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Ouster Complaint


Attorney General Derek Schmidt,

I need Your Help Sir.

Please bear with me While i try to Make Since of What is Going On in My Life.

This entire Case has been a mess From the Time i left my house that day of

September 1, 2014. As I first Stepped into the Court Room i was denied My

attorney. I Was Forced to answer to Judge Lori Bolton Fleming and Michael

Gayoso on My own without my attorney present. I was at work and was

called by Battitori's assistant to hurry and make an appearance with out

Eddie Battitori. Who was my attorney at the time That i Payed in Full

upfront for his services. My attorney had Federal Court the Day i was to

attend My First Appearance and he told me not to show that he had filed for

a Continuance. My Attorney Eddie Battitori Filed for A continuance and

was denied for Personal reasons. He told me" Judge Fleming Didn't like

him". I could Tell that Judge Fleming Did not like Mr. Battitori When she

asked me If i needed a Court Appointed Attorney to replace Mr.

Battitori.( And then Later Changing the Transcript) Judge Flemming

knowing fully That i had Retained Mr Battitori as My Council had the nerve

to try and make me take her Court appointed Attorney. You see thats why

everyone has complained so much about Judge Fleming she is a dirty Judge

with no rules or respect for the rule of law. I spoke with my attorney and i

was given a piece of paper showing me an email where Battitori had in fact

told Gayoso that he needed to continue my hearing but Gayoso just ignored

the notice and accused Battitori of lying. So after Careful Consideration i

Fired My attorney For no Show and inability to Communicate with me

regarding my Court Date. I payed Mr Battitory $15,000. I requested a

refund and he offered me $8,000 back but i refused his offer. I demanded

My money back and

$3000.00 additional refund Because he put me in a very Bad situation. But

that is not My Main Complaint. My Main Concern is that Judge Lori

Fleming and Mr. Gayoso are in Business together and i witnessed many

times that she is in fact working with Mr. Gayoso. This is a very serious

Conflict of Interest. I was informed during one of my hearings(Ultreras) By

Judge Fleming that She was going to hand pick several alternate jurors for

my trial and she did( and then Later changed the Transcripts). This was very

unethical in my mind. My new attorney that i hired after firing Battitori

attorney Was: Jacquelyn Rokusek, She Did not Object to an alternate Jury.

I thought Jurors were Randomly picked not Hand picked by a District Court

Judge. I knew Right then That I was going to be Railroaded and that My

new Attorney was no longer working for me but for Judge Fleming and

Prosecutor Gayoso. My Attorney Jacquelin Rokusek Forced me to make a

Plea deal within 3 Hours of the End of the Day on a Friday the Weekend

before Trial to take place the Following Monday. I was threatened that if i

Didn't Take a plea Deal That Judge Fleming and Prosecutor Gayoso were

going to put me in prison. I most certainly Believed Mrs. Rokusek because

of the Statements and Actions Judge Fleming Made about Appointing

alternate Jurors and denying me My attorney. So under Duress I made the

agreement to settle for 1 year of unsupervised probation and approx $20,000

in restitution It Brought me to tears and i physically sobbed to Mrs.

Rokusek over the phone. I Have never Been the Same Since. I now suffer

From PTSD and my entire life including my children's lives have been

turned upside down and destroyed by these Corrupt unethical officials. It is

my request to you that you Look into this matter and make a judgment to

remove Lori b. Fleming from the bench. You can Call me so that i can tell

you about all of the other very unethical happenings that i encountered. The

most Horrible part was the Sheriffs deputy Smashing a hard plastic

knuckled Gloved Fist into my sternum multiple Times .

This Whole Case Revolves around Me being assaulted by one of my friends

while he was drunk and refused to give me my truck keys and let me leave.

He hit me and i fought back as anyone in my situation would do. The other

person involved (Harold Galindo) was messing with my Machete i had

purchased that morning in the Back seat of My truck so he didn't see Haney

hit me. I was refused my keys by Haney so i couldn't leave the scene and go

home. Haney was driving my truck recklessly and i demanded he give me

my keys. I thought Harold Galindo was going to the Bathroom in the Woods

but Later he said on the stand that he was in my back seat and only saw my

arm go up when i had to defend myself with physical action towards Haney.

I defended myself and Mr. Haney received serious injuries due to one hit

from me and him later falling on the concrete after getting up to come after

me again. I remember picking Haneys head up and elevating it and checking

for a pulse. I don't remember much after that because i went into shock.

Soon Later I awoke in my passenger seat with 2 Sheriffs deputies over me

asking me questions and they were holding my arms down with me in the
seat of the truck. This deputy(Combs) held me down in my Truck seat with

another deputy(Mekruit) also holding me. I told them that i had been

assaulted by Haney and i fought back And then Deputy Combs started

Grinding his knuckles into my chest. I then Started screaming for help i

told him that what he was doing was wrong and this seamed to infuriate the

Deputy so he then did the grinding 2 more times while i was screaming for

help. They then yanked me out of the Passenger seat and threw me face first

onto the Gravel. I sustained some minor scrapes and scratches and i did get

a bruised knee and some cuts but the serious injury was my chest. Then

another officer came over who i can describe but don't know his name and

they All three picked me up by my arms behind my back and took me to the

Deputy Combs Truck and opened the Door and said get in. I tried and i

couldn't get in the truck it was too high in the air and i was in Handcuff

cuffs with no way to grab on anything and i told the Deputies that i couldn't

get in the truck. Boy they weren't happy with me after that and they all

three picked me up and threw me in the Back seat face down and slammed

the door on my feet. As Dept Combs was driving me to the Sheriffs Dept I

told him i had a lot of money in my truck behind the drivers seat and that i

needed them to secure it and he told me to shut up or else. So after what he

had just done i believed him And i Shut up. He had already assaulted me

and threw me around so i believed he would hurt me further if i said

another Word. We arrived at the Crawford County Jail and i was booked

after a little while later. After sitting in the cell for a few hours they then

took me into the Jail and put me into a very disgusting room/cell. After
sitting for a while longer i was taken into the interrogation room and

deputies put me in a chair and Sheriff Dan Peak came in and asked me what

had happened and i told him that Mr. Haney My assaulter had hit me in the

Face and i fought back. I told Sheriff Dan Peak that Deputy Combs had

Ground his fist in My chest multiple times . His Immediate reaction was,

"That doesn't sound like Combs".. I then told everyone present for the 5th

time that i wanted to speak to an Attorney. Mr. Peak gained an attitude and

told the deputies to put me back in the Cell. They left me in the Nasty Cell

where there was feces and urine and spit all over the walls, floors and

ceilings for a few more hours and then granted me Bail. I had to pay

$2500.00 10% of $25,000 to get out. It was morning about a few hours

before day light when My bail bonds man arrived and they let me out. I had

no shirt and was released with out anything on the top half of my body. My

Bail Bondsman took me to a convenience store in Girard Kansas about 1-2

miles away and dropped me off in front of the store. Then i had to find a

way home so i called a wrecker driver who i knew prior and he came and

picked me up from the store and took me to my house. Then i drove my

other work truck to the storage lot where my truck was supposed to have

been taken about 15 miles away. I actually waited for my truck to arrive

because the wrecker driver took my truck home to his residence. I waited for

several hours and finally my truck surfaced and i paid the wrecker bill ($300

plus) found my money in the back seat and went home.My truck was ruined

and someone had urinated in my truck seats and all over the floors. later i

had to sell the vehicle because i couldn't get the smell out. When i arrived at

home i checked myself out and i had some real pain surfacing in my chest
but i was worried about my kids and so i went to get them from their god

parents home a few miles away. When i got back with the kids i took

pictures of all my wounds from the assault from the Sheriffs Deputies and

Haney and i laid down to rest. I tried to rest for a few hours but i couldn't i

was feeling more pain as i lay in my bed. And i couldn't breathe. So i got up

and went to the Urgent Care and told them i had been assaulted and i needed

an X-ray. I also told them that i had some kinda severe pain in my chest

And i knew it was from being in that dirty cell. They gave me an X-ray and

told me i had a severely bruised sternum and that i had some sort of chest

infection or something like that?. I purchased my medication and 9 months

later i was still on medication for this infection. I ended up getting

prescribed Doxicyclene to finally get rid of the sickness, Doxicyclene is also

prescribed to treat anthrax poisoning. I went to several doctors during the 9

months and no one knew what was wrong with me but they kept giving me

different types of antibiotics to alleviate my condition.. I hired Attorney

Battitori the same day i went to the urgent care i think it was the 4th of

September 2014. Soon Later Battitori sent me to a Via Cristi Mental health

Evaluation and they diagnosed me with Major depressive disorder and Panic

Disorder without Agoraphobia. I told the Counselor that i had been

assaulted By the Sheriffs and that i have been petrified of the sheriffs

deputies because they had been following me around every where i went

and that it was getting to me. I was also not sleeping well and completely

exhausted.I hadn't realized what had just happened at the time but i was

being set up as crazy by my attorney Battitori (who was later found to be in

business with Mr. Gayoso, My prosecutor). I just assumed that what they

told me was wrong with me after dealing with so much stress but i know

now That i have PTSD from this entire ordeal. I looked up the Symptoms

and found that i had all of them and have just tried to hang in there the best

i could this entire time. While waiting 6 months for the actual Charges to be

Filed By Prosecutor Gayoso i repeatedly told my attorney i was being

followed and harassed and my INTERNET accounts were hacked and that

the only people that had ever had my Phone,account passwords and user

names were the Sheriffs Deputies. You see My passwords were in my truck

behind the Drivers seat too with all my money. It is my belief that the

Deputies took copies of My private information and used it to harass me

and stalk me. During this time i was being followed every where by Deputy

Combs and every where i went he was there or he was right behind me

following me. I later found an app that had been activated in my phone and i

believe that this is how they knew where i was at all times and could follow

me so closely and easily. I had already Fired Battitori by this time and i had

to pay an additional $15,000 to secure another Attorney Jackie Rokusek for

her services to take this case to Court for a Trial and file a lawsuit against

the Sheriffs Dept.. I informed Jackie that i was being Harassed and

Followed but she never did any thing to help me She Flat out refused . I

asked her to file a lawsuit against the Sheriffs dept when we first made our

agreement and she said it was a good time to do so with all the police

brutality going on in the world and i knew right then that she was going to

protect me and i gave her my money ,but Boy was i wrong. During my time
with Mrs. Rokusek I was put under so much stress by Mrs. Rokusek that i

was afraid to talk to her anymore on the phone and requested all our

conversations be over the email.. She had the Nastiest bed side manner of

any attorney i have ever met and i wish i would have fired her right away

but i was running out of money. I couldn't work because of the PTSD and i

was getting worse every day having to deal with her screaming and abusive

behavior on a daily and weekly basis. She would never answer my questions

and just refused to do her job. She even screamed at me while my kids were

in the car and i had her on speaker phone.. But, i was stuck with her. If i

would have spent another $15,000 on another lawyer. I would have then

been too broke to take care of my kids my bills and my company and all

along trying to recuperate from the assaults, the PTSD and everyones

actions. But while i had her employed i did consult with another attorney

that told me he would take my case but he was going to charge me an

additional $15,000 so i agreed. I gave him my case files and found out later

that he had a problem with communication and calling people back. I

decided not to pay him and had to stay with Jackie. I called every Lawyer in

Kansas City and hired an additional attorney in Ft. Scott Kansas to look

after my interests in this case and to basically keep the lawyers honest he

filed a few motions and a lawsuit against Haney but made me drop the

lawsuit later by telling me he would withdraw if i didn't drop the suit. I

payed est.$2500.00-3 k and he did very little to help me and in the end

abandoned me. (Blake Hudson) Mr. Hudson Milked the situation and just

sat on his ha

some information that would help my case but he never did anymore work
after that he just wrote a report. He ripped me off for Mileage and wasted

time just sitting in his car. I have been through the ringer with all of these

unethical lawyers,officials and judges, and i will for sure be filing formal

complaints on them all. I went for many months still physically sick. I

finally got a court date for trial. Jackie refused to give me information over

emails and told me it was mandatory that i travel 1.5 hrs to her office and

she demanded i drive to Kansas city and speak to her for approximately

30-45 minutes 3 separate times when we could have had our conversations

over the phone or in an email. Mrs. Rokusek milked me for every last penny

i had and when i had no more she forced me into a plea deal against my will.

I have a witness that i took with me (Mrs. Rita Murphy) to the final court

appearance where she was to plea deal and i told Jackie that what she was

and everyone had done was not right and that i was not guilty of assaulting

anyone and that i was unhappy with everything but Mrs. Rokusek did not

care and went into the court room and made the deal. After she made the

deal the judge rushed out of the courtroom and went into the jury room but

as she was walking by she looked at an older woman with a huge scar on

her knee and grinned .

The woman with the scar smiled and got up with her cane and started

walking to the door right in front of me then Deputy Combs standing right

in front of me behind a desk blurted out i guess they dropped all the charges

and the woman with the scar said nope he plead guilty and she left the

building. Then Jackie came from the court room and She handed me the

deal she made and didn't say a word and packed up and walked out of the

building I still cant get the transcript of the conversation that took place
during my trial. As Rita and I followed Jackie all the time i was telling her

that this was all wrong and corrupt and bad. It is my belief that Mrs.

Rokusek had made this deal long before the last day and that she didn't

want to do the work so she pressured me with the threat of loosing my

Daughters and prison. I am a single Father and have raised my children from

Birth they mean the world to me so they had an angle to use against me. Oh,

also Mr. Gayoso had the DCF case workers in my Ultreras hearing and used

them to intimidate me into leaving the State. DCF came to my house

demanding to see my kids and was in the Court room in front of Michael

Gayoso as i left the court room. They tried to stop me and ask me questions

but i refused. I have done a lot of research on these bad people and they are

really bad news. If you want to know about DCF/SRS go to this Website :

You will see what these people are really doing for our communities and

Families . I have lost all faith in the Justice System and will never trust a

law enforcement Officer again nor a Lawyer. Someone needs to investigate

the Crawford County Sheriffs office. There are some serious issues with this

agency and many murders and False arrests that have not been investigated

properly. I have taken the liberty to contact the FBI and I Will follow up

with the DOJ if nothing is done about this matter . Please consider My

complaint a Very Serious Matter and please do something to clean up the

Corrupt Judicial System in Crawford County, the 11th District of Kansas

and the DCF office in Crawford County Kansas. I have also taken the

liberty to provide many more complaints that you have already had before
you regarding this corruption and injustice. I found this on-line at this


Finally,my next Complaint, Now after 14-15 months after my attorney made

a deal of 1 year unsupervised probation and to make payments on the

Restitution with no terms and no deadline documented or even mentioned. I

was just issued a summons to be in court for a probation Revocation

Hearing on January 8th 2018. This is 2 months after i was already supposed

to be off probation. I was supposed to be off probation October 16 but for

some reason the Prosecutor went back on the deal he made with my attorney

Rokusek. I asked my attorney if they could do that and she said She would

take my case for free and called Gayoso. After hearing right back from her

she said they offered to put me on supervised probation where i was to call

in every month. I told her No, I said "That was not the deal you made ",and I

asked her several questions after that and she would not answer any of them.

So we made an agreement for her to remove herself from my case and I

would take it from there on. I have been severely abused by the system and

my kids are sick and tired of this as well. It has almost been 4 years and i am

still facing 6 months in Jail for Revocation of probation and or another year

of supervised probation. The Prosecutor has reneged on his deal and i don't

have an adequate attorney to represent me. After Many attempts I cannot get

Gayoso's office to answer any of my calls and or Questions and i seriously

feel like this is Malicious prosecution and this matter needs to be

investigated. I am asking you to please help me get justice in this matter. I

will include a copy of the Sentencing order Signed by Gayoso and Jackie

My story is so much more detailed but i didn't want to burden you

with all of the fine details and i am just trying to help you understand

everyones frustration and my frustrations. These officials/people are

Destroying Families ,Careers and lives and not to mention the Economy of

Crawford County. My Constitutional and Civil Rights have been Violated in

so many different Ways. I am asking you to actually do something this time

and punish Gayoso and remove Judge Bolton from Her position. These two

individuals should be in Jail. And Deputy Combs Needs to be removed from

the Sheriffs dept effective immediately. He needs to be investigated for

Police brutality falsifying evidence Tampering with a witness and Filing

false Charges. He must pay for his Crimes against me and my Family. They

all must pay for their Crimes against me and all the others they have

destroyed in the process. I have payed 5 different lawyers and 1 investigator

and still am in the same position i was in before. I lost My home, my career,

all of my belongings ,my reputation,all of my friends, and I never deserved

any of this. My case is just a simple cover up of a mistake made by 2 law

enforcement officers. And No one will take the blame for any of their

actions. My Family and I have been through enough and ask you for Mercy

and Justice. And that you Find somewhere in your hearts to finally put an

end to the tyrany in the 11th District and especially Crawford County

Kansas. I will be happy to answer any questions just call or email me.

Now i am being denied the ability to have a phone hearing and basically

forced to hitchhike 900 miles in extreme temperatures to show for a hearing.

The Judge in this case Lori B. Fleming is Biased and is not taking into

consideration my poverty and inability to appear in person. I have requested

my current attorney to file a motion to recuse the Judge and change the

venue so that i can get a fair trial. But he refuses to file the motions and has

threatened me several times to withdraw and has basically forced me to use

my rent money to hire another attorney to replace him. All i want is a fair

and unbiased trial/ hearing and Adequate Representation. I followed the

rules stated clearly by the Sentencing Order and i did what i was asked to do

now i am being punnished after the fact again maliciously By Judge Lori

Fleming and Prosecutor Michael Gayoso. And Now on 9-13-18 they have Given me another
Court Notice to appear (Oct 4) Before a Lawyer that i Tried to Hire in the Very beginning of this
Mess Whom Now is Judge in My case. I told my Story to this Lawyer/Judge(They Cant Do
That)Michael Gayoso Jr. is a Dirty Attorney and he Doesnt Care about the Rule of Law or Justice
He only cares about Covering up His Peoples Mistakes by Buring My Family in Pain and Turmoil.i
have No Attorney And No Help. These People have Taken My Contitutional rights, Human Rights
and Civil Rights and Thrown them Away. This is why i am coming to you for Help. I am Contacting
the Justice Dept Next but You were Next in the Chain of Officials.

I need help My Life has been destroyed by these People and I see No Possible way out with out
your Help. Please Help US!

Thank you for your Time

Chris Wilson

Please Contact me back By Email