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Worksheet: Azar: Understanding and Using English Grammar, Charts 16-1, 16-2

Finish the sentences.

Parallel Structure
1. When I have free time, I like to read a good book or

2. My father is tall,

3. Good students always do their homework, listen in class, and

4. With webmail, I can check my e-mail in my office or

5. The listening test was short but

6. I like my apartment because of its location and

7. I’ve always hated giving speeches,

8. At the beginning of the quarter, it’s difficult to find your classrooms,

9. When my mother was a child, she had to baby-sit her younger siblings,

10. Someday I hope to get a job and

Paired Conjunctions
11. Not only the manager

12. My sister can both

13. Next year, I’ll study either

14. When I went to the store, I bought neither

15. When we go to the mountains, we will both

16. Neither my father

From Grammar 4 Packet. Copyright by Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood, WA.

Reproduced with permission.