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1 Half a league, half a league, A league is an old way to measure distance, Separuh bala tentera
and it was equal to about 3 miles. So half a
2 Half a league onward, league is roughly a mile and a half– the
brigade/battalion was Separuh bala tentera maju ke depan
charging forward in the battlefield

3 All in the valley of Death The place where many soldiers would die in
the battle (very scary & uncertain) Semua ke lembah kematian

4 Rode the six hundred. The exact number of soldiers was 600, riding
horses Ada 600 tentera semuanya
5 “Forward, the Light Brigade! The captain commanded the soldiers to
move forward bravely
Note: they are called "Light" to separate them
from the "Heavy Brigade," another kind of “Maju ke depan bala tentera Light Brigade!”
cavalry unit at the time.Tennyson's poem is
based on real events. In 1854, there was a
Charge of the Light Brigade during the
Crimean War.

6 Charge for the guns!” he said. The soldiers were ordered to attack “Bersiap sedia dengan senapang!” dia berkata

7 Into the valley of Death The soldiers moved to the battlefield,

prepared to fight and to die fighting.The Ke arah lembah kematian
brigade was ordered into the valley, even
though they knew that they were going to die.

8 Rode the six hundred. Emphasis on the small number of soldiers –

few but brave soldiers riding on horseback 600 tentera semuanya
1 “Forward, the Light Brigade!” Again, the captain commanded the soldiers to
move forward “Maju ke depan bala tentera Light Brigade!”
2 Was there a man dismayed? Was there any soldier who would lose his Adakah orang yang kecewa?
courage, be terrified or sad?
3 Not though the soldier knew Of course the Light Brigade was too tough
and loyal to feel dismayed. These men did not Tiada satu pun bala tentera yang tahu
feel discouraged at all. They were ready to do
their job, even though the order might be
crazy (to meet their death).

4 Some one had blundered. The soldiers knew that this charge was not a
good idea, that someone had made a Seseorang telah melakukan kesilapan

5 Theirs not to make reply, The soldiers were loyal and obedient – they
did not talk back to their commander Tiada seorang pun berani menjawab

6 Theirs not to reason why, Or to figure out the point of the attack Tiada seorang pun berani bertanya kenapa
7 Theirs but to do and die. All they could do was to ride and fight and Mereka hanya buat dan berakhir dengan
possibly die kematian
8 Into the valley of Death Repetition of stanza 1 – to emphasize Ke lembah kematian
courage/bravery, loyalty, commitment, duty
9 Rode the six hundred.
600 tentera semuanya
1 Cannon to right of them, The soldiers were surrounded by enemy Meriam kearah kanan mereka
cannon on their left, right and front. Bad news Meriam kearah kiri mereka
2 Cannon to left of them, for the Light Brigade – they were actually
3 Cannon in front of them surrounded by enemies. Meriam di hadapan mereka
4 Volleyed and thundered; So the huge walls of cannon all around them Di humban dan di bedil dengan meriam
were firing and making a sound like thunder
5 Stormed at with shot and The soldiers in the Light Brigade were being
shell, shot at with bullets and big explosives fired Dihujani dengan tembakan senjata & bedilan
from the cannon - a violent, noisy, destructive Meriam.
force that sounded like a storm.
6 Boldly they rode and well, These soldiers were not scared of the gunfire. Mara dengan berani dan penuh semangat
They rode bravely, confidently and with
determination. It shows us how heroic these
men were.
7 Into the jaws of Death, They were ready/willing to die of honour Ke dalam lembah kematian
8 Into the mouth of Hell ‘Hell’ – suffering and torture but the soldiers Ke dalam lubang neraka
were brave
9 Rode the six hundred. 600 brave/courageous soldiers – men of 600 tentera semuanya