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1 Reod the rubric, underline tho key words and answer the questions. ‘A toonage magazine has announced a competition for the best short story entitled "The Most Embarrassing Momem of My Life’, and you have decided to enter. White your story for the competition. 1 Who are you writing for? A teenage readers B your family 2 Who will your story be about? A afiendof yours B yourself 3 What might such a story be about? a serious accident B a fighlening experience © an amusing mistako you made 2 Read the story and number the pictures (A-D) in the correct err, then answer the questions below. 1. When did the evenis of the story take place? Who isthe main character? 2 Why cid the writer goto the phone box? 3. Why did she decide to stay there? 4 What do you suppose she thought the young man wanted to co? 5. Why did sho protend she was speaking to someone on the phone? 6 What id the man do while the wrtar was in the phone 00x? 7. Why cid she come outof the phone box? 8 What was the man waiting to do? 9 Why was it necessary to do this? 10. Why was the wrter embarassed? Moment of My ag [Have you ever done something stupid that made you feel so ‘embarrassed you wished you could just disappear? Well, that's | exactly how fet one chily Saturday moming last autumn had gone to town to do some shopping, and as | was walking through the park on my way to the bus stop it suddenly began to rain, | immediately dashed into @ neerby phone box since I cidn't have en umbrella. It was raining heavily, but it wes one cf those short autumn showers that don't last long, 50 I decided to stay in the phone box untiit stopped. ‘A few moments later, I Sew a young ran wal up tothe phone box, woaring a yellow raincoat and holding atool box. | didn't want to go out into the rain, 80 | picked up the phone and pretended | \was talking to someone. | thought the man would go away, but he didn't. He just waited patienty in the pouring rain, watching me wave my hands about and act as if was deep in conversation. Lkily, the rain bagan to stop after about ten minutes, “Okay, Mum,” | said loudly into the phone, “rl see you later, then. Bye!” 1 pout the phone down, picked up my shopping and stepped cut of ‘the phone box. sorry I took so long," I said to the man. ‘Oh, I don't want 1 use the phone,” he replied, smiling broadly “I've just come to repair it Its out of order, you see.” I fet myself {60 bright red in the face and | hurried away with my head down, feoling a complete fool. That was certainly one of the most ‘embarrassing moments of mi life! Wain Body Coneon 3 Fill in tho corroct word from the fist, then make sentences using the completed phrases, box, broadly, complete, face, cut of, patiently, pouring box | 5 6a _— 8 ‘edinthe rain ‘00! vo OFGET 4 tosmile |When we wre 2 story about events that happened tous in the past, we use past tenses. These include: Past Simple | ® for an action which started and ended in the past (e.g. ‘went to Cory on holiday last summer) "for several actions which happened one alter the other inthe past (eg. | opened the gale, walked down the | garden path and knocked at the door) Past Continuous '* for an action that was in progress at a certain time in the past eg [was having a bath when the phone rang.) "fo ave background information et the stat of a story (e.g. The wind was blowing foudly and the rain was pouring down...) Past Perfect '* for an action which happened before another action in the paste. The tain had already tof by the time | got ‘to the station.) @ = Read Para. 2 of the story again and find each verb which isin one of the post tenses hove. Then, say which tonso each vorb is in, ond why this tense has been used. J had gone to town .. = Past Perfect (action eg. which happened before another past action) 5 Pur the verbs in bold into the correct tense. ou) — = narrow, dark stveat whan 12). someone caling for help, ten | 3). ‘a woman running towards me 2 id)... 5) (drive) down the (hear) (see) (pour) wit rain as | (leave) the house and 8) (hurry) fo the bus stop. 3 Somebody 7). (tar) shouting, so | 8) (tun) around te 500 who it)... (be). A young boy 10) (stand) al the top ofthe lighthouse, waving frantically do tne a! veer A © a) Reod the extract from a story and fill in the inking words from the lis then, later, finally, when, frst, unti, after | was in my bedroom 1)... ow | realised | cou smal sake Loli ou of inc saw atte haga ext OO WS OF FFE. 2) cenessane | BONA the fe Dg, 3) ene. Tan next door and tang the oorbel | knew my neighbour, Nes Car, was at hame, but) body answered, 0 broke a vndow end weninsde, WD sess ~ Searching for some time, | found Mrs arr ying unconscious on the ktchen ‘lor, so | cracged her ut fhe house. The re bigae 5) - nd put the fire out. | wated with Mis Carr 6) . = an A: cane the te pk ‘A coupe of days, wevoomnnn Ewen tO Visit Her, grateful to me for saving het, se! } Ss a | Number the events in the correet order [1 Wis Carr was ving unconscious onthe flor. Ei vsted irs Garin hospital By Lemat smoke. [The fire brigade put the fre cut 5] | phoned te tire brigade [1 tran naxt door and rang the doorbell. We often begin andior end a story about something that happened to us by talking about our feelings, Instead of ‘using common agjectivas (e.g fired), we should use mare interesting words (e.g. exhausted) to describe how we feel. 7 | Complete the table of adjectives with synonyms from the list, as in the example. glad, amazed, annoyed, cross, delighted. depressed, frightened, furious, miserable, sad, scared, shocked, stunned, tered, theo happy [glad unhappy afraid angry surprised 33 80 the Storg Goes B Match the adjectives (1-6) to the feelings of the speckers (A-F), then try to think of synonyms for each adjective. 1 amazed [—] 3 temited [7] 6 amvious 2 puzzled [~] 4 depressed[—] 6 happy B Oh, no ‘n.d! hap t's arg c 7 Wow! M Looker Tin not vey nap, Vm realy pleased leant undoretand tht. 9 Read the endings and say how the writer feels in each. Which writing techniques core used in each ending? address the reader directly bb use direct speech iquotation © ask rhetorical question 1. When we finally reached a ri fe ‘our destination | felt weak (B] Mh let. Enoy your vist Yo cur county, a" said [77 the offical who stamped my passport | fist cite teal ‘passport. | just glared anata im, poked up my sutease and walked y. | know it wasn't very polit, but !m sure you would have done the same! 2 Three hours later | was stil waiting impatiently for Jack. | looked around the fithy café and sighed in ‘annoyanes, “You don’t really mind, do you?” Jack Ti said when he finally arrived, and of course | forgave him, just as | aways do, Aller all, what are friends for? 3. When we got home, my mother was waiting for us, [D1 “How many times have | told you never to go near that old house?" she said furiously. All we could co was hang our heads in shame. tenes 34 10 You recently did something which made hing w you feel ve proud, ard you havo been asked to waite tho story of ‘what happened for your school magazine. Write your story, and say how the incident made you feel 6) Road the rubric and underine the key words. ) Read the story ond number the peragraphs in the correct order . | [AT _] As got out of the pool and began to dry myself, the git dived into the water again. After tity seconds or more she stil hadn't come to the surface, so | began to ‘worry. |ran to the deep end of the pool, where I saw her struggling wildy underwater. | dived in to help her, and found that her long dark halr was caught in the drain at | the bottom of the pool. | tied to help nor gat free, but she was tapped — and, of course, she was drowning |What's the most important thing you've ever done | in your ite? For me, it was the occasion, a few weeks aco, when | was able to save someone's life by being in the Fight place atthe right time. [CL] Then the lleguerd anved on the scene, checked thatthe gil was all:ight and called her parerts. When they heard what had happened, they kept thanking mo for saving their daughte’s fe. | was rofoved that she was OK and I felt very proud of mysell, After al, wouldn't you have felt the same if you'd been in my piace? D[_] | wes at the public swimming pool, and | was oi to get dressed and go home. Since it was a cool cloudy aternoon, and beginning to get quite late, the pod | was almost empty. The lifeguard was nawhore to be seen, and the only other swimmer was an eighi-yeal-ok! git E|_| I swam to the surtace and shouted for help, bu | there was no one thee. Then | noicod an empty Colt | ote on table naar the pool, so climbed out, smashet ‘the bottle and dived back into the water with a piece ef the broken glass, Using the sharp edges of the glass, | wal able to cut through the gi's hair and set her tree | dragged her tothe surface. She coughed up lots of wate | betore she finally bagan to breathe normally agein. 4) Read the story again in the correct orde 01 _ hen answer the questions 4 hen ang wie dane sory ako plas? 7 was here? Why werent or ror people hee? 2 Why ithe witr begin fo arian about ne git 4 Why was the gt sung wily underwater” 5. Why ca te rte smash a te? 6 What di the Ileguard ao wren heared? 7 How i ho wre faa tho endo be nee?