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CLINIC: Ground Floor, Mantii Pride, N. M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parl, Near Arthur Road Nake, 9 Mumbai 400.011. Contact: +91 22 62488100, TRAINING FACILITY: 6B & 6C, Trust House, Global Hospital Compound, Dr. E. Borges Road, Patel, Mumbai 400 012. Contact: +91 22 62102000, (Chad evcopmentcenter ‘To Whom So Ever It May Concern This is to certify that Mast. Karan Samat has served as a volunteer for our Social Work Team for 36 hours from 03'¢ May to 28" June 2017. He assisted the team in data collation, updating Girectory of services, transcription and aiso observed sessions. We found him to be willing, efficient and diligent during the volunteering period with us. We thank him for endeavours, services as a volunteer and wish him the very best in his future ‘Thanking you. Yours Truly, aye Chief Executive Officer Date: 31° July 2017 Place: Mumbai UMMEED CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER Ummeed ina non-profit omanization registered uls 25 of the Companies ct, 1956 (now Section 8) Ummeed registered with Notional Trust u/s 12 of National rust At, 1999 Umineed is renistered with The Charity Commissioner, Greater Bombay Region, Maharashtra State {il contributions to Ummeed Child Development Center are eligible for dediction us 80G ofthe Income tax Ac, 1961 (Order No DIT(E]MCIB0GI2435/2009-10 (Now velid in perpetuity) CIN: UBS320MH20OINPL132972