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o A rising number of teenagers and young adults, not
only in public schools but almost everywhere, fall prey
to Substance Abuse.
o Children, especially those subject to emotional and
social stress often turn to drugs.
o Public schools in India don’t have the manpower or
programs to address this issue and the children begin a
downward spiral.
o The trend is followed by the children in the younger
grades as well. Seeing their seniors take drugs, these
younger children turn to drugs too.
Through the Substance Abuse Awareness Project, in
collaboration with the ICS, I have tried to:
o To help raise awareness of the harmful effects of
certain substances so as to discourage their use.
o To interact with children and reach out to them via
various sources as well as guest appearances of
Oncologists, Psychotherapists and people who have
overcome addiction.
Conducting one of the sessions
With students at a local public school at the end of a session
Training volunteers to conduct the program in other schools