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Eequest Description
-- : 'l -:r.-r5DIA197: Alldocuments reating to the
,. . . . ..':1 tary and drug trafficker sa vaiore l'lancuso
r :: : . : s.ntande. Lozada datins from 1995 to the
"- .: -::aaI732DIA195: All docu ments re ating to the
:r :-: :- ::ramltary anddrug raffickerllan Carlos siera

: .- ,. -21C61127D14L94: a I documents re at ng to the

:: :-: :_ :rrm litdry dnd drug trafficker luan CErlos trunoz
:,:::-:: ./{,/3 carlos Mendoza a/k/a Caliche dating lrom
. - ,: =:'"051753DlAl98: a I doclments re at ng to th€
:: :-: :- r:.i ltary and drug traffcke. Drego Fernardo
" - - a.-.zra, alkla Dan Bema a/k/a Adoro Paz dat ng
:-_ .: =24!61758DIA199r alldoc!ments reating to the
':. :._r- d'o,d1dd i9L.l.c\e-sVcto r4dr-d
'':_ : !',".'a. a/k/n Pablo r,4ejia a/k/a E r.4ell zo and Helner

:::. r' l.i::se Iitei igence Agency collective bargain .g

:, _.:-:_'-'n.rkin9 contract ror police omcers/agents and

r_: .:.2C461770D14202i Documents reat€d the decison

:'\': ::: dent Vicente Fox Quesddd to open rnilions of
- -_ . .jj-:t 90.e-r . e' | -c.o-ds aborl oacr 1.r'ar 'rg1 c
::,:.: _.T lhe 1960s to the 1980s
::::..'Dl! s 200< 2009nscd pan
:::, .i a comp ete lnvest gat ve report and records relat fq
:: : _ tcrce Capt.ln Paul Lorence whc d ed during OperaUon
: ::?cc over L bya on Apr 14, 1966
: :r.!Tefts r€gard n9 22 suspected drug traffickers
:_:r;_i :c be connected with Sona (Bu garia) reg on in 1974
: -r: 3ss f,€d cotrespondence re ating to Government
i-:' solLrtrons, Inc. (GPs) between the governrnef ts
-::_:3.ntdt ves ror contract n!mbe. 11DA908-03-A-0012

: :::, oi cocumenls pertainin9 to 'Rea lty vs, I'tisperception:

-: l:t.ra ne Wh ch is Perplex n9, L mitdtlons if Uiiof Arnry
:_:. !er.e Capabi tes Pefinsua Campaign 1862', and
:-:r:er Key !fion and Confederate Intellgence in the
. :<strLr_. campa 9n"

C v Acuon Suite regarding Teror n

: ':.bge fim:d by predator unmanned deria vh ctes
_::: .t lo aircraft AC 130 Spectre and the P3 Or ! r

'' -":o or on ".1 !HHM40206p00. tA.n):r r:

1t Ddld taTer Droaf
::::-: Cro!p +59, DecimalFrtes 1155-59, Box:a5: \'.1
: : ::t :8!7403
Ar.h ve i2C040001ARM001ral documents concemrng the
nte.ra s t!ation n lraq iro.r 1980 through August 2, 1990
records co.cernrng var o!s Seattle based p€ac€ organ zato.s

A doc!ments concerning aspects of the c!fient n!cea.

weapons caFab lity and n\rcearweapons ntentons ofTajwan

A I docomentscorceming the capabllity o. ntentions or

Gefmany to constrlct nuc ear weapons componenls,

Ai doc!rents concerning aspects of nlclear weapons

caFab itv and nucear weaoons ntentions oflaba,l
A r€po.ts on the past nucear weapons program of the
lr'o--atio- '"9a-dr^'g
rLe Dd- Am--cc a ad). F ro1. 3
h ia.l no
.:. -:::] r s IIR! r: North Korean A r Forc€ Capabirt es

Weekly Reports of Defense Activities

Archrve * ?0060007 DOS001 | A I documents related to
RLrss an aid from September 1, 1996 to september 1, 2005

Informal on concern n9 the d scovery of hero. on the

Coomblan Dres dentia a rcraft from 1995 to 1996
InformaUon reated to the terrortst attack in West pap!a,
In.lones a on Alorst 31 ?nO'
a I records containing various p€ace organ zaUons w th n

Cop es of documents pertain ng to the shoot down of a Us

Navv P2V-3W NeDt!ne
::B Informdtion o. a report perta ning to A gef a
Requ€st to d€class ry iwo exhibits from the record of tra I Us
v MC Roheft E CrowrcM3557i6)
Cozen O Connor v, United States Departrnent of the Treasury,
case Nd 2:O5 .v 433r-TlS
GeorgeA. (eyworth, ll Fles, 198! I985
A docum€nts pertaininq to BLrlgarianE part c pation in the

DOD IG report, 05-INTEL-18: Review of the Actions Taken io

D€ter, Detect, and Invest9ate the Activit es oi Ana Be€n
l,lontes, JLrne 16, 2005. DOD IG FOIA No. 06-0097 Aff dav t
of FBI special agent stephen A. 14ccoy, enc osed. Tjt e

Ielephon€ D rectory and orcanizatona clrat

lnformat on on ContGct #M0A90803C0018 awarded to
Phoenit consr tino Gro rn In.
l: :. KATE Archtve 120061a45D1A207t d I information related io ih€
attemps by Specal Prcsecutor lgnacio caritlo Pneto s to
charce former l,lex can Pres d€nl L!is Echeverria with human

]:J'LE KATE Archiv€ 320061815DIA206: a I documents retated to the

$eaton of the spec al Prosecutor's otrce rf ltexico (Fiscala
Espcc al pard r4ov m entos Sociales Potiticos del pbssduo
::iS Barbara Archive #20161881D1A212: .t repofts retated io pakistan
and terrorism lro.r lan!ary 1i 1996 to lanuary 1, 2Q02

: : :: :::tlslEIN, Iamara ar'i.e r2006 85001A208. 99r DOA Iq

Arch ve +20061854DIA210: al docum€nts re ated to the
proposa by ller can government olficials to establi5h a Truth
comm ssron to lnvestiqate past corrupuon and human rghts
abuses by llexican state and security forces under success ve

a copy of records pedainrnq to a fo led dttempt by five

terrorist to shoot down an El Al plane with a "ground'to-a r
miss le" as it was about to land at an airport neaf Ndirobi/

Arch ve *20061a98DIA213: Al doc!ments related lo

Pakislan's Inter-servi€e lntelligence ad A Qaeda and the

Information perrain n9 to DIR-2624 4-93 tiled "The Foudh

Roundr How th€ Next India-Paklstan War Wou d Be Folght",

l:'!:, I ATE Archive #2006r877DI4211: All documents related to

Mex co's National Human Rights Comrnlsslon rel€ase of the
3,000-page report on abuses comrnitted by llex co state
authorites d!ring the 1970s and eary 1980s

STEPONKUS, Eiirabeth Co- zc dHHY10204Q020- 'or DrA Nationaj r"lpd a FOIA

=:_r.:::::2c07 A copy of the document, Untangl ng the w€b:An

Introducuon to Internet Research
-a:; lrcai 1 2007 Records pertdrn i9 to Nordex and CIPP
=oiA 00a52,2Q07 lleasuring the l"lllitary Value of Infonnauon FOlA
FOrA 00053'2007 ELIAs, Barbara Ref#20061980DIA221, A ldocume.ts related to the Suprem€ ron
lsamlc coufts council in Somalia from January l, 2006 to

FCtA-0Q054-?007 ELIAS, Barbara Ref#2006179DIA220; all doc!ments reatins to aid, support

and connections from the Pak stan government to ihe Ta iban
from August 1, 2001 to the present
:: l: ta:t5 2007 all cortracts, task orders, a9reements and statemenls of FOIA
work whlch the DIA had with a company called Boxwood lnc.
between 2001 and 2005

ELIAS, Barbara Archive #20061952DIA217: al documents re dtin9 to

somalid and a -Qaeda irom lanuary 1, 1990 to the preseft

d€p oyment of Psycho ogicalWarfEre in Combat

contract #HH1140206R0038 under th€ Security Guard FOIA

Archive #20062002DIA223r A 1989 DIA st!dv on Pakistan's

n!c ear arms oroorams and F 16
a I documents pertain ng Brit sh Ian Roberl l"laxwell (lan
Ludvik Hoch) v sits to Bulgaria between 1980 1989

R]CIiELSON, ]EFFREY copies of llre lssues of comrn!nique dated l!ly 2005 FOIA

reooris on the Sovlef COSMOS 954 satel te.oroduced

between ldnLaa r 1977 and Decemoer lr. l97l
:-:F \\]LLIAM Ref#20061851DIA209i reports prepared by DIA on ihe a ert
posture of Chinese and Sov et nuc ear forces dur ng 1970

-:: ::---. JOYCE Assessments of Iraqitactcs and effect veness durng lraq s
aftacks against lranian forces n the vic.iiy or Shalamheh
aid Hoveyzeh d!rins late 1980 and early 1981
Estate of lu ian Bartley, Sr. ian Bartley, Jr.
::-: ln Rel.tions oi !he u,5. 1969-1976, Vo ume XXXVI,
\a: r_a Seclritv Polcv, 1969 72
:::essi.f :341 70A-6334
9n Re dtiofs of US, 1969-1976, Volurne X, Vietnam,

al doc!me.ts concerning Secretary of Defense Caspaf FOIA

All documents relating !o parliamcntary eleclns in Indonesla

fiom l lunE 1996 to l lanuarv 1994
Archive *20050015Do5005r No11h Kor€a s negotlations wlth
Egypt and lran in the 1980's on technoogy cooperEt on and
transfer and ballistic missile development, KEY REFERENCE
POINTS; North Korea and Egypt sign a technological
a9reenreit, E9ypilan Defens..

:r:.,:, TaALCOLIYT Archive +920130C1A011 / CIA #F-1992'00353i Report

:AiiLi,.toYcE Ref#;200609710IA108j All records pertarn ng to doc!ments

seized lrorn the governmet or Iraq ln 2003

ELIAS/ Barbara Ret#t2oa62o74DIAZ29i al docu.irents re ated to Orama bin

Laden (also speled Usama bln Ladin) from Jan!ary 1, 1994

ELIAs, Bafbard Ref#:2006205601a228i coples of docu.nents relat ns to

osarna bln Laden (ajso sp€ led Usama bin Ladin), Al Qaedd
(alos spelled al Q da r a -Qaida), The Tallban, Afganistan and

::;40076 2007 BATTLE, JOYCE Ref#:20062051DIA227r all records concerned w th U.5.

:asud tles result ng from a U.S.-Iraq war or from operation
lraqi Freedom dated lanuary 200r through lYarch 2003

FOIA 00C77-2007 CI]ARTMND, FRANK Peter R, Somner 1981 1987

ic:A-011078-2007 llCDER|']OTT,lohn M. B€verly surelte, Ind vidually and as conservator of the Estate
or W lliarn Bucklev. deceased v. lslamic ReDlrbllc oi lfan et al

=a::.4.)419-2047 informaiion on his brothef Msrk Thaddeus Parsons who was

killed on october 15, 2003 in th€ Gaza stnp n lsrae

-:_j __itsa 2007 FOIA

:::1 :,i:31_2007 b)(6)

Yugos av htellgence Serv ces, 2F010815W, 2F400128W, FOIA

:, r :,t:s_ 2007 FARRELL, Christopher People Republican ol China

. r ,.:s:2007 BLANTON, TNO14AS Archive +20060261DO5098: Hama, Svria ADril 1941
:: ::--CC7 Report on lnv€st gation common y called "ROI
:,.: t:: sa-2007 Ref# :20062019D1A224j all documents related to persons n
the capaclfy of Adv sers to former Pr€sident Charl€s TEy of of
Liberia: l.4aurce Cooper, Gabnel Doe/ Form€r Senatof Myrte
Gibson, samue t4Lrstapha G bson, Sandra P. Howard, loseph

:::::-,20!7 Refr *20062020DIA225; a I doc!ments related to p€rsons in

the capacity of Advisers to forme. President chafes Tdylor of
Liberia: Samuel Eid, Kha d Eldine, 5 mof Rosenblum, Charles
Taylor, rr.,lamal Basma, George Elra Haddad, r4ohammed
KEfel, Akkram Basm..

Refr #20062021DIA226; all documents re ated to the FOiA

Involvement of the folowinq persons in arms acuvlties in
Llberia: viktor Anatoljevitch Bout, R chard Ammaf chichak i
Baba Jobe/ loseph wong Kiia Ta , Ali K ellat, Leon d
! S. Korea conslltat on over th€ political situanon and tlre
rc e oi 1J.5. Ambassador to Korea durinq the following per ods

iL, LLLL .,..r1 jl::- i:::- Neer East Arms Po icy FOIA
1n Lr .::l ;e; i:-;-- lnf ormanon on psychotronic aenerators
lniormallon pertaining to GSFG and East Ge|man Forces

-REASUR! -ITIGATION desrg d on o' Ioeqr ,ldres a:

state SponEors of Terrorism, des gnation or 9roups and/or
organizations that engage in tenorist acuvity; designat on ot
indivduaLs and orsanizations that provide mat€rial support or

Augusr 7, 1998 terorist bornbiigs of the U.5. embass es in

Naircbi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzanla("Afric af

Papers of ceorse Lister, 'Folder 6, Ch le #3 - 1973-1972,' FOIA

nformation perta ning to Stoyan N kolotr Petoff known also as

all documents p€rtalning to B'r 9arlan Amercan business

transactions with Soviet miltary or high l€ve technolog es
and eou ornent in ihe Cold war Era-between 1970 1990

a copy of documents pertainlng to A s lent htel igence

Community: Cha lenges in to Virtua Collaboration,loint
htellqence cente6i Handlng Transnational Issues and The
FBI'S Foreign co!nterinu igenc Program After the Cold war:
Ne,,! Threats, O d Tacti..

NIELSEN, Cather ne Ref: 20062106D1A231i documents related to ceneraL

Thomas QLrlwonkpa, N choas Podler, GeneralThomas Weh
sye. members or the Peoples Redemption Council (PRc)

-::t-r00'2007 Refi #20062107DIA232; al documents relaled to Thomas

Qulwonkpa, Generai Benjamln Yeaters/ Paulvaye, sam
(5amue )Latre€, loe (.loseph) Tuah, General Eric Sway,
Alphoso Nyanay, AdolphLrs sampson, r4arcus High Grade
members of the Nat onai Patr otic Fron! ol ..

BLANTON, Thomas Refr #20062105DIA230, al documenls r€ ated to 11. ltloussa

Cisse, Randolph (Randolf) Cooper, Rlchard Ammar Chlchaki,
Sanjivan Ruprah, Victor Anatolij evitch Bout, A i Kleiat, Baba
lobe, Gus Kouwenhoven, Valeriy Naydo, loseph wons K ra
Tai an leon d Yh rnovic..

RAVNITZKY, I4ICHAEL copy ofthe interagency Ag.eement between the DIA/Adron FOIA
B. Floyd Enterprises hc and the Library of congress Federal
Research Divison/ dur n9 the time period lanuary 1, 2000 to

coples oial conrracts or awards to 'Boxwood Inc." b€twe€n

lan!arv 1. 2002 and lanuarv 1. 2005
Semme man, Jacques information pe(ain ng to Defense hteligence Aqency FOIA

ELlAS, Earbdra Ref | *20061643DOD262, all documents addressed to

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld reldtinq to Osama bin
Laden rrorn January 1, 2001 to September 15, 2001

information on contract#MDA 908-02 D 0017 awarded to FOiA

Archive #20060703DOD084: alldocumenls related io lh,o

Colofirbian pardm ltary and drug traflcker Jose Vicenle
Castano and Eloque Centanros or Centauros B oc
::R /Colombian Navy Reports Persofnel Killed,
M ss.9 n Action, Captive in 2Q02, and Status oi fwo Human

USSOUTHCOI"I Da ly lnte ligence Summary 290 01

Project #NND 011188
Re;: 20060r20DOS036, 1999 llss le CoLn!^ | les
Arch ve #20031042ISC002: "Co ombia'/ 'E-2", and

a copy ot the English lranslation of the People's Repub ic or FO]A

Chila ooo\ ttled -he Ch nd rl a( can sdl no to ATel_d

- a.: r,:. \,-d, filcflAEL DIA FOIA annua r€Dorts ior 1996 to oresent
a copy of the latest Mexico country Handbook
documents prepared by DIA in response to Gen. Maxwell
Taylor's memo relating to Unidenufied Acoustic Event

FARRELL, Christopher The Brilish Government

simpsoni Matt any collected information on Civ I Resist FOIA
al records p€rtalnins to Pot and Peacefu Response Coa iton
Information p€rtaining to EEo Invesligations conducted on
contractors from 01/01/2005 to 10/30/2006

FCIA-00121-2007 ELIA5, Barba.a Archive #20062139DI4233r a I documents related to I|aq, FOiA

inc udin9 Saddam Hussein s involvemen! in the attacks of

-c,a aal22 2047 R]CHELSON, JEffrcY The organ zaUon chart for the Defense loint lntelligence

.c:A 00123,2007 LLsuns of !nclassifed r4ast€rvdegree thesrs prcduced by FOIA

Co lege students d!ring 1980
DlA/loint 14ilitary Intelli9en,:e

SATTLE, ]OYCE Ref 20062151DIA236; al records re atin9 to

reilgees/dkplaced persons from Iraq n Syria or in.)ordan
:::r c0125 2007 Gardner-Mock, christine coeies of documents related to rate hLrsband. V€rnon T. 14ock

=a:: aal27 2AO7 Ref: #20040998DOS367;59 03 0037 1960-2000

Adrn nistrative subie€t Files related to NonDm iferation

-!:i 40128 2007 Several investigation Reports malntained by the orrce of

aa:t aQl29-2007 documents relating to the muder of 14oses Dlopu by General

FO:A-00130-2007 BLANTON, THOI,IAS Arch ve +20062163DIA240: documents .e ated to Roland

Duo, Papa Boakai, LB. B ama, Zeezaa l4assa and Vota
Ze"e-o- pe6o s accuscd o'filing \-.dreds ot peop e
drscovered ln mass grave sites in Lofa County, Llb€ra

FOiA,0013L-2007 Archive #20062156DIA237: report concernlns the financins

of insurgent groups in Iraq completed in lune 2006

F01A,00132-2007 iniormation resardng the second jo nt nava excercises that

rook p ace Deceroeroi1005onrrCdrioed' date-:
FOIA 00133,2007 Organizatiofa fl es p€rtairing to Non-Soviet Warsaw Pact

FOtA 00131 2007 BATTLE, ]OYCE Archive t20030466N1R002r lraq War Vol. II aid rU FOIA
r"lemorandum of Und€rstandins rrom Gordon A. Blake and
loseph F. carro I beMeen the DeJense lntel igence Agency
and the National 5€c!rity Agency, t4ay 29, 1964

Nsc staff and Otfice Files Box 91345, 91351, 91352,

91353 91354.91355 and 91256 Consultation
I.4argaret Thaicher, Five Requests for the same recor!s
NLRRF 1997-013/3 (CULL), NLRRF20O5"154(VIGIL,OAVID),

Vr'ILLs, DAV]D nformatlon p€rtain ng to the hijack ns or the Achile Lalrro,

the post-mortem document tit ed "Chilean cotp of September

-a-; taLlc 2007 FBI "109" F l€ on Clrba

=::; Q)r4r 2007 WAI"IPLER, ROBERT Accesson# 59-03-0037; 1960'2000 Adrninlstrat ve s!bject

aota 00142-2007 DOYLE, KATE Archive #910497c1A093r Central amerlcdn Joint Inte I gence

FOtA-00143-2007 tniormatLon concerning the Ejercito Popular Revo uc6nario, d

l.4exian reb€lgroup in the state of Guerrero

FOrA-00144-2007 Information concerning thes tuaton in and around Klrkuk/ FOIA

Ira. fr.mFFhnraru ?a lCgl l!|v1. 1991
FOrA 00r45 2007 fformation regard ng the wodd Trad center Bombrnq of
FOrA 00146 2007 do-u1e1l( n9 to lvd ga'.ta lsldnd. ve-e/uela" FOIA
FOtA-00147 2007 BATTLE, ]OYCE Archive #20040048ARr'1003: a I documents produced by the FOIA
Us Arnry relaiing to Monthly International Terrorism
surnmaries that contain arucles on Iran and lraq dLrrin9 re
perlod 1 luanuary-31 December 1983

FOtA-00148-2007 a copy of ihe los of FOIA requests to the DIA for rsca vear

FOiA 00149-2007 FBI ref #1034498refera FBI lnformation on selr ( argaret

Thakhe4 who ls not a U.5. ctzen, Daniel w Ings aLthorzed

FO]A 00150-2007 BURR, WILLIAI"I inteligence reports on Chinese (PRC) rcactons to the Unrt€d FOIA
States Anti Bal ist c Missiies Program durins 1967 1972 and
!he 1972 Anti'Balhstic l.llss les Treaty

FOiA-00151.2007 ELIAS, Barbara Rei#: 20062141DIA234i all docurn€nts related to lnd v dua s
assocated wlth al Qaeda .nd tralned m€mbe.s or Iraq,

FOLA-C0152-2007 ELlA5, Barbard Ref+20062146DIA235; all documents re ated to Bashir

Noorzal, Baz l"lohammad and Bashir Rahmany Arghan
natona s jnd cted In the U S. on narcolics'reated charges
b€tw€en lanuary 1, 1985 io fhe pfesent

FStA-!'0153-2007 records cancern ng b oqraph cal and employmenls FOIA

inrorm.rlon n Felix Niketa Sachane.
aatA-00154 2007 lnformauon relatin nq !o aerial photos of Ladd A r Fled/A r
Force Base, Alaska d!irnq the perod oi r9s0 through 19s3

FO!A !0r55 2007 a copy of lnspedor Genera 5 report regardrng th€ bomb ng of the ll S.S Coe
FOIA-40156-2007 ELIAS, Barbara a I documents re ated to tetrorlst strategles from lraq beinq
rc40 In Ara a_.rd- f-or Ja_Lao ' 200l ro lqa o c!e r.

FOIA C0r57-2007 copi€s of al records concernlng the ate Cha m F€rz.g

doc!ments reqarding contract #HHii140205D0001 :warded to FOIA
coLSA CORPoRATION for the Ana vtica Svstems Contract

resardlns al contracts awarded under So icitat on +050llT-2,


:: -.: :: ---_ :.:::.t1Hdite, fldrgaret records r€ atrnq to !ruhamnad Faraj Ahmed Bashmiah

RIcnELSON,letrrey d Ireports concerning ierrorist gro'rp acqLriring or

construchng a nuc ear explosve devices or radloloqica
dispersal devices, produced between.lanudry 1, 1975 and

Archlve #2006?236D1A241r al biographlc sketches produced

by DIA on L!is Echeverria Alvarez from 1964 throlgh 1976

.3ra-00163-2007 Gensburg, Ro9ert n ornaLron reoaro no Li. L' r on itiua' ra


FOrA-00164-2007 BURR, WILLIAI'4 Reouester Reff20040951AIR046r CoDies of Access on 72A

5971, Boxes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Nalional Archlves and R€cords
Adminstration referral n!mb€r 26262

FOrA-00r65 2007 records DIA possess relat ig to the Unlted Natons P an

A.nan .r "Ann.h plan' f.r Cvdnr<
FO!A 00r66-2007 14erex corporatlon (r"1erex Int€rnaiiona Arms) FO]A
FOtA 00r67-2007 october 21, 1992. DC r'ltg Somaria
FOiA.00168-20Q7 RAVNITZKY, MICI]AEL iniormalion reating to Kwame Nkrumah
FCIA-00169 2007 GANDf , Sajit records re atifg to Anu-Pakistan demofstrations outsid of the

A 00170-2007 HILTERI,IANN, Dr. loost Iraq chemical weapons pr0gram FOIA

FO:A,00171,2007 EVANS, M chael Infrastruclure Securit) SVateqy' FO]A
aa:l-40!72-2407 a copy oldocuments containing to staiistics deta In9 enemy FOIA
nitiated attacks against l'1ulti National Force Iraq

FOrA-00173-2007 RICHELSON, ]EFFREY a copy ol Eusene G. Fubin and Lt. Gen. loseph F. Cafroll,
Department of Derense Review of l4issil€ and Spac€

FQ:j 0a!14 2AA7 informalion pertaining to he icopter UH lD 66 01099

F0.:10r75 2007 information pedaining to U.5. Army helicopter UH-18 62-

FOrA,D0176-2007 Todd, K. Chris ifformaljon .egaturn9 D rected Inirared Countemeasur€

.a.a aQtJ7"20Q7 Access on#59 03 0037, Boles 31,32,33,35 and 36 1960'

2000 related to NonDroliferation n korea
lciA 00178,2007 BUFR, W]LL]AI"1 Gernrany & Berlin crisis
FCLi,!!:79-2007 review of document re ated to Comraandef Norman Baker

Fi11 !0r80.2007 nforrnaton pertain n9 to lndoeslan invas on and /or

FOI4 00181,2007 NSC Vietnam Infofmation Group htelligence an! oiher

50tA 00182 2007 coup aitempt of Lt. Co. fugo Chav€z

FOiA-00183 2007 RICHELSON, Jeffrey Copies of the issues of Comm!n que dated July ' December

FOiA 00184 2007 Fim cantioN7498PL S 90 contain ng 75 to 80 aeral plrotos

of the Mt. A€rat. Turkev area
FCld.l0rB5.2007 Bidis, Ted cop es of sen of DIA otiicial s appojntrnent ca endars and
other records relaling to f4 ke Mcconnell rfom 1996 !hrolgh

FOiA-C0186-2007 iniormation re ating to improving maps in t4ogad shu Soma la

in Alrica durna October 2 4 1993
Caser200503057 Slate Referal; nfomdtion re aung to FOIA
par iar.entary e ections i Indonesra durng 1 lanuary 1987

t200603750 ER2 state Dept. referral;documents related fo

LJnlted Liberaton Movement of Llbera, Apri 1994; 1994
ki I nq of over 100 civllians a the Phebe hospital in Bong
Co!nty, Libera; De.ember 15, 1994 killing oi 4a civiians at
cow Feld, Notserrad..

l"lDA908 03-D0012 lntergrated Systems Production and loinl

Research and A.a vs s (IRAAC) ODeratons
documenls reating to contract #r.4DA90802P0054 awarded to

LAr,lBRIGNT, Christ an P. projects and personnel wthin the Directorate for Scentific
and Teclrnica lntelligence d!.ing 1979 thr! 1981

Olv€r, Brian thesis papers from the loint t4i itary Inte llqence Co ege for
the vear 1973-2006
::::-t::93 2007 attack by USAF F-r02 jet fighters on a Czechosovaklan 14i-4

:ctA 00r94 2007 Barnes, C. Scott nfomat on concern ng th€ crash of a czechoslovakina lll 24
H nd'D hellcopter during 12 september 1985

FOrA-00r95-2007 docurnents r€lated to the Pa!l Ntze collection Daoers

FOtA 00196-2007 information on the r"lisawa Cypto ogic Operation Center

FOIA 00197-2007 Ref#: NLRRF2000 119/1 sitlation Room Afternoon Summary

FOiA 00198 2007 Viq l, D. Ndthan inforrnanon concernlng U5/British Relations

FOtA-00199-2007 GANDHI, Sdjlt "Indo'US 14illtary Relalions: Expectations and Perceptions ,
nreoared bv luliA. MacDonald
FOIA 00200 2007 FERROGGIARO, william Novembe. T'8, 1991 NATO summit n Rome, ltaly
A'00201-2007 FERROGGIARO, Wrl[am FOIA
FOIA 00202 2007 nforrirtion regarding "llaolst hternatona ist flov€men!'

aorA 00203 2007 GREENWALD, JOhN a copy of the FOIA case os for 2006
FOiA-00204-2007 conrract awarded from solcltation #HHf440206Q0161 under
the Acqu tision Augmentalion services prograrn

FCIA 00205 2007 inrorrnation regardhg the Colombian paramiitary backe6

{iunders) known as rhe 'Group or [ight' or "Grupo de os

FOrA'00206-2007 Scharf lowerison, Barbara information perra nging to your brofher Col. Charles l. Scharf

FOiA 00207 2007 Eggert/ Laurd Pakistan - Gen€ral Taylois Trlp

FCIA-00208-2007 r"lilitary L€adership Profiles Veiezuela
FOIA-00209 2007 a complete list of the.lo nt M tary lntel iqence colege
unclassiiied Interrooat on manual
FOIA-00210,2007 ELIAS, Barbara nformat on pertainlng to the execution of S.ddarn Husse n FOIA

aoiA 0021r,2007 ELIAS, Barbar. #20070053D1Acc3; documents related to Taliban codes of FOIA
condlct and auide ines
FQIA 40212 2AO1 information relat ng to Non-Soviet Warsaw Pacl Forces

FC!A 00213,2007 Declassificaton Revlw of Additiona Manuscrptfor U,5.

Department of state PLrblcation, Foreign Relations ofthe
U.s,, 1969-1976, Volume vll, Vitenarn, lu y 1970-ianuary

FOIA,C021.1-2007 #2005!254DOS418i records perlainrng to Coone Faustno

FOtA,002t5-2007 nformahon regardrng h 3 father M'ltoo Rogovrn

FOrA-002r6 2007 Declassilicaton Revi€,, or l.4dnuscript ror U.5. Department of
State Publicaton, Foreign Relat ons of the U.S-, 1969 1976,
Vo ume XXV, Soviet Union, 1970-1971

FO]A 00217,2007 SCHOENWALD,lonathan information on the follow ng orsanizations: August seventh

Gue lla l.lovement,
_rrbaIIh!mb Collectlon, venceremos,
The New World Liberat on Froni, Th€ Black Liberaiion Army,
The Back CuituralAssoc alion, The Peop e s Templ€, The
SYmbion€se Libelauon Ar..

FOrA-002r8-2007 documents pertainln9 to lsraeL's possible use ol DI14E (Dens€

lnert Metal Explos ve) technology in the Gaza strip, west

FOIA 00219-2007 lniormation regafdins stephane Pavlov Groueff or steian

FOrA-00220 2007 Elsner, l'lichae 1979 Grand l.4osque seizure n Mecca

FOIA 0C221.2007 Co99ins, Bridset Post Sec€ssion vlabilitv for Slovenia, Craoalia, and Kosovo

FOIA-00222-2007 FERROGGIARO, !1/jl am NATO post-Co d War EuroPe

FO1A,00223-2007 ELlAs, Barbara Rei#r20070057DIA004, docLrments relaled to the Ta iban's
adoption of suicide bornbrnq as a miitary technique

FOtA-0C224-2007 Serpo or Prolect Crysta Knight

FOrA-00225-2007 KOBLENTZ, Gregory Egyptjan, Warsaw Pact, and lsrae i chemica /BD ogical

FOIA-00226-2007 BATTLE, ]OYCE 20070218 DIA007; a!l iniormat on concernlnt "ma ndatory
depoym€nt policy ftended io provide personn€l for

Fara.00227 -?oa1 informaton pertd ning to the DIA "SF 113' classiiicalion FOIA
managenrent proqram data annually repo(

FOiA 00228,2007 M I er, Kely f fof malion on Contlact*110A90802C0062 award€dto

JntenntFn RFc.,'r.F
FOiA 00229.2007 NIELSEN, Catherine Defense Int€lligence Agency s ten oldest open or pendir9
FoIA requests pend n9 coord nation with oth€r agencies

FOrA-00230-2007 BURR, lVILLIAI'1 jnforrnation on Access!of # s: 341-75"855, 852, 556/ and

FO1A 00231 2007 BLANTON, THO14AS records concernlng Violence in Liberia and Guinea invov ng
Liberians and G!ineans, Lberians and members of the sl€rra
Leon an Revolunuonary united Front (RuF), or allthree

FO:A 00232,2007 MADSEN, STEPHEN Informat on relating io'C,E, Thornton" comm€rclaloll rig FO]A

FO]A-00233 2007 MADSEN, STEPHEN iniormaLion r€lat n9 to 'C,E, rhornton' comm€rc al oll ig FOIA

FCIA 00234 2007 records €oncerning the Greco Turkish crisis orig ndted over
the soverelgn abmgibuity of an islet ca led hia in Greek and

FOrA-00235-2007 doc!ments reiated to a press conference hed in flexico City FOIA

by rorm€r Argent ne leader or the r"lontonero organizat on

FCIA-00236-2007 Baney, t'lichael documents reahns to the l.4ay 22, 2006 killnss of 10.nb' FO]A
narcotics polic€ and one nformant by n lam!nd , Colomiba
by an Colorilban milltary on i led by Col. Bayon Carvaja ,
commanderof th€ Highra.d Batta ion
.oi4 00217 2007 BLANTON, THOI.4A5 Ref# 20061401DOS440, documents relat ng to ihe viol€nce
and €xyajudlcial k llinhgs n Lora County/ L ber a inc !dlng
violence invo ing the Liberans Un ted for Recofc lalion and
Democracy, the kiljng of 14 persons n Kornia/ Lofa colnty n
Ref; #20070307D]AQ14; documents related to the
ol Hezb-e Is amr
assoc ation between Gulbudd n Hekmatyar

#20070294D1A013; documents r€lated to sources of iunding FOIA

for the TalLban in Afghanistan from lanuary 1, 2004 to

#20070233D1A009, documents r€lated to th€ Ta iban's use

0f rcadside bombs, also known as IED's improvised explosive

#200702410IA010; doc!ments related to individua s that

escaped from Bagram Air Base n Afghanistan in lu y 2005

Ref #20070242DIA01!/ documents r€lated to the

Glatenalan Naro_a Pol -e offca s lrsred ac a vd er Ru /,
Donaldoi Antonio Escalante, Ricardo; Ar.gon Fala, luan
lo,e; A-e!d'o. A vdre/: Are/ao. Fe.e Ndjera; Bolde'r C--1,
Hecto. Rafael; Cardona r'1aldonad..

#200703430IA015, doc!ments related io the Guat€malan

Natona Pohce offcals sted as Lima Lopez,luan Anionio;
Lima llorales, Sergio Roberto, Lima lloran/ R!ben Algusto
Maldonado V, lose loaquln; llendez Tobias, Oscar Aususto
O ivd Blanco, Gustavo Adof..

=a:! aaz44-24Q7 iniormation regarding a Unidentified Fly ng Object sighted

ove.Iran wh ch r€solved in F 4 Aircran interception during

FOIA,00245,2007 nformaucn regardjng #MDA90802C0062 atrarded to

Inteorated Re<o!rce Techn. tnc.
FOIA-00246 2007 a copy of documents r€latrng to the death of 24 I.aqi cviLians
that were caried out by U,S, troops from K io Company of th
3rd Baltalon, lstlrlarneDivison n the town of Had lha on

FOrA-00247-2007 cop es of al m.terials re aled to Israeli attack on the U.5.s.

Lbertv on J!r-.8. 1967
FOrA-00248,2007 Venezue an intef€rence in th€ 14exican electons of 2006 FOIA

FOIA 00249-2007 Venezuelaf interfereice in the Bo ivian elect ons of 200s

FO!A 00250 2007 venezue a s Cv Protect on office {Protecci6n Civl)

lanuaN lS99 io the Dresent
FOIA 0C25t 2007 Venezuelan int€rference in the N caraq!an election of 2006

:_orA-00252 2007 V€nezuelan intederence n the Ecuadorian elections or 2006

FC!A 0C253,2007 Venezuelan interference in the Pe.uv an eections oi 2006

FOiA.00254 2007 a copy ol d I unc assifred portons orthe DIA congressona

Budget Jlslflcation Book (cBlB) for FiscalYear 2008

FOIA 00255-2007 ELIAS, Barbara documents related in Chapter 4,Ihe 9/11 Commission
Report, 'Responses to Al Qaeda's In ua AssaLr ts

FCrA,00?56 2007 informat on relatn9 to Rpt xE-272561fr cIC

FCIA-Q4257 2007 nforrnat on on Cuba dent, Caros Pro Socarras
F;:!.00258 2007 documents regarding contract #mD490803D0012 award€d to

FCrA,00259 2007 RICHELSON, ]EFFREY DOD lnspector General Report dated February 9 on
ntellgence act vities (lnc uding the Polcy coLtnterterror sm
Eva uation Grcup) of the Unde. Secretary or Defense ror
Po icy, Title of requested do.ument is "Review of Pre-Iraqi
waf Activites of the ofti.,
FOIA,00260-2007 Land, Gerald lnformation regardin9 the 240th assau t helcopter company
durlno rvlav 2. 1968
FOIA 00261 2007 lnlormation regardin9 2004 Ga ileo Award Papers FOIA
FOIA-44262 2007 DElr4ARTlNO, rrlchelle Lnformation re9ardin9 Theodore Sorensen Papers
FOIA-00253 2007 inrormation on colombian paramiltary eaders and drug
lramckers Emeno Baez de a serna, Canos Ilario limenez
Naranjo and Lorenzo Gonzalez Quinchia

FOtA 00264 2007 EVANS, Mlchael documents re aiing to Coombran param litaries and drug
traffickers Francisco Javier zuluago and Diego Leon lr4ontoya

FOIA-00265-2007 docu.nerts relating to k ling of seven members or the Grupos

de Acclon Unlficada pro a Libenad Personal (GUALA) that

FO]A-00266 2007 information resard n9 Rockland Induslries, Huntef Dougras, FOIA

Caroe Fabrics, Inssht Electronics, National Business Credit
Exch.nge, Techsiyles located in Oxnard, CA and T€xstyle

FA|A'00267 2007 a copy oi docrm€nts feating to the death of 24 Iraqi cv ians

that were carried out by U.S. troops from Kilo Company or
the 3rd Battalion, lst l.4arine Division in the town of Had tha
or November 19, 2005
FOIA 00268-2007 contracts with comrn€rcia informaton servlces, conkacts for
the purchase or credjt records databases or data fles, and
conlracts with any company or serv ce which provided
p!b icly avai ab e inforrnat on, lnc udlng but not I rn ted to,

FJIA C0269-2007 copies of the 2004 2005 strategic capab lties Assessment

FOIA-00270 2007 documents regardinq contract +HH1,140206C0073 awarded to

FaIA Al27I 2007 a copy of documcnts regard,ng china's Arrcraft cafier

Aspilations, Ch nes€ El€ctronic Warfare Developrneni,
Unathourized Techonotogy Transferto Ch na: The lmpact on
U.5. Natio.a Security and Chiia's Increased Demand for
Midd e East O I and the hpact on.

FOIA A4212 2AA7 NIELSEN, Ca!herin€ Reii *20070250D1A012 number of FOIA requesis for
exped led process ng FY 1998 to F/ 2006, the number of
FOIA reqlest3 granted ep FY 1988 to FY 2006, th€ number of
exped ted FOIA .equests rrom FY 1988 to FY 2006, th€
process n9 time for each FoIA rquest 9r.,

aatA aa273 2007 copies of records relat n9 to the IED/shoot n9 incident

nlolvrng united States [larines and kaq]s in Haditha c ty, A
Anbar Provrnce, lraq on 0r abolt November 19, 2005

Taia-QQ274-2001 docLrments regarding contract #Hf t440207R0002 awarded to

DODIIS Dlsk buted Laboratories and DIA lnfiaskucture
:clA 00275.2007 documents regardln9 contrdct #1"10A90802C0062 awarded to
-c:A 00276-2007 a I records related to the nvasion of Dagestan by the
Check€ns that was orchestr.ted by Kattab and Basaev fror.

:-clA c0?77 2007 a copy of th€ command climate assessment of the loint
Interli9€nce Task Force'Combalin9 Terror sm coiducted by
the DIA lnspectof General n November 2002

FCtA.00276 2007 copies of materiais reLated to the Israeli attack on the U.S.5. on pertaining lo the'Avanced Theoret cal Physics FOIA
Coni€rence dLrrn9 the lime period oi May 22'25, 1985

copies oi the Jl.1lC master theses: Expandjnq the Horizonl

The Ongins of Israe's Reconnalssance satei ite Program
(19q9) and specrdlTa.i rs hte llgen(e: DFrelopirg a
Doctrinal Foundation irorn the Eritish SAS and other U.S.
Spectal Operahons Forces (19.. tbti2).{hJB):l

a ist or lraq security Update rcports fmm ]2L rrom

M:v ,nnl - o.r.6Fr ?no6
a copy of DtA tra nin9 video tit ed "Operation Saf€guard Iv"

VERGOT, REBECCA a copy ol th€ Inspector ceneraicompidinvinvestigation

documents rel.tn9 to JCS Cha rman Fles

::r::'-.i:::,i7 BLJRR, WILL]AM documents re at€d ro cenlral Foreign Polcy files
::-::.::3- 2t07 l'1urat Kurnaz and his Combatan! Status Revlew Trib!nal

:::j ta288-2007 fformation pedain ng to claims that Veneuela's lilargarta

Island was the home or vacation spot oiArab or liluslim

FOrA 00289-2007 Dona d Fortier Flles, N 1156'NA, "New Technology ro. Land
Warfarci Some Observaiions on soviet and U.5. Appllcauon
of Prec sion Weapons and Automation'

FCtA 00290-2007 lQHNSrON,lohn ifiormat on relatin! to the Ok ahoma City Murrah Bujld ng

FOIA 00291 2007 NsC D 5tribLrton Lisr

FCtA-QQ292 2QO7 Reir NLRRF2006 114/1, lack l4atlock F les
FOiA'00293-2007 E.e' 1ses, Wa- Gdm"s, r.4rss o s, n/o /'ng or 'o- a 'cra't.
counter biote ror sm, simulated anthrax atldcks, aif defense,
ant -terrorism on or around seDlembe. 11, 2001

FCiA-0C294 2007 Vgil/ D. Nathan Refr NLRRF2002 071/r and NLRRF2005 154/4r F97 013
(Thatch€/Rea9an), F02 071 (U5/Batish Relat ont

rorA 0i)295-2007 Vrgil, D. Naihan R€ir NLRRF2002'07r/3, NLRRF2005 154/5, nformaton

FOiA-.r0296-2007 Refr NLRR12006 114/3j Information on Jack f4at ock

FA\A CA297 2007 FERROGGIAPO, Wrllam Ref: 2000 0233-F/5; documnets reraied to th€ Bush
Admin stratondu.n9 1.991-1992 on the futlre of NATO n

F )rA.!0298.2007 Refr NLRRF2000-121/1; NSDD 42l'Naliona space Po icy

FCIA 00299 2007 Pef. NrRRI/002 105 ^lo ndlronredlrglot'?--"r S,e

F0rA,00300-2007 FVAN5, l.liclrael a'l do., rpnls rela',.9 to the Colo-b a. a r, bas€ 3r 'i d
Hormioa" in Putamavo Deoartment. Colombia
FCiA-0030!-2007 FERROGGIARO, WILLIAI'I 99010146N18002. in_o mdl o egdrdi-g NA-O a e,

F:1A.00102-2007 EVAN5, l4lchael Ref:20061228DoD199i Co ombian parm tary organ zat,on

known as th€ Bloque Libertadores del S!r (Llbe€tori or trre

FOIA 00301 2007 Ref:20061251DoD204, rnformation rerated lo the coombian

paramilitary organization known as the Bloq!e H€roe s de

FOiA 00304 2007 records perta nins to CAPCO/Aqency Classircatio. r,larkings

FOIA 00305 2007 all lnformaUon related to Nurrlcan€ Katr na FOIA

=-:Gaa6{a=:= '
fore-oo;oo zoor

ffiffii;:: rc'' _- -v

hale Reien"r
center $ho DoD
zooz u't"l *"r' '"t"" "o "' 'fer,


6ifr660 ' r"temY

6I'srood' :e'"mv ffi


F6iF-oo:rr zoo;


fiEi66[' st"'"n

6fifr(5iu' s*t"*

i6ii5615 2oo7
"i*'*"":j"l""S'i,! f,umentsrerateo to e'tan


i6G-65i7 2oo7
E-LlAt Barbara

ErT5 earuara ffi



:6i;i63tejo07 nfotfi.u!' r!
-:-.-" d \auw/ ---,...
!- 6r-t Colomb se'l
,-_",-" oa'a-u*" , ttom AlgLsl
;6Gi6!t 1 - 2007 fvers, u,.naet ca!.De{ense
or coro*o'
"'""v "-tii',ii'i""",n."nt
- '
".*p,,"ge'q'oos "


tima, F+aru

iEG[ uutt
6G.6tt 2co?
":: !'rrt zlo nformai on on the dec slon of Ita y to jo n !h€ mililary
operaton "Allied Forces'aqdinst the Federal Republc of

informaiion perra ning to contract #HH1"1.102-07-R-0028 FOIA

awarded to the Equal Empoyment Oppoftunity Qffice

r: . ,: _ ::: .-.<t n, Ph rP informdUon on the Harnilton Bank

F laHELSON, leffrey :opes ofJr,llC theses: Indla's Pursuit of Nucl€ar Weapons
symbo! of Status and Prestige (1998), From hdependence to
lie Bornbr India's r,4otivation, 1945 1974 {2000)
Annua Smlth Amendment Waiver Report for calendar year

: :::3! 2007 Accession #250'66-03, Group *286 Country F le Braz I

-:::,c0l3i 2007 FARRELL, Clrristopher lnformat on prov ded to the white House and/or the President FOlA
by the CIA, and/or DIA and/o. FBI and/or NSA requested by
the Hous€ and senate loint staff Inquiry on a key al Qa'ida
leader involved ln the september 11 atlacks

FOIA 00332 2007 fecords concerning Nat ona S€curity Counsel l,leet ngs
pertainins to the Soviet Union between the years 1983 and

FllA.c0rlr 2007 iniormation r€ aied to the Nauonal Polcy on Contro of

FO]A 00334-2007 ELIAS, Barbara 20070s66DIA022, al doc!menls related to r"lulah Barader

(also speled Be6der), a seniorTalban m litary commander

FoLA'!.C335-2007 Narayanswamy, Anupama al logs oi correspondence betw€en members oi Congress

and the Defense IntelLisence Agency betw€en lan. 1, 2007 to

FCrC'00336-2007 a copy of maps and aerial photographs oi the Army airneld in

OuiNhon citv. S. Vietnam ln 1976 or 1968
FCiA 00r17,2007 al coniracls belween the V rginia contract nq Actvty (VcA)
and/or the Defense Intelligence A9€ncy (DIA) and 14anhattan
InternationalTranspor!, hc frcm lanuary r, 2003 !o present

iotA'00338'2007 President Bush's and VP che.ey s movements and actions on

FC]A C03i9 2007 Rernoval or resignauon of members of the Armed Forces

assiqned to DIA under lhe 'Don't Ask, Don t Te I' polcy

FCIA'Q!340-2007 ELIAS, Barbara Arch ve r+20070598DIA025r Biographic documents from 1

lan 85 to the pres€nt related to Mohammed Atef

FO!A 003.11,2007 ProDosa s submited bv SRA lnternatlona and Locktreed FOIA

lrlartin in rcsponse to Do0lls solicitarlon f4DA908-03-Q-0037

;ctA 00342,2007 ELIAS, Barbara fformation re ated to Ustad Yaser (also speled ustad
Yasser), a mernber of th€ Ta iban ln Alqhanistan released by

FOrA-00343 2007 ELIAS, Barbala Ref: *20070624DIA029, documenls related to arms,

weapons and techno oqical t.ansfers, lnc udins sa €s or dedls,

:-ctA,00344-2007 inte ligence reports relaled ntel igence colLect on activit|es at

ioiA'0!3.15 2007 inrormat on related to 19 ndividudisnamedashjackereby

the 9/11 Report oi the Nat ona commlsslon on Terrorrst
Attacks upon the Un ted States;Mohamed Atta, Abdul Aziz al
O-d- Sa an a s rqar r, wd Ia Sl-i', wd eed d'sFeLrr
l.4anlan al Shehh, Faye..
doc!ments related io massafe by parami itary rorces of 45
people rn the village of Acteal Ln !he I'lex can state ol chiapas

ICS Extracts from Chronology of Significant Events Re ating

to Disarmarnent, 1946 69 and Slrpplements I through 5, 18

FARRELL, Chrjstoph€r Ref*: (F 2002-00847 CIA); FBI case notes related to alleged

BATTLE, ]OYCE information related to Iraai .ecords traislorted !o U.5.

facilities in Qatar or to loher locations contro led by the U.5.

BYRNE, I1ALCOLH Ref: (200302360 Stare), reports produced ty the Bureau oi

Irte lioence and Research from September 11, 2001, throuqh
lune 10, 2003 that have varietions of the words Iraq" of
"Saddam Husse n," or "Axis of Evl'

FOIA 00151.2007 Enqlish language translation of a Ch nese ultranationalist

book entjued n the native Maidarin Chinese Zhongguo ke vi
shuo bu and Enqlsh trans dtion ThechnaThatcansayNo'

FOIA 00352-2007 investgation records concernlng mllitary and civilian

personnel and improper use oi govefnment compui€fs

FOIA 00153.2007 re€ords maintalfed by the Defense InteLLigence Agency

pertain n9 to Willls H Bird,anAmercancitzenwholved n
Thailand between th€ late 1940s and early 1980

FOiA-00354'2007 State DeDt. reiefra i200503643r records rel.ted to the

creaton oi V€nezuelan Presldent Hugo Chavez s p€rsonal
nte lgenc€ sedlce, called ' Bolivarian Circes," in lune 2001

FOiA-a0355,2007 DoD Referralr*07-F 1100, jnformatlon relEted !o Natona

sec!rity Council lr4eetings pertaining to the sov et Un on

FOiA 00356-2007 BRODY, Reed Dept. oi State referra i#200604986DIA1/Q7 F 1 055i

records r€ ated the Un ted States assrstance to Hisse n Habre,
durng the penod pr€cedin9 the millary coup oi 198?
throlgh which Habre selzed the poltical power ln Chad and
the period lrom 1982 to 1990..

FOrA.003s7 2007 SANTOS, Fose a copy of tite DiEscoN lll awards HH1.440200440007 L 3,
HH1"140200440010 Booze, A en, Hamiton and

FOrA !0358 2007 SANTOS, Fose a copy of rhe DIEscoN IIr contractor awafds, sow Bnd the FOIA

FOtA 00359 2007 ELIAS, Barbara Ref# ?0070680D1A032, Ell docurnents re ated to members of FOIA
the Ta iban belng sent to, operat n9 n or iighllng n lraq

FCiA 00360,2007 ELIAS, Barbara Rei: ,r20070682DI4033, a I doc!menis rc ated io members

oi the Islamic r"rovement of uzbek stan (rt4u) fqht ng in
Southem Waziristan, Paklstan rrom January 1, 2002 to

FC:A 00361 2007 EVANS, r'1 chae Ref: f20070662D1A031, Inte rgence Inrormation Report (llR
rnknown) related to Th€ Conv v r n Annoquia becon n9
Intitltonallzed and Spr€ading Its Reach, April7, 1997
FOIA-001b2-2007 BERNDT, Sara.. Ret +: 20040312CiA041; copy of records re ated to the
k lings of 18 people n Ch gorodo/ Antoquia, Columbias on

FO1A,00363-2007 Pape6 of Ala n Enthoven, REDCOSTE Plan lTabs r0 L5]

0r F r420lDoD - Record 17759/RC 59 BBD 959000 (1964
19661 Boxes 3,10.12
2006-r11UAF 'Histo./ of straleglc A r Command 1 lan!ary -

. ; I i:tra: FO]A
infornation related to Stinger Missle System t€chnology FO]A

:: ::l' :::\5TEIiJ, Ta.nara

Greco-Turkish Cdsis
tnformation re ated to Wilis H. Bird
James H. W. (l m) rhompson
conilact sHHrl40207R002 awarded io oODIIS Disiributed
Laboraties and D2 Lab DIA InriastrLrcl!re Support program
.: 1 :1i73 2007 +20070723D1A035, Abdul Latif Hakimi
::::,:0374,2007 20070727DIA038, a copy of DIA 95 Bogota Co 12939 (DTG

:3ta-00375-2007 WEETlvlAN, Susan Foregin Relauons oi the U.s., 1969 1976, Vollme XVl, North

.cla 00376,2007 ELIAS, Barbara Mansur Ahmad, the brother of TaLiban commander M!l ah FOIA

r91A 40377 2007 ELIAS, Barbara Taliban members Hamdollah (also spe/ed Hambdu lah) and

-otA 00174 2007 Savranskaya, Svelana transfer of operabons in chechnya to the FsB beqinnln9 on

iotA 00379 2007 the nitia withdrawal of ihe Chechen rebels rrom the cap tal,

:0tA 0!380 ?007 BATILE, ]OYCE nternal paper or memo enttled :llTF-cT cornmentary: Iraq
a.d al-Qaida, rlakng Case?" dated Auglst 9, 2002
:CrA !C38r 2007 the selzure of Shatoi by Rlssian forces on 29 February 2000

:clA t".332-2007 Hamgan, Betsy a copy of the declassifiqd veFion ofthe misslon of the
6)0).ft)(3):10 USC 424
:ciA c!383 2007 contract f !10A94702A0002
{:A 0!r18.1 2007 Project lennlfer, soviet missile submarine K-129
:cta 04385 2007 Vaor I Putr's i\|lo Cfp''-,d 01 14 Apr 12001
:oi.t-c0386 2007 Schlolterbeck, l"larian U.S. milLtary aLtach6 contacts with Venezuelan miltar/ form
lL-e ?00r ''-orql 14ar 2nn2
:ctA !!3E7-2007 cor c4n q or 6l
ahv6\ dFh nFcs rn cr:nrinim.
.otA-003E8-2007 BATTLE, ]OYCE 'DUsD (PS) Assessment o. Iraq-al-Qa da Tes The IITF CI
PPsnnn<F A cr 14 2nr)
clA C0189-2007 'd
Ref: NLRRF2005-063r Peter R. somrner Fres. 1983 r987

-c1A,00390,2Q07 ELIAs, Barbara Ref:#20070797DIA052r ls amic l"rovement of Uzbekstan

rIMUI and sui.ide bombina n Afdhanistar
:arA'0039r 2007 Relr*20070795OJA051; Islam/c extr€m st groups a/'Qdeda
3.d the lslamic l4ovemeat of Uzbekistan
:ctA 00392-2007 DtA Stand.rd Securlty Mark nqs lllanual DIAI4 65-19
:c:A 00393-2007
:olA-04394 2007 BATTLEI ]OYCE Refr #20041229Dos451i lraqi support for or sponsorship of

FOIA,C!395-2007 number of bood chit cared by Col. David L. Hrd icka

:otA-00396,2007 Co onel Hdrold R. Bucr ley FOIA
FOtA-01397'2001 Contract #HHM402 07 c 0018
#20070823DIA057, the bombing of Georg an t€rritory by the
Russian armv .n lrnv ?7 2002
#2007081sD1A055 the Russian army s ab!ses or power in

#20070819D1A056, negoliatons b€tween envoys of FO]A

P?s,deni DLt n a.d 6enera' rvas/r ddov o' i o,-^ oer . 9

EvAN5, M cha€l #20070834DrA058,

Detain€e ib)(6r :
-a-r :-:-,! 2aaj contrac! +HH1.440207R0019
.a-! ::.:4 2c07 ItILNER, GIEN Inrormation re ated to varlous Peace Fleet croups
::,.:!406-2007 ELIAs, Balbara Il'1U and ihe Ta iban In Afshan stan
:::i:c407-2007 5a!ransldyd, Svelan. Attack on the Ch€chen adm nlstration on December 27- 2002 FOIA

i:)rA !0408,2007 Attack on a Russrar Ui-26 ln Chechnya on August 19/ 2002 FOIA

F:)iA,!0409 2007 Hostase laking by chechen rebe s at a lvloscow theater on

October 24. 2002
:!lA 00.110-2007 Narayanswamy, Anupama Correspondence between memberE oi Congress and lhe DlA/
March 1, 2047 to 3L 2OO7
Contract +8HM40207c0038 awarded to Al world Ldig!a9e FOIA
.a ! aa4l2 2aa1 osoRIo, cAR Los !S suppori for the Un ted Kingdom s m llary effo.t dur ng the
1982 Falkland ls ands War wjih Argentina b/w April 2, and
:::::a413-2007 the s! cide attacks in Chechnya that occurred d!ring tlay
:?:A t04t4,2007 savranskaya/ 5v€lana the electioi oi Akhmad Kadyrov FOIA
::.. i!4!5 2007 the s!lclde attack at a concelr rn l.loscow on luly 5, 2003

Sch otterbeck, Nlaran aLegalions of U.S. militdry officials' presence at Fuert€ Tiuna/ FOIA
Venezuelan military headquarters, between l1- 13 April 2002

a:A-aa4!7 2AQ7 the bomb on thc commuter trdif in Stavmpol, R!ssia on 5

:c:i c0418 2007 Sm th, Chnst,na Miltary exp€rments dea inq wth seep deprvation/ sandman FOiA
experim€nt or operation, sandmanDX and sandman

=ot:-c0419 2007 savranskaya, Svelana raid by Chechen separatists on targets in Inslshelia from 2l
FCri 00420-2007 mi itary inte ligerce or counleintelligence records
-ctA a0421-?007 DoD LITIGATION - detainees Walid lbrahim i'lusiara Abu
Nljazi(I5N 049) and l'laasoum Abdah lilo!hammad (lSN 330)
refenal +07 F-1300 by ooD consultation
FCIA-00422 2007 BIGWOOD, JERE14Y Coiumbian town oi Saravena, n Colombia's Arauca

FCIA 00423 2007 I]EF5CI]AFI, MNDY Yor€t Alon ard the lnvestigat on of h s death
FCIA,00424 2007 Declassification revlew of Records of the U.5 loint Chief of
Staff, Record Grolp 218, Records of the Offce of the
Secretary of Defense, Record Gfoup 330 and Records of the

FC]A 00.125 2007 su55ER, t'1ARC D€€lassification Review oi Addito na tlanuscript for Fore gn
Felalons, l96o t0-6. votr re f.r -. fdr-.. F roppt19. t-
FO!A.00426,2007 Son Tay POW Camp rald ln November 1970
FOtA 00427-2007 SUSSER, t4ARC D{lassification Revrew or Addii onal Man!scr pt r;r Foregn FOIA
Reatons, 1969 1976, Volume E-12, East and Southeast Asia,
Mjliiary Assislance, Bolva 1958 63/ Referral irom NARA,

[{I]iq!@e4]!9r-E! lrra!'1s€ Slqdqlg!:l

' (rx6)

BATTLE, ]OYCE 6;-itionsn saud Arabia (of Lnterest ot the u 5.

bombms on the 14oscow rn€tro (or subwav) on Febfuar\/ 6'

-::A at434 2007 Satteirhwa te, l.4argaret Ox! r

CLEI"IENTE, lonathan Re o-d Go.p lr2Arr/5-rgeorGenerd Clasrj,Fa

I'liler, Ke ly iotaiDIA Bldg€ts ror F{06, Fy07, F/08; Total DIA

Informauon rechro ogy Budgets for FY06, F/07 and FY08

.::; a:rl:-2007 RICH]E, ]ORDAN rnnual Reiiw of U.S. chemica warfa.e and Blo ogica
Resarch Proorcmc
EVAN5, !licha€l iiiElGence nlormatLon aeports (llR) and otlrer lntelligence
products pertain ng lo Lhe Kankuamo indigeno!s group Ln

BATTLE, .]OYCE iiiiii;n ."po,t" tro. e,gust Leeo thro!sh December leeL
.nn.rrn.. Irao
:^: :14{0 2007 cERSTElN,.losh ffitnilreterare suumitted lo Dol or Fal regarding
orsclorrF or'lds:rr,ed i' ro "ation
Gilday, 14lchael t"n.,rh.r/ed
r"n"r". ir Dtri. rlllii"ty ARt Collection that a readv ex st n
an. d o.tal fornrat
:orresp""dencef"tw€en td viduals w th n lhe Defens€
ALrd-ne O 1c" d_o Mr. Geo-qe T/dnaLos a' d/ot 14arid
rzanakos from lanuary 1, 2002 to the date oi ihjs request

:3lr a!i,143-2007 llexrcan r.rt,tarv nslallations 1. l'1iljlary canrp Number I 2.

l4i tary Air Base Number 7 3 l'ljlitary facilitv located n
-. nF al/arpl G crrPro
F;;ft; R"m-la Pacham and h s captlr€ bv t4exican miitary FOIA o1 zr ALo-!t l9-4
-ara a!.1.15-2007 GUTH E, KURT EiiGiTEiE-nse spenoing: n H story of clA Esi mates, 1950
1990(co lege Stauon, Tex:T€xas A&l'1 Un versitv Press, 1998)

ac-:; aa446 2aa7 ]OHNSON, COREY US. r..v Ir,telq.nce Command (USAINTc) Annua Report FOIA
oi I'lajor Activit es, as well as any USAINTC Hlstori.a
s!mmares and Historca suppements for 1967, 1968'

7C_;44441-2407 iian-Ia.yrsSs to r ja'rrary L990 re ating to the lndonesian

President Stiharto s 23 Februdry 1989 m€etlns with Ch nese
F.,F nn M n JF' O'.n O'.hen.
FOrA 00448-2007 BATTLE, ]OYCE stuutioi repo.ts luqust 1990 throlgh December 1991
concerned wlth ]raq and 1 Opposltion group,s 2-Kurds' 3_
5h ites, 4-Psychologlcal operations or psvchologica wariare,
s-volce of Fr€e kaq, 6-lbrah m al zubaldi and 7 Salah omar

FOIA 00449-2007 llna -03 iire at the Al lY shraq sulrur pant, olts de Nlosul,

FOlA-i10450-20Q7 BENTLEY, l.4rclrdel form€r KGB General G€orqy G€orgievich Rogozin

FOIA C045:-20Q7 lNR, INR Sainov c defense rcq!est
FOtA 00.+52 2007 Coionel chester Henry l4orneau
FOrA 00453 2007 IncLdenl on 2/27l1983 rn Ghana, west Afrtca FOIA
.,'€sGr,dd'6o"ar;i'.d,o' L"qi d''''v and ant onaL po ice
offcers by the lraqi gov€rnment-pafticu arY th€ lfaql
:::-4.: :i_.- tr Aj-se re . i1!a me-beB r pc+ -.r' a ee-
iil;;;.e;icdombrancr/ilEns bv paranirrtary rorces rn
ihe town of La Gabanai Departrnent of Norte de saFtander'
Colomb a, on or about r'4aY 29' 1999

coD,es or-G;;i o'dertsiiEfnent or Work for frscd

vears 2005.2006, and 2007 regarding D!n & Bradstreet' Inc

__.: ,,::ra_::!" !.* r...\ Arrh le iro r vol, Jl, I a[ ]Y6Y

th-;;iiects or nonLetha FOIA
wedDons {,.e. aco-slr' lcrowave d rerred ene s
radiolooical lveapons) being uodertaken in the U S
arso to
includispciiic research and testing ln and around Greene

FOiA'Q0460-2007 Amir Mohamed Meshtsr, u 5

u.s military, nronetary, nterrgencei ud inr e, o r'

:o ! t
FOIA 00461 2007 ELlA5, Barbara hrs
other b./Des of suppolt given to Hissne Habre and
,n cndd fofl 9!Q]!]990=.-
Dh Gtu iant s seN ce in the lLrstLce ueparlro
FOlA-00462 2007 lzalac, Andrew I
ioiFoo165 2oot (b)(6)

FOtA 00464-2007
FOrA 00465-2007 @
o.."."er ZOOir,"o reo Ch ra s De el'e lnousq'dl
contract #HHM4020/N01 /
FOrA 00466-2007
Soiictalon #Hniv14o207Q0O75, the Qffice olthe inspector

s"*i:{f,ffi#;ro;=iG;6t7n;"' o''r" lrot'r

cta 00467'2007 tro'I n lraq p200?r083D1A081
BaqLbd sol,a.ron

sffit',bt?sa"i'aiion ,n Iiaq known as tlre Baquba

:oiA-00468'2007 BYRNE, I4ALCOLM councr"
Salvallon Frcnt" (also knowr as "Baquba 5a vatio'
orqanlzallon s financlal support, menrbership and mitant

FCIA 04469 2007 PRADoS,lohn Sheikh Abdu saaar arKrsI

.clA 00470-2007 rift, WiLlam NflllC Eiec!fve nrgrtrgrtr, vu uzo-"',

BATTLE, ]OYCE Brret ngs Provloeo arounu I

FOIA 0C471 ?007 '- lea' ald
cro rD;eqdrdhq trao oloq'ca, che_micd
n ss le $edpo_s o-og'am, heao"d bt Ddvrd Kdv:
F ArA-Aa47 2-2407 Sunnl tribarorqanEalron In !.dq Kr

:orA 0c473 2007 Sheikh Bam0 al nayrs, reauer ur urc rL ' ro r wi'e
Anbar Salvation COuncil ( Anbar Awakenins")

FOrA 00474-2007 March 6, 20!2 ele.tronrc rn

and Research (lNR) nuclear analvst to an INR

FCIA 00.175-2007 lerome O Keefie, l'4 uriel DIA',s eva uatrof or rlLl, rnc s pas! pel
cnli.irir on No. hHM402 07'R:!!ZL
Re6;-GEup + 31q lmpe6ona nl!!rl!!4
Acesson 330 86'69, iop secrei records of the Secretary of
D€fense and DeDltv Se.retarv of Delens€ from 1983

documenrs rrom NovemberDecember 2004 evaluatinq the

seturirv sit!6ti.n in Irad
Annudl History Report fol. the 470th ltliiiiary Intelllgence

photog|aph of Misagh"l IVIANPADS miss le recovered

fo lowins the falled Ausust 16, 2004 attack near Baghdad

Arch ve # 20050977005297; documents rrom I l!ne 1986

to 1 Octobef 1988 relaling lo the l,larch 1984 presidentral

Eastman Kodak v. Speasl, er al Saita Clara County Superlor

co!rt. case No. 1-05-CV-039164
Aer al photographs of v etnam t3ken durng the vietnam
conflict; index fg infonnation for the cty of 5algon, vetnarn
-a:i_0c464,2007 (bx6) FOIA

FOIA-0Q485 2007 doanma a-roni]anu;t 1, 2003 to the b-es€nt ralrted io

threats,p ans or actions of of the Tallban to
vlolenl activities within Pakistan, send sulcid€
bombers to Pakistan, or to threalen Pres dent Pervez
t4!sharrai Archive #20071 149DIA08..

FO]A 00486-2007 RAVNITZKY, }4]CHAEL FOIA Case Loq for DlA, for the t r.e perlod FY2006 and

FOIA-00487-2007 GERSTEIN,losh Una!thoriz€d Dlsclosure of classif ed

Inr.rm^ti.n/Invp<t.ati... I /1 /n1 to ores
iolA'00486-2007 incident thdt took p ace at DIA Center dt Bo ling Alr Forc€
Base on April 26, 200s.O(6) conslruction
worker, \'vas intured when dlct work fell on h m at the sit€.

iotA 00489 2007 'Tukey's Count€rinsurgency Campaiqn AqalDst the PKK:

Lessons Learned From a Dlrty War'by lohn B Grant in lune

FOtA,00490-2007 ELIAS, Barbara lhreats to u,S. interests, personn€|, property and nstaLlatons
_ lnd a r'1 J-_e 200110, dct, resor pldns oi al-Q.eda or

FOIA 0049i 2007 Ber/ Dana the Nauonal 14 ltary rnafk ng for a I the world s a rcrait

FOrA'00492'2007 BATTLE, ]OYCE Studies oi lndian of Pakistafi ground iorces fiom 1995 and

;cia 00493 2007 DLties or activ ties of indiv duals wirich w€re altiorized to
add or delete lnformatLon lrorn the www-dia,rnll s te betw€en
l lune 2007 and 10June 2007

FCla-40494 2007 BATTLE/ ]OYCE tlre r€quests of rwo U,S, co.napnles/ [18 Dynam cs of Ohio
and Wyle Laborctories oi Ca ifornia/ to export a Comblned
Acceleration Vibrat on ClimaticTest System (CAVCTS) to
Ind a s Defens€ Research and Development LaboEry.

FOtA-C0495 2007 Schnitzer, Dav d commun cation between DIA and Fred D. Thompson or hls
offces/staff rrom 1994-2002i any FO1A requests f led with
OIA since lanuary 1, 2001 dealing wlth Fred Thompson

FOIA-00496 2007 OSORIO, CARLOS Army Co!ntry Flle Guatemala FQIA

DOD htelrgence Report #2750008565 dated 7/1s/65
regard n9 ihe sale of arms by cuban ex les DoD htelligence
Reoort *2753001568 dated 5/8/68 regardlng the Venezu€lan
oovemmenfs aid to antl-castro ex les

Ostara Campaisn, Paztown Bombinqs at La Paz, Bo ivia on 2l

22 t4arch 2006; Bo ivian commun 5t Pady in the pmduction
of coca and/or cocaine; NDIC #2002_l'10465'002, ent tled
"Drugs and Crime', NDIC 42006"R0750 001 entitled
"Terrorism and Transnat onal Cr me

l4arqaret Thatcher Reagan material requested by chns

collings and David Viel (both from RRL) RRL # NLRRF2002-
071/2 Chns Co I ns RRL # NLRRF2005-154/4 David Vigjl

operation Able Danger/ sponsored by a m litary Lntellgence

unlt, Operation whlch all€gedly dentlfied terrorsts invoved I

EVANS, 14lchael Legal processes carried olt by the government of Colombia

rela'ea !o t.e rrve\lrgEt on o'rfe e'"_r. of \ovenbe' 6_7,

blographic inlormaton on the fo lowing military officers of the

coombian Army and/or NaiionaL Policer Generallesus
Armando Arias cabrales GeneralViclor De gado Malarno
Genera ltigu€l vega Uribe Lieutenant Colonel Edlberto
Sanchez Rubiano Colon€..

::tr :a:!.j 2007 GERSTEIN, ]O5H Criminal Refera s by DOD to DOI Since January I 2001
Regard n9 Unauthorzed Discos!re of Classifed Informaton
to the Press or the Public DoD oFol # 06-F 1277

=a:1,:_._i14,2007 EvAN5, r.4ichael operahons and organ zat on oi the colombian Army's Bogota
based Cavalry schoo (Escue a de caballena) d!ring the
years 1985 and 1986) Cava ry Schoo's role rn the November
6-7, 1985 takeover of the Palace ofl!stic€ in Bogota by the
lvl'19 guerilla army..

I l!ne1986 to 1 October 1988 relat ng to the l4arch 1988

prersdentia electons In tndonesia ARch ve

F3ti a9506-2007 r,4ORIlD #'s: 13s3879, 1353886, 13s3888, 1353931,

1353932. 1353933
F31i,c0507,2007 JONNSON, COREY U.5. Army Intellseice Command (USAINTC) Annual Report, FOIA
Historcal Sunrmares and H storica supplemenls ior the year
1967, 1968, 1969, 1970 and 1971

FCtA-00508-20!7 BATTLE, IOYCE September 1, 2001 through December 31, 2003, miltary or
parami itary or terrorst traln ng camps ai or near Salman

FOiA-00509"2007 BATiLE, ]OYCE 3/1984 to 6/1984; pldnnin ror coordrnated or cornbin€d

actions to prev€nt c osurc of the stra t ol uorr.u2 or
damages to o lproducton or diskibution facilities nthe
Persian Glllf region resulllng from miltary .ctions ln the kan_

FOIA.Q051Q-2007 IIFsr-orAm/d d12 l-C,sionArForce eali oIot""

debr€fing of East german reiugees at IaROC(B) n the time
period of surnmer 1976 to sumrner 1980

FOIA 00511 2007 14aster's Theses from the loint Mi ita./ Inle ligence College -

FOIA-00512-20Q7 Dd_1r-b-rdt "e, -Jrt.], t rore.d rg-, I ors 'ipi-, docul e rl>
.""r,"" h ti.,,6,
FOjA-00511 2007 contracts lo Booz Allen Hamiton awarded under So c tation
*HHt440207R0019; awarded contract/ attachments and
exh blts, tasrvdellv€ry/purchase oders; list of proposa

FO]A 005r4 2007 documents that descrbe any aciiv ty of members ot the Laos
resislance movernert, both in the U.s..nd abroad, b/w
lan.1, 2000 to June 1, 2007j paftlcu ary Vang Pao and others
FOra 005r5 2007 list or dll low-lev€l imagery of cuba in the period of Oct. 1962
and all lmagery r€talned by DIA of the Bejucal arnmunUon
storage area at 9eor9|aphic coordlnates 22s6N 08223w from
Blue l4oon l'1 ssion 5008

FOIA 00516 2007 activ Ues and aperations of the Colomban Nat onaLPollce n
respect to its role in retaking the Palace of lustice ln Bogota
on Novemb€r 6 7, 1985 after jt had been tak€i over by t4'19

FOIA 00517.2007 KORNBLUH, Peter Archjve 20071227DIA097; ALI docurfents withheld under
DIA ctsse number 06058'91 and 0604'91
FOId 0[r5I8.2007 activihes aid operations of the Colornbian Army's 13th FOIA
Brigade bas€d in Bogoia on November 6-7, 1985 an€f it had

FOIA 00519 2007 EVANs, 14ichael colonel Danrlo Gonzalez Gll

FOIA,JC520 2007
FCrA 00521,2007
FAIA CA522-2007 Se9ment RQ5TR37
FO1A 00523 2007 Corr e, Cralg
F0tA,00524-2007 Access 01 q590r0017 Bo<es 11,32.33,r.,35 d,dl5
FOtA a0525-2007 the rorced depaitLrrc of Prcsident l€an-Be.trand Ansud€ ironr
Ha tion or about 30 seotember 1991
FCIA'!r!526 2007 RICHELSON,leffrey CCH, NsAs Involvemeft in Foreg n SIGINT Relatonships FO]A
throLrgh r993 CCf, Space Surveillance SIGINT Program

FC:A 00527,2Q07 Laos resistance movement, both in the US and abroad, n FO]A
Caligorn,a and elsewhere in th€ USA since lune 200s and

FOrA !C528 2007 efiects oi nonletha weapons being unde.taken curenty n

:orA 00529 2007 betwe€n ndvduals wjthin the r

dl, p6-!o_s represert nq r) hd .ra s
and (bx2l,o)(r
cr! se Port company and/or 2) Anlrnarin. Also any contacls
wjth r'4r. Hasan Akinciog u by ind viduals within the l T m€
Penad lram )anuarr r, 24..

iorA-00530 2007 Zaid, $a current nternaL DIA regulations pertainlng to 1- D€rsonne

!ssues 2-granting or revocation of security clearances 3
emp oyee 9r€ vance procedures 4- dlsciplinary prccedures 5
prepublcaton review procedures ior former or cLrrrent

A 00531-2007 Secrelary of Defense Robe.t 5. McnaDrara

A-00532 2007 NATO Nlclear Balance, Conventonal Forces
A 00533 2007 BLOO14FIELD, R]CHARD narcot cs programs I Ecuador
FOIA-00534 2007 RlCHELSON,.leff.ey sp€clal Assessment, Drrectorate rorCuffent lrte/lise.ce,
''50!th Afrlcar t4tssl e Acuvity,' luty 5, 1989
FOrA 00535-2007 RAVNITZKY, t'lichae Deis xiaopins (aka Teng Hsiao'p'ln9); born or 22 Aug 1904
in Ch na, died on !9 Feb 1997ln China
vanols Inscom topics and file n!mbers werc provided

Contract No. DASCoT'02 D-0002 (Land Informaton warfare

3iTiri, loYcE a I doc!ments used ior the d€fUng or implementat on with FOIA
NSPD 21, 'Support for Inspections ln lraq,' dated November

kdnapping of 5 sec!rity contractors from Crescent Security

Group in November 2006 in safwan Iraq. current inforrnat on
on th€ investgation of the miss n9 contractors show ng f th€
case s active or inactive as well as possible suspects invo ved

contract #HH1140207D0008 awarded to Video Dynamics Inc

research of extra-terrestrlal and t€rrestrial techno ogy done FO]A

by the PACUCARET group irom 1984 to present. any reserve
engrneering of ET technoosy don€ by any divis on of
contracted group ol the government. Research done in the
folow n9i anti-grav t..

offrcjal hjstories of significant intelligence producrion actvties

n the DLrectorate oi lntel igence- 1- The Nat ona Inte ll9-enc€
sLryer (r,l15' p.og-a1 2. lFe 5oe( al lael'9a-ce crdoF.c
(5lG) Proglarn. An alternate des gnatjon was the Intellig€nce

tralning oJ mernbe|s or the Hditian armed forces (FADH) by

Un ted States government agencies, entities or
subc0.tracto6 from 1991-1995, Includ€s tra n nq of Ha ti.n
ciizens Guy Ph illpe, )acky Nau and Gilber Dragon in Ecuador

NASC, Ge.era Corespondence 1961-1969 Accesslon # 41-

-a-! ,-.a15 2QA7 BURR/ WILLiAM doc!menG produced during 1985 r990 n the nles olthe
Office of Wasl Asian and Pacific Affairs, Bureau of Poltico-
!l lfary Affa rs, offce of lntelligence and Research, or the
Eureau or Oceans and Inte.national Envrronmenral and
::-: -i6 2007 EVANS, l.4ichae US based rninln€ cor.pany/ Dr!mmond COmpany lnc., FOIA
vio ence and threats d rected agarnst any of Dr!.nmond s
empLoyees or !niof m€rnbers (STNIMTIIENERGETICA),
payments to illegalarmed groups, such as the United 5ef
Defense Forc€s of COlonrbia, the Revolutionar.-

F:.1 :05.r7-2007 - sofders n lrao-l


F),A 00548-2007 Narayanswamy, Anupama logs of correspondence between rnembers of conqress and
the o€fens€ lntellig€nce agenct april 1, 2007 to lune 30/
2007 including the date oi r€sponse to each tetter

FCtA 00549 2007 Ta Chen Plpe International, a so known as Sun and Shutt€|s,
based n Lono Bca.h CA
F9tA-Q0550,2007 the armed and !narmed oppos !o. to President.lean,
Bertrand Ar st de and/or ih€ Lalalas movement lrom 1990 to
FOIA 00551 2007 knowledge or invovement on the part of US offc a s,
employ€es, contractors or subcontractors, membeE of the
m litary seNices of other Us dgents, nformants or assets
wth amed gangs, death sq!ads, or other ndlviduals who
execuled, tortured, threaten

FOIA 00552 2007 RICHELSON, Jeffrey the lssues of Communique for lanuary June 2007
FOrA 00s53'2007 all documents re arng to Haltian President lean Bertrand FOIA
Aistd€ and h s resjgnation on February 29, 2004 Also on Us
officlals'concern about a coup of potentLal ouster dudng the
penod cov€rinq laruary 2000 th.ough December 2004

FO]A 00554 2007 llegalarmed militas, based ln Ha tior the Dominic.n

Republic, that were attacking Haitian infrastructure and/or
people d!rin9 the 1/1/2000 to t2l31/2004 period anv
actvities or ilega armed mililias hostie tothegovernment oj

F01A.00555.2007 DOD LIIIGATION SLAHI +05-F_1835 by DOD r'4ohdmedo!

OuLd 5 ahi aka llohammedou Ould 5a ahl born n r4aurilania
in approx. 1970; a detairee held at Guantanamo Bay

FQlA'0Q556-2007 J.Faxescot (most important) 2. AlbertoTarch ani3 caro

sfoRa 4, A b€do cianca 5. aldo Garosci 6 Gaetano

FOIA 00557-2007 ilti6ii6ents re atinq to ltesalarmed mllitias (or qudsi lesa

arrned groups working wltlr lhe Nationel Police) that were pro
Arist de, pro government in Ha li du nq the 1/1/2000 lo
12131/2004 peiod Archlve 20071317DIA105

lu y 2002 intellqenc€ community s mulalion focused on post_

FOIA-00558 2007 BaLrer, Gfeg
Saddam political reconstruction in lraq The slmulation is
referenced on page 87 of ttre senate selecl cor.rnittee on
lnteligence! report on prewar inte Ligenc€ assessments on

FOIA 00559 2007 Documents on Nr. Harry Allen Overstreet, author 1958: What FOIA
We [iust Know About Communism r961: The War Called
Peace !964: The strange Tactj.s of Extremism 19691 The FBI

ioiA 00560 2007 Confrontdtions between llexlcan secudty lorces and

members oi the guerilla group, 23 September

FOIA 00561-2007 North Korean and Russian portions or the USS Pueblo

FOtA-0Q562-2007 ELIA5, Barbara a I docurnents from lanuary 1, 1997 to the present on the
comparson and conkast on the narcolics and securtv

FOtA 00563-2007 11 ltary bombing ra ds carried ou! n the Mexrcan state of FOIA
clerero in 1974 The folLowing lncidents menhonedr-rhe 30
luie 1974 bombardmen! in the cerro 'Del Encanto'The 13
l!ly 1974 bombardme.t in the "Corra €s de Rio Chiq'rlto" -fhe
FOiA-00564-2007 1970-1974 I'lexican mil tary attempt to neutralze glerri la

FOrA 00565-2007 ELIAS, BATbATA Pakistan's InterSeruic€s lnterli9ence

FOrA 00566 2007 Qu nn,lohn wye Oak Technology, lnc, FOIA
FOtA-00567-2007 CROCKER,lames Ihe crash of an unmanned Soviet l4ic-23 on 14 iu v 1989

FOrA-00568-2007 Positon PaDer on Nofi-Prollferatlon Pohcy Pcc l'leebnq

FOrA 00569 2007 fhe Greco Tur[ sh crisit' of 1995 1996

FOIA-00570-2007 BATTLE,IOYCE Ihe Orig fs of l,lunitions lsed by Iraqi lrregular and Armed
Flil.:::_.::: AF]STEN-CEN, HANS
ott' i;l5TEIN, Tamara The 126 Day Hostage Crisis at the l.panese ErnbassY Lrma, FOIA

14exico's poD!lar assembly ol the people or Oaxaca (APPo).

;o::-:::-i--, 3URR, WILLIAM Copy of a stLrdy on 'Report on Strategic warning

:c:r-::a-:.::_ recommendations of planning monjtoring or secur nq srtes FOIA
associated with Iraq's non conventional weapofs programs

canrps ior prisoners of war (Pows)aerial photographs !akeo

or for prlsoners of war and a Concentraton'Camp n
the state oi Baden'wurtemberg, solth Gemany durinq

.-- 2aa7 ReqLrest for NsC l,4eetings and lack l,4atlock Frles
rro,r drr o d
::.::,-:-l:007 l'1ILlER,lames Stat€ DeDartmenl Centra Decimal Fie, 1955-1959
Fa:::,::al 2007 NSC 14e€llnqs and the lack I'latlock Flles
F:::::::t 2007 8auer, Greg Irao's conventional anC non conventiona wedpons programs

:a.: :::S:2C!7 EVANS, M chael The s€lzure ol and or other property by Colombian
odrdmrtLdft o oLo- r_ 1ao7
-:::-:::Sl'2007 Records concern ng Rote Arn'ee Faktion (RAF) or Ge.many,
Anreas Baader, Gudrun Enns in, & Ulrlke Melnhori also th€
Landshut h thjackins in 14osad shu oi Lufthansa Flght 181 on
13 oct 1977; s!sbsequenl deaths of terrorlsts Andreas
Baader, Gudrun Esslin and..

F::: _::584,2007 two separate massacres n Zab?letas, Coomba on 11 May

:t:1 ::5E5'2!07 sec!rw perspecnve on Sweden 1961-1968 FOIA

connections between the Pakistani military and triba 9roups
in pakirtan Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)
::-1.!.4587 2007 GREENEWALD, ]ohn the theft of nucleaf weapon secrets at Oak Rldge Nahonal Lal

:cr;-!J588 2007 RAVNITZKY, M chael Techf rca Reporti AD C021711 entit ed:'Handbook on FOIA
rri li?>ii.n :nn stnr:.e .f Tent(''
-ota 00589 2007 ReferG for Conclrence n Re€ase
FCtA 00590,2007 LONGABARDI, eric Requesi of Doc!ments
FCIA 00591 2007 Req!€st of Docum€nts
FOtA-00592-2007 th€ ki ling of 15 people by Colomb dn pardmi taries on FOIA

:olA'00593-2007 K ling of 16 Peope by Colomb an Paramilitaries in December

F0tA,00594-2007 GERSTEIN, JOSN

iorA 00595'2007 Lecf, Greg hrormat on on Emest Leroy Hedley
FOrA 00596 2007 Iniormation on Deta,nee[q!]
FCiA-00597-2007 Laron, Guy Inlofma!on on Doc!nents for Revi€w
FOIA-00594,2007 The forced dlsappearance of two Coiomb ai nvest gators or

FOtA-00599-2007 Ihe lorced d sapp€arance or Nohord ceci ia Ve asqLrez o. luly

FOtA 00600 2007 BATTLE,.]OYCE lraq's alleqed nterest in obtain nq nuclear re sted material

FOtA-00601-2007 the kll n9s of leadere and members of the En bera chami
rndigenous commun ty by param lfary 9roups on lune 8,
FOIA-006!?-2007 the ki ngs ol members ol the Emberd Katio ndisenous
community in the Cordoba deparrm€nt of co ombia,
particularly the kiliing of indigeno!s leader Klmr Pernia

FQIA 00601.2007 the adm nistrative kacklng fle of the eisht oldest FOIA FOIA

FOIA-00604-2007 lnpd.l of d.crdF.r dl Cl'enob.'l auc'ed- poeerpidn(

FOIA-00605 2007 R€quested irformation on Soviet Union 1981 and 1982

FOIA'00606'2007 Warsaw Pact CommL.rnique

FOrA-00607 2007 Soviets target u,s, strategy
FOrA 00606-2007 Information on offlcer of the colombian military, lorge FOIA

FOIA'00509-2007 ELIAS, Barbara connectof s between Pakisian's lnter'Service Inte ligence FOIA
(ISI) and Osama b n Laden
F0IA,00610-20!7 ELIAS, Barba.a inrorrnai on related to strategles to expel Osama bin Laden FOIA
from lanuarv 1. 1994 to lanlarv 1. 2002
FO]A 00611-2007 Report on the rise n attacks by insurgents on coaltion forces FOlA

FOtA.C06r2 2007 records o. prevlously released Nationallnlelligence (NlEs) or

other relevant documentalion on the Suriname-Guyana

FO!A.006!.1-2007 BIGWOOD, JEREMY.. info.malion on tire Acu fero Guarani

FOIA 00614 2007 SIl,lPSON, srad documents (W009b9b'w009b9i, W009bL0'w009b10h)

FOIA 006i5 2007 'eqlesl o_ sov e.1 pl 9F e selrc€, /l0l0l4 w FO]A

FOrA 00616-2007 5I14PSON, Brad reply to request lor concurrence
FOrA,-i!617-2007 Bleier, Ddrren recent soviet nvolvement n the llnlted Arab Repubrc

FOIA C0618,2007 Norueg an arch pelaso Svalbard

FOrA 10619 2007 nationa sec!.ity classified documents from Pres den!dl

FOtA,C0620 2007 Pow and MIA personnel irom ihe Vietn.m War
FaIA-t0621 2407 Enamoneta, l'larianna the death of jaime Roldos Aguilera/ former Pfesident of
Fcuador in an airoane crash on l.4av 24. 1981
FCIA 40622-2001 FOIA

F ))A aA624.2QA7

FCrA.00625 2007 i!&rDq!!q! a! !!!! FOIA

F!tA 00626 2007 iqiormalion on d€taingql


:4.4 aa627.2007 miit-ry asslstance, Bolivia, 1958-63 Referra from NARAi

ictA 01162a 2007 Enamon€ta/ Marlanna the death or Rodrlgo B!eno, former Ecuadoran Air Force FOIA
Mil.r in :n :irnl:np.r:<h
FslA C0629 2007 E!ans, Michael.. documents on lorge Rob edo P!lido, Colombian mi ita.y
offcerwho served as Commander of the Co omb an Army
FOta 0!630 2007 a copy of the Defens€ Intelliq€nce Agency s c dssfcaton
FOrA 0063r-2007 ELIAS, Barbara iniormation on funding and provis on oi supplies, arms and
w.:n.n< rmm s.".ll Arahi^
FOtA-00632-2007 EVAN5, l,lichae Assassination of then-Colombian Conservatrve Party
Dresidenta candldale Alvaro Gomez Hurtado
FOIA 00633,2007 ELIAs, Barbara A d and support from lran to ihe Federa ly Adniiiistered
Tr bal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan, includlng North and solth

F0ra'00634 2007 ELIAS, Barbara Suppori fiom lrdn to lhe Tal ban n Afganistan from
seDtember 1. 2001 to Dresent
FOIA-00635-2007 EL1A5, Barbara the support, a d, funding and rovision of supplres from the
Unlted Arab Emimtes (UAE) from lanuary l, 2004 to present

FOIA 00636 2007 "Background hformation on the Soviel Economic Bf€fing ior

FOrA'00637-2007 :o raLr "HHYa020 /0008 dsd oed lo V deo Dr1.. ('. llL FOIA

FO!A,00638,2007 Asian te ecommufications companies pose potentlal to

Us c41 nterestes
FO1A.00639-2007 ELIAS, Barbara th€ broad perceptron of the Ta ibdn nAfghansian FOIA
FOIA-005.10 2007 ELIAS, Barbara re ationsh p between Pak stan's Inter-Service Intellrgence and

FOlA.00o41-2007 ELIAS, Barbara the presence of al Qaeda iorces In l-lelmand province and the
.ltv ol Kandahar n Afohan stan
F0IA,00542 2007 ELIAS, Sarbara th€ use of Aighanistan s Ariana A rlines bY Osama brn Lad€n

FOtA 00543-2007 reco.ds on Wiliam C.lones Jr.

FOIA'00644 2007 knowledge of U.S involvement in decsions to mpose
sancuons agajnst the government of faiti from l99L-1994

FOIA'00645-2007 vrolatlons a]1d/or exept ois to emba19o agaLnst 9overnm€nt FOIA

of fait lrom Septembei 30, 1991 to Odober 15, 1994

FOIA-00646-2007 ELIAS, Barbara lhe ialationship betwe€n Bashlr Nooua:, osarna bin Ldden
and al-Oaedo
FOIA 00647-2007 lnforma! on wlth r€gards io whether family members worked
th oo\ernmeft aoen.'el
FOIA 00648 2007 ELIAs, Barbara ^
r"lullah Bakht r!ohammed (also ca led r,4u loh Mansoor

FOtA 00649-2007 nformation on a comFany Ta Chen P pe lnt€rndUoial, also

known as Sunlaid Shutters bascd in Lons Beaci, Ca rornla

FOtA-0Q650-2007 records on Ha ii rcsarding ihe govefnols sand accord n FOIA

00651 2007 the nvo vement of Un led Siates n the return oi President FOIA
=otA rFin BFrlr.n.l Arisride lo Halti i. 1q94
FOLA-00652-2007 Buntin9, E izabeth nfofmdt on on Rom ly Timmins
FOIA 00653,2007 04 F-2706lDOD/consLr tation documents relatin9 our
relationshlp w th Greece and Turkey durinq a briel period in

FOIA'00654 2007 #324F 05 and x387F 05

:otA-00657'2007 records concerni.g Israeli ass stance to u.s. iorces searchin9
for possib€ SCUD m ssile launch sites n lraqs western

FOtA 00658-2007 Bduer, Greg records concernlng Israell-Kurd sh m tary -nd securty

FOIA'00659-2007 DOYLE, KAIE

FOtA-00660-2007 ELIAS, Barbara Mullah Omar, ihe leader of the Ta iban in

FOIA-00661 2007 records ot m ltary lnte igenc€ involv€ment n the on-s te

F01A,00662,2007 DOD L]TIGATION, 10 deta n€es case #07 F-6044
FOIA 00663 2007 DEfIARTINO, t4ichell€ DOS incoming tel€gram 5/r6/63
FOtA-00664-20C7 YoUNG,lohn records perta ning io East Germany Inteligence Seruices !lO,

FOtA 0066: 2007 TOUNG, lohn records perta nin9 to East Germany lnte igenc€ sedrces r.4o,
zF 400208w
FOIA 00666.2007 documents request by Steph€n Wilson
FOrA 00661-2007 OLESKEY, STEPHEN 5'\ deta -ees. R€'e-rdl rrom DoD OGC 2r A-9 100t.
FOlA'00668'2007 FOIA reqrest #465F 07
FO1A 00669 2007 FOIA reqlrsis numbers 484F 06 & 587F 06
FOIA 00070 2007 refera case number 0817 05
FOrA 00671-2007 Iraq insurgent mun tions source FOIA
FOIA 00672,2007 contract #H8r,440205C0048 wlth usls Professional Services

FOIA.00673 2007 SllrlPSON, Brad the proposed sale of u.S. made F'16 fighterj€ts to Indon€sia

FA':A AA671 2OQ7 Sll.lPSON, Brad th€ prov slon ofJolnt Comb ncd Exchange Tfain n9 (JCEI) to

FOIA-C0575-2007 awarded contrdct numbers HH1440?04A007 011

FOIA 00676-2007 lvlaclean, Em l".prlrpelstllltp tlcto lsrius qet4ineestl

a-Q4611-24Q7 RIQUELME, l,'larcla case #200605444 FOlA

A rt0678 2007 BURR, Wlllam FOIA req!es! +96 F-2078
A-00680 2007 RAVNITZKY, 14ICHAEL., recoras concerning 1"1 chae A. Rob nson
FOtA 00681-2007 tu,".|fire,1t oi detarnee rh)(6)
FOiA 00682 2007 Feitgro-oet" "" Orl
FCtA 00683-2007 PakistanilSl
FOIA-aC684 2007 BATTLE,loyce.. the functon ng and viabiity ol s powe.grld, eLedrcrty

FOIA-00685'2007 and lanuary 1, 1996 documents on the loint FOIA

lan!a.y 1, 1994
Combin€d Exchaige Tra ning (ICEI) to Indonesia

FOrA 00686'2007 ldnlary 1, 1996 to )anuary l, 1998 prov sion or lolnt

Cohf,.Fd Etchana-. Trainlno llCETI
FOIA-00687-2007 SIl4PSON, Brad the prov sion of Internatlonal lvliltary and Educdtional FOIA
Train n9 (1r,1ET) to lndonesia betwee. Janlary 1, 1991 to

FO:A 00688 2007 documenG on UFO sightin9s and flylfg t.ian9les irom 2001

FOtA 00689-2007 Dardzinskii Chnstopher nformation on l'1anu€! 'r.4atty l.1aro!n, owneroi th€ Detrolt
Internauonal Bidoe comoanv
FA!A-OA69Q'2QQ7 Nlonthiy !nternat onal 5u'nmaries on Colombld

FOtA 00691-2007 I!on!h y lnte.nat onalTerrorism sumrnares on Co omb a

FOIA 00692 2007 rn futes of the i4 November 1990 meetrng of NSTISSC

FO]A 00693.2007 BERMUDEZ, loseph S., Jr. copy of Yom K pplr war Pafts I and II
F0tA,00694-2007 records relating car bombs or Veh cle Bor. Improvised

FOlr. l_i0695 2007 ZAID, MARK REF 979F o4/Army threat assessrnents regardrng the threat
of at least ten nat on states and lwo terrorlst 9ro!ps known

FOIA 00696 2007 Brothers to lhe Rescle (BTfR) aka rlermanos al Rescte/
ELIAs, Barbara the reiatonsh p between Qar ahmaduLlah and olhe.sen or
Tallban officidls ncluding the primary eader flu ldh Ornar

:a-l:i!596_2007 contract #HHM40207D0016 awarded to Sparta, Inc,

.t1r.J0699.2007 the d smantling of Indonesia s Restomton of order and

Faia,00700 2007 convact 1"1DA908-02-c 0061 {can ne Exposlve Det€cliof

:3iA !0701-2!07 coDy of documenls on 'Surface_to-A r 14issie systems Threat
Conrerence held at Redstone Arsenal (Alabama)

:c:r !0702-2007 n'o, I dl or on oerd neeL tu,"

r-atA !07!3'2007 @aikjn on deiainee {bl(41) | l FOiA

rStA 007c.l 2007 rnf orrndtion on !q!q!!!q FOIA

:t-r:l;Ja-2!07 iniormatiorl oldelanee

:cta.!0706 2007

FCrA 00707 2007 infornraton on homlcld€s, assaults or olher v olent acts FOIA
.ommitted aoalnst honosexual oersons in lrac
FOiA 00708 2C07
Russian T'721'11 tank and the acquis tion of four Uk.ain an T

FCrA 00709-2007 nrormat on and phoroqraphs of Russian cold War era T'648

:o!a.00710-2007 Fiv€ d€tainees: Sandd Yislam al-Kazlml (lSN 1453), Fahd

MLrhammed Abdullah a'Fouzan (lSN 218), riohammed al
Rahman alshumrani (ISN 195), Abd al Rahim al Nash ri,
Zayn ar Abid n Abu zubaydah. DoD relerral 07'F-0855.

FOLA 00711-2007 Request NLK FQIA-99-5, Document 6a5 FOIA

FOl.A-0A772-2047 case *24746
FO!A-0C713-2007 referaL case'F'1999 00204
FOIA 00714-2007 SaLrer, Kevin
FOiA.007r5 2007 NarayanswamY/ An!pama I os. oi .o rc.oo-oe'ce o. ree men oe s or co-sre.. a 'd
Itre Dete lse l^re rselle Aqenc' July 1, 2007 ro S-ple nber

FOIA 00716,2007 I4ORALES, ET4ILENE case #200504482

FOIA-00717-2007 KRISTENSEN, HANS NAsIC Case #05 008
FOiA.00718-2007 DIA documents on Sergey (Sergei) Ivanov Antonov born luly
11. 194a - dled Auaust l, 2007
FOIA 00719-2007 contrnc! #HHM40207c0075 awarded to Halfaker and

FO'A-00720 2007 conrract #NH1440207C0084 awarded to New Age Protecbon,

FOIA 00721 2007' case +200502111 r€fetral documents on the dlegatnons ol

corrupt on, cnmina activity and h!rian rghtsabuse
commjtted by current and romer slate officia s or chihutshua
otricials who exefclsed responsibrllty tor Investi9ating and
prosecuting murders..

FAIA-AO722 2D07 refr] 06'A-2320 FOIA

T::a No, of cases i 721