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TP Chaturvedi

Head, Orthodontics,
Faculty of Dental
Sciences, BHU, Varanasi.
E-mail Id:
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the clinicians, researchers and
students of dental and medical specialties for the present issue of the Journal of
Advanced Research of Dental and Oral Health 2016. Earlier science driven technology
was an important feature in the scientific world. Now it has been replaced by
technology driven science. These changing scenarios are truly applicable in dental and
medical sciences also. Newer development of digital diagnostic tools has influenced a
lot in the management of medical and dental problems. New materials, technology and
overall a different clinical approach for the treatment/ management have led to a
significant overall impact on the well being of every individual. The aim of the present
Journal is to highlight various advances in basic and applied researches in the dental
field which will contribute to the development of dental and medical profession. Since
evidence based dentistry is now becoming an important component of the clinical
practice, hence apart from the researches, case reports are also an important and
emphasized part of the journal. For academic interest related to basic and applied
science, review articles will be well featured in the future issues of the journal.
Accordingly, the Journal will focus on review articles, case reports and basic as well as
applied research in dental and medical field. Once again, I request all the researchers
and clinicians to contribute their best knowledge and work in the futures issues of the
journal to get it a respectable position amongst the international dental journals. Your
scientific contributions as well as suggestions and critiques related to the improvement
of upcoming issues of the journal are always welcome.

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