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Sixth Grade Science

Unit #4 Lesson #1 Quiz #1

ID: 353030 — Correct: C — DOK: 1 — Standard: GSE E.4.a

1. Place the following atmospheric layers in sequence, from lowest to highest: A)

Exosphere; B) Stratosphere; C) Troposphere

A. A, C, B
B. B, A, C
C. C, B, A
D. C, A, B

ID: 353031 — Correct: C — DOK: 1 — Standard: GSE E.4.a

2. Why is the ozone layer so important?

A. Because it traps most of the sun's heat.

B. Because it contains most of the earth's oxygen.
C. Because it blocks harmful ultraviolet rays.
D. Because it allows ultraviolet rays to warm the stratosphere.

ID: 353032 — Correct: B — DOK: 3 — Standard: GSE E.4.a

3. Why is it difficult to breathe at high altitudes?

A. Because you are closer to the sun the higher you go.
B. Because atmospheric gases become thinner the higher you go.
C. Because there is no oxygen in the troposphere.
D. None of the above.

ID: 353033 — Correct: A — DOK: 1 — Standard: GSE E.4.a

4. If you wanted to fly through a cloud, which atmospheric  layer would you fly  through?
A. troposphere
B. mesosphere
C. ionosphere
D. exosphere

ID: 355864 — Correct: A — DOK: N — Standard: GSE E.4.a

5. As altitude increases, pressure _________________.

A. decreases
B. increases
C. stays the same
D. increases then decreases

ID: 356341 — Correct: C — DOK: 1 — Standard: GSE E.4.a

6. What layer of the atmosphere helps protect us from meteors?

A. Troposphere
B. Stratosphere
C. Mesosphere
D. Ionosphere

ID: 369545 — Correct: D — DOK: 2 — Standard: GSE E.4.a

7. The atmosphere is divided info four layers. Which layer constitutes most of the total
mass of the atmosphere?

A. the mesosphere
B. the stratosphere
C. the thermosphere
D. the troposphere

ID: 353034 — Correct: D — DOK: 2 — Standard: GSE E.4.a


What is the correct order of earth’s atmospheric layers from bottom to top?

A. Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Troposphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere.

B. Troposphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere.
C. Stratosphere, Troposphere, Thermosphere, Mesosphere, Exosphere.
D. Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere.

ID: 355856 — Correct: B — DOK: N — Standard: GSE E.4.a

9. What are the two highest layers of the atmosphere?

A. troposphere, mesosphere
B. thermosphere, mesosphere
C. stratosphere, thermosphere
D. troposphere, stratosphere

ID: 355872 — Correct: A — DOK: N — Standard: GSE E.4.a

10. The lowest atmosphereic layer; layer in which we live

A. troposphere
B. thermosphere
C. stratosphere
D. mesosphere