt;;
* [jkrems]( -
**Jan Krems** &lt;; (he/him)
* [joaocgreis]( -
**João Reis** &lt;;
* [joshgav]( -
**Josh Gavant** &lt;;
* [joyeecheung]( -
**Joyee Cheung** &lt;; (she/her)
* [julianduque]( -
**Julian Duque** &lt;; (he/him)
* [JungMinu]( -
**Minwoo Jung** &lt;; (he/him)
* [kfarnung]( -
**Kyle Farnung** &lt;; (he/him)
* [kunalspathak]( -
**Kunal Pathak** &lt;;
* [lance]( -
**Lance Ball** &lt;; (he/him)
* [Leko]( -
**Shingo Inoue** &lt;; (he/him)
* [lpinca]( -
**Luigi Pinca** &lt;; (he/him)
* [lucamaraschi]( -
**Luca Maraschi** &lt;; (he/him)
* [lundibundi]( -
**Denys Otrishko** &lt;; (he/him)
* [maclover7]( -
**Jon Moss** &lt;; (he/him)
* [mafintosh](
**Mathias Buus** &lt;; (he/him)
* [mcollina]( -
**Matteo Collina** &lt;; (he/him)
* [mhdawson]( -
**Michael Dawson** &lt;; (he/him)
* [misterdjules]( -
**Julien Gilli** &lt;;
* [mmarchini]( -
**Matheus Marchini** &lt;;
* [MoonBall]( -
**Chen Gang** &lt;;
* [mscdex]( -
**Brian White** &lt;;
* [MylesBorins]( -
**Myles Borins** &lt;; (he/him)
* [not-an-aardvark]( -
**Teddy Katz** &lt;; (he/him)
* [ofrobots]( -
**Ali Ijaz Sheikh** &lt;; (he/him)
* [orangemocha]( -
**Alexis Campailla** &lt;;
* [othiym23]( -
**Forrest L Norvell** &lt;; (he/him)
* [phillipj]( -
**Phillip Johnsen** &lt;;
* [pmq20]( -
**Minqi Pan** &lt;;
* [princejwesley]( -
**Prince John Wesley** &lt;;
* [Qard]( -
**Stephen Belanger** &lt;; (he/him)
* [refack]( -
**Refael Ackermann** &lt;; (he/him)
* [richardlau]( -
**Richard Lau** &lt;;
* [ronkorving]( -
**Ron Korving** &lt;;
* [RReverser]( -
**Ingvar Stepanyan** &lt;;
* [rubys]( -
**Sam Ruby** &lt;;
* [rvagg]( -
**Rod Vagg** &lt;;
* [ryzokuken]( -
**Ujjwal Sharma** &lt;; (he/him)
* [saghul]( -
**Saúl Ibarra Corretgé** &lt;;
* [sam-github]( -
**Sam Roberts** &lt;;
* [santigimeno]( -
**Santiago Gimeno** &lt;;
* [sebdeckers]( -
**Sebastiaan Deckers** &lt;;
* [seishun]( -
**Nikolai Vavilov** &lt;;
* [shigeki]( -
**Shigeki Ohtsu** &lt;; (he/him)
* [silverwind]( -
**Roman Reiss** &lt;;
* [srl295]( -
**Steven R Loomis** &lt;;
* [starkwang]( -
**Weijia Wang** &lt;;
* [stefanmb]( -
**Stefan Budeanu** &lt;;
* [targos]( -
**Michaël Zasso** &lt;; (he/him)
* [thefourtheye]( -
**Sakthipriyan Vairamani** &lt;; (he/him)
* [thekemkid]( -
**Glen Keane** &lt;; (he/him)
* [thlorenz]( -
**Thorsten Lorenz** &lt;;
* [TimothyGu]( -
**Tiancheng "Timothy" Gu** &lt;; (he/him)
* [tniessen]( -
**Tobias Nießen** &lt;;
* [trevnorris]( -
**Trevor Norris** &lt;;
* [trivikr]( -
**Trivikram Kamat** &lt;;
* [Trott]( -
**Rich Trott** &lt;; (he/him)
* [vdeturckheim]( -
**Vladimir de Turckheim** &lt;; (he/him)
* [vkurchatkin]( -
**Vladimir Kurchatkin** &lt;;
* [vsemozhetbyt]( -
**Vse Mozhet Byt** &lt;; (he/him)
* [watilde]( -
**Daijiro Wachi** &lt;; (he/him)
* [watson]( -
**Thomas Watson** &lt;;
* [whitlockjc]( -
**Jeremy Whitlock** &lt;;
* [XadillaX]( -
**Khaidi Chu** &lt;; (he/him)
* [yhwang]( -
**Yihong Wang** &lt;;
* [yorkie]( -
**Yorkie Liu** &lt;;
* [yosuke-furukawa]( -
**Yosuke Furukawa** &lt;;

### Collaborator Emeriti

* [imran-iq]( -
**Imran Iqbal** &lt;;
* [isaacs]( -
**Isaac Z. Schlueter** &lt;;
* [lxe]( -
**Aleksey Smolenchuk** &lt;;
* [matthewloring]( -
**Matthew Loring** &lt;;
* [micnic]( -
**Nicu Micleușanu** &lt;; (he/him)
* [mikeal]( -
**Mikeal Rogers** &lt;;
* [monsanto]( -
**Christopher Monsanto** &lt;;
* [Olegas]( -
**Oleg Elifantiev** &lt;;
* [petkaantonov]( -
**Petka Antonov** &lt;;
* [piscisaureus]( -
**Bert Belder** &lt;;
* [rlidwka]( -
**Alex Kocharin** &lt;;
* [rmg]( -
**Ryan Graham** &lt;;
* [robertkowalski]( -
**Robert Kowalski** &lt;;
* [romankl]( -
**Roman Klauke** &lt;;
* [tellnes]( -
**Christian Tellnes** &lt;;
* [tunniclm]( -
**Mike Tunnicliffe** &lt;;

Collaborators follow the [](./ in

maintaining the Node.js project.
### Release Team

Node.js releases are signed with one of the following GPG keys:

* **Colin Ihrig** &lt;;

* **Evan Lucas** &lt;;
* **Gibson Fahnestock** &lt;;
* **James M Snell** &lt;;
* **Jeremiah Senkpiel** &lt;;
* **Michaël Zasso** &lt;;
* **Myles Borins** &lt;;
* **Rod Vagg** &lt;;

The full set of trusted release keys can be imported by running:

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys

See the section above on [Verifying Binaries](#verifying-binaries) for details

on what to do with these keys to verify that a downloaded file is official.

Previous releases may also have been signed with one of the following GPG keys:

* **Chris Dickinson** &lt;;

* **Isaac Z. Schlueter** &lt;;
* **Italo A. Casas** &lt;;
* **Julien Gilli** &lt;;
* **Timothy J Fontaine** &lt;;
## Contributing to Node.js

* [Contributing to the project][]

* [Working Groups][]
* [Strategic Initiatives][]

[Code of Conduct]:

[Contributing to the project]:
[Node.js Help]:
[Node.js Website]:
[Questions tagged 'node.js' on StackOverflow]:
[Working Groups]:
[Strategic Initiatives]:
[#node.js channel on]: