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October 27, 2015 ‘nd the religious community reprasents the ‘sence of the Centenrial Insiute's mission. Mr. Speaker, itis an honor to recognize Mr Jel Hunt fr his senvios RECOGNIZING MANN PLUMBING) MPI SOLAR HON. TODD C. YOUNG AN wie HOLS OF HELIER ATI SS Tuesday, Ociober 27, 15 Mr. YOUNG. of Indiana. Mr. Spoakor, my home slate of Indiana & a place where hard ‘wom and Innovation are rewarded. The spit fof entrepreneurship and Innovation 3 long Fld vagiion of Indiana, and ho work of Mann Plumbing is evidence that such tadiion is lve and wol. Today | am honored to Nah light their small business and recognize their guy work, Mann PlumbingMPl Solar i a full sence plumbing ard setar enecay equipment cam pany located in. Bloomington, Indiana, The hisinace was slated hy. Dawid Alan and ‘onginaly began as a full sence plumbing feampany in 1992. During the 2008 econamnie ddownium the compary embraced the situaton ‘a8 an opporuniy to expand their business {nd product olleringe inte a naw market. To ddo so thay began olfering solar products to Custamers. Mann Plumbing MPI Solar is now 2 regional leader inthis. indusiy. Their big rsk fener ina a omcoon aly, Mann’ PluméingMPl Solar provides their services to counlfess Indlana businasses, Ine Cuding? “apartment houses, business, schools, and the Menres County Government Bulan Mann PlumbingPl Solars transition from « tradtonal plumbing shop to a full service plumbing and sclar company during ficult fecoronic Uns serves ts a model for aie businesses. David Mann and ris team rote feed thei business with new services and products that noloed shepherd Mann Plumbing Shrug a difeait-econcene perlod, and we Towed! ttn to expand and tive. Today. Mann Plumbing Solar offers a ido varoty of products and services 10 thor Customers. Mann PlumbingMPl Sola’s suo 8085 1 possible in pa, because of highy= trained and dosicatod staf. Skiled, motivated worers. form the backbone of fhe Hoosier ‘workfores and remain the key lo widespread, ‘Seonemia proopenty. Tam prov 10 represent Mann Plumbing MPI ‘Solar and hope hai willingness 10 taka tsk land ablly 19 adapt serves fo Ingpre others. | ‘am pleasod to hihi thelr good work today ints instalment of Indiana's ath Congras: sional District Small Susiness Spatlght. HONORING RUTH FRIENDLY HON, ELIOT L. ENGEL Tuesday, October 27, 2015 Mr. ENGEL. Mr Spaaker, I rise today to honor a true leader in the Riverdale commie iy, Ruth Friendly, who has been actively I Valved in several different neighborhood org zations for many years. CONGRESSIONAL RECORD— Extensions of Remarks A formar school tsachar, Ruth was. exterr sively involved in the curisulum devslopment {or he Scarsdale pubic schoo! systom Before I ving tha elass-cem 1 1987 to Jin hat Huse mn Fred Friendly. 9 work in mada. Fuh served as a rasearther, editor, producer, and ‘sxecutive. producer for many landmark PBS Series, and was an jlgral part ofa tear that Facsivea countless awaras, inducing sovora for he series The Gonsiuiton: That Delicate Balance. Ruth also produced over 200 nomtolovised programs for cive, legal, busingss, and edi Eaton! urganizations, ten "moderates by 29, For 16 yours, sha served as Vice Prost ent end Senior Editorial Dioctor at Fred Friendly Seminars, ‘Yeu In spite of her husy sched, th al ways found ie (9 belp tho community. For tho past eight yoars, she has boon an activo Board Member af Piverdale Neighborhood House. Ruth has also served on the Riverdale Senior Sentces Board, the Rverale. Mental Hoalth Board, and tho Fildsion Prapory (Oumars Association. She has also been active in'the New York Stata coun syeiom, whore che gurrenily serves 98 Commissioner of the Naw York Siate Cammission an Jugal Nom= ration, Coun of Appeals, and as a nana member for tho Disciplinary Commies of the Appellate Division, Now York Sioreme Cour, "Tiss year AWverdale Neighborhood Hous honoring Futh at theic 2015 Anrual Baneft. | Uyant to congratulate uh on this honor and thark her for her years of dedicated service fo the covey HONORING ROBERT T. GRAND HON. LARRY BUCSHON Mr. BUCSHON. Mr. Spoakor, | 80 today 10 honor my good friend Robert 'T. Grand, who turns 60 tis yor A oradunte cf Wabssh Collage and tL) ‘Makirney Seiout of law. Bob has commited his adul Iie to pubic service, ‘Boe nas boon a wemendous advocate for Hoosiers through his work with former Inclana Gov, Bob On, Senalor Dice Lugar, Present Bush, Governor Mike Penoe, ano Senator Dah Costs and his efforts werking for common sense public poly, especially in areas of gow femmentrocultion| infact the 2078 eeltion of Bast Lawyers ‘Americ, named Bob as “Lawyer of tha Yaar for hs work in govamment relations practice and municipal lw. 'Gob, ‘congrats on su decades of success and here's fo many more years of health ang happiness. HONORING CHANCELLOR LARRY NEIL VANDERHOEF HON. JOHN GARAMENDI Tuesday, October 27, 2015 Me, GARAMENDL. ti, Speake, 1 so toaay to recognize Lamy Nell Vanderhoet, @ long semving Chanesllor at the Unversiy of Calle E1545 fom, Dave. On Ocober 15, Lany passed brany stage 74 Iwas forturate to cl Fim my ip, and haw ay Be misses. Ghareelor Varderhoe grep fom adves ey ard rumble bagnnnge to pe an aaa tender. He woe taleod nema acon town in Wecensn, ana Became he a Inte fae ty fish high schoo and one of tha few In nig smal toa 99 10 collage, He reraived his BA and MS In Biology trom tne Unvarhy Of Whcensitalakac, and later purse find recaved his PhD in Plant Blochemshy from Purge Univers. “The Oneness a true visionary ne academic dplomet, not jut Tar the Unversity Of Davis tut op forthe widor Davie commis iy. His exvaorcnary deiaton is best de- Sere by the legacy he leaves behind devoted more thane quarercontury of his ite to UC Davis, ret ae Prevost and Exective Vice Chanesior from 1984 101994, and than a Chance for Maen yeate ate thet any reting tn 2000. He wae an_asaceme Senn whe had a vilon fr UC Dawa. and today the camgus is one ofthe fp leadng Te Search unkerstias nthe ator “tng Me te, Chaney Vande! wan a eles advocate for higher education tihosa passion and ceceat on aneformed UC Davie. Amst every aspect of the wversiy vas impacted by Ms eto to Improve. he Sucalan ayeter,intising the river's Talla’ rankings student popdlaton, fay, fd rescaren invitves and facies. Under Chanestior Vandemens leader, dent Srrllment_ gem from 82000 te more han 30.000, the fully Increased by 44%, clase. ‘oom, ib. and offce epace expanded by 6 Inilon sqiara tee, and the Natonal Science Funston ranked UG Davis in the top 10 the aon for research hndng aang her ic unvertien Pe was a visionary leader who made great sires Toward Betening not only the univer, but alo the conmumty of Dova, He hold Song passin for muse and thea, an ade ‘cea for he oaatraction of what env he Shrem Museum of A. His promae to bull 8 srorelase performing are senler wa cee ‘bat n 2002"nhen doors pened tothe Raber fn Maron! Manca Genta forthe Pecorming Sis, pling the urverly onthe wos sage ‘The derorming ads center alco serves 28 a Ueauifl new oun enrance 10 Ine Pam making more soseesbe (9 ho pus. During hs tenure. as Chencelor, UC Davis was aumited Io the Assoaaton of merean Universes, a pestious xgarzaton wih only 62 monbero m1 tho United. Sates ad Canada. ‘Chancslor VandethoeTs suppor of the eolnces and tadlal Tovoarch was fe fectod in is rrany nates on carpus such th creo of ember Manda Insite jor Wine and Food Sccnoo He alo tans: fonned ine Sacramento County Hosptial no ‘oday as the highly renowned aah System, providing parts ath the highest of cualty care. The heal Systm includes te UC Das Medea! Center UC Davie Schoo of Medidne, The Bey tens Mocro School of Nutsing. and the UC Davis Medial Group. Not ony does the UC Davis Neat System condunt tmavatve research ut k smulates. Sacramento's. econcmy By sreating more than 20.000 jobs aed gone Sng 34 ion annual in eeoname owt headin te the ars and sciences, Chan calor Varderhost was a tim baevar In the E1546 power of acadamie diplomacy. While at UC Davis, he promoted study abroad programs ‘and ‘ha mporiance of Intemational angag- fant in the Middle East. He beliaved that being sxposed to now cults ana ner ways ‘of thinking can foster dlologue and greater unr derstanding, Curent, sticents are. abla to partlpate. in numerous study abroad pro- frame sich as tho UC Davis Quarter Abrosa fr Summer Program, a Saminar Abroad Pro- gram, of even hold an internship. abroad, Today, tha Lamy N. Vandornoet Scholarship for Study Abroad, namod for his legacy, com thuse 1o make naea unforgetable opportune ‘ins open fo Davis students uo to his many aecomplishmonts in the Davis community, Chancellor Vandemost was (ranted numerous awards for Ns dacleation nd) commiment 10 higher education. The Chansallor wae named Sacramentan of the Year in 2004 by the Sacremento atropottan Chamber of Commerce, and in 2006, ho wa: presented with the Novhern Oalfomia Inte nalonal Leadership Award and was slosted as fan honorary member ofthe World Innovation Foundation. ‘Tam docply honarod to have known Chan color Lary Net Vandemioe! and 6 pay nbte {oa greal visionary who dedicated his fe to public Serco. and to the poopie of Davis, ‘There is litle doubt that Chancolor Vandeshoet's presence was fek throughout Pe ‘entire communi. He let a romarkablo legacy, ‘which wl not seon be forgoten. Iris my sine ‘ore hope thatthe students and faculty at UC Davis il ernbody tne Chancellors spit and continue to camry his legacy with them Throughout thel lives, Its leaders tke Cha cellor’Vanderhoet wine inspire. change. and ‘make tha mast mpact on those sroune hem PERSONAL EXPLANATION HON. JERRY MeNERNEY tweslay, Oetsher 27, 015 Mi MCNERNEY. Mr, Speaker, | was neo- ‘essaily absent from the House. on October 28, 2015, Had | bean present, | would have voled NO on H.R. 3762 (Roll Cal 568). 1 woul! Ihe the record to accialy relict my ‘lance on bis iesua, HONORING PORTUGURSR-AMBR- TCAN COMMUNITY CENTER. 857TH ANNIVERSARY HON. ELIOT L. ENGEL Tuesday, October 27, 2015 Mr. ENGEL. Mr Speaker, the city of Yor: ars has been privieged for 85 yoars 10 be (grazed. wih steng community commitment fromthe. PortugueserAmorican Community Canter. With gratitude, tis an honor to com fatlats them on thai anniversary The Ceniar was inaugurated on October 5, 1930" under “the name. "Clube Social Portugues.” Orginal, the "Centro Social Pore ugunsecamencan clizens "Yonkers. Pore tuguese American Club, the PACC digntea the Ines of Portuguese immigrant tamiles CONGRESSIONAL RECORD— Extensions of Remarks ‘throughout Yonkers, weaving temtos into a strong community. On the 30th Anniversary of its feunang, tM6 Cantor satted on “Por ‘uguesa American Community Cente. Inc." Bory an the uta. expltnce, under the presidency ofthe Ambassador of Portugal. Dr. slea0 Bienehi, 2 language school called Escola Joao ‘de Deus” was opened to help th local chile. ‘after Gocaces of success, in 2012 “Escola Joao de ous" joined tho “Instlyio de ‘Camos," an entiy of the Portuguose Govern- ‘ment, which ovorsoes tho teaching of Por Teuese abroad. To this day, tho school lays a huge col in tho PoruguesesAmerican Cor ‘munity Genter roo in the neighbornood. Fail to is founding principles, the Genter somtinues its indapendant steak of focus tor wards the communty ratver than towards po- Iteal oxganzations or religious sects. It also keeps tho youth physicaly active by having @ seooor toam dopartient, "Portuguose Stars, wan over 6 cnaren envaiog. ‘On October 31d, the Portuguese-American CCommunty Center wil be hosting is 85th A= iersary GalaeDiamond Jublee. 1 congratue late them on the ocean and wish that att ‘other 85 years of grea success in Yorkers. INTRODUCTION OF BANNING THE USE. OF ELMCTRONIC cIGa REPTES ON AIRPLANES ACT OF 25 HON, ELEANOR HOLMES NORTON Tuesday, October 27, 2015 Ms, NORTON. Mt, Speaker. 1 nse 10 intro duce the Banning the Use of Electronic Coa Fetes on Airplanes Act of 2016, The bil pro- hibits the use af electronic cigaveuas and ‘ping devioes on commercial apianea by in- ‘using use oF these devices within the define tion of smcking, Smoking tobaoco products on commercial aiplanos has been banned for Years, but ith the increase in use of elec Tron’ sgareties and vaping dovices in their lao, it ls neoessary to updato cur laws 1 ror Het this now nuisance and health tisk on ai planos. Tho Federal Aviation Acministraion (FAA) Issued a Novce. of Proposed Rue making {NPFM) in 2071 ban tho use of whose evices, but four years later. no progress hes been made, Therefore, Congress should step Into logislatvaly resolve tho 808. Electronic cigerstia usa has iseased over the last decade with tha Ineroaced aducaton ‘of the general public about the dangers and publle health treats caused by wadltonal lgaretes to smokers and nonsmokers alk For example, between 2010 ana 201%, sega: falta usa among askdts doubled, Ressorchers and pubic health experts havo voiced com ema vor the tivo of siectranin nigaretes be ‘alae there ara sll 80 many Unknowns about the chemicals hese tevicas can produce. The ‘American Lung) Association (ALA) hes cited many cancers abot the lack of regulation of egarettes because they aro on the markot wile the potential harm from secondhand & igerate emissions Is unknown. ALA has on tied two studies that show formeldshyde, ac= euderyae, benzena,tobacsonspocte hittosemines, and other harm iiants com Ing ttom eecigarote emissions. In aditon, the October 27, 2015 temparature of an e-cigarstis can affect how ‘many harmful the chemicals are, but wih no Configuration standards, i too dfout to une Tormly assess the health effects of sioking & figutien The Food and Drug Adminstretion (FDA) issued 9 proposed rule in. 2014 that would extord new regulatory authonty to Sgarenes oy subjecting eHcgarates to rage ieration and product listing requirements, re Sitsons on marketing products prior to FDA Favien, and a prehibtion on proving tree ‘samples lice with tational fobaces prog “This year we colbrate 25 yoars sinc legie= lation was passed banning