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Amdocs NFV implementation

and deployment services

Strategy & Planning Implementation Operations
Services to help CSPs design and plan for Services to help CSPs deploy and Services to help CSPs with the ongoing
their NFV/SDN automation/orchestration. configure the platform, and integrate it operation, monitoring, assurance,
into their hybrid networks & services. and optimization.

Amdocs provides a unique, experience backed service offering to support operators

during the critical implementation stage, facilitating the transition to NFV.

Amdocs helps service providers deploy and configure NFV Following the initial planning and strategy stages, the
services and platforms, integrating them into their hybrid deployment path to NFV will encompass several stages.
networks and services. Initially, at the development stage, VNFs will be
on-boarded to the client environment, and then
Building on Amdocs’ solid delivery experience and integrated to external management, inventory and
expertise, coupled with deployment experience with monitoring systems. This will typically include several
NFV early adopters, Amdocs is in a unique position testing and debugging iterations.
to offer tailored implementation services to support
service providers on their NFV journey. With our vendor Following the VNF on-boarding, the focus will shift
and network agnostic approach to delivery, we have to the actual network service to be launched based
proven experience in on-boarding new VNFs and testing on these VNFs. The service will be planned (from an
new services and platforms end-to-end, as well as the infrastructure and procedural perspective), launched, and
expertise to accelerate service deployment. then monitored and optimized over several iterations in a
continuous DevOps work.

Typical deployment journey

Develop Integrate Plan Deploy

Onboard Service(s) Integrate platform

Plan Service Roll Out Launch Service
for initial Launch with existing systems

• Customize the • Order management • Plan Datacenter • L

 aunch service(s)
platforms and system locations per roll out plan
integration points • Inventory and resource • Define launch • Monitor
• Onboard VNFs management sequence and phases • Optimize
• Create service • Monitoring

and Optimize

Figure 1. Path to NFV deployment

Service offering includes: NFV testing and lab services
The specific service scope will depend on the unique client Pre-deployment testing of VNFs, end-to-end service
environment and requirements. For example: and validating fulfilment processes. Testing may include
building and managing of test lab on premise or providing
VNF onboarding
a hosted service testing lab available remotely.
Introducing a new VNF to the platform – Adding policies
and modelling to the catalogue, adapting the VNF
A lab environment will be the first place to explore the
artifacts for platform use in services and preparing a
planned VNFs and services with experience backed
vendor’s VNF for ONAP or other orchestration platforms.
support, and is an essential part of the VNF and service
Service onboarding evaluation and on-boarding.
Launch new hybrid service (e.g. SD-WAN) – Includes
network activities of service design and business
process definition as well as IT activities of configuring
orchestration platform and OSS. Achieving end-to-end
business readiness of the service.

NFV platform delivery

This service scope will depend on the specific client
environment and requirements. For example:

• Deploying an NFV platform for greenfield (all new

services) including ONAP and 3rd party components.
• Upgrading or deploying third party assurance systems
for NFV
• Deploying for brownfield where incumbent physical
services are migrated to NFV or hybrid services
• Design and deploy CMS infrastructure ready to
Figure 2. NFV testing and lab services
host NFV

Amdocs strongly believes in openness and in enabling our customers to benefit from NFV. We have extensive experience
working with a wide range of partners across all levels of the NFV ecosystem. Such experience has proven crucial in the
multi-vendor deployment environment enabled by NFV.

NFV deployment – VNF vendor menu

Figure 3. NFV partner ecosystem

Amdocs implementation services should be provided in
a continuous DevOps approach in conjunction with the
implementation and operation domains.

DevOps leverages new technologies, accelerated

automation and innovative methods to integrate short
development and operations cycles in a continuous way
– to deliver value faster.

This approach enables on demand deployments of VNFs/

services, and accelerates the optimization process by
enabling fast and dynamic iterations of each NFV
or service deployment. This, in turn, drives the lead
time for changes down to minutes, and helps to Figure 4. Deployment & implementation in DevOps approach
dramatically reduce failure rates and MTTR during the
operational stage.

Key benefits

• We are uniquely focused on enabling end-to-end service

agility across network domains

• O
 ur solutions are field proven with demonstrable and
measurable results in operational efficiency, time to
Why Amdocs Unique focus on market, improved QoE
complete service
lifecycle management • O
 ur pedigree is in telecom grade software and services
which is key for the transformation to software-
powered virtual networks.

• O
 ur solutions are completely vendor-neutral – we have
no hardware bias, we can deploy in any environment

• O
 ur focus on NFV is around operationalizing services
end-to-end, from design and creation through to
Proven value NFV and ONAP fulfillment of complex hybrid services
– results-oriented operations experience
approach and leadership
Visit our website to learn more about Amdocs NFV Services.

Vendor-neutral NFV operational

approach focus – de-risk and
innovate quickly
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