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Jobsearch Tips creating resume

1.networking resume type Philippine Nursing Laws

Philippine Nursing Laws
2.referrals RA 877 – Philippine Nursing Law
2.make it legible Pres. Decree 223 –created PRC June 23, 1973
3.job boards &career websites RA 7164 – Philippine Nursing Act of 1991 consistent Pres. Decree 541- balikbayans
4.job fairs RA 2644 – Midwifery Law
4.keep it focused Pres. Decree 996-comp.immunization website RA 2382 – Philippine Medical Act
Pres. Decree 835-improper disposal
6.cold calling 5.update always RA 5181 – Permanent residence & reciprocity
Pres. Decree 856 – code of sanitation
7.head hunters & recruitment 6.get creative RA 6425 – Dangerous Drugs Act
Pres. Decree 148 – amending RA679
agencies 7.carefully edit res. RA 1082 – for creation of RHUs
Pres. Decree 791-revised Pop. Act.
8.Tempting or agencies 8.get resume help RA 4073 – liberalize the Tx of Leprosy
Pres. Decree 166- amended 791
9.Creative or outlandish Tactics RA 6365 – established POPCOM
9.check your resume Pres. Decree 48-paid maternity leave
RA 1054 – free medical service to employees
Pres. Decree 69-#of 4 children tax exempt.
RA 4226 – Hospital Licensure Act
Pres. Decree 965-marriage counselling
Stages RA 5901 – 40hrs/wk work for RN w/ 100 beds
1. Ang Nars Pres. Decree 442-labor code of the Phil.
1.Novice-SN 2. Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing (ADPCN)
RA 6675 – Generic Act of 1988
Pres. Decree 603-Child & Youth Welfare code
2.Advanced Begginer –Newgrad 3. Association of Diabetes Nurse Educators of the Philippines (ADNEP) RA 6758 – standardized salary of govt. employees
Pres. Decree 651- birth registration
3.Competent-profecient 4. Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines (ANSAP) RA 6713 – Code of conduct & ethical standards for public
Pres. Decree 1619-MEDICARE
4.proficient-as a whole 5. Association of Private Duty Nurse Practitioners Philippines (APDNPP) officials and Employees
6. Critical Care Nurses Association of the Philippines (CCNAPI) Pres. Decree 1636-SSS,GSIS
5.experts-recognize RA 7160 – Local Gov’t Code
7. Gerontology Nurses Association of the Philippines (GNAP) Pres. Decree 626-Employee compensation
RA 7305 – Magna Carta for Public Health Workers
8. Military Nurses Association of the Philippines (MNAP) ILO Convention 149- health insurance for Nurse
9. Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines (MCNAP)
RA 7600 – Rooming-in & Breastfeeding Act of 1992
10. National League of Philippine Government Nurses (NLPGN) RA 7432 – Senior Citizen’s Act
Fields of Specialization
11. Occupational Health Nurses Association of the Philippines (OHNAP) nurse
12. Operating Room Nurses Association of the Philippines (ORNAP)
13. Philippine Hospital Infection Control Nurses Association (PHICNA)
3.Private Duty Nursing
14. Philippine Nurses Association (PNA)
4.Industrial Health Nsg
15. Philippine Nursing Informatics Association (PNIA)
5.Nsg Education
16. Philippine Nursing Research Society (PNRS)
6.Military Nurse
17. Philippine Oncology Nurses Association (PONA)
7.School Nursing
18. Philippine Society of Emergency Care Nurses (PSECN)
8.Clinic Nursing
19. Renal Nurses Association of the Philippines (RENAP)
9.Independent Nursing Practice
20. Society of Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioners of the Philippines (SCVNPPI)
21. Philippine Association of Public Health Nursing Faculty
22. Psychiatric Nursing Specialists Foundation of the Philippines
23. Integrated Registered Nurses of the Philippines (IRNUP)