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Savannah Hilton Head Youth Soccer Alliance

Scholarship Application
Scholarship applications are accepted throughout the year.

Objective: The Savannah Hilton Head Youth Soccer Alliance endeavors to keep
soccer affordable and to reduce the economic barriers of playing soccer. As long
as funds are available, we will make scholarships available to deserving youth
soccer organizations and players.

• Scholarship amounts awarded will be based on the needs of the family.
Scholarships will be considered for the following:
 Economic hardship
 Multiple children participating in an organized soccer program
 Any other circumstance that prevents a family from being able to afford any
fees associated with youth soccer programs.
• Scholarships will be reviewed on a seasonal basis.
• The Savannah Hilton Head Youth Soccer Alliance scholarship committee
will determine whether a family is in need of a scholarship. Applications should
be sent directly to SHHYSA by e-mail ( or mail
(SHHYSA, 9 Cobham Draw, Pooler, GA 31322). A determination will be made
as quickly as possible. Any financial information on the application form will not
be shared with anyone outside of the SHHYSA scholarship committee.

Criteria and Eligibility: Any family is eligible to apply for a scholarship if an

economic barrier could prevent the player from enjoying and playing soccer.

Financial need will be the only determinant in receiving a scholarship. In order

to assess financial need, the following will be taken into consideration in
awarding the scholarship:
• Applicant must complete the required SHHYSA Scholarship Application
Form (below)
• Applicant must attach a copy of the most recent tax return or W-2 with their
Applicant may be asked to provide other information such as their most
current utility bills, etc. to help our committee make the most informed decision.

Scholarship recipients may be asked to pay for some portion of the registration
fees, team fees, or uniform fees. SHHYSA wishes to have the family pay
whatever amount they can pay and provide assistance for all additional fees.

Non-Discrimination: No one will be disqualified from consideration because of

sex, race, color, creed or religious beliefs.
All applications will be taken into consideration based on availability of funds for
scholarships; number of applications received for current season; financial needs of
applicant; number of children in the family playing youth soccer. This application does not
guarantee a scholarship. Applicants will be notified of status in a timely manner. SHHYSA
will keep all information provided below CONFIDENTIAL.

(Please complete one application for each family. List all players in the family below)

1) Player #1 (Team) ________________________________________________

2) Player #2 (Team) ________________________________________________

3) Player #3 (Team) ________________________________________________

4) Player #4 (Team) ________________________________________________

Family’s Address _____________________________________________________

Father/Guardian Name____________ Father/Guardian Email __________________

Father/Guardian Day Phone_________________ Cell ________________________

Father/Guardian Occupation _____________________________________________

Mother/Guardian Name____________ Mother/Guardian Email _________________

Mother/Guardian Day Phone________________ Cell ________________________

Mother/Guardian Occupation_____________________________________________

Number of immediate family members____________________________________

Are you a single income family? Yes No

Financial Need:
Are there circumstances that prevent the family from paying for the player(s) club fees
despite the income amounts shown below? (Circumstances may include loss of
employment, separation or divorce, death of family member, and unusual out-of-
pocket expenditures, to name a few.) If so, please explain below. If you need more
space, please attach additional sheets.
This section is mandatory. An incomplete application will not be reviewed.

Father’s/Guardian’s Annual Income: $____________

Income for prior 90 day period: $ ____________

Mother’s/Guardian’s Annual Income: $____________

Income for prior 90 day period: $_____________

Please list what you feel you could afford to pay. FYI - The current registration fee for
the Savannah Soccer Academy is $700 - $900 per player per year (Fall & Spring). The
SSA uniform package is approximately $175. Team fees will vary per team, but for
Academy and Select teams, team fees are approximately $250 - $300 per season.

Amount FAMILY could contribute per season $________________. This amount could
be paid in installments.

Does the family need assistance in obtaining uniforms for each player? Yes No

Important notes: Please review the application to ensure completeness and accuracy
of information.

If you have any questions, please contact Alan Kagen at

I have read the SSHYSA scholarship policy. I confirm that the above information is
accurate and correct.

Father/Guardian Signature___________________________________Date________

Mother/Guardian Signature___________________________________Date_______

Please send this application to:, or

9 Cobham Draw
Pooler, GA 31322

Internal Use Only

Recommended fee reduction for this family is _________________________________

Name of Parent(s) or Guardian(s): _______________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________________________________________________

Notified of Status (Date): ___________________